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9:00 PM
But now that I'm running it natively, holy shit that's awesome
well i've now pinged you in every room you are in...
if i'm being called a troll... I should do some trolling.
JavaSript gurus please help me with this stackoverflow.com/questions/13405978/…
Haha you know I was jk, right?
And not every room ... you missed DartLang :)
But I know how much you hate languages that compile to JS so I don't expect you to come ping me there
9:03 PM
why in the fuck would any self respecting programmer be in the DartLang room?! o_O????
I like programming languages, especially toying around with new ones
!!/tell Loclip google embedded video player html javascript
Whether they'll stand any test of time is irrelevant, since I don't intend on using it for any real work
fair enough - I do like to dabble in them, I have with coffee/type script and DART
however I only RAGE because I feel they are hurting the industry and not helping it.
if there was only js, and no abstraction libs, but only shims, every developer would be essentially learning the same thing and there would be no seperation.
Heh ... I feel you there
9:05 PM
I hate seeing that a cool script is "only in CoffeeScript" - and I have to reverse engineer it because the spew the compiler puts out is so effing ugly.
@rlemon I need to use windows media player plugin to play streams why you giving me guides for playing videos?
I gave you a tool. Google.
use it
I used google but no luck
!!/google embedded wmp streaming content changing sources
top three results, albeit not EXACTLY what you want, show how to use <object> elements to change the src (looks like)
and after a 30 second google search (basically I clicked on a link I posted earlier) embed tags are dumb and you need to change the attribute not the property of the src value for it to take effect
yeah they not exactly what I want... anyway thanks for googling ;)
9:11 PM
no it is what you want.
see my answer
maybe i'm just talking funny.
> I don't have a proper explanation why this is so, I did find this solution on multiple sites outlining similar problems.
I did leave a disclaimer: I am unaware why, I'm too lazy to find out.
my code is working fine I just want to assign to different source to mediaplayer so it could play one if another not working..
A: embedded windows media player change souce if link not working

rlemonQuick and dirty solution is to change the Attribute not the element Property. This will update the stream source. change mediaPlayer.src = "http://go.erad.io/asx/choice.asx"; to mediaPlayer.setAttribute("src", "http://go.erad.io/asx/choice.asx"); I don't have a proper explanation why th...

element.src = srcValue;
should be
element.setAttribute('src', srcValue);
sorry for the yell-type (no i'm not) but you were not listening
but you just set one link as attribute, what about the other link?
> So I want to add both this links and if one not working, the player automatically change to other... How I can do that?
9:15 PM
I misread that.
removes foot from mouth
:P no problem
so he needs to test if its valid I imagine, then switch it idk
if one link does not load does an error appear?
9:15 PM
no its not playing anything
so how programatically do you determine the stream does not play?
Good question :D
is that what you are really asking?
Test for ajax success?
I just trying to find possible solutions
9:16 PM
stream not available vs stream not sending data.
I never used ajax
is this possible? I haven't done streaming content
I haven't breathed air
fak. wasted 40 ultra balls on Articuno, when he was paralyzed and with a slither of HP. Still didn't get him. Let's try again...
@monners :D
9:17 PM
That was a really pointless statement. (redacted)
var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();
xhr.open("GET", url, false);
chr.onreadystatechange = function() {
     if( xhr.readState == 4 && xhr.status == 200 ) {
            // the page is available and responded with data
@Loclip Ajax is just a term used for content that is delivered dynamically (no browser refresh), among other things. So if you're streaming video, you're doing AJAX
I use xhr.onload now
AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript And XML ... I don't think streaming audio./video qualifies
@monners I heard about ajax I just never used it... I wanted to avoid learning something new... But I have no other choice
9:19 PM
> I wanted to avoid learning something new... But I have no other choice
I thought the term had evolved to describe all dynamically delivered content...
why are you a programmer then?
Man I learning 4-5 language at the same time :/
To be fair, I've avoided learning new things on a deadline
so? this is the life of a programmer
9:20 PM
However, I went back and learned best practices afterward.
and for future reference @Loclip when people are talking about "AJAX" they are really talking about using XMLHttpRequest to send/receive data Asynchronously to the server.
.onload is xhr2?
!!/mdn XMLHttpRequest.onload
ok @rlemon
9:23 PM
@Loclip so yea, basically your best bet then is to test the address using XHR and if it does not exist fall back on the others..
Yes, bitches.
I'll take two
my only question is: What qualifies the address as "not working" for you
!!/google sexy articuno
@rlemon the problem is that address exist its just doesn't have stream
ok, so then there is a problem.
It just took 76 ultra balls and a sturdy lv38 Lapras...
I will try to find windows media player events and controls
yea, WMP events, or stop using the embed tag and use the Video tag and the video api
9:25 PM
man. the legendary birds ain't gonna be cake.
I just realized I sound like a very disturbed 10 year old.
@rlemon looks like it's xhr2, yeah
All 10 year olds are fucking disturbed
@phenomnomnominal Where did THAT come from?
13 secs ago, by rlemon
1 min ago, by Zirak
I just realized I sound like a very disturbed 10 year old.
I stand corrected
9:27 PM
I'm just a very angry person, specifically towards 10 year olds.
@phenomnomnominal Sounds like you've played a FPS game some time in the last 2 years
@FlorianMargaine Florian Margaine has 8303 reputation, earned 84 rep today, asked 19 questions, gave 418 answers, for a q:a ratio of 1:22.
Hahaha, yes that must be it
meh, yet another random upvote there stackoverflow.com/a/8179594/851498
yet it's not the first answer in the thread
9:31 PM
> Wanted to take a pause two minutes. Dafuq
@dievardump What an unhappy looking person :(
oh my god
@dievardump you're gonna love this one, it's very french
!!/eval y u no
@phenomnomnominal Command eval does not exist.
9:34 PM
hey all
@FlorianMargaine ^^
why did they change the chrome console... :-(
What did they change?
@robjb You you look happy, cute and having the majority. Where do you live?
How Arrays are displayed?
9:35 PM
@phenomnomnominal yea, and jQuery objects
and DOM objects
it's heaps better!
and objects in general
@dievardump Err what? Are you stalking me now!?
Ann Arbor?
9:35 PM
No it's on your profile :(
@Neal they also changed $
A: Why am I able to use jQuery syntax in Chrome's JS console when current page doesn't have jQuery loaded?

Florian MargaineBefore, Chrome had an alias to document.getElementById with the $ variable. Recently (probably on Chrome 23 release), it has been changed to an alias to document.querySelector. So your code is the equivalent of document.querySelector('body').

!!/learn eval "You moron, don't use eval"
@SomeKittens Command eval learned
@SomeKittens You moron.
9:36 PM
@FlorianMargaine hehe oy
@dievardump Haha I kid. But what do you mean by having the majority?
!!/eval 'but' + 'i' + 'want' + 'to?'
@phenomnomnominal You moron, don't use eval
@robjb Being more than 18yo. I can chase you in that case.
@FlorianMargaine it has been like that for a while btw
9:37 PM
at least the last few months
but the console changes are new and annoying
@robjb I was supposed to go to AA today.
Assholes Anonymous?
Ann Arbor.
@Neal the patch went in 3 months ago, I'm not using canary
9:38 PM
My meeting have really helped me sort my shit out.
@phenomnomnominal I'm not anonymous.
@dievardump Ohhh okay
@FlorianMargaine the page is from april 2012: developers.google.com/chrome-developer-tools/docs/console
Unexpected puns are the best puns.
I am on regular build
9:39 PM
I was really confused, I thought you were telling me you missed Alchoholics Anonymous
changed yesterdayish
What is it about the change that bugs you so much?
holy shit it's easy to get points in java :D
@Esailija eh?
9:41 PM
@Esailija rofl, 9 upvotes for such a simple answer?
WTF. I'm on a student campus and there is no laundry 1km around
is that an effing joke?
Pittsburgh Y U SO MEAN
@FlorianMargaine ahah yeah and they came in so quickly
My one 200rep day, 100 came from Java
done with java in my quest for stackoverflow.com/badges/15/generalist
I don't think I've ever repcapped
I answer like 2 questions a month
9:44 PM
@Esailija lol
A: Jquery Popup Message Showing before button is clicked?

NealUmmm you have display: block; in the inline css. Solved.

I don't bother to answer most questions anymore. When I devote time to research and explain, someone already posted a quickie and rode the upvote surge
And I hate dropping in snipplets of mindless answers without brains behind them
I got 4 of the votes when my answer was just "remove the semicolon"
yeah. it's ridiculous.
9:46 PM
But, that's a community. <3
post something barely eligible and then start pouring in the edits
Q: 6 simple tips to get Stack Overflow reputation fast

Jeff AtwoodFrom "6 Simple Tips to Get Stackoverflow Reputation Fast" at codexon.com: Be the First to Answer. Even at the cost of quality. Use Downvotes and Comments Strategically Use obnoxious in-your-face formatting and lists. Be Aware of the 200 rep/day Limit Edit, But Don’t Edit Too Much Associate your...

But I'm not here for the rep. I'm here for the chicks.
post quality answer and post crap answer that is then edited to be quality answer are the same thing except the latter gets all the points
This guys knows nothing
Your wrong... sorry — VIDesignz 22 secs ago
@Esailija eh? What do I need to edit?
9:50 PM
explain why his css isn't effective
"inline css" is not enough for a newbie to realize that
Fine... i shall edit...
People scare me, I don't wanna answer questions anymore >_> hides
@Esailija I updated my answer. and the other answerers are just plain dump...
Dude! Ummm what is theis 'Dude' you speak of? — Neal 31 secs ago
lol this is ridiculous
you have a demo of it working
heh, I just saw Raynos in irc, so he went and saw my stuff github.com/Ralt/dom-extend/issues/1
9:58 PM
wtf is require("for-each")
that's like saying require("Object")
That's code for "make the module a function, don't put these on the NodeList prototype"
but it's on the prototype to begin with
I love ordering stuff.
granted it was just thumb drives.
but I ordered 300 of them
it was fun
WOOT A+ for final year project!
@Esailija that's one of his modules
10:02 PM
1 message moved to recycle bin
@Neal Dude, it's still on the screen, no reason to repost
sorry about that @rlemon I was testing meta.stackoverflow.com/q/155820/155556
@Esailija I hate you. You make me realize how stupid I am for breaking stuff (more specifically, the bot's eval.) And now I want to fix them (it.) But I'm also lazy and tired.
yeah I haven't touched my hobby project for two months now
Dude, get your facts straight. Dude. — Florian Margaine 11 secs ago
Where's my car
10:05 PM
the whole question has turned into a forum thread of trolling
is anyone getting it right so far
Pfft. Troll away. I've got Irish coffee and a Michael Bublé CD. This is fun.
@Esailija What question?
@CallumMcLean, Jealous, love me some Bubbles.
Do people call him that? They should.
10:08 PM
They really should.
@FlorianMargaine Raynos' "issue" is fun
@Zirak haha yeah
@phenomnomnominal What the bloody hell was that? =P
10:11 PM
Oh, just some GWAR
@Neal what now
Flags aren't for "wrong" answers
@Esailija raynos added another fun post on the issue
He has a way with sweeping generalizations.
@SomeKittens actually, they can be
10:12 PM
how so?
if an answer is wrong, it should be flagged for such reason
I played around with scheme this one day
well, I think so.
I've done that, and a mod yelled at me.
10:13 PM
> flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer
I think I made a cos function from scratch
it was pretty awesome
@SomeKittens haha he is being an @ss which makes the whole answer irrelevant and not an answer
Don't flag a wrong answer, flag non-answers.
I flagged as very low quality
@Neil So you come in, downvote answers that work, and post an answer that only half works (shade doesn't come up, popup won't close) and then just mock others on top of it all...nice man. — VIDesignz 56 secs ago
I feel honored :-)
10:24 PM
@Neal I chimed in :P
@Neil Then why hack together an answer when the question included using the plugin. Maybe you should focus on actually working while your at the office... — VIDesignz 8 mins ago
oh ffs I am getting emails from github even if nobody tagged me in their comment
10:55 PM
> In the past rejection emails have gone out between 5pm and 8pm Pacific
Oh good. More waiting.
Did I miss something about Quantum Fourier Transforms before?
Different QFT then?
!!/define QFT
bot running?
Quoted For Truth
oh, slightly less interesting
11:04 PM
The not will be running soon.
If I could, I would run it on my mobile.
Run, not, run!
Stupid auto correct
edits on mobile site a re a pita
pita. yum
!!/urban pita
So innerHTML is bad for updating DOM. What should I use?
11:07 PM
Really? Damn, I always use it
Why so bad?
Even for just changing text?
I get that inserting text html is bad.
changing text.. why wouldn't you use textContent or insert a text node
innerHTML does a lot of magic and smashes strings into the DOM - you will have more control if you do this yourself.
and in most browsers innerHTML is slower than DOM API methods
11:09 PM
Alright, so I'm doing a simple search feature. I'll be AJAXing the search term back to the server and it'll return table data. How would I insert that?
think of it as the eval() of DOM manipulation
Don't return table data
well in that case you have no options left, you are passing HTML via XHR from the server
return JSON and write than into the DOM?
But yeah if you have no control
I would only pass the values and build the layout on the client side
1) takes stress off server, 2) you're not passing large strings of HTML, 3) no more innerHTML and no HTML parsing needed
check out this (don't use it, just look)
it works and is blazing fast, but there are some undocumented limitations ;)
it's not finished
11:14 PM
Alright. Glad you guys caught that before I wrote any code.
in fact, if you wanted to use fragbuilder it would likely work well, i would just have to teach you the limitations ;)
like, you have to pass in an array of object, even if it is only one. :/ stupid rlemon writing stupid code.
I'll stick with what I got
Next step: building the database.
:( but it's faster than innerHTML && jQuery(htmlString) *in Chrome *and dependent on the size of the fragment you are building - some very small frags are out preformed by innerHTML
i'm actually a little proud of that. but the syntax is very verbose for writing :(
How bad is $('<div/>', { id: 'blah', class: 'blah' }) ?
don't use the , {props} notation
I was schooled on this, I like it personally. cleaner if you ask me. but apparently much much slower and has some stupid quirks
11:19 PM
Oh really?
thats what I hear.
might be worth jsperfing
I'm too lazy to look it up for you now, i'm sure you can find the reasoning if you search.
probably is one already
yeah will do
i am all for the syntax, but yea, heard it took a performance hit.
11:20 PM
Yeah, I like it too, what a pain
Is anyone here particularly good with web design, and would be willing to look at a few low res photos I took on my phone of a drawing of what I kinda want lemon meme to look like on some lined paper, and produce a stunning webpage for me to use (just the HTML and CSS, I can do the rest) . I offer no pay, minimal credit, a photo of me posing however you'd like me too, and I will forever star every crappy joke or link you post. ??
Ooh, the starring thing's appealing
but I don't currently have an eye for design.
i can do it, for one resolution, one browser.... and with some pretty shit html/css, so I would really need someone to just fix the code and make it responsive
11:35 PM
Yeah. I could use some front-end prettyness training
it's just so tedious to do it properly AND have it look good.
It's so fucking nitpicky aye
and then it doesn't work in some dumb ass browser
Don't you just hate work?
I like doing css experiments but I don't like having to do a whole website.
and for the record, it's not my job to do so, so i love my work :)
i hate my hobby... :(
I'm about to start an internship working on the front end of NZs biggest website so I'm hoping I'll learn this shit there
11:39 PM
Are there any good frameworks for the stuff? I've heard good things about bootstrap, but it seems quite restrictive?
I convinced my boss HTML is the future of everything and that the entire HMI for our product should be done using node.js running a http server as our main interface.
All bootstrap site look pretty much the same
he said it'll be possible, but not likely in the next ~1, ~1 1/2 years... but still.
cough JavaScript is the future of everything. HTML just makes it usable haha.
That must be pretty exciting though
11:41 PM
@phenomnomnominal learn how to use LESS and they dont
@phenomnomnominal ohh it is
How does LESS compare to SASS?
LESS is similar, but more restrictive. but the point is you only need know enough to alter their LESS to be what you want it to be. you don't need to create your own. it's much much simpler that way (imo)
Oh yeah
I'll be using bootstrap on my site if I have time
11:45 PM
this is the navbar code
Incidentally, if I wanted to host a node.js site, Nodejitsu or Heroku?
That does look handy
most people just alter this and move on. but if you dig in you can really get a good custom look.
@SomeKittens I've been using AppFrog which has worked well
i'm planning on using cough godaddy as a VPS provider. good prices... and my work uses them, aside from being dicks (company) and email service sucking they're not bad and cheap.
11:47 PM
@phenomnomnominal I'm a bit worried by how long their site takes to load.
did you mean AppFog?
Haha shit sorry, yes
Nice big picture
bad typo
look at the source..... o_O??????????

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