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Discussion on question by Madara Uchi

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 Nevada Test Site

Debug room for @GenericBot, for questions/blames/issues head over to Sobotics
2m ago – Generic Bot
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Duplicate Posts

This contains a list of possible duplicate questions in various tags reported by Queen. If you have any problems contact us in SOBotics room (/rooms/111347). Link to the github project
8m ago – Queen
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The Meta Room

General Chat & Hangout for Meta Stack Overflow. See: for formative discussion about the room. Do not ping moderators or employees with things that can be handled via flags.

Chatter Bots

The place where those chat bots can hang out.
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 U10-Forward and Black Thunder Image R

For chat between U10-Forward and Black Thunder about 3d image rendering and other stuff. For Rules & Fruit language, visit
5h ago – Black Thunder
1d ago – Nicolas FRANCOIS

Trogdor A room for developing a process for tag cleanup, tag disambiguation and choosing between those and tag burnination.
1d ago – Rodgort
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Android Talkies

We’re a helpful bunch, but don’t be a help vampire. Our ability to help depends on how well you describe your problem. Use,, etc. for large code snippets &, for images. Try not to be off-topic. Use English only & be nice. :)
2d ago – Dilip Tiwari
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