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2:11 AM
@Mysticial Wow. That's some advanced mastery of entitlement there
> EDIT: Try harder to understand me. It would have been better for this to have gone completely ignored and gotten its tumbleweed to get a single answer that the OP cannot use when that was trivially knowable from the question. Hint: DLL and dlsym() reference mutually incompatible dynamic library loading technologies.

Pierce is kinda on the right track, but now I see it's time to blow this away.
@fredoverflow GL with that :)
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4:02 AM
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6:34 AM
@fredoverflow what's that, besides clojure?
4 hours later…
10:39 AM
Now have a my little pony mascot
10:59 AM
@fredoverflow nice
Hi hi
11:50 AM
@Mikhail great move
but when will you draw your own fursona?
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