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5:00 PM
it worked too
Q: subset sum problum

DeadMGI came up with a new algorithm to solve the subset sum problem, and I think it's in polynomial time. Tell me I'm either wrong or a total genius. Quick starter facts: Subset sum problem is an NP-complete problem. Solving it in polynomial time means that P = NP. The number of subsets in a set of ...

that reminds me
I never did find out the running time of my latest attempt at that problum
What charset is this, @RMartinho?
Jeff edited it with a new title
@sbi It's almost all latin, but I slipped a cyrillic e in.
It works, I tested it on the question itself.
You'll get Unicode banned.
Unicode win
for once
5:05 PM
And then what.
he can't ban Unicode
Is "Is my subset sum algorithm in polynomial time?" even proper English? Sounds wrong to these German ears here.
Sure he can. Non-English is essentially banned already.
@sbi It's not great, but I'm not sure it's wrong.
Should be "Does my subset sum algorithm run in polynomial time" IMO.
5:07 PM
"Does my subset sum algorithm execute in polynomial time?" would certainly be valid
If you allow abusing "in polynomial time" to mean "in the set P"...
@CatPlusPlus That's what I thought.
I mean, the algorithm doesn't work at all
but that's besides the point
Oh, someone downvoted the robot's answer.
5:09 PM
also, it's a shitty title, but not because it has "problem" in it
Oh, hey, we're in a leap year.
I wonder if the downvote was because I posted a workaround or because the subject didn't understand.
Woah, now the robot's answer got deleted!
Also I should be doing silly assignments.
Jeff killed it!
It being Jeff, I suppose it was because of it being a workaround.
Maybe I should find a complete set of symbols to replace the entire latin alphabet and make a keyboard layout.
5:13 PM
How do you produce a Cyrillic e with a western keyboard?
Flip it!
Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V.
@sbi No idea. I just copy-pasted it from charmap, as usual.
@RMartinhoFernandes Ah.
It's U+0435.
Mhmm. Alt+0435 produces a "³" here.
5:16 PM
Right, because Alt+0xxx uses decimal
I'll never grok that.
U+0435 is hexadecimal.
@RMartinhoFernandes Oh.
Mhmm. According to calc.exe 0x0435 is 1077. But Alt+01077 produces "5".
Did I mention I feel out of my depth here?
Don't worry. I can't make sense of those codes either.
I could never get Alt codes to work with Unicode.
There's a small tool called UnicodeInput that snatches Alt+Numpad+ and pops up a window to type the codepoint.
5:19 PM
charmap lists the codes for some characters on the lower-right corner. But not for this one.
martinho, post again
going to use it in the title of my next question which is relevant
It's above you.
@CatPlusPlus Now that could be interpreted in different ways.
> subset sum problеm
It's the "е" that is magical.
5:21 PM
go go Captain Unicode
Do not publish this picture on your website. The author has sent bills to many who did.
While trying to retrieve the requested URL the following error was encountered:

Content Linking not allowed
@sbi What happens if I put it on auto-reload in several tabs here?
A bill will be sent to each tab.
So my tabs will be running a tab.
5:27 PM
Dammit, there must be more than one way to write something that looks exactly like "n".
Can you tell I'm bored?
What's so special about that picture?
@RMartinhoFernandes 𝚗?
@LucDanton That looks different to me.
𝗇 ո
@RMartinhoFernandes Well that depends on the typeface really.
IPA has a boatload of n's but they're all fancy.
5:30 PM
'𝗇' and 'n' look very extremely similar to me.
What's the first one?
Ooh, wait, maybe I can get one on the ancient latin alphabet.
Mathematical sans-serif small n 0x1d5c7
Guess it will appear different when using a font with serifs.
@DeadMG Wow. Try this link instead.
Fuck the ancients.
That's not an n.
5:32 PM
@sbi Your original link worked just fine. As usual you have to get rid of the referrer though.
haha the image didn't load
@LucDanton According to an article he searched for it using google's image search, and then billed those who published it on their blog if that blog has ads.
What other ancient alphabets is ours based on?
@sbi Well that makes sense, assuming he has the rights to the image.
@RMartinhoFernandes Greek.
But greek nu looks like ν :(
5:34 PM
Capital eta looks like capital N.
@LucDanton How do I do that?
Uh wait, isn't that H though?
@LucDanton That's nu.
@sbi Open tab manually, paste link.
Yeah, I stole most capitals from greek.
5:34 PM
If I click the link there's a referrer.
@LucDanton It's on his page on the photo community website.
@LucDanton Ah, that. It worked fine here for me. Is that because I first saw the image through the link on that fotocommunity.de page?
Phoenician is too weird.
Italic was a good find, I think. I'm not very knowledgeable though.
@sbi When that happens I think it's due to caching from the browser.
@LucDanton Indeed. If I flush the cache, I get the error, too. Thanks!
@RMartinhoFernandes So is my mathematical n not suitable as it's still a latin script, or are you looking for exotic codepoints?
5:39 PM
No, I don't mind it being latin. The only criteria I care about are being beyond ASCII and looking alike.
Yay! I helped!-ish.
Can you notice the tiny dot?
I wonder what a "latin small letter n with dot above" is used for.
Well, I could write all caps.
At first glance it might appear to be a speck on the screen.
But that's because I have a very dirty screen.
What's the codepoint of the mathematical one you gave me?
Ah, you mentioned it. Got it.
Ah, I see why it looked different to me.
My main font doesn't have it, so it falls back to Symbola.
Was 'n' the one remaining letter you needed?
5:48 PM
No, there are couple more, but I've already seen most of them in one of the tabs I have open.
The internationalized domain name (IDN) homograph attack is a way a malicious party may deceive computer users about what remote system they are communicating with, by exploiting the fact that many different characters look alike, (i.e., they are homographs, hence the term for the attack). For example, a person frequenting citibank.com may be lured to click the link [сitibank.com] (punycode: xn--itibank-xjg.com/) where the Latin C is replaced with the Cyrillic С. This kind of spoofing attack is also known as script spoofing. Unicode incorporates numerous writing systems, and, for a number ...
Wow, of course someone already exploited this for malicious ends.
That's not nice at all.
btw starting from 0x1D5BA you get the mathematical sans serif small latin letters.
There are also monospaced letters.
Q: How to convert a byte array into double in C?

betaI've got a byte array containing 8 bytes and would like to convert and use them as a double precision binary floating-point number. Could someone please tell me how to convert it?

I think the first answer is wrong concerning unions. It's UB to write to one field and then read the other.
> Several Armenian characters like օ, ո, ս, as well capital Տ and Լ are often completely identical to Latin characters in modern fonts.
@StackedCrooked It may be unspecified. It's a common hook for implementation to provide that exact functionality.
Ugh, Armenian also falls back to other fonts :(
Which reminds me, I have no idea what font I'm using.
5:58 PM
DejaVu here.
@RMartinhoFernandes You didn't know that? Wow.
In other news, these are dead herrings washed ashore on a beach in northern Norway:
At least they're not red.
The people living there are now afraid of the stink they are facing in a few days.
damn viruses. :'(
That's a lot of fish.
5:59 PM
how did they end up washed ashore on a beach?
Screw it, I'm tired of looking at Unicode block listings. I'll stick this in a txt finish it another day.
@IntermediateHacker I think fish is actually decomposed by bacteria.
@DeadMG They were following their red leader.
There, that's what I wanted to say.
6:00 PM
@DeadMG Nobody knows.
They're fish, therefore stupid.
@sbi I meant computer viruses. my PC has been infected by some Damn virus I got through a USB which randomly hangs the entire PC so I have to take out it's plug. :'(
That's why disabling autoplay is one the first things I do when I get a new system.
@RMartinhoFernandes Yeah, me, too. And disabling the hiding of "known extension". What a stupid idea!
1 min ago, by R. Martinho Fernandes
That's why disabling autoplay is one the first things I do when I get a new system.
I'm a moron . :'(
6:03 PM
@sbi Hah, but RTLO can fool that.
@RMartinhoFernandes Of course. But why lower the barrier?
In Vista/7 autoplay is a tad better because it will always ask if you want to run a program or open the folder. But some viruses use a folder icon and fool people.
My uncle learned that the hard way.
guess I'm learning it the hard way too. :'"(
Rule 1: don't use Explorer.
@CatPlusPlus is there any good replacement for explorer?
6:06 PM
All of them.
what do u use?
Total Commander.
Here's another vote for TotalCommander.
I've started out with NortonCommander on CPM in the 1980s, and TC feels so much home. :)
6:09 PM
Yo sbi, can you check stackoverflow.com/a/8697219/103167 again? I think I worked around the DCL issue.
Norton Commander was the shit.
I think I've spent few months in total time just playing with the Editor.
65kB ahoy.
@IntermediateHacker I bought mine in the 90s (for DM100,-), and I'm still getting free updates.
@CatPlusPlus Well, on CPM is was unrivaled.
As long as we're on the topic of better ways to manage files than explorer, there's tcsh. And bash. Globbing is a necessary part of any file manager.
I've used it on DOS/Win95/Win98, and basically the same.
6:12 PM
+1 for tcsh.
@BenVoigt Sorry, but I don't feel up to deciding about those threading issues. I just remembered that this article said there's no way to get DCL to work reliably.
Not without a memory barrier. But the critical section provides one. then it's just a matter of getting it to protect the right things.
Actually, I'm pretty sure I fixed out-of-order issue. Not so sure about cache incoherency, that might still be a problem.
Does this sound sane?
Q: custom smart pointers and exponential number of comparison operators

ronagLets say I want to implement a smart pointer a_ptr which can be compared with other smart pointers. Then I need to implement all permutations of the comparison operators: template<class T, class U> bool operator==(const a_ptr<T>& a, const a_ptr<U>& b) { return a.ge...

If you have memory managed by a shared_ptr what the heck is a a_ptr doing pointing to that same memory?
No, it doesn't.
None of these should ever be true.
Obviously it won't follow an exponential law. (I know that's exactly what the question is not about.)
6:18 PM
@CatPlusPlus The first one.
Well, okay.
Except that.
Read it and upvote me!
The SMO for repwhoring usually involves posting a link.
Well I'm not repwhoring so I'm not posting a link.
"(...) upvote me!" reads like repwhoring.
There's no need to be ashamed.
Fascinated by the Rupert Murdoch/Wendi Deng Twitter accounts. Real people behind them, yet they still feel like they'd fail a Turing test.
6:28 PM
@LucDanton That there is called denial.
@LucDanton Seems like incorrect use of contraposition.
I don't know, I wanted to make a variation on 'read it and weep'. But it doesn't flow right.
@StackedCrooked You're onto me!
The crapasaurus.
Q: Store memory content in class - C++

w00I'm trying to write a plugin for an application and i'm stuck where i need to read the contents from memory and store that in a class. I've been given the following: UserInfo = 0x9F9648 UserInfoSize = 0x560 That's the location of where the content is stored and i've been given the following c...

Damn, hungarian notation!
TRWTF is __int32.
6:37 PM
Hipster stuff!
What is this I don't even.
I've recently realized move semantics make it hard to use non-nullable types.
I chose this . It seems awesome , is working faster and is easier to use than all those dual paned Norton Commander clones. Is anyone using this?
If you move from an object you need to have some empty state to leave it in.
Put optional everywhere!
6:42 PM
Boost.Optional is not movable yet :(
Damn. That's a problem.
They added Boost.Move with 1.48, but didn't integrate it with the rest of stuff.
I really hope 1.49 has that.
Yeah, I saw that on 9gag.
Mr Moire at his best.
Q: How do I copy DVDs to a hard disk?

sbiOk, that does it! Just after Christmas the 7 year old brought me another DVD that looks like the kids broke into my toolbox and tried the sander on it. And I'm sooo sick of this! I really don't know how many Ice Age DVDs I have bought, but that franchise must be at the 14th sequel, at the very le...

6:49 PM
This is no laughing matter. Really. I almost ripped his head off. I guess he was pretty scared.
a 1GB drive won't fit more than one DVD on, you know
if that
Don't fuck with the grumpy ape.
and most software is designed to prevent this from occurring, since it's usually viewed as piracy in their originating countries
Yeah, a DVD is what, 4.7 GB?
6:53 PM
@DeadMG Ah, dammit! It's a TB drive. Thanks, I fixed it.
the easiest way to go is to simply download them from your piracy site of choice
assuming that you have a reasonable connection
@EtiennedeMartel Standard Definition films are, however, only about 700MB for a regular run.
"piracy site of choice" lol
My connection is reasonable but 1) I wouldn't want to do that for the kids who will have their own computer one day using my Internet connection, and 2) those usually don't have two languages nor subtitles.
really? all the ones I get, I end up with a bunch of languages and subtitles
not usually German, of course, since I don't frequent German-language torrents
6:55 PM
Sometimes there are DVD rips which means getting the menu, languages, subtitles etc. Or so I've heard.
however, beyond that, I don't have much help from you
That would mean there's a way to produce those rips in the first place.
I know that the software does exist, I've seen it used, and it's how pirated copies originate that someone rips it off the DVD
but as for what it's called, I can't remember
A DVD ripper is a software program that facilitates copying the content of a DVD to a hard disk drive. They are mainly used to transfer video on DVDs to different formats, to edit or back up DVD content, and to convert DVD video for playback on media players and mobile devices. Some DVD rippers include additional features such as Blu-ray support, DVD and Blu-ray Disc decryption, copy protection removal, and the ability to make discs unrestricted and region-free. While most DVD rippers only convert video to highly compressed MP4 video files, there are other rippers that can convert DVDs to ...
@DeadMG What help did you expect from me?
6:57 PM
for you*
A few years ago I backed up some DVDs into a hard drive for my uncle. I know I used a DVDSomething, but I can't recall exactly what the name of the thing was.
I hate piracy. And I hate people who download and use propriety software and movies for free because it's banned here, so I can't download them too it's illegal and similar to stealing.
And shooting a policeman.
And going to the toilet on his helmet.
And bringing the helmet to his wife.
And then steal it again.
6:58 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes I'm not sure if that is illegal.
@IntermediateHacker I pirated 420GB of films just last month.
@IntermediateHacker If someone were to steal your very favourite socks, you wouldn't be able to wear those socks, ever. If someone illegally distribute your IP, you can still wear those socks. Or something. How similar are the two acts really?
The similarity is in the policeman's wife.
7:00 PM
well...frankly, I hate piracy bec. everyone else in the world can do it, but when I try it, I get this
What? Oman blocks all piracy sites?
yeah, damn government.
Is there no way around it?
Ever heard of Tor?
it's called a "proxy"
7:02 PM
ah, there's a second problem.
Please note that in some jurisdiction the act of downloading is not illegal, but distribution is.
The Omani ISPs detect proxies and VPNs somehow and then they stop providing you service. my neighbour tried it.
@LucDanton Maybe the same jurisdiction the RIAA staff is in.
After all they download those stuffs.
@RMartinhoFernandes I think it's just the Netherlands or something >.>
Googling "Oman piracy" gives me lots of results about boats.
7:04 PM
Oman, gulf of.
Not that kind of piracy.
@IntermediateHacker That's not technically possible, really.
oy @Xeo you here?
how do you put a horizontal separator before text to show that it's a quote?
> shit
> shit
7:08 PM
> damn.
Multiline Markdown 16 - 0 hapless users trying to get multiline Markdown to work
I've found the root of the damn piracy problem. The real culprit is the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
I don't like piracy because I earn my money with writing software, and the more of that is copied, the less secure my job is. I financially depend on intellectual property being protected.
But there's limits to my dislike. One of my former bosses once told me that most pirated copies of our software were in circulation in Russia and China, where nobody would buy use it if they had to buy it. So we weren't hurt by it. To the contrary: We were building a user base.
The same is true for a lot of software. When MS Office was easy to copy, all those "pirated" copies basically just expanded the user base and made it so popular. The same goes for Photoshop I think. And when the music industry markets some band so that they get maximum profit out of one song and then drop them for the next hype, why would people want to buy their album?
7:13 PM
also, a lot of research in Belgium and Switzerland showed that people who pirated music didn't spend any less money on it
so they ultimately refused to ban it in any shape or form because the industry had showed no evidence they were being damaged by the practice
for me, I never buy music, I didn't before I started pirating it, and I haven't started now
especially since you can listen for free on YouTube all day long
@DeadMG Not on Germany, it seems
that's true
I wonder what's the point of retrying.
Maybe my message will get shorter.
damn, I miss posting screenshots.
Or maybe I can retry until they increase the limit.
7:20 PM
Hey, I think I just found a way!
A way to what?
to p*racy.
Does it involve boats?
no, just some download mirrors and a ton of online surveys
didn't work. :'(
7:33 PM
Meh, I need a layout for my blog-ish thingy.
Turns out stock Bootstrap doesn't really fit.
@CatPlusPlus are u using wordpress?
I don't even have PHP installed on my server.
I'm using Jekyll and Mercurial as the backend.
> Before grab a machine gun and storm the Sony and Disney head quarters, leaving dead bodies in my wake and orphaning my kids [...]
@sbi lol
Sshh, it's not a laughing matter.
TRWTF is goto.
This is so funny.
> They nailed my feet to the ground.
7:45 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes maybe the guy who wrote the script thought the world was going to end in 2012, like in the movies.
"Movies"? You mean there's more than one such aberration?
2012 2
Survey time! Your favourite sans-serif font face.
@sbi only 9 pages of dupes on the internet. I hope he hires an accountant to do the billing :)
What's so special about that photo?
@CatPlusPlus I use DejaVu but I don't really have a reason for it.
7:59 PM
return ternaryOperatorsRock ? @"Awesome!" : "You don't know what you're missing.";

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