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8:00 PM
That's the "conditional operator".
It just happens to be the only operator in C++ that is ternary.
Well, unless you count operator().
@RMartinhoFernandes That's n-ary.
It's ternary if you overload it to work only on two parameters :P
Someone removed my explanation for why I want to rip DVDs. :(
@DeadMG Yes
@RMartinhoFernandes I just reflected on that and wondered how we call a functor with ternary operator() a 'binary' functor.
8:12 PM
@Xeo Did you buy Terraria?
Nope, no money on my bank account. :(
Find someone with money; steal it; deposit it on your bank account; buy the game.
@RMartinhoFernandes Or he could just try to find a job, rather than spending his time hacking for fun.
> (...) and "You're a Pirate" accusation screens that appear even though you actually bought the DVD.
@sbi tried to edit the rationale back in, in more succinct form, but currently in the edit queue.
8:17 PM
@BenVoigt I approved your edit, but this isn't half as funny. :(
@sbi But that's not fun.
Maybe not, but it'll avoid your question being deleted on grounds that it sounds like piracy.
It doesn't have to be fun. It needs to lead to answers.
@DeadMG Why?
@sehe But funny questions get so much more attention!
8:19 PM
@sbi Only if it is catchy Not if it is just a longwinded rant. I can make up that stuff myself since I solved your problem long ago. I don't need to read about your discomfort, I want to share my knowlegde without losing time :)
@Xeo Supposedly because he gets royalties.
I find the single player somewhat dissatisfying
I picked a world that's way too big for one player
@sbi I do?
@sehe Then you're not my targeted audience. :b
@sbi: I wasn't aware that there was such a big audience - with helpful answers - in your apparent focus group. Perhaps SU is different from SO
8:22 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes That is true. OTOH, when we met I argued against him looking for a job in the games industry. On the grounds that 1) turning fun into work isn't always a smart move, 2) there's lots of interesting stuff out there besides the game industry, 3) they favor slaves to employees, and 4) you can always play when you come home from work.
@sehe I dunno. Before that question, I had 101 rep on that site (which means I must have logged in once).
@sbi hmmm my experience with it is only from the fact that a number of my answers got migrated there :). I actually don't give much about the difference: tools or trade, I can use the tags to sort them out, but it's ok if they move my answers
My microwave sucks. It takes two minutes to boil a cup of water.
@RMartinhoFernandes Being a bit of a spoilt brat, now?
What? You mean two minutes is normal?
It is with me :) I'm very content with my combi-micro-oven
8:27 PM
Well, then. Microwaves in general suck.
Why does the world baulk at two whole minutes to boil a cup of water. Try the oldfashioned way (tinder-box + hay; patiently nourish a flame; wait for the water to cook; satisfaction)
The thing was basically built to boil water.
@RMartinhoFernandes No. Depending on the amount of water, it takes 5-10mins here on my gas stove.
In various chemical compositions, really. That would be more accurate. Quookers and kettles are a lot more suited to the specialized case of water as in H2O
@sbi Same on mine, but I was expecting a microwave to be a lot better at it.
8:29 PM
Granted, cooking a modest amount of water on our induction furnace is only about 4 minutes.
If I pick a small pan instead of the kettle, it'll be faster (I guess that means that the kettle is mainly designed for (a) good looks (b) pooring convenience)
@sehe I think kettles where designed for wood or coal stoves.
Now I have to figure out which is more cost-effective. Electricity costs are getting a major bump this year.
@sbi well, mine was designed for induction cooking, for sure. But still, you're probably on to something I meant to imply: kettles are retro and they inherit a design for reasons of nostalgia)
Q: STL algorithms vs plain code

OckonalI have a vector of objects: std::vector<Object> data; Now I need to call Object::Foo() in data array: for (int i=0; i < data.size(); ++i) data[i].Foo(); // I think, the most slower for (Object *it : data) it->Foo(); // And these are equal? for (auto it=data.begin(); i!=data.end();...

@RMartinhoFernandes if you boil water in amounts that make the difference matter, definitely get a quooker or boil in kettles and store in thermal flasks (you aren't trying to boil the ocean, are you?)
8:35 PM
Of course it matters! It's two minutes running several hundred watts!

1. Move to a sunny place.
2. Get a piece of tin foil.
3. Angle the sunlight towards the water
4. Wait
5. ????
6. Profit.
Lightning is getting a 17% bump in price.
@RMartinhoFernandes You pay for lightnings? Here, those flashes are free.
@sbi Lighting is usually done with electricity (but oil also works, for example). Lightning can occur naturally but it's not as reliable as the artificial thing.
Curiously, sometimes when natural lightning occurs, the supply of artificial lightning is interrupted :(
I really should've bought Terraria somehow while the price was low
8:41 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes So why did you use "lightning"?
I'm really pissed at myself that I didn't. :(
@EtiennedeMartel Damn, I was just about to post an answer, and now he closed the question!
@RMartinhoFernandes May I suggest UPS with surge protection... And a little less attention to detail. Again, unless you boil excessive amounts on a daily basis, no there won't be a difference in your nett bill. Energy is energy, and most devices dissipate reasonable amounts of the effective power
@sbi That's rude.
@sbi Because electricity is artificial lightning!
8:42 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Yeah. I'm rallying for votes to undelete this.
@sbi: hehe me too :) Wanna compare? Here: pastebin.com/93JHC9JL
@sbi I voted.
@sbi: incidentally, I voted to close myself, before I wrote the answer. I trusted it to stick around
@sehe Ow, you focused on performance. That's silly.
I do think the question was unconstructive HAHA
@sbi: no the question is silly. There is no 'better' and for lack of a stated goal, it is reasonable to assume performance as a relevant quality measure. Thank you very much
8:44 PM
@sehe Because you focused on performance. He asked what is better. Performance was just an additional thought he added.
But there's a question in there that you missed :P
@sbi By the way, I did not. I addressed the questions, fixing some minor issues :)
> Do I really need to learn it?
@RMartinhoFernandes I'm sure. I wasn't done. It was deleted, remember
O c'mon, guys! One more vote to undelete.
8:45 PM
@sbi Undeleting takes three votes.
@RMartinhoFernandes Oops.
@sbi there you go, I undeleted it. Had to prove I'm not a bot, though :)
you might have to actually link to the question if you want me to undelete it :P
A: STL algorithms vs plain code

seheThere won't be a discernable performance difference, when using a decent compiler. for (int i=0; i < data.size(); ++i) data[i].Foo(); Not slower, just profile that! Simple code tends to be quicker. In this case, all versions are equally simple for (Object& it : data) it.Foo(...

Of course I can't delete the question. It's been deleted already.
8:46 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes: you raced with my undelete vote :0
@sbi: Mind taking a look at the improved code of that double-checked thngy? Is it still possible for something to go wrong?
@RMartinhoFernandes We have unearthed the fact that the delete/undelete action is actually the same action, depending on the current state of the post :)
Glad it needs to be closed before being deleted again. Otherwise I'd have placed a delete vote on it :O
hey guys
is that really wrong? or are c++ templates really notoriously unportable?
8:49 PM
Outdated maybe?
Maybe back in 2000.
They used to be.
Nowadays with boost if a compiler does not support templates people will get angry.
kk. wxwidgets just seems horribly outdated!
Pitchfork angry.
8:51 PM
templates were unportable because VC6's template support is notoriously shite
> Type of NULL

> Some compilers (e.g. the native IRIX cc) define NULL to be 0L so that no conversion to pointers is allowed.
but it musnt be that bad if people use it?
Very outdated
however, Microsoft fixed that mostly with VC7 which was 2003
@Xeo That's male bovine excrement.
8:51 PM
yeah it says "when windows is mentioned we mean both 16 bit and 32 bit versions"
I hope its just the manual that is outdated and not the whole thing :O
@Ell People also use IE6.
oh and it talks about Borland C++
so I'm thinking it hasn't been updated for a decade, if not more
@Ell Nah, wxWidgets is still being used.
few :D
Qt or gtkmm are better alternatives nowadays though.
8:53 PM
gtkmm isn't cross platform is it?
I heard that instead of a widget thingy, wx now tries to be a everthing thingy.
and Qt is "bloated" and not free for commercial use
it does
@Ell It's cross-uglyform.
also Qt is fucking wtfugly
hey, let's re-invent the whole Standard library whilst praying that it's Java
8:53 PM
Both Qt and Gtkmm are pretty similar. Both are free and cross-platform with configurable themes(the default are stupid ugly).
Qt is not a framework, it's a set of extensions to C++.
It would make more sense to call it C++/Qt.
I wish there was just a lightweight gui library that used the STL and wasnt bloated and was cross platform and was perfect!
Qt is horrible.
@EtiennedeMartel Please don't give people any more ideas.
3 hours ago, by sbi
@BenVoigt Sorry, but I don't feel up to deciding about those threading issues. I just remembered that this article said there's no way to get DCL to work reliably.
8:54 PM
Gtkmm uses stl. Mostly
Careful with the slashes.
C++/CLI has a slash.
One day I'll understand what "bloat" means.
Eh.. not.
i've only heard that Qt is bloat from the street :P
not personal experience
8:56 PM
@Ell wxWidgets is notoriously backwards in terms of modern C++.
It's not that bloated.
@EtiennedeMartel Yeah, and C++/CX. But that gives people ideas about C/C++ and C++/C# (yes, I 've seen that one in the wild. I even tried to fix it, but the OP rolled back. sigh)
Most of that bloat is actually good features.
8:56 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes Should have nuked the shit out of it.
That's like saying "Ruby/FALSE".
@EtiennedeMartel I just sighed and moved on.
@Ethan like what? And do you happen to know how much Qt costs for commerciall?
8:57 PM
@sbi "Ich bin mal eben die Luft rauslassen..."
@WTP I <3 ruby
@Ell Isn't Qt under some LGPL-compatible thingy?
@Ell Qt is under LGPL now.
@Ell everyone does.
@Ell Sometimes you need the reflection features Qt offers. And it's LGPL now, no cost.
8:57 PM
It was GPL before Nokia bought them.
@Xeo That's a fish. No air in there.
@sbi My little brother is watching a set of DVDs multiple times per week, and Finding Nemo is one of them
@sbi That's what the other fish said. :P
Or you need the process management in Qt. Or you need the database management in qt. Or the OpenGL utilities.
ooh its free?
It's Finding Nemo.
8:58 PM
You get the idea.
I will download Qt
It's been free for years now.
@Xeo I've seen it so often now, I almost stopped liking it...
Download Qt Creator. It will make learning it easier.
what I dont understand is - my ubuntu box always seems so much more disorganised with a package manager than my windows box does with add/remove programs but... where are all the libraries!?
8:59 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes Tell that to my kids. For them it's just "Nemo", too.
sorry that was just a rant :O
@sbi You're supposed to be a pedant!
@Ell It a fucking gigabyte.
@RMartinhoFernandes And I am. My kids, however, are kids.
@EtienneMartel Qt is a gigabyte!?
8:59 PM
@Ell Does the where really matter?

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