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5:00 PM
@DeadMG I can assure that's not what I wanted to hear.
@DeadMG - that's awful
heh heh
of course it is
@awoodland yeah, it really s
> @R.MartinhoFernandes : Sorry, people have retagged it – Ant's 2 mins ago
I think you'd have good grounds for a complaint with with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education if they don't take your letter seriously
my father's an Ombudsman
I'd have the advantage in that system
5:08 PM
Thanks GCC. If I ask to stop compilation after the first error, it shows "blah blah is ambiguous" and doesn't show the possible choices, because normally it shows those messages as if they were errors.
the only complaints I ever see are the ones where the outcome makes it into THE
as far as I can tell, the University has acted thoroughly incompetently at every possible juncture
and I've suffered a hell of a lot because of it
so I'm certainly not going to drop the matter
@RMartinhoFernandes Don't be such a pussy! When I was young(er), compilers never showed us those choices, and we still had to fix the errors. :)
@DeadMG They have, you may even have enough here to file a civil lawsuit for the mental anguish they've caused
well, I'm not going to jump the gun here
they should have a fair enough chance to respond appropriately before I call a lawyer
5:15 PM
Oh noes lawyers.
my student finance is cocked up again for the following year
that makes three times in a row
at least I've noticed at the start of the year this time
(I would say that the duty of care is to check the marks before the supplementary exam board meets even)
well, I would say that the duty of care involves coding your system so that it rejects marks for students who aren't sitting pieces of work
I mean, they only have a whole shitbunch of CS professors :P
yeah but the systems aren't implemented by the CS dept
I know, was just kidding
5:19 PM
(well I'd be shocked if they were)
but the point is still valid
Maybe it was designed for fault-tolerance. If that student wasn't recorded as sitting because of a mistake, they could still add his mark.
(I'm not trying to be serious.)
we have people that manually check marks and flag "out of character" results for discussion
well, the Programme Board has to physically meet up and agree on the mark
so even when the system fails then there should be human oversight
5:21 PM
I bet those meetings (if they ever take place) go like "Hey dude, I giving a 10 to DeadMG" "Sure, go ahead".
still, it would be really nice just to get my money back
I'm really starting to run out of capital here
Find a supplier and start dealing drugs.
or selling programming assignments to second years - I heard that can be quite profitable
you know, the student finance people want me to sign a form and return it to them to get moneys, and I've lost the form
you think there'd just be a "SEND ME ANOTHER" button
but instead, you have to call them
what a waste of staff time
5:27 PM
I might head home and try to find it if I don't have a copy in storage, which I might well have
The system is not that fault-tolerant after all.
What's that thing called where you have say 10000 possibilites
You have 10000 possibilities.
@KianMayne Choice overkill?
5:35 PM
Statement of Fact™?
and only one is the "correct" one and you say you are 75% sure that you have the right answer when you have tested 75% of the possibilities
uh, Bleedingly Obvious?
could be induction?
there's a mathematics stack exchange you could try
monkey requesitions? :S
@KianMayne That's statistics.
@DeadMG It's just I sometimes hear mentioned when people talk about cracking passwords
5:38 PM
brute force
you can't crack passwords that way, though
Rockability? :)
5:39 PM
because you can guarantee when you have the right one
To work out an approximate time they say that on average when brute forcing a password
It is guessed after 50% of the possibilities
On average.
@sbi You mean Rockabilly?
@KianMayne That's stats.
@RMartinhoFernandes I see
@FredOverflow No, I meant what I said, but I freely admit I was carried away jokingly referring to Rockabilly. :)
@RMartinhoFernandes I said it first!
5:40 PM
I think that Statement of Fact and Bleeding Obvious are really fine answers
> @Mooing Duck - Thanks, a hash will be the way to go if I have to line these up myself, as I suspect and DeadMG's helpful comment helps reinforce. – Brian Stinar 11 mins ago
The helpful comment in question is:
> OpenGL's API sucks balls. What's new? – DeadMG 18 mins ago
I made a helpful comment?
aah, excellent
link to question?
5:52 PM
Q: OpenGL Selection Buffer - Use A Pointer to the Object Instead of an Unsigned Int?

Brian StinarI am attempting to use the glSelectBuffer(GLsizei size, GLuint * buffer) method to select objects in a slightly different way then I believe is supported in C++ for OpenGL 3.1. Selection works great if I do everything as is specified online. Instead of a GLuint*, I would like to actually store p...

I stand by my comment
anyone feel like helpfully educating a newbie on RAII and why pointers suck?
I'm too tired to do so
Q: c++ destructor memory leak

FaultRelatively simple question about handling destructors properly... First I've got a class that's something like this: class Foo { public: ReleaseObjects() { for (std::map<size_t, Object*>::iterator iter = objects.begin(); iter != objects.end(); iter++) { delete (*it...

@jalf What more does it take?
6:02 PM
dunno :)
@jalf Now that's hard then. I'm too tired to provide dunno, myself.
it's ok, I'll step in!
now you can just permalink to my message and you will always have a permanent source of dunno
@DeadMG Not here! You need to post it an answer to the question!
I did
ack, is it me, or is VS2010 getting more and more broken over time?
I'm pretty sure I didn't get this many internal compiler errors a year ago. And now mt.exe hangs or gives file permission errors
6:04 PM
gotta love ICEs
@jalf Your code got nastier?
every once in a while VS2010 will just stop compiling, giving me weird errors, or the program will stop working for no reason....and the next day everything is back to normal
despite not having changed anything
@RMartinhoFernandes hmm, possibly, I don't think so though
it's like an adventure!
@RMartinhoFernandes It's abusing its wife.
6:06 PM
of course, the intellisense crashes have been pretty much constant throughout
@jalf That's normal.
IntelliSense without crashes would be worrying.
intellisense is designed for maximum fun with c++, because MS loves c++ :)
@DeadMG Wouldn't the notion of a wife imply "his", rather than "its"?
Just asking
no, not at all
6:09 PM
Not really.
women can have wives in truly progressive countries
@DeadMG Well, they can have here, but I don't think those are called "wifes" then in German.
Every second day there's a "how to remove file from Mercurial" question.
if atheist men can have wives, so can lesbian women as far as I'm concerned
6:12 PM
I get votes every day on "How to remove a git submodule?".
@CatPlusPlus As in $ hg forget?
No, as in changing history.
Or more like shredding your accidentally committed and pushed murder confession?
@RMartinhoFernandes I used to like hanging out here back in the nineties:
You've been in places with the weirdest of names.
Intercourse, Bla Bla...
6:15 PM
who wouldn't want to be in a place called Intercourse?
@RMartinhoFernandes That is in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, there's more bars with funny names than most people can remember, let alone come up with.
@DeadMG I don't know. Amish?
@DeadMG It is a boring town in Pennsylvania. (I wonder why @RMartinho remembered that, though. And how.)
Er, because... I remember?
@RMartinhoFernandes Actually, IIRC they are at least living very near by, if not actually in the town. :)
6:17 PM
I am pretty sure that we came through it when we went to visit Amish places, anyway.
so little reason to actually be there except to stand in front of the signs, then
I hear Prenzlauer Berg is going to get a nice nuclear waste terminal storage facility :D
> Intercourse is a popular site for tourists because of its location in "Amish country" and its seemingly sexually suggestive name. - Wikipedia
6:20 PM
Maybe there are other kinds of intercourse.
tomorrow I will finally get a place to live
Intercourse, Alabama, is an unincorporated community located at a crossroads in Sumter County, Alabama, USA. It is named for the traffic intersection of the town's crossroads (called "intercourse" at that time) at the site of the general store. Over the years, the community has identified itself by other names. References * * *
@jalf I would assume that, in 1814, they did not pick a name with a sexual connotation.
@RMartinhoFernandes Of course there are.
> Intercourse may refer to: (...) Interpersonal communication, any kind of human communication and/or interaction
Wow. We are engaging in intercourse right now.
6:22 PM
i did not have intercourse with that robot
There's a also social intercourse, commercial intercourse, etc.
I assume commercial intercourse is not prostitution.
i see no reason it shouldnt be
@DeadMG Because he is old enough to be able to think of other things than sex?
so am I, but "intercourse" does not have any other common uses
6:26 PM
@DeadMG It used to be what cross roads were called.
that does not refute my statement?
> If you're updating from an earlier version (pre 1.6.10), you have to run the installation twice. Just use the Repair Install the second time.
@DeadMG No, it doesn't. In referring to roads, it's close to "traffic". The German work for "traffic" ("Verkehr") is also used for sexual intercourse.
anyway, I need to head back to my hotel
hopefully for the final damn night
@sbi now that strikes me as naive. People had at least as dirty minds 200 years ago...
6:31 PM
@jalf Yeah, but they weren't public enough about it to name their town after the major sexual activity.
In fact, we're talking the US here, so they still aren't.
@sbi I think they'd have been more likely to back then than they are today ;)
@jalf No, they hadn't.
and plenty of old place names have sexual connotations
In Portugal there's a town whose name is a vulgar word for vagina, and another whose name is a vulgar word for penis.
@jalf Yeah, of course, but that would be 2000 years ago, not 200.
6:35 PM
@sbi both, I'd say, and everywhere in between ;)
if there's one thing that's been a constant throughout human history, it's that people have damn dirty minds :p
@jalf We might just have to agree to disagree then. Shrug.
anyway ,gotta run a bit
@jalf JFTR, I agreed to this. It seems you have missed my point.
6:54 PM
@jalf Is there a school/kindergarden named bögballe in Denmark?
Oh my, I think this is gonna make my rep on Programmers skyrocket:
When to use C over C++, and C++ over C? http://bit.ly/onzG5v
@ManofOneWay It has to be really famous for jalf to know about it
That account has >1k followers.
7:02 PM
@sbi (It's "skyrocket", btw.)
@RMartinhoFernandes Thanks! :)
@vivek why?
@ManofOneWay coz it's a school/kindergarden
@vivek I guess you don't know Swedish or Danish
I actually found it now, boegballefriskole.dk
@ManofOneWay you are right.
7:05 PM
In Swedish, boegballe means gaycock
@ManofOneWay Because Denmark has >5.5 million inhabitants spread over >40,000 km², so I'd expect there to be a lot of kindergartens quite far from any given place to be in the country?
that's what I was trying to say
@ManofOneWay And what's so special about happy roosters?
@RMartinhoFernandes LOL!
@RMartinhoFernandes :) Unfortunately you can not interpret it that way in Swedish !
7:09 PM
3 hours ago, by R. Martinho Fernandes
Do you ask your mechanic for health advice?
@RMartinhoFernandes You know, it just struck me that this sounds funny coming from a robot.
3 hours ago, by R. Martinho Fernandes
Robots asking their mechanics for health advice makes some sense.
@RMartinhoFernandes Sigh. In my defense, I had been trying to work back then.
Anyway, I'm heading home now, guys. See you!
7:13 PM
I'm torn between working, studying and sleeping right now.
Can you do all three at once?
What will you study?
Has anyone here been invited to the careers site?
I forgot how to do integrals.
I mentioned the quality of my Algorithms book to another CS instructor who sometimes teaches the class, and he recommended the Cormens book
Apparently I took it with the wrong instructor.
@CatPlusPlus: What kind of integrals? :)
7:29 PM
Well, I sort of remember the rules, but can't remember all the standard ones. I hate calculus so much.
Oh. Yea there are a bunch, I certainly don't remember all of them.
That's what Wolfram is for :)
@robjb I told you!
I have a test tomorrow, as a reminder of Analysis II. Meh.
@RMartinhoFernandes That you did
@CatPlusPlus: Why do other cats write Perl?
It's the easiest language to write by walking on the keyboard.
7:37 PM
Perl is line noise.
What about PHP?
PHP is just crap.
they're both pretty noisy
Depends on your definition of "noisy".
I would say that C++ is very noisy.
But Perl is not noisy, it's noise.
I guess I can't really disagree with that
7:39 PM
Perl-in noise.
Oh god I just looked up a Perl tutorial
@robjb Do you know of the Periodic Table of the Operators?
@RMartinhoFernandes Now I do, you just made my day
@robjb I gave it a try once. When I reached the bolted-on object crap they have, I gave up.
7:41 PM
What the hell is triangular reduction.
Looks like... a pig?
@RMartinhoFernandes All I needed to reach was for $j ( 0 .. $#{$AoA[$i]} )
And I closed the tab
Not enough magic variables for that to be Perl.
@CatPlusPlus "range exclusive". Hmm, I'll assume it makes it an empty range. But I'm pretty sure it does something completely different in some other context.
p5=> is the "Perl 5 fatarrow".
7:50 PM
en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/language/operator_precedence < Just found this page, it's pretty nice
8:11 PM
Can someone appreciate this beautifully-aligned comment I just made?
	 * This file provides functions to interface with
	 * low-level terminal properties such as size and
	 * input mode.  Because the system libraries make
	 * use of macros, D can't just use them directly.
You mean you align that by hand?
The first three lines were the same length by chance; I spent a few minutes working out a way to make the fourth continue that trend.
8:42 PM
Holy hell that made me laugh... so hard....
damn, you're easy.
i kinda chuckled, then went on with my life. :)
@cHao lol
Silly chat doesn't onebox HoT PoTatoeS links.
8:57 PM
Is there a better way to phrase stuff like BarCount without abbreviating? Bars might be confused with a Bar array.
if you're ok with hungarian notaion, cBars might work
I was about to say, "Nobody mention Hungarian notation."
But that's the "sane" Hungarian.
9:01 PM
See, that's Hungarian, except with longer prefixes!
Ohoho, it's a pun.
It was supposed to be a silly pun :)
Q: c++ pointers vs. reference return values

eran otzeri'm trying to come up with a concrete reasoning why to use a pointer over a reference as a return type from a function , my reasoning is that if inadvertently a null value is returned to a reference type it could not be checked , and could lead to run-time errors int& something(int j) ...

Should you return a reference or a pointer to a local variable from a function? :)
What kind of question is that?
That's what he's asking! Take a look
9:17 PM
No, he's asking whether a return type should be a reference or a pointer. Take a look.
Oh, and an invalid reference, and... oh gosh, my eyes.
@LucDanton Yeah but his first example shows him returning a reference to a local
No. He's dereferencing a null pointer. There's no local involved.
Oh yeah, I didn't notice the pointer part. But that's even better ... dereferencing a null pointer
There is a local involved: the null pointer. But no locals are harmed. :P
9:19 PM
@Praetorian There is a problem in the code because he wants to show problematic code.
"Here's a potential problem when I use references that I don't have when I use pointers. What do you think?"
Could be, he's more concerned with having to have the caller check for null than the nonsense he's performing inside the function
It is a valid concern, if you are the kind of person that doesn't consider whether nulls are valid returns or not.
That should be the main influence behind the decision.
It doesn't make sense to have the caller check for null if null is not a valid return value.
Ugh, .NET's convention of prefixing interface names with I sucks if you want a MutableFoo interface.
No problem for Flammable though.
@RMartinhoFernandes Not if you can spell...?
9:33 PM
@Maxpm Still confusing.
And try reading it.
It would be bad if it weren't for the capitalization.
IImmutableFoo is most likely wrong.
class EvilFoo : IImmutableFoo { void Mutate() { /* blah */ } }
I meant that it's wrong because it promises something you cannot enforce.
Just the same as the writer of an interface can't enforce that implementations will have the proper semantics.
9:36 PM
@LucDanton Sure you could document the interface requiring immutable semantics. Wouldn't that be a stretch though? It is certainly not common. Most of the time you write an interface with only read operations, you're actually writing a IReadableFoo.
(I've been bitten by this kind of bad naming before.)
What's in a name? If that's the interface to use, then that's fine.
The names does make sense.
I would not expect an IImmutable object to not change, but just not from that interface (barring pathological implementations).
I like how Microsoft have let you reduce like 14 lines of code to 2 with the .net framework
@LucDanton Ah, but then another "problem" arises :) Wouldn't interface IMutableFoo : IImmutableFoo { void Mutate(); } be something reasonable (except for the crazy naming, which is the "problem" I'm referring to)?
9:50 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes For some 'meaning' of reasonable, yes. But since I use inheritance to solve problems/write API and not describe 'elegant' taxonomies, arguably no.
i.e. who's gonna need that?
We had that on NodaTime. Though the culprit was the API we were porting, which already had that kind of immutable/mutable inheritance thing there (well, when the language gives you only lemons, you cannot grab the tequila and party). Originally we decided to go with the naming IFoo/IWritableFoo, but ended up scratching it and keeping only the immutable API, so the naming problem just vanished.
Who's 'we' for NodaTime btw?
At the time, me, Jon Skeet, James Keesey, and some more people I don't remember. But I've been out of the loop for a while now.
There are currently 13 committers, but most are inactive, like me: code.google.com/p/noda-time/people/list
I took a quick glance at the project.
10:06 PM
one should name ones self last
What do you mean?
You mean when I listed the people on the project?
10:12 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes he meens "jonn skeat, james cheesy, me and ..."
Oh, why? Is it impolite to list oneself first?
I just listed in the order that came to mind.
It's better than politeness: according to a random page on the Internet, it's courteous.
Should I list myself before or after the "guys I don't remember"?
Either is fine imo. Although I'd use a word to further separate the list of people you remember and those you don't, e.g. "me, and also some more people...".
I.e. either you group yourself with the list of people you remember or with all contributors.
I always here people say that it is impolite to list ones self first or not last
during the times I'm an owner I'm chat police too

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