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12:09 AM
@Mysticial You and everybody else. I'm guessing 4:00 am
seriously, just bring a tent & sleeping bag etc
driving all night is dangerous
has anyone rented car from this site (nucarrentals.com) before?
12:26 AM
Work from 9 am to 6 pm, too exhausted at 6 pm to do anything else.
How do normal people live?
I can not answer that question
@Mikhail 7:30am. If that wasn't bad enough, we got caught up in the morning rush hour traffic entering Chicago.
@Mysticial Hahaha, good job. My group cancelled because of fears of traffic.
So, we were the only ones left in Urbana-Champaign
should have camped out, having a 6 hours nap and enter the city around 2pm
planning is good
12:32 AM
@Mysticial I also came up with a brilliant strategy to look at the sun. The trick is to cover one eye, so you'd always have the second one as a backup.
Planning to do part of this in 2 weeks time
still have to rent the car and book accommodation
both I have already thoroughly studied
because researching for a trip is as fun as doing the trip itself
also looking forward to do Banff this time
12:52 AM
But for real, how do you guys come home from work and do stuff - anything really.
only get stuff done by doing it before work
So, wake up early?
What about friends, etc?
@Mikhail I used work in the city and work 9am-6pm, travel 1 hour each to and from home
12:57 AM
How did that work out?
after work just meeting friends for dinner, didn't have to cook dinner because I was living by myself
dates are tiring
meeting friends provided psychological comfort
I had quite a few close friends who also work in the CBD
and went out every 2nd day ... pretty much
dinner then a walk
it's great
So like dinner, walk, sleep?
dinner, short walk, heading home, jog, shower, internet (while waiting for hair dry), sleep
I'm more used to working for 20 hours straight, sleep, then work for like 5 hours the next day on something else.
I'm thinking that my hobbies resemble my work too much :-)
next morning, get up, having a cup of coffee then off to work
1:06 AM
So, where did you find your group of friends from?
nowadays I have a lot more real responsibilities but my time is a lot more flexible
@Mikhail uni friends, friends of uni friends
The lack of flexibility is really fucking with me. I'm thinking for any serious employment I'd insist on 4 day weeks.
Although when hiring people I immediately discarded the remote only positions, and made fun of these people for being weak :-)
I never had a full time job with a lot of flexibility
you couldn't even be late
which made me hate working for other people
also little money
My last full time two employers were shit, the two before that were great in comparison
I got some curious advice from a former manager - they told me to get steroids.
1:16 AM
@Mikhail as in it’s curious they didn’t suggest meth in the first place?
It's good experience, I loved it. But I can't be doing it for the rest of my life given 1) inflexibility 2) knowing I am not making much difference to this world, given 3) little money (average house price $1.1 million, your $100k for a whole year is just ... puny)
@Mikhail it has a history as a performance enhancing drug for work or wakefulness
not that I’m endorsing the use
I'd be up for giving a try but I think the normal way kids get the stuff is as an ADHD prescription.
meth burns your brain cells and makes you dumb
you don't want to be dumb
1:24 AM
Is that true?
I mean, like 10% of children in the glorious state of Louisiana are on aderol or similar.
@Mikhail That shit is ridiculously difficult to get off of once you build a dependency.
well if you’re going by popularity then you probably can’t beat caffeine
Which is what I spent my entire summer doing after graduating from high school.
Why did you go off?
@Mikhail not sure, I only did it for 2 months while exchange in UCSD - so I can party all the times while still getting straight As
worked pretty well, then I came back to Sydney
1:28 AM
graduated :)
"high school" though, the people I knew got aderol in college to help study. Perhaps half the CS department undergrad population are self-diagnosed with that. Also its popular to call yourself autistic.
It had enough negative effects on my health that I decided enough was enough. Once the cut-throat competitiveness of high school was over, I was gonna go back to being normal again even if that meant slacking off in college.
I swear that probably like half the Asians in the school were on that shit at higher doses than me.
When I as 14 my parents suggested I do something like that to improve my grades. And we aren't asian. On the other hand I never studied in highschool...
It's difficult not to throw yourself in front of the train when the median SAT school was something like 2400. There were so many suicide attempts that they had to turn the railroad next to our school into a reverse maximum security prison. It was funny, but it also wasn't.
But also thats a perfect score
I got like 1520 but I frequently lie about my academic credentials
I'm just glad my "out of state" undergrad tuition was a lot of money independent of my test scores!
1:36 AM
out of school tuition never really helped me
I was in bottom half back in primary school days
the more I have to rely on my own, the better marks I get
but ... life is more interesting than study >_<
My dad was great - he took me to the Great Wall when I was 5 yo
So, this month is going to be over and I'm going to return to the university but I don't think I'm emotionally ready to work 9 to 5, ever again
sounds rough
@Mikhail to vaguely answer your questions I pace myself hard to avoid micro-burnouts or however you want to call them, non-medically speaking
take a break every now and then (~3h or so, whenever it feels right), and ideally try to clear my head by resuming work on another part of whatever I'm doing
I find it’s easy to 'fall' into the hole of pinpoint focusing on something, but in my experience that’s exactly what leaves me drained
it’s really more of an ideal though :/
So, what do you have time for after work?
1:46 AM
@Mikhail stop whining, some people do this 20 years in a row
@Mikhail depends a lot on how I'm feeling, certain weeks I can't do much other than light reading no matter the pacing
dunno about you, I always had a lot of personal emails to keep me going while I was working in the city :D
about 5-6 on average
when you in the herd, you blend in ... in the herd
I was not a loner as I made it out to be ...
At @CppCon, my team will be releasing a preview of Time Travel Debugging, a reverse debugging toolkit for Windows. 😀 https://cppcon2017.sched.com/event/Bgsj/debugging-tools-and-techniques-for-commercial-scale-software
almost sounds like rr-project.org but for windows?
2:06 AM
also speaking of which, one of my formal dinner friends is getting married - 3rd day after I am getting back from this trip
need to meet up with another close friend to discuss what to get her
3:03 AM
prepaid flight and car rental for lowest prices
3:23 AM
low rates = sh!tty customers services ...
1 hour later…
4:29 AM
My dad questioned my decision on renting a cheap car, he's like 'is it safe?'
4:47 AM
the thought occurs to me that the mathematical notation for sequences e.g. (2n)_n∈ℕ is a bit informal, isn’t it? we’re either taking the order for granted or somehow repurposing set notation for sequences, including reading ℕ as the sequence of naturals and not as a set
dunno why I never thought of that before
5:26 AM
review of this car rental company is terrible
if I do not receive confirmation within the next day after prepaid for it, I am seriously thinking of dispute credit card payment and go with another company
Morning lounge
5:41 AM
I am expecting the worse out of this car rental, luckily, for the 2nd, longer leg, I might choose a more reputable company
1 hour later…
6:55 AM
You can't tell if a car is good/bad?
Or you mean like, fees etc?
7:06 AM
fees, accessibility, responsiveness, condition of the car, friendliness of staff
all of them are bad according to reviews
fortunately, safety never listed as an issue in the sea of negative reviews
7:40 AM
@Telkitty Or may those who faced safety issues didn't have a chance to post a negative review
Hopefully no pea under the seat
Hopefully no pee under the Seat
I asked a question and got a badge. I should try that more often.
although apparently those were unrelated
7:57 AM
@sehe "car comes with free nose plugs" :D
Complementary * ...make it sound fancy.
8:11 AM
Oo received a reply from the car hiring company, was wondering how could them to be so responsive, opened it up, it's an auto-reply ...
well, it's a car company, that is their specialty
well ... it's just money - as long as the car doesn't break down in the middle of a highway and I get ran over by a 20 ton truck ...
8:44 AM
that was random
renting cars sounds weird, but I'd totally go for the VW option of buying an electric and renting diesel for trips
ugh people in Haskell who call their types State
I spent a somewhat horrible night, fighting between « too hot to sleep » and « fuck you mosquitos » -_____-
The trick is to go to sleep too exhausted to actually stay awake.
Didn't work D:
8:56 AM
fly screens in front of all regularly opened windows help a lot
@Morwenn fuck those hot mosquitos
hot mosquitos? in my area?
is there any alt to boost? I seem to have never successfully install boost and use it (for now in Boost I'll need FileSystem and regex)
if you need FS then the alternative is C++17
9:08 AM
@BartekBanachewicz you going to be in a foreign country some 10,000 km away for a month, and you going to be shipping your car over?
@Ven do you happen to know which ver of GCC allows C++17? I am using GCC 4.9.2 (comes with standard installaiton of CodeBlocks)
@Telkitty Is your car for hire?
You just copied that code from my previous answer, complete with verbatim comments and bad names. Do you write any code yourself? We're not a code-writing service. Nowhere in the question/code do you explain what "value RX" even means. I have the feeling you treat it as a magical word yourself, and hope we will magically figure it out, so you don't have to. (Hint: "value RX" is likely a ticker property. You should find out which of these stub names "a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f", "i", "x", "y" should be more like "value_rx"). Oh, and again that has nothing to with boost, wss, autobahn. Just c++ — sehe 57 secs ago
@NickyHFE Google tells you to amplify frequencies in the range 138-830Hz for alt sax boost
@Ven Or MSVC (has it from... I think, VS2013)
9:23 AM
@sehe MSCV is never an alternative. It is only pain.
I currently have to deal with it for $sideproject and I hate it.
Hey, is pain
@Ven Car @ home is not, but I will be hiring a car while overseas
9:43 AM
@Ven From what I've heard, MSVC ships one of the highest quality implementations of FS.
Too bad it's utter dogshit at everything else then.
Too bad it can't properly template.
10:05 AM
@sehe you mean up my googling skills?
is there a name for a function foldl1 (.)?
@BartekBanachewicz composeAll?
10:27 AM
The RULES are sacred and must be preserved.
oh also a truck almost ran into me today
Dont go outside
the guy actually missed his freeway exit
It's unhealthy
10:36 AM
he tried to exit in the last possible second and almost pushed me off
I have to say that honda's horn button positioning is completely retarded
And you realized that only just now?
It's the first time you've used it?
@RickAstley it's the nth time I used it too late because I couldn't instinctively reach for it
tbf while it's called "honda position" other brands have also adopted the same layout
funny cuz honda reportedly backtracked and went with the traditional one again
and then there's H-D
OTOH on H-D you probably don't need it nearly as much as on smaller and quieter bikes vOv
10:59 AM
omg, maybe I should cancel my car booking - a one whole page of 1 star reviews
11:20 AM
@BartekBanachewicz what's wrong with the position? ..you can reach it with your thumb, without having to move your hand, right?
Umm, according to yelp, avis LAX and thrifty LAX got plenty of negative reviews also
@Telkitty you know how it works with reviews
That's how the service industry is...generally only negative experiences get reviews...happy people just go on with their lives.
well, I guess I am sticking to my original choice then
Yes. And reviews are bought/feigned. And then there's some sectors that actively sabotage competition with bad ones.
@Telkitty Use reputable sources. Moderated review sites, sites with their own research journalists/test panel
11:27 AM
budget lax too, lol
must say LAX isn't my favourite airport, being there a couple of times
1. Get price quote in writing. 2) note ALL damages to vehicle and get them to sign those notes. 3. If it makes funny noises, don't leave the lot.
Other than that..they can't just magically **** you.
4. Treat it like a lady, and I'm sure it'll run fine for the duration of the trip.
@ABuckau oh yes they can. They can give you a hard time, refuse to let you take the car, in general give you delays
They shouldn't. And they can't legally. But when you're there, in the middle of a remote airport industry zone, with only your ID and luggage, options are limited.
This is why it's such a widespread thing
11:42 AM
also international airport, all car rental companies claim to have car at airport and none does - you can take free shuttle to the rental place but it's different to take the key at the desk in the airport then get your car from the carpark at airport
plus flight may be early or has delay, so the bookings are not hard bookings
if you booked and there is no car, I think it's common practice to leave you strained for an hour or two
oh well ... LAX
@Telkitty I'm pretty sure my parent got the keys right at the lyon's airport.
different airports are different
last year I got car from ayers rocks airport, but that airport is tiny
@Mysticial really they freak out?
@ABuckau I instinctively press the indicator control instead of the horn
12:00 PM
still better than pressing the horn instinctively instead of the indicator control.
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix that happens to a lot of people who move from other brands :D
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, May 26 '16 at 2:10, by Telkitty
646 extra kilometres on the car hire, I thought it's $0.25 per km. The lady at the car hire desk confirmed it. But when I look at the credit card bill, it's 0.25 plus 24% premium location surcharge, plus 3.5% admin fee, on top of all that, 10% GST
talking about whining about car hires
there are no worst one only worse ones ...
12:15 PM
What is premium location surcharge?
I think picking up/dropping off the car at a "premium" location
@ratchetfreak doesn't make much sense to have that a %
it is if the location is very in demand and parking spaces there are few
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix I'm pretty sure your parents knew how to book the expensive rental service :)
but if the goal is to have people weigh convenience vs. cost then that should be communicated
otherwise it's just a surcharge scam
12:19 PM
I'm pretty sure the car was booked when they bought the plane tickets.
To me it sounds a bit like Taxists. They are the worst kind
A taxi at the train station/airport will request around 1000-2000 rubles but if you order a taxi by phone they will take you anywhere in the city for around 150-300 rubles.
12:58 PM
@robsmallshire @KevlinHenney Ay. Maybe a tad harsh, but not the worst advice for people who come up with names like… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/900340317169131525
we have a function here called "getUnprotectedChildren"
I think the problem in the example is the word "number" more than the word "get". the get keyword should make it clear that the method has no sideffect and isn't a property or something
removing the get, you and up with something that should be a property with a getter/setter otherwise it's not clear it's a method.
1:14 PM
I blame Java
1:27 PM
@Ven to bring them to the shelter, right?
user image
Good job, JetBrains :)
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix The problem caused by get is that it adds enough noise that it tempts people to abbreviate other parts of the name.
@sehe Seems useful to me. Next time my wife wants me to pick the kids up from school, I'll let her know that my code won't let me.
1:54 PM
@JerryCoffin if getter/setter were as easy to implement in every language that would be the way to go. I like the way it's done in C# for example
the way its done in python.... is kind of ugly
2:24 PM
@JerryCoffin that's fetchNoKids()
@cppxor2arr This reminds me of my early coding
super nostalgic
@BartekBanachewicz :P
@cppxor2arr don't get me wrong, everyone has to start somewhere! :)
keep up the good work
Hey. SCREEN 12: FOR I = 1 TO 360 STEP 15 : LINE -(RND*639,RND*199) : NEXT style
@BartekBanachewicz (mix in some SIN/COS/TAN, yay. My friends thought it pretty adult pretty soon. I was ~8 so I had no clue #purity)
@Mikhail You're hired as the high-availability storage architect. Oh wait
2:48 PM
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix I prefer the C++ way. get is named operator T and set is named operator=. Makes the client code so much cleaner.
@OlegAndriyanov I believe the more widely used jargon is "race condition" (I had to google TOCTTOU to get it) — sehe 20 secs ago
3:23 PM
Q: Portable way to read a file in C++ and handle possible errors

Oleg AndriyanovI want to do a simple thing: read a first line from a file, and do a proper error reporting in case there is no such file, no permission to read the file and so on. I considered the following options: std::ifstream. Unfortunately, there is no portable way to report system errors. Some other an...

Surprising how simple things are still so hard.
C++ devs moan at C programmers for being sloppy and routinely ignoring errors. Instead, we make it so that only the happy path has any info in standard library approaches.
C does strictly less, and you can use the same in C++. It's just sad that C++ standard library papered over things. Back in 1989... :(
3:49 PM
@sehe I think at the time they had very little choice. Although it was nearly dead by the time the standard was published, a fair amount of work on the standard happened while CP/M was still in active use, and it simply did very little to report many errors.
For example, the description of "Read Sequential" from the CP/M manual said: "The value 00H is returned in the A register if the read operation was successful, while a nonzero value is returned if no data exist at the next record position (for example, end-of-file occurs)."
Of course, CP/M was hardly unique at the time either, and quite a bit of software did little to respect layering as well, so (for example) rather than reporting an error to the caller, a BIOS would frequently directly prompt a user to 'insert disk X to continue", and things like that.
4:23 PM
@sehe So, had a meeting up with NCSA about storage, those guys tried to get us to buy storage at 120 TB/year. Almost flipped a table trying to explain that I build storage for like $70 TB/forever.
@sehe boost wraps ifstream and ofstream on both platforms, you just always write and read binary and POSIX ignores the flag
4:55 PM
Is there a way to search this room for coliru links?
Can't seem to find out how I'd do that
Oh, thanks
5:24 PM
gave my cycle trousers out to get them tightened
5:41 PM
no balls confirmed
@nwp actually mostly from the rear
@StackedCrooked HALP, UR SITE IS DOWN!!! URGANT!!!
I'm trying to test some template overload shite and your site which I'm totally entitled to use is down. HALP HLP!!! :P:P:P
Oh it's back.
If only there was an offline coliru for cases like this.
@nwp I think it's called a, "compiler". :)
6:06 PM
BMW is looking for software engineers
Q: About future of programming languages C/D/Rust, what a reason to fragmentate?

JanomC/C++ programming languages were "always". Now each big company create programming language for own purpose/problems. Facebook - D, Mozilla - Rust, Google - Go. All languages open source and we get it for free, but looks like it is not new standard in programming like C, just company tool. Commun...

fun. I actually thought about them recently
working on cars could be cool
> Now each big company create programming language for own purpose/problems. Facebook - D, Mozilla - Rust, Google - Go.
@Borgleader that was quick
6:07 PM
when you think about it, though, a lot of people don't get that
@Borgleader lol
6:35 PM
@Borgleader On the one hand, English is clearly not a language they are comfortable with. On the other hand, what the fuck am I reading.
He does have a point, though: why always create new languages if they end up being variants of C, C++ or Java?
7:16 PM
We solve the language fragmentation problem by calling everything C -gcc -std=Java7?
or even better create an overlanguage with one item: a #pragma that mutates the interpreter into a different "mode", aka #pragama Java
extern "Java"
Guys, I am looking to someone with more experience than me (I have hardly any) with designing major libraries, are there any good books/articles or opensource projects you know of that implement a custom debugger that give real time info about the runtime? I have an idea for how to do it "dirty" by just adding a billion macros in the source but I am sure there is (always) a better way. Sorry if the question seems stupid.
People who write debuggers aren't writing books on how to write a debugger, because they're too busy writing debuggers
Tell me about it, can't find much useful with my google-fu. For some background, I just got a job where the runtime spits diagnostics to a file (if enabled) but I can see down the road the use for a debugger that can give real-time info from the exe without it being just a parser for a giant log file
7:32 PM
First time I ever heard anybody call them people
There is a guy on twitch who wrote his own debugger that sort of worked. Essentially you just follow the dwarf standard and things work out. Unless you are on windows of course, then you're screwed.
Thank you nwp, I will dig through that
Speaking of twitch, there is that guy with FORCEINLINE and virtual and printf and all he says is "Something is wrong, I don't know why".
@Mikhail Hυbris. I dare you to support that for a decade
@nwp gee, I wonder
7:43 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Every language started as a variant on something else.
8:06 PM
* almost
The root of language is statistics
@arynaq Do you want this for Windows, Linux, or what?
8:44 PM
I drank too much water.
I feel like a balloon.
That's why you should drink vodka instead. If you drink too much it comes back out by itself.
But I like tap water :(
That's what I drink most with beer and coffee.
I finally got to watch the first episodes of Rick & Morty. It's great.
9:01 PM
@Morwenn Anything that dilutes the beer/coffee has to be at least some improvement.
@JerryCoffin I should have expected some kind of joke coming from you.
ugh i watched too many accident pics
it's rather uneasy
> a massive $700 million jackpot as Wednesday night’s drawing nears.
that's... a lot
Don't worry, winning such an amount of money would likely partly ruin your life ^^
9:08 PM
@Morwenn it wouldn't ruin my life
i have it all planned already
first step is not telling anyone that i won
I've got no idea what I would do with such an amount of money.
you'd figure something out :P
I don't know. I don't have anything specific to do with that. I could give most to charity, but then I'd probably feel guilty if someone around me actually needed money for something that matters.
Plus I wouldn't always know who would be near me for the money.
@Morwenn syntax error
Which is partly why I don't even want to try to win that amount.
9:15 PM
You can be sure that we love you for your sorting algorithms.
Now give me a few millions so I can fund my startup.
7 mins ago, by Bartek Banachewicz
first step is not telling anyone that i won
hire a personal investor to manage that money
@BartekBanachewicz I would feel guilty too and wouldn't even be able to publicly use the money then. It sucks even more.
what's "using publicly"?
you can say the Porsche is leased
@BartekBanachewicz See, that's exactly the kind of things I don't want to be bothered with.
9:17 PM
and the rolex is a fake
@BartekBanachewicz Using it while people know I used it.
Lies upon lies upon lies. That's not cool.
Plus fuck big cars and watches.
@Morwenn white lies. why do you need them to know?
@Morwenn Porsche cars aren't big.
@BartekBanachewicz White lies? That's racist.
the quality of the things you buy should be for your enjoyment
@BartekBanachewicz But why would I want one anyway?
9:19 PM
buying things to show off is shallow, imho
@BartekBanachewicz Driving is not my thing.
@Morwenn then you don't want a porsche, but it was obviously an example.
you could buy a boat or something
boats are cool
and planes
Double meh.
9:20 PM
in general stuff you can buy for money is great
attack helicopter then
it's absolutely incomparable to stuff you buy for little money
I don't even have something specific I'd like to spend my money on :/
it's hilarious how people accuse the rich of materialism while the goods they buy are way more worthwhile and unique than the cheap ones
like every RR car is a piece of art and artwork pretty much
I guess I mostly buy food, beer and fuel.
9:22 PM
compared to mass-produced shit they're something to cherish and contemplate while using
@Morwenn you'd discover that soon enough IMHO
like when you get into the world of really expensive stuff the possibilities vastly expand
I'll need somewhere to live on my own at some point, but I'm not excited by the idea.
also there's more to spend money on than things. You can buy experiences. Trainings. Private health care
hire staff
I would pay for my hormones, but the mutual fund already takes care of the expense .____.
you can also buy privacy actually
which in the digital age is nothing to scoff at
@Morwenn There's literally nothing you'd immediately buy if you were handed fuck-off money?
@BartekBanachewicz Probably a pint of beer.
9:27 PM
not food
I'd probably help my family to finish off their debts & loans.
but like for yourself
Can't think of anything.
honestly I wouldn't know what to buy either
Maybe a better bed, but I could already do that, I'm just too lazy xD
9:29 PM
Wow you guys are weird
apparently there is such a thing as enough money
@nwp I guess it's more difficult to think like that when you've got tons of it and still want more.
@nwp enough to sustain, perhaps. I'd set the bar at, say, not having to work until the end of your life, not having to worry about housing, food, and any medical costs.
That's pretty much it: I like to have spare money for safety.
That's easy to calculate vOv
Multiply your current earnings by your expected age minus your current age, add the cost of a property if you don't own one, add a few milion for insurance and you're set
9:43 PM
@Morwenn Not a joke...
@BartekBanachewicz That probably makes for a few dozens years of work :/
@Morwenn that's exactly the point of winning big money
You're given monetary comfort not possible to obtain by just working
Winning means playing. I'm no player.
And anyway, what's the use of that when you're 64
There may be things you still want to do at 64.
9:49 PM
@BartekBanachewicz if I can buy privacy, someone can sell my privacy I guess
@Morwenn sure. But I'd much rather do them now and enjoy the full life for the longest possible time. It's so short, after all
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix the idea is to be the highest bidder for your privacy
I wish I had things I wanted to enjoy xD
You sound so depressing
Get out more or something
Yeah :D
@BartekBanachewicz I think the other way around, the only way to have some privacy is to make it worthless to be interested in your privacy.
9:52 PM
I got out today and was angry against the wind and the sun xD
At least I pretty much like myself now, which is already a huge improvement ^^
@LoïcFaure-Lacroix there are numerous people who should be famous but deliberately aren't
The owner of Reserved, the Polish clothing brand, took down all of his pics online
Noone knows how he looks except people who meet him in person
@BartekBanachewicz There was a homeless named Socrate at my university. I'm sure he's one of them.
And only after he introduces himself
@BartekBanachewicz you mean that guy on the right?
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