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5:12 PM
@Xeo Visual Studio builds with MSBuild.
@AProgrammer Code in a language that runs on a virtual machine that is supported on several platforms.
@Xeo If he wants a heavyweight IDE then Eclipse should fulfill all his needs.
@StackedCrooked Specially the heavy part :)
@MartinhoFernandes Well, he isn't looking for a lightweight :)
@Xaade But I want to use C++ :(
5:34 PM
@MartinhoFernandes SCons. make sucks.
@AProgrammer Have you looked into cmake? cmake.org. You do a platform independent description. When your user wants to use your source code, they specify the tool chain they want to use, and it generates appropriate makefiles (or whatever). I don't remember for sure, but it seems like you can automate the latter, if needed.
1 hour ago, by Martinho Fernandes
What do the cool kids use nowadays to build stuff? Is make still kicking?
@MartinhoFernandes Yes, unfortunately make has been kicking you into your nuts since 1977.
5:50 PM
Wow, the video links are completely gone... anyone care to "migrate" them to one of their blogs?
@Xaade Whatever you do, you need automated build and test.
@FredOverflow What the fuck!
@FredOverflow Well, Lasse hinted at discussing this on meta. Does anyone feel destructive enough to post a question? I'd promise to provide an answer.
@JerryCoffin Not in depth. That reminds me imake and that's bad memories.
(Spending more time to make it generate what I could have written more easily directly. And that's not saying that writing make file rules is always easy).
@FredOverflow I could copy it to that blog I opened the other day to rant about Jeff. But I'm not sure this is a good idea. We can't collaboratively edit it there, and I'll be really bad very soon in updating it according to your suggestions.
5:59 PM
@sbi No, I'm fine with someone posting it as a blog. Even if it never gets updated. I just don't want to create a blog account just for this one blog :)
Ha, meta has a server error. :) Serves them right.
@JerryCoffin I have worked on a project that transferred to cmake, and while I wasn't involved in that, I had the guys doing it ranting in my room all day. From what I heard, cmake seems to be something like C's preprocessor on steroids, but without all of the nice syntax, consistence, and ease of use.
LOL (for those who don't know, imake is using the C preprocessor to generate makefiles)
That kind of tools have a strong tendencies to ease the easy things and render impossible the difficult one.
Generating makefiles is a step forward, but it's still far from being a decent build system.
CMake likes to call CMake repeatedly to just print coloured messages on the console.
@FredOverflow Will do.
6:07 PM
@CatPlusPlus It's a step sidewards. Currently, I still prefer to depend on gnu make and use its abilities of including files and its macro. But it is a very default choice, I've just seen nothing which make me want to switch.
6:24 PM
@sbi Thanks.
@FredOverflow Converting all the links is a major PITA.
@sbi Can't you use some regex magic? :)
What is the target format?
@FredOverflow I'm almost through.
Why SO even allows <code> and <pre> in posts, if it doesn't work properly anyway?
How does one get a link to a comment?
6:35 PM
Q: SE Modifications -- Username autocomplete in comments, inline revision source, and utility links

Tim Stone Screenshot About This userscript adds four main features: Various utility links on posts and in the top bar Inline viewing of post revision source Markdown on the post history page Links on comment timestamps for linking to specific comments (with enhanced "link-ability" for people wit...

Geh, scripts :<
Okay, anyways, Neil Butterworth's comment on this question makes me want to never work with him.
Please all check whether I've messed up any links in that.
@Xeo Did I mention make sucks?
@FredO, if you don't like my ranting in before your text, just say so. I wouldn't mind removing it.
Oh, and I guess if this gets shown around, and people discover the other ranting on that blog, there's a few people going to be pissed off that I wouldn't mind at all being pissed off about it. :P
hi all...:)))
okzzzzzzzz bye all ...
good night
6:54 PM
Did I mention I hate regular expressions?
Q: help with regex

FredOverflowFrom the string [foo](bar) I want to extract the foo and the bar part: Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\\[(.*)\\]\\((.*)\\)"); String input = "[foo](bar)"; assert p.matcher(input).matches(); String[] a = ??? // should be initialized to {"foo", "bar"} What do I write in the fourth line to obtain...

@sbi I think the "history" is interesting, but personally, I would get rid of the ranting.
@sbi If you tell me the target format, I can convert the links automatically, no need for testing ;-)
@Fred: regular expressions rock.
@FredOverflow Will do.
Is the syntax normal HTML links?
I get unusually passionate when it comes to explaining how C++ works under the hood...
A: casting member function pointer

XeoNo, your example does not work fine. First, you can only use dynamic_cast to cast between related class-types, not something else. Second, even if you replace that dynamic_cast with a reinterpret_cast or C-style cast (which I assume you meant), then I get the following output: c c Not rea...

@FredOverflow This would be what I'd need:
<h1>Hans Boehm</h1>
- <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrvAqvtWYb4" target="_blank">Getting C++ Threads Right</a>
<h1>Lawrence Crowl</h1>
- <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAG5txfYnW4" target="_blank">New Features in the Next C++ Standard</a>
- <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JffvCivHEHU" target="_blank">An Overview of the Coming C++0x standard</a>
- <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JUXPaovfzw" target="_blank">C++ Threads</a>
<h1>Douglas Gregor</h1>
- <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot4WdHAGSGo" target="_blank">Concepts Extending C++ Templates</a>
7:08 PM
And you did all this by hand? Kudos :)
@FredOverflow Ok, knock yourselves out starring this one :)
hello all
@FredOverflow * star star star star star *
we're all starring our life away...
@FredOverflow No, I didn't. You can edit the html, but there's also an almost-WYSIWYG interface. Basically, I removed the [ ](, cut to the EOL-1, removed the ), marked to BOL, hit the link button, pasted the link, hit Ok. Having to use the mouse in order to hit that button is annoying, but isn't too bad with my laptop's mouse buttons right beneathe the space bar.
After the first half a dozen times I do this automatically, and 2.5 dozens don't bring me to the point where my fingers try to go ahead of the brain and fail. :)
Anyway, nice work.
Watching Herb's C++0x Lambda Functions video, btw :)
7:16 PM
@FredOverflow Thanks for the reminder!
In other news, can I assume that the majority is fine with c++11 now being a synonym of c++0x? The only answer to my question was from Fred Nurk, and he's in favour.
@sbi a being a synonym of b means b will be mapped to a, right?
@FredOverflow Yes
@sbi much appreciated :) :)
Then I'm fine with it.
7:18 PM
No wait, the other way around
@FredOverflow No.
If a is a synonym of b, a will be mapped to b
Why would we want to map c++11 to c++0x?
If you tag a question c++11, this will now silently be retagged to c++0x.
@FredOverflow That's what the discussion is all about. :)
7:19 PM
@Xeo See the footnote in my question.
A: C++11 shouldn't be a synonym of C++0x

Fred NurkThere is no C++11 yet. Once there is, this should definitely be reverted, even flipped. Until C++11 is officially standardized (expected some months hence), I'm fine with this synonym: I'm not particularly in favor of it, but I see it as causing the least confusion, for now, out of all the alte...

@sbi Oh wait, now I understand your question. You object.
@FredOverflow Indeed. C++11 should not be a synonym of C++0x.
I agree with that :)
I find it kind of funny that I have no problems explaining the intricacies of rvalue references to people, but when it comes to the SO synonyms feature, I always get confused :)
@FredOverflow tells you a lot about SO's synonym feature :P
@FredOverflow Then you might want to make this a little more obvious at that question on meta. As it is now, there's me complaining and one user disagreeing with me. While the votes favor my complaint, this by itself is too weak to get some moderator to revers that.
7:24 PM
I just love Herb's talks, his voice is so soothing!
@FredOverflow which vid?
His latest on lambdas. And please don't ask for the link ;-)
@FredOverflow You might want to ask Herb to marry you, then you can hear his soothing voice every day. :)
I'm afraid he is already married. Twice (to his wife, and C++)
@FredOverflow Don't let such annoying details deter you.
7:27 PM
Also, I can just play his videos in an endless loop. No need to marry him!
@sbi And thanks for teaching me a new word :)
@FredOverflow I think I've seen it :P
@sbi I wrote a tiny comment.
@TonyTheTiger It's only a couple of days old IIRC.
@FredOverflow "deter"?
@sbi Yes. Reminds me of Reformhäuser :)
@FredOverflow I upvoted it.
@FredOverflow ??
7:29 PM
@FredOverflow That will have a tiny impact, BTW.
@FredOverflow hmm
@TonyTheTiger Ah, what the hell: C++0x Lambda Functions
@FredOverflow Achso.
@FredOverflow more like 12 days :)
@sbi Funny how Americans say "Ich sehe" instead :)
7:31 PM
@FredOverflow I found it on sbi's blog :) But thx :)
@FredOverflow not quite the same, however
@sbi I also favorited it. My only favorite on meta so far :)
from what I know, my German isn't the best there is :P
@TonyTheTiger "i see" means "ach so", doesn't it?
@FredOverflow I'd translate it as "verstehe".
@sbi And how would you translate "ach so"?
7:33 PM
@FredOverflow Why do you think I wrote that in German?
@TonyTheTiger So, is the video old news to you?
I think @FredOverflow was right with his translation of achso
@FredOverflow because I saw it the other day... though I haven't watched it, but I'm sure that I've watched another vid from him no lambda's, is that possible?
Yay, I got the Commentator badge on meta :)
or was it Scott Meyers?
@TonyTheTiger Yes, he even brings that up at the beginning of the video. I believe it was at the PDC conference or something.
But there would be little use in adding that to the list as well, this one subsumes the earlier one.
7:35 PM
@FredOverflow is this one not just a repeat?
In this video, there are less C# programmers in the audience ;)
Speaking of Scott, did you see this one?
@TonyTheTiger Ah, here it is, I believe.
@sbi Scott speaks German?!?
> Ich kann nicht behaupten, dass ich Deutsch so gut spreche wie Englisch (schön wär's!), aber QA Systems und ich denken, dass wir dieses Jahr eine gute Gelegenheit anbieten, nützliche, verlässliche Informationen über die Anwendung von C++ im eingebetteten Bereich auf Deutsch zu bekommen.
@FredOverflow Yes, he does. And quite good, actually.
When we meet, we always start out speaking German, but as the evening progresses, we tend to fall back to English more and more. :)
@sbi Beer tends to have that effect on me :)
7:39 PM
@FredOverflow I have never seen him drink beer. Usually I have a lot of beer, and he drinks Coke. :)
Who knows what else is in that Coke...
@sbi Cool! In german!! :P
@sbi you've met Scott Meyers?
That's awesome :)
@TonyTheTiger Only once a year (when he's in Germany), and not even every year.
@sbi it's better then never...
@TonyTheTiger Yeah, he's a very interesting person to be with.
7:48 PM
@sbi I'm pretty sure he is :)
(Now you've woken my bad conscious. I haven't mailed him in months.)
well, it's never too late :P
@TonyTheTiger That's what they tell you when you're young. When you get old, you'll realize that it is a lie.
I was asked what this does in an interview...
struct X { static X Y; } X::Y = { };
can anyone please help??
@JohannesSchaublitb You're applying to EDG?
7:53 PM
what is "EDG"?
And is that missing semicolon another one of your pranks?
@JohannesSchaublitb edg.com
wait where is a semicolon missing
they say it compiles!
@sbi oh :(
@JohannesSchaublitb afaik, after the end of the struct declaration?
@JohannesSchaublitb So? Sometimes, when you forget a semicolon, it will compile nevertheless.
7:56 PM
wait, I did have a semicolon at the end!
@TonyTheTiger That's a definition, dammit!
@JohannesSchaublitb You. And what about the code?
@sbi so in this valid code that nevertheless compiles what does it do!?
@sbi Ugh, I'm a noob, dammit :(
7:57 PM
i have no clue :(
it does compile...
@JohannesSchaublitb It confuses people. Which is all you ever come here for.
:( not true
why are you saying I miss a semicolon but I'm not missing semicolon
I don't think anyone knows, besides perhaps the asker.
I fail to see what you can do with it... it is empty, I mean the struct just creates a static of itself and then the static is initialized afaik
@JohannesSchaublitb Is there another X we're not seeing here?
8:02 PM
but it serves no purpose, or does it?
@FredOverflow ah I think @TonyTheTiger solved it!
@JohannesSchaublitb Maybe you aren't, but the code clearly is. Obviously, the intent was to define a struct with a static member, and then define that member. In between there's a semicolon missing. Maybe the code even compiles with this, because the compiler sees something valid in it we humans can't see, because we see what I considered obvious. So what?
there's no semicolon missing :(
@sbi that's the semicolon I was yapping about earlier, however it compiles as is with GCC
strangely enough
it's a standards speccy syntax
8:04 PM
@TonyTheTiger Again: So what? We all know that C++' grammar is abhorrent.
this was an interview! not real codes!
the whole purpose was to see whether the candidate knows grammar!
What kind of a job did you apply for?
i just made it up for the purpose of interviewing you guys
And we failed :(
Except for Tony, he's hired.
8:06 PM
@JohannesSchaublitb not sure to call you evil or what? :P
@JohannesSchaublitb Which is why I asked whether you're applying for EDG. Otherwise it's one of the stupiest interview questions I've ever seen. (And I've seen a few on SO.)
Nobody but a language lawyer needs to know whether this compiles.
i think I would enjoy Tony
i mean, in a professional manner
@JohannesSchaublitb Oh. Well, pardon me French then.
@sbi @JohannesSchaublitb is a language lawyer... I mean he defends C++ doesn't he?
@JohannesSchaublitb coming from you (seeing your skill level), I take that as a compliment :)
@JohannesSchaublitb As a jester? ;)
8:12 PM
ohh, i'm just a noob. i'm sure i will have a fun time learning all these in depth standards reading when working with you
A: C++11 should not be a synonym of C++0x

XaadeIt is less likely that anything in use from the current C++0x standard will change, because that would invalidate code and compilations that are already in place. So in a sense, there is a set of code that is necessarily C++11, even though it doesn't exist as a standard. At the same time, there ...

@FredOverflow lol :)
@Xaade Well, if anything, my plea for looking at the synonym question has resulted in Fred Nurk's answer (in favor of c++11 mapping to c++0x) gaining upvotes. So I guess I can close this case, most here seem to agree with him.
And these are times when it is easier to not-confuse the two @Fred
@sbi 6 == most ??
8:21 PM
@Xaade do you know what topological space is? (in math)
@Xaade It's actually 8, and I think he acquired 4 or 5 since I asked here to look at this a few hours ago.
@TonyTheTiger I have a vague understanding of topological in math and geometrical spaces.
Hi !
@sbi I only see 6 upvotes, so I guess the number you refer is located elsewhere.
@Xaade so is a topological space something easy to understand or is it quite difficult?
8:29 PM
@Xaade He's got 8 up and 2 down.
@sbi how do you see that?
@Xaade With enough rep, you can click on the number and see it.
@TonyTheTiger It took me a while to understand, but it isn't the concept that's difficult. It's the way people explain it.
@Xaade rep is everything :)
I still don't have an adequate definition for an open set. So far I'm assuming that a set is open if it is included in the topology, but if I ask that directly in any forum, I don't get a straight answer yes or no.
8:32 PM
@Xaade yea that's like that with most math, problem is they always define it in terms of other maths you've never heard of, can't they use plain english for once
@TonyTheTiger The ability to explain a complex topic in simple terms is what makes a good teacher.
Well, I found more information which invalidates my current thought.
@sbi that's what good teachers are in my definition :) If they aren't able to explain it in plain english, they don't understand it themselves.
Apparently, someone out there posted that a set over set X is closed if it includes all the limits of the set X. I'm trying to find out what limits mean.
I got that { empty } and X are limits. Those are also included in any topology over X.
What other limits over X exist if X = { 1, 2, 3 ... 10 }??? I'm not sure.
maybe limits as in calculus limits?
just thinking out loud
8:40 PM
Well, no.
For example, the limits of a disc is its edge.
Easy to figure in a geometrical shape.
I would assume for now that the limits of a cube are the edges (the points where faces intersect).
hmm... appears the limits include the faces, depending on who you ask.
oh gosh
I'm beginning to think that in the topic of topology, many people are just wrong.
And that's blurring the answers a bit.
In set theory alone, it's quite easy to understand.
(1, 2) is open, [1, 2] is closed.
(1, 2] is neither
yea, that bit in set theory makes sense
"set U is open if any point x in U can be moved in any "direction" and still be in the set U"
somehow I thought topology was related to graphs
but it isn't per this
8:53 PM
OK, so far the most common answer is that, "I" must be considering arbitrary topologies. Under this topic, any set in the topology of X is open, iff I declare it to be so. No wonder its so confusing, no one's stated this.
People are choosing what is open.
I never got to choose anything in math.
Q: in topology a set is open IFF?

XaadeSo far, my understanding of an open set is limited. I understand that a set is closed if it's complement is open. That's clear and concise, but I can't find anything so clear to define open. I found one definition here that a set is closed iff it includes all the limit points. So I'm confused a...

Moral of the story.
lol, so open sets can be open and closed
Now you're open, now you're not.
so essentially open is only what we decide is open...
Open must be a topological space.
Topological space T over set X:
* X and empty are included
* Any union of sets in T is included
* Any intersect of sets in T is included
so what's the point of defining a topology?
9:04 PM
So for { 1, 2, 3 }
{ empty } { 1 } { 1, 2 } { 1, 2, 3 } is a topology
@TonyTheTiger As far as I can tell.... use case.
@Xaade depending on what you want them for?
I came to this through homogeneous space
Well, what would you want use-case inputs for code?
Validating code.
Same here I suppose. You would create a topology over a set to validate properties of the set.
yes, so all the usecases are in a topology
@TonyTheTiger Well, I'm creating a metaphor....
However, if I were to define a topology over the usage of a portion of code, One could describe the set of use-cases (unit-tests for example) as a topology over all input....
as long as the unit test includes the full set of input, no input, an any arbitrary input as long as sets of input include the union of any set in the collection of unit tests, and any intersect of the collection of unit tests.
Having the entire possible input included in the topology wouldn't be useful for unit testing.... so they don't actually match up.
@Xaade I think I'm getting the idea
9:11 PM
However, if we were to write in an additional rule, that the entire set of input is skipped when it isn't testable, using a topology of input would be a valuable asset in designing a collection of unit tests that verify code.
@Xaade yea, that makes sense, I can see that now :)
Hello :)
Could anyone help me with my problem ?:)
@Chris what is your problem?
@Chris You're supposed to remove your pants before using the restroom.
I don't understand you Xaade :)
A: Building DAG from given edges

adymitrukTake a look at the implementation behind Git.

9:24 PM
@Chris Your problem was arbitrary, so was my answer.
@Chris Problem solved.
See comment
oh lol :)
Yeah, I hate when people link a resource, but don't describe what the target information is within the resource.
It's different for a resource that's obviously a textbook. Which therein the directions toward the target information is also found in the cited source. However, pointing to an implementation gives no information about which portion of the implementation is valuable.
ur right
Unless GIT happens to have implemented only source that directly relates to your question. Which would explain why people see GIT as inadequate. The answer is not an answer.
@Chris Hahah, "you want to build a DAG? Oh, take a look at arcane implementation of a version control system in C".
I can see how that would work.
9:33 PM
@Chris I'm assuming that cyclic would imply that point A -> B -> C would be cyclic if edge C -> A were introduced?
yes, exactly
Wow, that's inefficient.
Well, any implementation I can think of.
You'd have to trace any connections
prior, to see if it forms a cycle.
Which would be recursive, and branching.
And every node in the recursive search would have to consider all edges.
Let's see what we can eliminate.
1. We can eliminate the recursive search for any edge that doesn't start with the point that the last edge checked doesn't end with.
Q: Best algorithm for detecting cycles in a directed graph

PeautersWhat is the most effiecent alogrithm for detecting all cycles within a directed graph? or I have a directed graph representing a schedule of jobs that need to be exectuted, a job being a node and a dependency being an edge. I need to detect the error case of a cycle within this graph leading to...

Each recursion would send a list of previous checked points, which would have to be distinct from every other branch.
9:40 PM
Thanks Cat, I will check that thread
I don't understand why this answer by @Johannes isn't upvoted more. It's pretty cool, but I take most SOers don't understand the magic. :)
@Chris You could implement your directed graph temporarily as a hash table. Then at least your lookups would be quick.
@Xaade, isn't hashtable a little slow ?
How so?
Hash table means that the lookup is hashed so that as long as there are one-one relationship between hash key and value, the lookup is instant.
Any collisions reduce lookup time.
Hashing takes time, too.
9:45 PM
in the setup
Well, he's checking as he adds huh?
Well, there's one thing you could do.
You could build a linked tree and that would be easier to check for cycle collisions.
on in of the recursion, flag if traced once, do not add if trace collides, on the out of the recursion clear any flags.
It would be faster than a logical check
Unless @Cat algorithm is just that much awesomesauce.
You'd have to first add the edge in question, do your trace, then kill if collision detected.
OHHHHH.... it can be improved upon.
Add a second flag for if the item "exists" in the model.
Do not trace down if the flag isn't set.
As you add items, set the added flag.
That way you build the model once.
Temporarily set the flag on the item in question, and clear if you collide.
then move to the next item in the ordered list.
Profit.... models are always easier to implement.
See my comment to this question of @DeadMG.
@Chris If something is a tail linked to a cycle, is it considered cyclic
A->B->C->D->B. Is A cyclic?
10:00 PM
thanks a lot @Xaade for answer, i'm trying to understand it in my mind
@Chris check my answer on your question. It's formulated better.
@sbi I think you should do as you said?
I quite enjoyed chatting with @DeadMG, and admittedly, no one is perfect.
@Xaade, could you help me figuring out one short example with your method ?
10:16 PM
sbi has added DeadMG to the list of this room's owners.
@TonyTheTiger Done. :)
@sbi You should've addressed him with "Puppy" :)
Going sleep, thanks and good night.
@Xaade i'm will try to understand your method tommorow, thanks for help.
Someone care to make 2 more votes to close this one as a duplicate of the question I answered? stackoverflow.com/questions/6193734/…
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: Where puppies are welcome
@sbi, I accommodated the room topic. :)
@Xeo Unfortunately, I can't cast two votes. :)
10:18 PM
Maybe that will lure him back
WTH did @DeadMG do?
@Xeo I had already starred that.
@Xaade @sbi was grumpy with him
@Xaade He annoyed me. He was so proud of himself for doing so. Then I owned him. He since disappeared.
2 days ago, by DeadMG
Mischief Puppy™ strikes again!
2 days ago, by Cat Plus Plus
Room Wars, Episode V: The Gorilla Strikes Back.
Seriously, Bjarne should've chosen another token for references. They cause so much confusion.
@sbi, for which question did you vote to close for the recently linked question?
Ah, nvm. SO shows all possible duplicates. :)
@sbi, I got a Wernesgruener lemons here. It's bitter too, but a lot better than the becks.
10:35 PM
@Xeo Well, beer is bitter. Among beers, though, Wernesgrüner is less bitter than many others. When it's a Lemon, it's more sweet than anything else. (My wife used to drink these, so I know them.)
@sbi Yeah, and I think it's that bitter part I don't like about beer. :P
Maybe I should just go back to Malzbier? :)
@Xeo As I said before, most girls don't like beer. :)
@Xeo Mutterbier.
@sbi Hey, it's tasty! :(
@sbi While we're at the gender problem again, I'm thinking of using my real name on SO. Pros/cons? Currently I can't really be found on the web, only on facebook, so I'm hesitant
@Xeo I have been in Usenet under my real name for almost two decades. I resent that.
I now have places where I'm under my real name (Xing) and those where I'm sbi (or some variant of it). I try hard not to mingle those.
Heh, I try to be Xeo at most places too, but it seems to be a common nickname, as it's often already taken
ah, and thanks for reminding me about xing. I still need to register there >_>
10:40 PM
Apparently, I'm not a regular.
@Xaade Yeah, regulars have >3k rep. :P j/k
@Xaade No whining, please.
@sbi Your real name is Xing?
@Xaade Xing is a developer network
@Xeo Actually it isn't.
10:42 PM
Foiled again.
@Xaade It's a German linkedin clone.
@sbi Now why would I whine.
I could care less if I'm room owner.
@Xaade I have no idea.
I'm just curious what regular means...
What do I get for being room owner.... get to change topic... If I have some awesome topic I simply recommend it. Then I really get to see if my idea is good. I prefer it that way.
@Xaade Ah, is that what you're whining about? You wanna be an owner?
10:44 PM
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: Where regulars have animal avatars
@Xaade @sbi Not really.
@Xaade I think I need to get one too
And @Johannes should get an alien avatar
@Xaade So what is your bickering about "regular" all about then?
@sbi Not bickering
@Xeo Johannes has and alien avatar. That hairstyle must be alien.
@Xaade Ok, I herewith officially give up trying to understand what this was all about.
@Xaade @sbi (Actually, you're better off giving up, it wasn't meant to be understood.... it was a fleeting curiousity...., should I post a question on meta?)
You see... this is why I always wonder whether I'm understood or not.
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