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10:00 PM
yep, but that's special and I can tell them to fuck off whenever I feel like it
A: How to write `is_complete` template?

J. CallejaThe answer given by Alexey Malistov can be used on MSVC with a minor modification: namespace { template<class T, int discriminator> struct is_complete { static T & getT(); static char (& pass(T))[2]; static char pass(...); static const bool value = sizeo...

I had never thought about the subtleties of testing temporary compilation state in a TU. I wouldn't ever do this (i'd probably static_assert(sizeof), because why would I require a type to be incomplete?)
damn MS Word if I write "generic algorithm" it insists to suggest "genetic algorithm"
and I have to explicitly ignore all the occurrences
@AndyProwl Did you mean, genetic logarithms?
@Cicada frenetic, actually
Yoga rhymes!
10:05 PM
we're degenerating
@AndyProwl I'm sure there is a hidden incantation to add "genetic algorithm" to some list
@sehe I've been looking for it
maybe I should RTFM
10:06 PM
wokay. I won't because I don't
have it
You're a tad late
Or pole
I made CRUD abstraction stuff.
Fuck CRUD.
Cook before using?
not a fan of cock myself
wtf clang. why are you stillllll building
10:16 PM
> clang
okay gcc says /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ljack
wut. I thought jack was an audio thing
it is. I'm accidentally building the java compiler. oooops
10:28 PM
A: Boost::spirit passing semantic actions in inherited attributes

seheFirst, immediate, response: "I'm trying to pass semantic action in a grammar's inherited argument." instant traumatic shock. You... you... what?! C++ is not very good for higher order programming, certainly not with static polymorphism based on expression templates. In fact it is, but in ...

Wow. The number of cases where people push into UB with Proto/Phoenix/Range/Spirit due to expression templates having dangling references is really growing by the day.
Boost.Hana looks cool
> We should probably avoid getting carried away and pretending we're suddenly capable of writing Haskell in C++
who would want to.
Static FP is fine
I would want to
10:32 PM
But as soon as runtime values become involved (Phoenix, Fusion, and hence Spirit), there's too many legacy limitations in the library implementations
yes but you're inferior :P
I see Puppy is stepping up his game
I saw that coming :D
I guess it's because of the popularization of auto. I really have the impressions that C++14 sort of legitimized auto for any conservatives that weren't "converted" yet. In a way, the conservatives of C++11 have now silently embraced C++11 while they have become the conservatives of C++14
let's face it, auto is great.
not auto -> not great.
10:34 PM
It's becoming such a thing that I consider writing a note to the Spirit devs to include explicit caution against the perils of auto storage of Spirit expression templates, and recommend to beta-test Spirit X3 instead
I think there was a proposal by Herb about the auto operator
that should deal with expression templates
many have been thinking about such proposals
but it's a general problem- the lifetime of temporaries is too short.
@Puppy Oh, I love it. I'm just signalling that lifetime issues and UB are quickly overtaking the previous frequent sources of trouble in the boost-{spirit,phoenix,...} tags
owned by murkdown
there's also a thread on std-proposals
10:36 PM
I linked to that proposal, but don't know the paper number again
N4221 I think
for the Urbana meeting
@AndyProwl Thank you. I'll add it to the answer
Richard Smith was also working on one AFAICS
and proposed a cooperation to the author of that paper
Yeah, spotted that on a google user group just there a minute ago
By the way, also just noticed this user has a history of pushing the limits a bit. I remember when I answered this "Getting the address of template class object leads to full instatiation of template parameters"
@Puppy cock au vin
@AndyProwl Actually, I think I remembered "the other one" then. I can't find that sample I linked it for
@sehe Can't find it either
10:49 PM
@AndyProwl Ah. It's there, §2.3 Universal observation
std::vector<int> vec;
for (int val : vec | boost::adaptors::reversed
    | boost::adaptors::uniqued) {
       // Error: result of (vec | boost::adaptors::reversed) died.
@sehe Oh, I thought you were looking for the other proposal
@AndyProwl I was. But then I saw the example I was looking for on second glance
I see
Welp, time to sleep for me - night everyone
Night, u2 & everyone
Don't listen to them and do it!! — Cicada 16 secs ago
^^ goddammit...
10:57 PM
yep gcc finished before clang
and gcc even errored and had to be started again :3
@Ell Your build only just finished?
yes indeedy
@Ell Wow - how many units in your project?
Ah sorry. I'm building gcc itsself
and clang as well
11:08 PM
@Ell Ah... orite.
@aclarke imgur made me laugh
@sehe nice... nice...
@sehe lol, yes, I did scroll to the bottom.
You. It didn't meet my expectations :)
@Ell so, now it's official. C++ is slower than C
(I know gcc recently started refactoring to C++ as well, but humor me)
@sehe Did they?
11:16 PM
@sehe morning squire. lookin...
heh - too big for my screen saver!
I saw another giraffe one recenty, labelled evolution. had a tree and a small animal eating it. next frame, a bigger tree and an animal with a slightly elongated neck. and so on until last frame, the tree is outside the atmosphere, so is the giraffe and the tree is saying "fuck off".
it's a visual thing
the magic of googles
11:21 PM
of course, laughing at monty python rather terribly type-casts you...
@Mysticial Karma will make him debug that code.
@aclarke I saw that too
@Sofffia Boost Spirit Karma doesn't make you debug :)
That geek reply
now i'm imgur'ing - damn you!
:( ^ try twitter
no self-control
11:22 PM
@sehe ooh. I've wanted to go to Scotland for a while
America, I don't tell you who to bomb, so don't tell Me who to bless.
Really off to bed now
11:40 PM

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