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6:00 AM
Okay... passing all the matrices correctly...
and it's still freakin' out.
@Cicada Depressed? You?! Why!?!
School and some other problems that I don't talk about in this chat. Many things add up and I'm running out of energy so I'm going full retard.
@BenHanson That's spelled mawnin'.
@Rapptz You sound like Eliza
I don't know who that is.
6:01 AM
@ScottW you filthy bastard
why did I buy only 1 bottle
@MartinJames Oh, this thing?
and stores are closed on sunday
Orange Juice, I suspect:)
@Rapptz Yeah - old thing.
Cause too big?
I suppose.
6:05 AM
@MartinJames A fairly lame program, but based on the reactions to it, its author wrote Computer Power and Human Reason, which is really quite a good book.
oh well
i'll buy more monday
i still have nutella
Don't you have a 24/7 garage, or the like, near?
this is france
people are in holidays most of the time
and when they're not, they're on strike
(stores are actually closed on sunday)
Oh, OK :(
No matter what I do,
he's always got one gigantimorph hand.
It's so ridiculous
Welp, I'm gonna quit for the ngiht and then spend 24 hours trying to figure out why my model has gone Mighty Morphin Vertex Ranger on me
@Cicada EXPECT
6:10 AM
@JerryCoffin It was a bit of fun at the time, but not really up to analysing the megatroll. It was just @Rapptz: 'Why are you depressed?'
@MartinJames Yes -- the "Rogerian" approach to psychological analysis (never really say anything, just reflect the patient's statements back to him as questions). If nothing else, I think Eliza did a pretty decent job of showing how foolish the Rogerian school was (though I'm sure some still cling to it).
@ScottW 'fraid I've never watched it, so I've not idea who Lois is.
Someone in France go over to @Cicada and take a huge cake, (and OJ).
Closest Lounger is about 300km away
6:28 AM
It's at times like this I feel a bit happier living in a place with less space, (ie. 24/7 OJ, cake, chocolate, Pizza).
07:30, I'm gonna try to get some sleep, see you
I have my own depressions anyway. Delivery of a currently-stuffed app on Monday and I cannot speak 'cos throat bugs.
'nite Cicada, (or 'mornin).
Yeah, stupid round planet keeps spinning. 0633 here in UK. Woke up early 'cos the throat bugs - needed lots coffee.
@MartinJames I wouldn't consider that approach I made Rogerian.
I know. It just brought back my memories of that Eliza thing.
Going for more coffee, don't half feel rough.
6:43 AM
how is coffee solving a throat bug problem?
coffee dehydrates you
should have more water
@ThePhD Could be part of the art style.
@Telkitty You could well be right. At lest I'm off the beer, and on paracetamol, Covonia and Strepsils. Need coffee to work on my other problem.
^ Taking time to write a long and I think helpful comment, only to discover that now the question's deleted.
6:53 AM
any one want to ansew a noob question that has been killing me for the past week
Some here are nearly dead anyway.
people refer to stuff as "black boxes" so if you have two functions or something what makes the two equivalent to that..
A bigger box. Call it a 'library' and it sounds legit :)
@Someguy "people": who? link or it didn't happen
6:56 AM
im guessing it would be something to do with linking and still being able to use the functions..
I was asked that and was like two>!>!> wtf
two is like a library..
hmmm i think i get it now.. you should be able to link them and still have the blackbox aspect
Q: herbs or drugs what is better

Kaunda DembeWhat is better between herbs and drugs my argument is that since drugs are derived from herbs, why not just use herbal medicine instead of drugs that have additives.

^^ wut
The puppy has a new name - WinMG. Way I'm feelin', I'm now the 'Dead MG', (Martin George James).
@Mysticial so many holes in that question you could sell it as French cheese.
Please refrain from posting questions while high. — Scott W 56 secs ago
^^ nice...
I'm high on Covonia. I have 2 and a bit bottles left.
Posting under the influence is punishable by downvotes, closure, and deletion. Repeat offenders will receive a question ban. — Mysticial 14 secs ago
7:09 AM
There would be nobody left in the lounge!
i answed him..
Oh God...
I'd downvote but I respect my meta rep
7:10 AM
... but not your SO rep.
I have enough of that to downvote!
I still only have one answer
That I made just to downvote the OP.
ahaha it's at -42
Q: Should we reset the all reputation point of all users to 0

user825904I think Stack Overflow has grown much people have lot of reputation in 1Ks. I think we should mark all that to 0 and start the new point system so that there will be more fierce competition. Currently there are people at top who have gathered points years ago when there very less competitors.

I'm pretty sure Jeff has at least 10 answers at < -40
That guy attracts downvotes like no tomorrow.
south African healer
'south African healer' says it all. How many people have the AIDS deniers killed so far?
7:19 AM
A: How should I ask a question arising from the answer to another question?

Kaunda Dembei think a new question is better as it will be able to have a wider audience Chief Dembe

Is that really a spam link?
I'm afraid to click on it.
its a site he made hes a troll spamer
Oh. Not even an honest genocidal nutcase.
@Mysticial It's a herbal site
Nothing too scary
But yeah I guess it's spammy
I read that as 'herbal shite'
7:22 AM
Same thing actually. :)
Some guy edited it..
That's going to invalidate my spam flag isn't it
I actually approved the edit.
@Rapptz Probably not. Since the mod looking at it will notice the edit.
7:40 AM
If anyone is wondering, this originally had a spam link in it. That's why it has 3 downvotes and (at least) 2 spam flags. — Mysticial 11 secs ago
^^ There, that should keep your spam flags from getting declined.
Answer is still shitty even without the link
I tried to downvote etc. it too, but had no meta account. I made one and now I have an extra 100 'association bonus' :) Even shitty questions/answers sometimes have a silver lining, (though a very thin one).
Cooooouldn't sleep BUUUUT
I found out why my models were inside-out.
My system is currently right-handed, but the model data is 'left handed', I guess is the best way to put it.
Things farther away are overwriting things closer to me, which is unfortunate.
So just some tweaks and I should be A-Okay...
Isomeric insomnia
better doesn't win. first wins. unless it's some trivial faq, then you can expect 400 upvotes
oh isn't that cute. wxwindows assumes sizeof(int) == sizeof(void*) :|
8:01 AM
@doug65536 sometimes taking more time to write a better answer "wins" -- though it often takes a while. The quick answer gets the quick votes -- but the better answer gets more residual.
yeah that's true too
I've had a couple answers where I answered 20 minutes later and still got votes.
Likewise, I have some that have 0 =/
@doug65536 Depends actually. Especially on the "life" of the question.
If the question is a quick FGITW that gets all the attention it's ever gonna get in the first 10 min. Then the fast and short answer will win.
The long and better answers can only float to the top, if the question has a sufficiently long "attention lifetime" to do it.
So the best way is just to do both. Post the short answer first, then make it better.
Although it definitely helps to be able to judge whether or not a question is gonna have a long attention lifespan.
8:56 AM
anyone have experience with the winapi?
9:06 AM
j/k whats the question
i guess everyone does
I know tons of win api
WinAPI is awful
I wish they would update it, but hell, there's so much legacy code that it's practically impossible.
9:08 AM
i set some breakpoints, before my createwindow call and in my wndproc function
the strage thing is that the wndproc one gets fired first
any ideas as to why this is happening ?
windows sends a bunch of goofy messages before WM_CREATEWINDOW
oh I see nevermind
how does it know which function to call if i didn't even call createwindow yet?
it's not a release build is it?
9:10 AM
that's not possible. there is nothing magical about wndproc or createwindow
that's what i said too
can you post the call stack of the code paused at wndproc? in pastebin
it's extremely weird
call hierarchy in vs?
Alt+7 in my key setup. Debug -> Windows -> call stack
I think you can highlight that and copy it as text
Quart.exe!Quart::Window::Create called CreateWindow
why the unusual order then?
the beginning of time is at the bottom, each call puts another "layer" on the "stack"
oh that? it's missing the breakpoint
is this 10 or 11
10 adjusts invalid breakpoints. idk what 11 does yet
try debug -> windows -> breakpoints, and doubleclick on the relevant breakpoints,. what happens
9:19 AM
it just moves me to the breakpoint
Q: The shortest way to convert infix expressions to postfix (RPN) in C

kusziOriginal formulation is given here (you can try also your program for correctness) . Additional rules: 1. The program should read from standard input and write do standard output. 2. The program should return zero to the calling system/program. 3. The program should compile and run with gcc -...

Isn't calling main undefined behavior?
why would it be? it's just a function
do you have any conditions or hit counts on those breakpoints? or filters?
@user1233963 3.6.1 §3 says "The function main shall not be used within a program."
Q: What is the proper declaration of main?

FredOverflowWhat is the proper signature of the main function in C++? What is the correct return type, and what does it mean to return a value from main? What are the allowed parameter types, and what are their meanings? Is this system-specific? Have those rules changed over time? What happens if I violate...

@user1233963 A special function.
9:23 AM
> The main function cannot be used in your program: you are not allowed to call the main function from anywhere in your code, nor are you allowed to take its address.
no conditions and only 1 hitcount
@FredOverflow lol at people accusing that of being homework
@user1233963 it's just a funciton on x86 maybe. some architectures/compilers do funny stuff in main
doesn't the funny stuff happen in _crtmain or whatever it's called?
not sure how all architectures handle the strange way you can overload main in C. their calling convention might pose a problem when it goes to return. idk for sure
9:36 AM
@doug65536 There is no such thing as overloading in C.
then explain how main(), main(int argc, char *argv[]), and main(int argc, char **argv, char **env) all work
typically, the caller cleans up the stack, so you often can handle it. but weird architectures might need to kick into varargs mode, and main would need that right?
@Rapptz I lol'd too.
Really? main standardese is homework? ... Really?
@doug65536 char** env is POSIX, not standard C/C++
So.. you technically have two standardised main functions.
I got my shaders and stuff working.
I should probably try for shadows now after I get Cel Shading down.
I should also try to sleep. ._.
Yes you should
I should too
9:47 AM
You first. :D
I have to give Cicada a pretty picture of my idea.
But I haven't hit the drawing board just yet.
If she hasn't really eaten since Thursday she's probably malnourished by now.
If you don't use all those 'int argc, char **argv, char **env' blah-blah parameters to main(X), I don't see how it matters much for many apps. main(whatever) will still get called with maybe some extra gunge on the loader thread stack. Many, (most?), apps do not terminate by returning from main(), so the gunge, or lack of it, does not matter.
I've only ever done that like, once.
Where I went an ass-long time without eating.
And I didn't even realize it either.
It wasn't until it felt like my stomach was ON FIRE that I was like "HOLY SHIT I NEED TO EAT"
But I felt so weak I could hardly make it to the fridge
in the end I ate some fruit I can't remember and passed out on two chairs for a while.
There would be no shit, holy or otherwise :)
I don't get it
when'd doxygen get so pretty
9:54 AM
@Rapptz Doxygen is... .. pretty?
See an optician.
I rebuilt the SFML docs a few days ago
and it looks so much nicer than the normal doxygen docs I'm used to
^ see
That can't be the default.
it looks beautiful in comparison eh
The usual doxygen is blue ugliness with bars and shit getting in my way.
9:57 AM
@MartinJames yes on a typical architecture I agree 100%. I speculated that the strange "can't call main" rule must have had something to do with that though
Well, it looks a lot nicer so I'm not complaining
i can set a wndproc to a button, right?
10:23 AM
How I imagine @Cat when it's snowed in Poland ^
@doug65536 I'm pretty sure you can only have one of these main functions in each program. Or am I wrong?
main has all sorts of crazy-ass rules about it
main is the entrance to the program
I am the embodiment of crazy ass rules :P
main is the entrance ... :P
10:35 AM
int main(int argc, char *argv[]) or int main ()
int in the front is the return code
Why am I stating the obvious, lolz
This is so cute:
10:42 AM
puppy = cute, kitten = cute
puppy + kitten = 2 x cute
@Telkitty int main() is so 1998, auto main() -> int is how the shed looks now!
backward compatibility, int main () = will always work >_<
decltype(42) main();
std::make_signed<std::remove_const<unsigned const>::type>::type main() { //...
10:48 AM
I assume there's no metafunction for "Oh fuck, why does my stomach hurt so badly right now?".
bad parameters passed from main?
auto main(decltype(main(0, nullptr)) argc, std::add_pointer<std::remove_const<decltype("hello" + 0)>::type>::type argv) -> decltype(argc);
WTF. Why does it = vector.erase(it) blow up when it points to the last element?
It doesn't, but the subsequent ++it in the for loop probably does.
There isn't one.
10:54 AM
Also, show more code.
Oh shit. Got it.
What was it?
Gosh, this is going to be weird.
By the way, is decltype("hello") an array or a pointer?
10:55 AM
iterator erase(iterator it) {
    if(is_small) return &*as_small().erase(get_iterator(as_small(), it));
    else return &*as_large().erase(get_iterator(as_large(), it));
Can you see it?
@DeadMG It seems you're right, but I don't understand this error message:
> error: increment of read-only location ‘(const char*)a’
Why does the error message not mention an array?
rvalue decay
@R.MartinhoFernandes What is the return type of as_small?
for primitive operator+ both sides are rvalues, so the left-hand-side is decayed to anr value, which invokes pointer decay.
10:59 AM
Also, you are dereferencing the end iterator :)
@FredOverflow std::array<...>::iterator. as_large() returns std::vector<...>::iterator.
@FredOverflow Yeah. I'll have to do &v[0] + distance(...)

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