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12:04 AM
*x++ = a[*x]; is undefined behavior, right?
Most probably, yes
Don't write such code because it's unmaintainable, not because it's UB.
I found this in some old C crap while reading an article on Illegal Primes
I remember a C++ fanboy with a very long webpage complaining about Borland C++ because it "miscompiled" his a++ %= 256; code, and he blamed it on being implemented in Delphi.
I still have a link to it, because it's so funny to read (it's in Polish)
@MarkGarcia i7
@DonLarynx wow I suck at this
12:16 AM
perfect parallel parking
strong car theft potential
alternatively, perfect auto theft
@Veritas what was your score?
22 :L
@Prismatic @R.MartinhoFernandes's minions
12:19 AM
@Prismatic not sure who would want to steal that particular car though
when I was at school, my car would always get blocked by someone in the driveway
@MohammadAliBaydoun It's saying a[(object that x points to)] should be assigned to the dereferenced object that x points to, then it increments x, the pointer. (NOTE: suffix increment comes before dereference)
this would be super handy to get your car out
@Veritas That's not too bad, if you can get it up 5 points you can beat the average!
Interesting test in any case
12:22 AM
@DonLarynx There's no sequencing there
Unsequenced ops = UB
@unordered_meow not sure what you mean? x++ increments the pointer by x's size
Read up on "sequence points"
or rather "sequenced before/after" relations, which are what's happening in C++11 and newer
but I don't bother with "sequenced before/after" because it's more annoying than sequence points and there's nothing that's well-formed under sequence points and UB under "sequenced before/after"
@unordered_meow sheeeeit i see the problem
I was assuming right side was called first, then left, then assignment occured. For clarity, i'll re-explain both cases. Case 1: Let's assume left side is called first, then right side, then assignment:

x is incremented, but it returns the original version. Now, this original address of x is dereferenced and then the object at location x is assigned a[(object that x points to)]. **The problem**: is x pointing to a valid location here?
In case 2, the location is valid.
Still wrong
Do not pass go
Still waiting on an explanation on why I'm wrong
12:32 AM
Do not collect $200
Q: Undefined behavior and sequence points

Prasoon SauravWhat are "sequence points"? What is the relation between undefined behaviour and sequence points? I often use funny and convoluted expressions like a[++i] = i;, to make myself feel better. Why should I stop using them? If you've read this, be sure to visit the follow-up question Undefined beha...

> Between the previous and next sequence point a scalar object shall have its stored value modified at most once by the evaluation of an expression.
You're implying there's an order on unsequenced operations. There isn't.
(this is for C, but it applies also in C++)
Good morning archebacteria
good morning
I regrettably have to inform you that it is Monday yet again.
@MaiLongdong Not here.
for you maybe, for me it's not even 6pm sunday
12:44 AM
@MaiLongdong Oh no! I'm making money again! I too, regret this.
@ʞɔᴉN 8pm for me :(
@EtiennedeMartel It's only a matter of time, beg for forgiveness while you still can
@DonLarynx But at what cost
er, about a cost of -$(my salary here)
You're so naive
I miss my arrow keys :(
12:48 AM
Said Robin Hood
@MaiLongdong Thanks
@MaiLongdong Nooble Hood.
That is me.
@Nooble Can you use those to open a door from afar?
@EtiennedeMartel Yes.
Give me an actuator, an arduino with and xbee shield, and a keyboard input library.
I long for the time where you'll be able to control everything in your house from your terminal
12:55 AM
Me too. I really want to fuck with your lights.
cacadi@desktop $ ssh fridge
cacadi@fridge $ IS THERE ANY MILK LEFT

cacadi@fridge well fuck you fridge
bash: well fuck you fridge: command not found
cacadi@fridge logout
Cacadi is a nice name.
@Nooble It's an anagram of Cicada. Hey wait that sounds familiar...
@MaiLongdong Try sudo is there any milk left.
12:59 AM
Allahu Akbar
inb4 flag of freedom
And monster trucks
The energy drink?
@MaiLongdong this would be p. neat
as long as it's not connected to the internet so @Luc doesn't touch my lights
1:02 AM
It shouldn't be too hard either.
@MohammadAliBaydoun Ahh.
IRTA monster sucks
@Rapptz I just have the same dream as you guys.
Wet dreams about fucking with other popele's light
oh there we go
popele is highly offensive
You've offended someone's lightbulbs.
They could be PTSDing right now.
1:05 AM
I have DID.
off by one error
I don't think that's an error.
Thats why I use a GIL
1:41 AM
I just bought myself another case of wine on the internet
I battled myself really hard, because I tend to drink more wine when more wine is available
But on the other hand, I tend to save money while drinking more wine this way :/
chinese food makes me laugh lol
1 hour later…
3:07 AM
@DonLarynx why?
@ʞɔᴉN why what
@ʞɔᴉN Why not.
3:43 AM
> "How many companies have you started by the time you're 18? If the answer's zero, I wouldn't invest in you,"
oh wow. some people.
@MaiLongdong I worked for 2 does that count?
you're a failure
Start a company with me? It's never too late
@MaiLongdong hey thanks for the original website where this quote was posted
@ʞɔᴉN I wanna start my company actually
@DonLarynx no prob
3:50 AM
@MaiLongdong Alright, I'll join you. What's my position?
> Under my compiler, the code

int i = 7;
printf("%d\n", i++ * i++);
prints 49. Regardless of the order of evaluation, shouldn't it print 56?
k, standing only. you better be a strong guy
I am
4:04 AM
Sadly, it probably won't even have enough gas to make it to the first border crossing.
old but gold
user image
@MaiLongdong Dedicated to?
Scientific computing.
int i = 7;
printf("%d\n", ++i * ++i);
++i Pre-increment Increments i by one, then returns i.
i++ Post-increment Returns i, then increments i by one.
4:42 AM
@Bender That doesn't answer my question yet. Does it return 49 or 56?
That version returns either 64 or 56
4:59 AM
@Bender Both of them modify i twice between sequence points, so both simply give undefined behavior.
As of C++11, the "sequence point" phrasing is gone from the standard, but most of the sequencing requirements remain intact (including the fact that this gives undefined behavior).
5:58 AM
Just upgraded to VS2015. The code generation for FMA3 instructions is still shit. lol
Other than that, it seems to work out-of-the-box. Unlike the VS2012 -> VS2013, no noticeable mis-compilation regressions.
full metal alchemist?
Did you mean:
1 hour later…
7:13 AM
@orlp lol, WTF?
Why not???
Nez Percé is French for pierced nose
7:33 AM
Trees don't like pellets ok
@wilx i've seen this before, it's really humorous, especially the 'u suck part' for not using jquery, that was the clincher
Yummy, salmiak.
I love salmiak.
Salmiak is delicious.
Oh hey, we agree for once!
7:49 AM
That silhouette near the center is the ISS!
them bastards took to the moon
$ sudo emerge --update --newuse --deep --with-bdeps=y @world
8:04 AM
ohh boy
@StackedCrooked I'd be happy if all jihadis were on the Moon.
I'd be happier if they were on Venus.
I've heard their enemies immerse their bullets in pig blood before shooting.
To scare them off.
@Feeds 3/10 should've been Deadhorse, Alaska.
8:21 AM
morning astronauts
I prefer evening astronauts.
> 3 years ago
8:53 AM
@fredoverflow WHOO, STL VIDEO
eww mutexes
I can't decide.
(if return then return_stmt else expr_stmt) esExpr or if return then return_stmt esExpr else expr_stmt esExpr?
Wait, WTF. Why am I inconsistently using underscores and camelcase? I'm not Puppy.
let rec codegenDecl = ...
and codegen_expr_to_stmts = ...
9:01 AM
9:13 AM
I just bought an ipad
now I'm gonna install linux on it
I don't know why you want to do that, I would buy two lenovo tablets, then install IOS on one of them.
It costs less & you have a mock iPad & another tablet
Oo, it only has 1GB ram ... maybe go for something similar but with more ram then
9:29 AM
Tablets are awful.
I don't have a tablet
But I would assume a tablet is a better choice than a PC for a computer illiterate
@TonyTheLion Wish those were real.
9:48 AM
I just spent like 4 hours on the most stupid bug
@Prismatic Good job for spending only 4 hours.
10:03 AM
the peeps over in the Java<> room called template meta programming useless
I feel bullied
This is so beautiful.
@Prismatic It's not useless, though the power isn't worth the lack of proper tools and a tracing GC.
Is TMP the cause of a lack of proper tools and tracing GC though?
also what is that image of
10:11 AM
Computer-generated art, updated four times a day. An @_ARP bot.
2.3k tweets, 3.3k followers, following 0 users
I've always wanted to do some mandelbrot stuff
this guys stuff just looks like framebuffer garbage though lol
@rightfold I don't want to sound rude but... wtf is that shit?
...window focus fail
You can find out by reading the messages that follow the image.
I don't want to sound rude but... hth.
10:18 AM
@Prismatic link
Always wear isomorphic socks.
in Java<>, 24 mins ago, by Unihedron
That's useless.
Unihedron is a fool.
Yeah he isn't known for his brilliance in this room
You may safely ignore any communication emanating from that individual
11:15 AM
well the phone shop just didn't repair my phone
@Mgetz Google Glass
11:22 AM
HoloCast HoloLens
@rightfold oh, dear... it's actually going to happen, and it will be employer sponsored
@rightfold arrow to the knee?
I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took a monad in the knee.
First day of the week is Monaday
> What could a solution look like? The most obvious one is that U.S. tech companies keep a key to that encrypted communication for legitimate law enforcement purposes. In fact, they should feel a responsibility and a moral obligation to do so, or else they risk upending the balance between privacy and safety that we have so carefully cultivated in this country.
> carefully cultivated
11:26 AM
@MaiLongdong And the fifth one is Faraday
absolutely shocking
Yes the morons carying guns around in the US are carefully cultivating the balance between privacy and safety
@rightfold ayyyy I got that
not starworthy though
shit, just wasted 3 hours on debugging, turned out to be a server related issue.
11:37 AM
After Eight is fucking disgusting.
after eights are yummers
it's like eating chocolate while brushing your teeth
btw iirc hth ianal
I love chocolate&mint
hate that
tastes so weird
11:38 AM
@coincoin that's because your name is cocain
~~ wut
actually it takes root from a lovely animal
oh no people being wrong on HN again
Hacker Noobs
> Chine. Du spiritueux frelaté au Viagra
@Mgetz I don't know why, but those fake faces feel... punchworthy.
11:43 AM
some neat stuff
@MaiLongdong where have you seen this
> Breasts are not weapons
I beg to differ
@Mgetz I was looking at the same news
11:45 AM
@MaiLongdong do you get hard by drinking this ?
Men in bras ...
I have also seen that they have intercepted meat which were 40 y old
Wait until they build planes
MH370 all day every day
11:48 AM
They'll soon need to build some if they continue like this :p
oh wow ibm has its own material design thing
material design needs to die in a fire
Oh IBM's looks neat
@MaiLongdong Also their hipster macbooks and big glasses.
12:06 PM
i want a hipster macbook
with quirky stickers on the back
maybe a giant ruby sticker on the back
latest xkcd is brilliant :D
@Prismatic I want a Lemote Yeelong with Trisquel GNU/Linux
Do people read privacy policies of the websites that they visit?
@chmod711telkitty I read part of the google's one.
12:16 PM
those policies are ridiculous ... most of them anyways
I read it and decided not use any of the google's services but then suddenly I realized that I am using them again.
since I am the buyer, no, I do not give you consent to sell me twice
f*ck off & die
reminds me to clear cookies on chrome, brb
> chrome
12:28 PM
Jul 3 '14 at 18:25, by Ty221
I thought the chat has been ccreated to get instant and fast help
My favourite message.
poor guy
@chmod711telkitty history as well, you avid pornhubber
more like browsing history
so they can do direct marketing ...
i can't change the type of the variable .. so vector is not an option — Christian 30 mins ago
I wonder where do these restrictions come from
12:43 PM
They make no sense.
The guy is stuck with a variable declaration T* var[1] which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ if they don't make sense perhaps the user thought "I don't want to learn something else, just use what I know" and makes up a stupid constraint
oblivious that the other "new" thing would make everyone's life a hell of a lot easier and maybe even render his problem solvable
the variable is used in a piece of code which i can't change .. its a member of a struct .. the variable is a an array of pointers where each pointer redirects to another pointer of type T. So for example T* p = var[0][0]; — Christian 1 min ago
we need moar pointers
moar indirection
some macros in there would be nice too
just to complicate reading a bit
so I was thinking I might like to make the back garden into a bit of an asian/buddhist style 'hiden' garden sort of thing... give it a roof, build up the walls, small trinkley stream thing yada yada... any way, so I googled "Asian Secret Garden" ¬_¬ bloody nsfw
12:57 PM
what if the stack is lost? — Christian 5 mins ago
It'd be terrible if we lost @Stack!
poor stack
@Xeo My life would be crooked!
1:06 PM
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ he can create a new variable.
@rightfold Good point.
For girls and women interested in functional programming at all levels. Most of the action happens on list--join us at
170 tweets, 1.1k followers, following 263 users
They stole Neil Basu's avatar!
> A place for women interested in functional programming
1:09 PM
I know a lot of those
Am I the only one finding rightfold is becoming more perverted everyday?
Is it that special to be a woman interested in functional programming?
@khajvah That's sexist
@khajvah In this world where rape culture (not to be confused with rape cultivation) (and misogyny in general) are prominent, it is important to have such communities.
1:14 PM
> Perl does not work here, why?
asking the important questions
> I'd have sex with a lambda
I really hope rightfold is not turning into one of those rapists who would only sexually violate some 60, 70 & 80 year old grannies because those are the only kind of women whom he could physically overpower
Have a star, a star of hope for the future
1:18 PM
@chmod711telkitty Wait, rightfold is a girl
is he now? when did he go through the surgery?
@chmod711telkitty I'm not "he" and I'm not very interested in women.
throw new InvalidArgumentException("your argument");
Oo you were only pretending to plonk me ... I am so disappointed ...
Sep 22 '14 at 19:47, by rightfold
I am a woman! ;_;
1:20 PM
Everyone on the internet is a dog until proven otherwise.
@orlp to be fair, JS is so messed up using jquery might actually make sense, or at least library that does sensible things
@khajvah yeah right ... maybe if he says 'pigs fly too, when they do, they become pigeons' you would believe that too
use PureScript
psc is more buggy than dmd but it's still better than running the identity compiler over JavaScript code.
1:22 PM
@chmod711telkitty I believe in anything in the internet.
depressed, wat do
inb4 rope+stool
@MaiLongdong Talk to rightfold
yaaay, my JShit autocomplete works
@thecoshman I am using JQuery and I don't feel bad about myself.
What's the verb for what an ambassador does?
(I.e. not 'to ambass')
@MaiLongdong Yo
1:32 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes delegate
Something something diplomacy.
1:47 PM
Well I can't find a better verb
@R.MartinhoFernandes to ambassad
@MaiLongdong learn OCaml
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ lollololol "very advanced topics" yeah if you're a dumbass — Lightness Races in Orbit 46 secs ago
@rightfold I know OCaml already :(
@MaiLongdong learn Scala
1:52 PM
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ <3
@rightfold No JVM on this machine for health reasons
@MaiLongdong learn F*
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ Oh no the comment has disappeared by some magic effect!!!!
@MaiLongdong What do you think about OCaml?
I like OCaml.
@MaiLongdong The magic spell is called "flagged as rude or offensive".
1:55 PM
OCaml est une langage de programmation magnifique.
@ʎǝɹɟɟɟǝſ Shhhhh
Yeah, OCaml is nice.
Now I know why in OCaml, T<U> is spelled u t. Because in French, adjectives are backwards!
Not true
1:57 PM
My first OCaml project is a compiler.
The adjective placement rules are a bit complex and frankly I can't explain them, but the placement is not always opposite of English
int list is much better than list<int>
int list optional as opposed to optional<list<int>>
@MaiLongdong The English order is just fancy, no?
Postfix types are easier to parse and less ambiguous
@R.MartinhoFernandes Sometimes yes, sometimes it changes the meaning, sometimes it is the only correct order

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