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9:00 PM
template<typename T> void rant( T& anything) {}
Is that an extraneous space in the tagline?
Yup, there was one.
There, I killed it.
template <typename T> void rant(meta_rant<T>&);
an inline function in a class inside the public section, is public right?
9:02 PM
inline doesn't affect access.
But why are you marking it inline?
right, so why the heck is my compiler complaining my function is private?
@RMartinhoFernandes just cause I'm too lazy to put it in the cpp file yet
I'll change it later
Maybe it's not in the public section.
inline keyword is meh, anyway.
class tetromino : QWidget

	tetromino(QWidget * parent = 0) : QWidget(parent) {}

	inline void build_tetromino();
my compiler says that build_tetronimo is private
9:04 PM
Q_OBJECT should be before public:
afaics it's public
Q_OBJECT inserts stuff, which most likely includes private:
I wish I knew where these room descriptions came from.
Well, maybe you really don't want to know.
9:10 PM
No, I definitely do.
@TonyTheLion Why are you implementing a Tetromino as a widget if I may ask?
@Maxpm Sick, sick minds.
Inline keyword is mostly useful for preventing linker errors. It's not useful for performance enhancements because the compiler will inline certain functions anyway if optimizations are turned on.
And it will ingore your inline declarations if it sees fit.
@StackedCrooked I was trying to solve an error, but really it doesn't have to be
Also you're deriving from a widget privately.
9:14 PM
Hah. I didn't even notice.
2 days ago, by R. Martinho Fernandes
I've been considering inlining everything that is not marked inline (or in the class defintion), and not inlining the rest.
[[ no_really_mr_compiler_please_inline_this_function ]] inline void foo();
I remember starring that message.
@RMartinhoFernandes "... and not inlining the rest." I agree, everything that was already inlined doesn't need to be inlined again.
What's better than inlining?
Inlining twice: `inline inline void foo() {}`
9:17 PM
[[ yipikaye::motherfucker ]] inline void foo();
Yeah, I know, completely unrelated.
But it's valid C++11.
上 is a magic wand
That's numberwang!
I remember playing Age of Empires II online while my computer was transcoding a DVD to DivX file using a program named VirtualDub. It caused lag for everyone. Ah the memories...
@RMartinhoFernandes That's valid? What are the [[ and ]] tokens?
9:21 PM
Oh God.
Actually, I guess that's a good thing.
Helps reduce preprocessor use, right?
Well, it does, a bit.
[[ means application start time. ]] means estimated application end time.
Oct 23 at 22:26, by R. Martinho Fernandes
In the future you can have [[ msvc::super_duper_msvc_attrib, gcc::super_duper_gcc_attrib_that_does_the_same_but_with_a_different_name, clang::and_the_super_duper_clang_version ]] int x;
@Maxpm What do you prefer? Preprocessor, or this?
At least attributes will be in one place.
Could you do something like [[ export_from_this_dll ]] void Foo();?
9:23 PM
Attributes aren't standardised. Only specifier syntax.
Right, but you could define your own attribute like the DLL_EXPORT-esque macros...?
@Maxpm [[ msvc::dllexport, gc::dllexport, clang::dllexport ]] void Foo(); maybe.
@Maxpm Compiler-specific.
I'll probably be using #define DLL_EXPORT [[ msvc::dllexport, gc::dllexport, clang::dllexport ]]
Oh, they're not user-definable?
@Maxpm Well, a super advanced compiler could let you do such a thing, but keep dreaming.
Well, there are noreturn and carries_dependency that are standard.
9:25 PM
According to the Standard, are they?
@CatPlusPlus What do those do?
@Maxpm According to the standard they're compiler-specific.
noreturn marks function as non-returning. The other one, hell knows.
@CatPlusPlus How does that differ from void...?
void is a function that returns nothing.
noreturn is a function that never returns.
Infinite loop or whatnot.
It's just a compiler hint and documentation anyway.
No standard attribute changes semantics.
9:27 PM
Lol, apparently pack expansion works with attributes.
@CatPlusPlus OMG.
Well, alignas does change semantics, but alignas has special syntax separate from the whole [[ ]] business.
Why would you want a function that never returns? In any case, what optimizations does it let the compiler do?
Well, for example abort() is noreturn, because it terminates the process as fast as possible.
So it never returns to the caller.
@Maxpm [[ noreturn ]] int f() { while(true){} } int g() { f(); do_the_hokey_pokey(); }
The compiler can optimize the hokey pokey away.
Now star that message.
9:30 PM
As for optimisations, compiler can assume the code after the noreturn call is dead.
I want to eat pizza :(
The other one silly!
9:30 PM
Oi, no useless pins.
Now I can cancel stars, and you'll never be able to pin it again.
random shit shouldn't be pinned
What's pinned?
nothing, except the newbie hints
9:33 PM
Meh, I lack a good extension language. CPython has nice API, but at the same time, it's not really sandboxable and have no incremental GC.
just saying
Lua's API suck.
suck cajones
Tcl is big as a herd of cows, and has a meh API.
I don't know anything about Lua. I checked it out back when I played Garry's Mod, but haven't touched it since.
9:35 PM
try AngelScript?
Guile is from GNU, so it's probably a pain in the ass to actually build. And then, Scheme is not my favouritest of languages.
And API is not so great either.
Ugh, Scheme.
I looked at AngelScript some time ago, but decided not to use it for some reason.
@CatPlusPlus Isn't GNU all about convenient Autotool builds and whatnot?
Convenient autotools builds.
9:36 PM
Don't say that word in here!
no, it's all about Autotools that don't work and need endless configuration
Stop saying it!
Oh, the young and naive.
@DeadMG Aren't Autotools supposed to remove the need for endless configuration?
9:37 PM
I have no idea what they're supposed to do, but they sure don't do that
I've never had a problem with them. What did you have in mind?
It's a horrible mess of generated code that generates more code, recursive Makefiles and Unix shell scripts.
Yeah, it's a bit bloated.
9:40 PM
checking if chat environment is sane... no
Oh, about AngelScript, I didn't really like the sight of this: angelcode.com/angelscript/sdk/docs/manual/doc_hello_world.html
@Maxpm Did we ever mislead you into thinking otherwise?
@RMartinhoFernandes Once in a while, I accidentally take someone here seriously.
@CatPlusPlus C API? Or something else?
It looks COMish.
9:42 PM
// Clean up
Yes, it does.
It's in C++ and it's using error-codes and weird casts.
OMG I see all the if( r < 0 ) now!
@RMartinhoFernandes Huh?
// AngelScript doesn't have a built-in string type, as there is no definite standard
// string type for C++ applications.
std == STandarD?
9:45 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes Are STDs standard where you live?
@Maxpm The example code, it's full of those checks.
@RMartinhoFernandes What's wrong with - oh, for checking return values for error codes?
Over and over again.
It's not checking that's wrong, it's returning that's wrong.
9:47 PM
Q: code challenge questions for a game during lunch

HarrySo, I will be hosting a lunch and I am looking for an interesting activity. I remember having seen a google tech talk video that, in the beginning, had a series of "what will this code do" puzzles in c or c++, and I thought it would be a good idea to do something similar. Do you know which that...

I gotta go shopping in the morning, so I'm going to sleep now. Good night.
I should go to sleep, too. But so little time during the day, so many things to do!
I stood up again
10:20 PM
What's a good word to describe different parts of a library? Sort of like what Boost has, only tiny.
Boost has libraries.
@CatPlusPlus That doesn't really make sense. "Foo is a library that includes the following libraries to ease the task of..."
You invoke Boost, and Boost is a collection of libraries, not a single library.
Also, the name hardly matters.
One example might be a game development library. It might include facilities to play sounds, draw graphics and simulate physics. They can be used together, or independently of each other.
10:30 PM
It really doesn't matter whether you call them libraries, modules or whatever.
Besides: In my case, each "library" would be two files, tops.
Then again, most of Boost is just headers.
No, it doesn't, but I'm a perfectionist and I need an answer anyway.
Call them bananas.
Cat, do you have the url to your bitbucket openglproject? =)
Just out of curiosity, what does error code 69 stand for?
10:36 PM
Nothing particular, like any other error code.
It's just there if I happened to check the exit code for some inexplicable reason.
Up until now, I had thought UI design was for creative artsy people. It's really more straightforward than "back-end" code, though, isn't it? Which is more intuitive: A button here, or a button there? It's testable. It's scientific.
Designing an UI that doesn't suck is not really easy.
I didn't say it's easy.
Actually "artsy" people make for absolutely awful UI developers, remember the craze of skinned windows not following any recognized standards... that was artsy people at the wheel.
Also UIs are prone to resolution problem and whatnot. I don't like the amount of tiny details that accumulate.
10:49 PM
I hate how font sizes are detached from pixel counts.
Typography is a whole different matter on its own.
It makes sense historically, but I can't help but feel that measuring maximum height/width in pixels would be easier than using the point system now.
I had to get up again to go to the toilet
my head :(
@DeadMG What's wrong?
10:50 PM
Pixel sizes change.
always gives me nasty headaches
@DeadMG Oh, I'm sorry. :(
11:07 PM
Someone ought to make a system called InstallSword Mage.

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