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12:03 AM
@Borgleader dat gif
An expression is well formed if it's not ill formed. I like it, it goes with my ancestry. It was Pythia in Delfi that gave such oracles.
I'm so unmotivated to do anything.
> Line of Code
Defect density
that's... actually pretty good considering this is dink smallwood
@AlexM. that's a very unfortunate name (for a guy)
I guess it was intended
12:06 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit why did you change your avatar?
dink is a pig farmer who saves the world after fighting an end boss who has the developer's name and his face cropped in
@40two cos why not basically
i'll be back
@LightnessRacesinOrbit cos I loved that photo of yours.
@Borgleader Damn, if I saw it earlier, I would've binned that and edited it to another, "Hi".
12:22 AM
> 9. string_overflow: You might overrun the 80 byte destination string dir by writing 200 bytes from shit.
that string can't take the shit
We will be performing a read/write test of our Oregon data center tomorrow starting around 11 am EST: http://stackstatus.net/post/94861337469/read-write-oregon-data-center-test-august-16th-2014
12:59 AM
@Feeds In which state is the NSA's data center again?
life's always easier when your backup drive is within reach
1:38 AM
I would assume NSA has a few backup servers around the country
2:06 AM
ok, this is evil :D
if (spr[h].active == false) return(-1);
        *change = val;
2:36 AM
Good morning.
3:22 AM
Just AOL to @Rapptz. — Cheers and hth. - Alf 2 mins ago
What does this even mean?
AOL chat?
3:37 AM
which one is better endl or "\n" in C++.
in a book I read that endl is better but it has not given any reason about why it is better, so I searched on net and found that "\n" is better?
So which one may I use ?
endl forces a flush.
don't use it unless you want to flush stdout
or stderr or whatever
@Singh neither is "better" or "worse", they have their own uses.
std::endl is better ... every toilet needs flushing ...
std::endl is bad.
Don't use it unless you need flushing, which is almost never.
If you're printing to cout and you want the text to show up right away, endl is probably for you. If you don't want the text to show up until after you are done with some process, use "\n" until you're ready for everything to print. Then use endl, or explicitly flush.
Just don't use std::endl if you specifically want CRLF or LF.
3:44 AM
From that page:
> Use of std::endl in place of '\n', encouraged by some sources, may significantly degrade output performance.
Heh, iostream performance...
> In most other usual interactive I/O scenarios, std::endl is redundant when used with std::cout because any input from std::cin, output to std::cerr, or program termination forces a call to std::cout.flush()
Yeah, I know, silly right?
Still, in some cases you really do need to print a ton of data to stdout. Then it might be important to use "\n".
Is writing an algorithm before programming good for a programmer or not?
@Singh Yes (it's good or not).
4:01 AM
@JerryCoffin Sir what is the right approach for witting the algorithm?
@Singh What do you mean by "writing an algorithm"?
Generally, writing a program involves writing an algorithm.
Weather you plan it out before hand is up to you.
@Singh That depends (heavily) upon whether you need do write something else down before writing code to be sure you understand what you're doing.
I've had programming professors who insisted that I write all of my code three times - once in terms of a flow chart, once in pseudo code, and once in C(++).
It was my least favorite class ever, because none of the logic was complicated enough to warrant a flow chart or pseudo code.
When I'm writing answers on Stack Overflow, I rarely write much out ahead of time, simply because most questions are narrow enough it' unnecessary. When I'm designing something significant for work, I might spend a week on drawings and such before I write any code at all.
@JerryCoffin you can draw?
4:11 AM
Airport loneliness again.
@Rapptz how's printf coming?
@cyberspace009 How come you doubt Jerry?! Receive his fearsome wrath!
4:13 AM
can't think of how to do it w/o a variant
Haunting feeling that something is missing: check.
How have things been in my absence?
Everyone died.
@MarkGarcia I've never seen his drawings
@R.MartinhoFernandes I hope you don't mean money check.
4:16 AM
@Rapptz By "w/o a variant" do you mean "w/o behavior that differs from actual printf"?
Because I thought you were taking a more C++11 approach
With variadic templates and what not
I need a way to store those arguments
@cyberspace009 I learned from wife (who's so good at drawing that she's drawn my bank account down to 0 for years now).
What for? printf is sorta kinda streamy.
4:18 AM
@JerryCoffin Oooh... Don't let her see you say that.
printf with variadics just can't deal with reordering but neither can C printf.
Well I was adding positional arguments.
You mean like print("{0} {1} {0}", x, y)?
POSIX makes it %n$
@JerryCoffin thought you wife had her own income
4:21 AM
@chmod711telkitty Yes--she spends all of that too.
@MarkGarcia I like to think of myself as more humorous than wrathful.
@JerryCoffin Fearsome humor?
@MarkGarcia People might get sick of it, but afraid seems like a stretch.
I seem to have lost most of my humour sense nowadays, waiting is a good way to kill all your motivations. And recently, a good part of my life is spent on waiting for other peoples decisions
4:34 AM
Sickly fearsome
@R.MartinhoFernandes I had an almost ridiculously large burrito for supper tonight, and I'm almost afraid I might get sick. Does that count?
4:51 AM
Yay, window seat.
Also, it appears I can't chat in airplane mode.
Yay, aisle seat.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Once you turn off all radio reception and transmission, probably not.
Flight is so comfortable.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Thus its inclusion in the "fight or flight" reflex.
Oh wait.
Don't tell anyone but I'll leave BT on. If the plane crashes you're the only ones who know why.
@R.MartinhoFernandes have a nice flight
4:58 AM
Before I leave, Off the Planet is a nice read.
Hey, robot is back!
5:24 AM
@Rapptz You can type-erase the values into an interface that supports querying for the different conversion specifiers (d for decimal and so on).
Yeah I've seen an implementation like that
FWIW no matter the solution the friction is in providing homogeneous (type-wise) access to not even the arguments, but the converted forms of the arguments. That’s two levels of parameter transformation that depends on runtime information.
Tbh, for the 'conversion specifiers' like %d et al I wanted to just implement them in terms of static_cast<T> stuff
How does that work for x?
well not all of them
just the ones that make sense
I was going to use %s as the 'generic' one
5:32 AM
That’s not even a (POSIX-extended) printf :v
well it was using streams :v
so it wasn't very 'printf' to begin with
Why? fprintf and so on is close.
printf et al don't work with user defined types
it's the only thing iostream really has going for it though, well that and the whole type safety thing.
The ‘big’ thing about printf-style format, if you put aside all type-safety considerations, is that all the power (how to go from program value to a piece of string) is located in one place, namely the format string. Which is astonishingly useful for i18n. Anything else isn’t (from what I’ve seen), and I don’t think a comparison is then useful. It would fit a different need altogether.
So then I don’t know what it was that you wanted to implement.
I'm not sure where I lost you.
Is it because I said I was using %s for the generic type specifier?
Not sure what else I would have used for user defined types.
5:38 AM
Nah up until 5 minutes ago I thought you were implementing printf, as in very close to the specs. Now I’m not sure.
Well yeah. I was implementing the POSIX extended one but some changes have to be made to fit with iostream land.
Well, no. Prepare a string, shove a string.
In any case if you close the format specifiers you can provide an extension point for UD types to implement those.
6:42 AM
What is it with people doing <bits/stdc++.h>?
Wow it's spreading like wild fire.
Hello all! I have a question about OpenCV - would this be the appropriate place to ask?
@Rapptz I believe the correct comparison would be to some particularly deadly form of cancer.
7:23 AM
One of my friends told me about her (lack of) adventures on some dating site, she said she has not had a date this year. Then it hit me that I have not had a date this year either even though I am doing nothing to get one being too sick and tired with waiting for people to get their work done so I can move on with my life.
Still it is odd now I think about it, at least I had occasional dates or daily email/sms from prospect dating material in the previous few years. Maybe no one wants your fat grandma anymore ...
Hi all I have a question about initialization of a function pointer. Can someone help me out?
Maybe I was always undesirable, but at least there were always people who seem to be interested. Now there is no one, just like the house I am renting out at the moment, no one seems to be interested in signing the lease ...
there were some people who were going to sign the contract yesterday, conveniently did not bother to turn up ...
What is difference between std::endl and std:end ?
they're completely different
so, everything.
7:40 AM
FWIW the tag that the OP used (dynamic-linking) does seem to be used for loading shared library manually, while shared-libraries would be relevant for a shared library loaded automatically at startup. — Luc Danton 3 mins ago
> Dynamic linking is a process of loading shared libraries by executables at run time.
^from the tag
@LucDanton: It doesn't look that way to me. — Dietrich Epp 1 min ago
Oh I’ll clarify.
@Dr.Chameleon endl is the best one
I was wondering if there was an easy c++ graphics library that uses the screen like an html's canvas
=2d easy to use library
erm.... anyone here?
do you have any idea if such library exists?
7:52 AM
ok... thx anyway
I like how you put a full stop at end of every one word sentence ...
@chmod711telkitty he's pro
@Wyzard Ok, so one probably must just assume that every code vanishes after dlclose(), since no one knows anything official stating anything about that. However, you guys agree that the heap is safe to remain? — Johannes 46 secs ago
The OP is looking for a reference that using symbols from a loaded library after dlclose is bad. Hilariously enough, my man pages don’t say anything about that and I’m not sure where to look either.
Perhaps it’s a sort of ‘so obvious we forgot to mention it’ situation.
8:07 AM
German side again.
Now five-hour wait for a one-hour flight. So exciting.
Anyone know anything nice to visit in Frankfurt?
I can’t remember if I heard good things about the train museum from second-hand, or I’m mixing it up with another museum. In any case I’ve never been. Five hours seem to short anyway.
a bored robot
2fa for GitHub is failing. Hmm.
What did I fuck up.
I kicked an alien in my sleep. Turned out I kicked the fan.
Fan of what?
8:17 AM
the air blowing machine
I just now reconfigured 2fa and the freaking codes still don't work.
8:40 AM
Oh fuck. It's ridiculous update season.
"What's New: Bug fixes and performance improvements". Yet the update requires approval of new permissions. I would slap these people silly if I could.
So, I want to add a new external library to my project, and I saw that my #include <lib> points to a folder that I see in the Solution Explorer called 'External Dependencies', problem is that I can't find anywhere in Documents > Visual Studio 2012 a folder named like that. I tried to google it but couldn't find much.
whats the output of: printf("%d");...??
@towc it's a setting in Visual Studio.
how do I modigy it?
You put there whatever folder you want it to be.
Can't recall which menus to navigate and I'm at an airport on the phone right now.
@Manisha it can be anything. Or nothing. Or everything at once.
8:52 AM
erm... there is no folder in VS2012 > Settings... just a currentSettings.vssettings file
No, I mean somewhere in the options menu.
Try googling something like "Additional Include Directories"
It's something like that
try asking a real question on stack overflow
@Puppy I have the question ready
8:56 AM
then post it
Probably already exists.
problem is that I had posted just a few minutes ago another question asking for the graphics library, and I can only post a question after 90 mins of the first one
you're questionbanned?
@Puppy no, you can't post a question 90 minutes before the previous one
it's a fact
I can post questions as often as I like.
8:58 AM
Woah. Questions are throttled now?
I've never heard of any user being question rate limited unless they got questionbanned.
> You can only post once every 90 minutes.
that's the message it gives me when I try to post a question
Q: Questions are now rate-limited to 1 per 90 minutes?

KanavI'm unable to post any question at Stack Overflow. It says "You can only post once every 90 minutes". I faced this issue yesterday as well. Was this changed from the previous 20 minutes? If so, why?

9:01 AM
A: Is it possible to organize c++ header and cpp files?

PuppyHeader/Source file is not a requirement imposed by Visual Studio. That's just the default layout, and it's virtual, not physical. If you click "Show all files" in the solution explorer, it will show the folder tree as it is on the hard drive- which you can manipulate as you see fit. This is the o...

when I said "Post a question", what I really meant was, "Post a question so I can downvote you and dupehammer your question as a dupe of the question I know I already answered, you lazy shit asking us to do your work for you instead of just searching the site."
I always remember this setting because VS likes to randomly revert it and I have to click it again.
I couldn't find anything about it on google
otherwise I wouldn't have asked here
@TonyTheLion mawnin
9:04 AM
@towc the problem is, that's what most people that come in here to ask a question say too
but even then... it's just a folder, not a setting... are we talking about the same thing
it's not a folder.
it's a filter.
it's a virtual folder with no connection to anything actually folder.
ok, brb
just click the button and it will disappear.
never to trouble your little head again
Already bored.
9:08 AM
sorry I took away your fun
My flight is not in the information panel. :S
do you guys think it's bad design to rely on auto being used?
And there's a cluster of delayed flights around the same time.
Doesn't sound good.
@Rapptz how can a design rely on auto being used?
like I want to return a proxy object and auto should be used rather than the complex type.
kind of the opposite scenario than the typical operator auto rhetoric
9:12 AM
hm, well, range-based for loop kinda relies on auto being used. Scott had an example where for (const pair<K,V>& p : map) results in a copy because the value type is really pair<const K, V>.
I guess I'm asking if it's a bad idea to rely on your users using auto rather than typing out the entire type.
That doesn't rely on auto.
It works fine with the correct type.
cause typing out the entire type sounds like bad UX
@Rapptz Probably. But not necessarily.
9:16 AM
Lindybeige's Crossfire game seems kinda interesting.
it's the same thing as std::vector<long_complex_type>::iterator I guess
I could provide a typedef to please both crowds.
Alcohol is evil
@CatPlusPlus hangover?
@R.MartinhoFernandes so, the filter filters from where?
@CatPlusPlus Wait.... I thought you loved it?
9:23 AM
The magical filterland
@TonyTheLion It loves me
Ah I see
ITT alcohol & Cat++ are in love with each other ...
What a nice day. Premiership football is back. It's stopped raining and the sun is out. I have no support requests outstanding. I have coffee and froot loops. I don't have any make misery, I have no hangover and I'm not stuck in some hellish airport.

I wonder what will go wrong?
kinda weird std::function doesn't have a clear member function
you have to do my_function = nullptr; instead
Stick a null in it.
Oh - you already have:)
9:32 AM
any haskell/lisp gurus in da house?
Tumbleweed rolls past...
just posted a question on naming of a new tuple-creation idiom that was posted on Boost ML a while back
seems related to some higher-order function stuff from functional languages
Seems like some trick you'd use in lambda calculus.
I think I'll have some Schnitzel.
@R.MartinhoFernandes for lunch?
9:41 AM
I need some breakfast
Also woah JRE 1.8
That's on schedule, no?
I.e. not really surprising.
Dunno what the schedule was
Beautiful people?
9:47 AM
With Chianti and beans?
I don't like liver.
My liver doesn't like me
> download.oracle.com uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names: *.akamaihd.net, *.akamaihd-staging.net, a248.e.akamai.net, *.akamaized.net, *.akamaized-staging.net
For that matter I probably don't like Chianti either, given it's a wine.
9:49 AM
Good job
Beans are ok, though.
Hello @all i have problem with inheritance concept. can anyone help me out pls
family troubles?
I can help you type "please" correctly.
Actually, I just did.
Actually i am following Inheritance. for example, Baseclass has property ->name,and classA and classB two classes are inherited from BaseClass only, And classB has property->Age, Here The Age is Property only comes in ClassB, So if i put in BaseClass ,
All the Derived classes will affect, so here how can i achieve ?
So How can i put that particular property into particular class, but classB needs Name Property also, So here how can i achieve?
9:52 AM
truly a question for the ages
how, indeed, can anyone achieve?
Just set your mind to it.
If you put a space between your words and your commas, I can't help you.
And be wary of coolant leaks.
@Tony but they compensate but putting no space on either side in other places!
@TemplateRex Hiya.
9:54 AM
Total number of spaces is correct.
@iTag You are lucky it's a Saturday.
See "name,and" and "BaseClass , All".
lol. sorry What do you mean? @StackedCrooked
I need goggles
There was a spare space, so it's ok to drop it randomly.
9:56 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes you got my problem or, Shall i use pastie to paste my code here
@TemplateRex Familiar with Church encodings?
Oh gosh.
What makes you think I got your problem.
okay wait
9:58 AM
I thought openly mocking your writing style and generally spewing nonsense like "Be wary of coolant leaks" would be a huge clue that I'm not interested.
People just don't appreciate good sarcasm nowadays
@CatPlusPlus NO

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