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12:01 AM
wow, just built a 5.3 build for the first time in a long time
12:18 AM
a quick compile with --enable-maintainer-zts and I'll push this up the stack!
or not so quick
@hakre Good luck with that
12:46 AM
wiki.php.net/vcs/gitworkflow <-- That's missing 2 commits after the merges, right?
1:18 AM
Create a merge commit even when the merge resolves as a fast-forward.
1:35 AM
this freaking computer keeps sleeping
For your viewing pleasure, I present the definitive method chaining decision tree...
CRAP!!! Every freaking time I try to clone in my vm, my host os goes to sleep
Sounds like a labor strike. Power to the worker (threads)!
did I ever tell you how much I hate windows
1:51 AM
What is this windows you speak of?
Bill Gates don't care. Bill Gates don't give a f***. Bill Gates takes what he wants.
I am going to switch back to linux soon
I only ever VM to use photoshop or illustrator ...
ARG!!!! It's doing it again!!!
On the mention of LoD; if I have a class (let's say, Rule) and another (say, State); I want to pass my State to the Rule so the Rule can check() the State. Now, the Rule has to reach through State (which is an aggregate of stuff) to find that which it needs to check. Ok, not a good idea, so let's just pass the data being evaluated. What if the Rule needs to modify the State on success or not, like giving it a gold star on success?
Should I perhaps introduce another class, RuleCheckResult, which can contain the boolean result of the check(), and a possible callback to be applied against State?
...that won't make sense though, because now I'm passing responsibility of applying the gold star to the parent scope. If the gold star isn't applied, it may (would) cause problems to State.
2:21 AM
WTF!!!!!!!! Computer still doing it
even though I walktred away for a while
even rebooted
wow, a new Lenovo laptop has an option for 16gb of ram
granted, it's a $1500 option, but still
I hate git sometimes
I really freaking do
2:43 AM
Hehe, sounds like you're having a rough night :)
@Bracketworks Instead of providing an accessor method in State to get at the object Rule needs to operate on, just provide a wrapper method in the State class that Rule can invoke without reaching through to access to the object in question.
you're not kidding
but I finally got it to work
the problem was that I was trying to fix a merge conflict that snuck through
No problem, right?
well, someone else committed to the file prior to me pushing the conflict
so I had to reset hard, pull
and then it woulnd't let me figure out which the correct version of the file was
I spent literally an hour trying to figure out what the last good version of that file was.
then I checked that version out, made my change manually, and committed
all is well
I feel your pain. I've definitely lost large chunks of time to the git monster ... the other day I kept getting inexplicable 403 responses when I tried to modify a repo. It went on and on for nearly an hour before I tried using SSH instead of HTTPS. SSH worked no problem. No reason at all. I guess github just decided I didn't need HTTPS access to my repo.
they updated their server
it killed me
because I can't use ssh because of a proxy at work
oh man that sucks
I was pulling my hair out
yeah, I finally rectified it by recompiling git like 4 times
Ok, off to bed. Good night
3:01 AM
later dude
@rdlowrey I really enjoyed your gist on HTTP requests and $_GET / $_POST. Definitely learned a few things.
@CharlesSprayberry Thanks. I've just spent a lot of time in the HTTP spec lately ... needed to share.
@rdlowrey Yea, made me look at the spec myself. Made me rethink some of the ways I was doing a few things
It's a shame there isn't a non-superglobal object representation like SplRequest (foir example) in core PHP ...
It's a lot of work to model HTTP interactions in a way that's fully compliant with the official specification (as I've recently discovered). That may be part of why there hasn't been more done with it. Can't really say.
And I can't wait till I'm pulling my hair out with git. Right now I'm pulling my hair out with SVN and I'm not enjoying it
3:08 AM
I had really only scratched the surface with SVN before I started using git for everything ... my experience has told me that even though I get annoyed with it sometimes I still like git a lot more than SVN.
hey guys
i'm stuck =(
I had never used SVN and started with git. So working with SVN at work has been a...chore
@hanleyhansen Though the powers of the Internet are strong I have yet to program a way to read minds over it. Please elaborate.
Lol well I know this is impossible:
$exchange = document.getElementById('exchange').value;
What's the work around? Or the proper way of accomplishing such?
3:12 AM
@hanleyhansen Is this JavaScript or PHP?
Well for one you seem to have mixed php code with javascript code.
lol i know! that's the whole point
What is the problem?
I need to fill that variable with what i produce from the javascript
You need to send an AJAX request?
3:13 AM
Here's the thing. A user clicks a row and the value of that row's ID gets populated into a hidden field. I need to store whatever value is in that hidden field in a php variable so that I can store it in the database.
Make sense?
Then it's what @CharlesSprayberry said: you'll need to send what you produce to the server via Ajax. Google up some Ajax tutorials.
@CharlesSprayberry I'm new to AJAX. Would that solve my problem?
@rdlowrey OK cool. Something specifically that I should be looking for? Where can I get started, meaning what am I looking for exactly?
@hanleyhansen Well, Ajax is verrrrryyyyyy ubiquitous. I don't have anything specific to point you to, but googling something like "PHP Ajax tutorial" should give you more than you could go through in a day.
Or, if you really want to get into it, you can't go into any bookstore that covers programming without finding books on Ajax requests.
Indeed. And there are tons of QA on Stack Overflow if you search for 'javascript to php variable'
@rdlowrey I bet. Ok thanks. I'll see what i come up with. Crap! I wish there was an AJAX chat room lol
3:17 AM
@hanleyhansen Well, Ajax is just a combination of technologies. You're just using JavaScript to send an asynchronous request to a remote server.
If anything, you might try the JavaScript room.
Wil do. Thanks guys.
Today, I found and fixed a 4 year old bug. It was the highlight of my day at work.
Wow. Sounds hairy.
4-year-old bugs usually have teeth.
@rdlowrey I knew you'd be the only one to appreciate that :P
@CarrieKendall Yeah I saw it later and literally said "SWEEEEEET" out loud.
3:23 AM
Yeah, so funny story, later in the (lack of a) conversation he asks where I learned to function in the terminal... because I referenced vi...
The correct answer was: the airport.
LOL winning
I would've been like, "uhhhh, the same way as everyone else ... University of Phoenix Online!"
Duh. Winning.
ITT bro
hey guys, has any of you ever seen an error msg like this? Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to Models\Base::__construct() must be an instance of Doctrine\ORM\EntitityManager, instance of Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager given
3:26 AM
No doubt. ITT for reals.
realz* .. walk the walk
@Jack weird ... looks the same to me ...
@rdlowrey exactly! I've been trying to isolate it, but of course, then it works =X
next step will be to change all namespace aliases to their canonical names ... sigh
@CarrieKendall The people who ask "how did you learn X?" never understand that the best way to learn something is to just dive in and start doing it. I doubt if you can find a class on how to use command line interfaces anywhere on the planet.
@Jack Serves you right for using the cluster-f*** of Doctrine :)
@rdlowrey but ... i like the dao :(
3:30 AM
Well, you can download the internet which has good references.
or so i am told
I spent about five minutes looking at Doctrine on two separate occasions and both times I just walked away thinking, "What a god-awful mess"
@CarrieKendall lol that's one of the best images ever
god so www.tutsplus.com got hacked too
which is owned by Envato, which is known for their tutorials on php and security.. and they fucking stored passwords in opentext ffs
@Mike yeah that hit the chat news-wire yesterday morning (or maybe the day before, I can't remember)
fucking rediculous
im about to email colis and tell him hes a tool
They were ... get this ... STORING PLAIN TEXT PASSWORDS.
3:32 AM
@rdlowrey very well then, I'll just start writing good ol' sql inside my model then =p
worse than LinkedIn
i read the email when it happened and was like OHHHEEMGEEEE
@Jack Hehe, don't stop using it if it works for you :)
I'm just anti-ORM in general.
@rdlowrey it would have been better if it never worked at all :(
alright I am going to hit the sheets :] night guys, happy coding
3:33 AM
@CarrieKendall later
they need to open source their tutsplus site
im about to cancel my sub because of this.
4:11 AM
posted on June 29, 2012 by Matthew Weier O'Phinney

I'm a big proponent of object oriented programming. OOP done right helps ease code maintenance and enables code re-use. Starting in PHP, OOP enthusiasts got a whole bunch of new tools, and new tools keep coming into the language for us with each minor release. One feature that has had a huge impact on frameworks and libraries has been available since the earliest PHP 5 versions: visibil

4:31 AM
@Feeds, I am disappoint. Reading that article makes me want to punch ZF2 and Doctrine in the face. At the same time. If only I were ambidextrous ...
For the record, using docblock annotations as a dependency injection strategy is a stupid idea. The first thing any "code-optimizer" is going to do is zap comments. Oops! There goes my entire Dependency Injection system!
Using PHP docblock annotations as a dependency injection strategy is such a stupid idea. Your application should run on code. NOT comments.
Seriously, you're going to instantiate a ReflectionClass so you can parse the docblock for injection definitions on every single class instantiation? Morons.
And don't forget that you then have to instantiate a ReflectionMethod to access the constructor docblock ...
ZendFramework must be single-handedly responsible for global warming, what with all the unnecessary server farms and data centers applications built on top of it must require.
5:09 AM
He should feel like he was making a monster, and it wasn't because he was dissecting the doctrine2 parser . . .
had to rant for a minute. nice :)
@rdlowrey Hey How to use tag in chat ?
plz tell me
type: [tag:tagname]
(with no space between the : and the tagname)
@rdlowrey ok Buddy thanks..!
we have a winner :)
5:18 AM
@rdlowrey i m Mehul Patel -- Android Developer and you ?
@MehulPatel I'm Daniel Lowrey -- regular person.
Nice to meet you.
@rdlowrey me too..!
@rdlowrey I thought you were a financial data aggregate masta?
@LeviMorrison I try to generally underpromise and overdeliver. Especially when encountering people for the first time I find it's good to self-deprecate :)
@LeviMorrison Hi me new to this room..!
5:26 AM
@MehulPatel Welcome. What brings an Android developer to the PHP chat room?
Hey ho!
@rdlowrey By the way, I couldn't use Atreyu on the PHP prototype if I wanted to . . . Minimum requirements aren't high enough.
@LeviMorrison Gross.
I don't even know how to do anything without namespaces.
It's . . . more difficult that I would have thought.
There are hardly any classes at all in it. I got some flak for using classes, actually . . .
Fortunately, Paul Dragoonis backed me up.
I guess you could resort to RootNamespace_Level2_Level3 ... but still.
lol, how dare you bring your fancy-shmancy classes to the php.net party
I don't know, it might be possible to retro-fit it for 5.2 but I don't think I'd have enough motivation.
Out of curiosity, why whould php.net servers be limited to 5.2? That seems kinda strange to me.
5:34 AM
Please don't retrofit it.
@LeviMorrison time to move on..!
@rdlowrey They recommend 5.3+ but alas the minimum requirement is 5.2
@LeviMorrison It would take wayyy to much time anyway. Takes enough just to get it working for 5.3+
@LeviMorrison can you help me..!
@MehulPatel You haven't asked any questions that I can see?
> Don't ask whether someone is here or can help. Just tell us your problem. If anybody can and wants to help, they will.
5:35 AM
I mean, Yahoo! sponsors a mirror. If they want 5.2, no big deal. Have it. Not a lot of people can afford the bandwidth for an official mirror.
@MehulPatel > Discussion for all things PHP - Don't ask whether someone is here or can help. Just tell us your problem. If anybody can and wants to help, they will.
@rdlowrey Hey Man But nothing i know in php
if you want to know android then tell me i tell you all things..!
@MehulPatel Do you have a specific question? We can't answer questions like How do I download the internet?
@Truth Nice yaR
1 min ago, by Mehul Patel
if you want to know android then tell me i tell you all things..!
^ I'm pretty sure that's what the snake told Eve in the garden when he handed her the apple
5:38 AM
@rdlowrey lol yes
@LeviMorrison fyi I went and grabbed a new el-cheapo webcam today. Next time there's a marathon communication session I'll be better prepared.
@Pari you can't talk , you have to secured 20 repo on SO .
@rdlowrey @LeviMorrison So Silent ? Why
@MehulPatel I idle in here all the time ... I'm writing code at the moment
@rdlowrey Ok..

 Android Developer

Complete solution of Android
Also come here ..! if you want ..!
6:32 AM
var date1=new Date('-002012-01-01'); when I have used this line of code to create a BC date, it works fine in all browsers except Opera where it returns an invalid date. Anybody know the what we can do to solve it?
@dreamcoder How is that PHP?
@Truth Hope anybody here in PHP room can help me, as they may faced such problems when doing client side scripts.
@dreamcoder Have you tried on #JavaScript ?
@Truth Thanks, I will post it here also.
6:55 AM
Good day everyone
Thanks..same to you :)
Slides of my #php guice inspired dependency injection container talk are now online http://www.slideshare.net/bashofmann/introduction-to-rginjection @bephpug @researchgate
same concept. all inspired by java
@Gordon : is it a good thing or not ?
getting inspiration from java
@Krish neither nor. i think its fine to look at how other languages do things. and php is pretty much like the Borg from Star Trek, assimilating ideas from everywhere
though that says nothing about whether the assimilation made sense :)
7:09 AM
eclipse.github.com one more reason for me to continue PDT with eclipse ;)
@Krish my Zend Studio subscription ends this year. I still have to decide whether I will use another IDE then or just vim with plugins. I definitely wont extend my Zend Studio subscription.
@Gordon : do you use all features of Zend Studio ?
wont you miss them ? like application deployment.. ( if you are using it )
nope. i use the features they keep removing in every new version
like ZS9 disabled execute as script by default and assumes you are only using it with a webserver
Hello everyone
7:15 AM
and it also didnt include the XML plugin anymore. but I need the XPath evaluator quite often
wish I knew vim to the extent that I could actually use.. I am using Eclipse with PDT and I am also trying out PhpStrom (trails ), I actually likes its symfony2 , Doctrine, twig integration
@PeeHaa : good morning.. ( afternoon here though )
I stopped using the phpunit integration in ZS after ZS7 had too many bugs in their wrapper and cmdline would work better and would allow me to use a current version instead of the outdated one shipped with ZS
when they introduced git support I was already using the cmdline client as well, so I never gave it a try
I dont use any of the fancy cloud stuff
nor application deployment. i would have tried it at my previous project where we use Zend Server. but the IDEs there are stuck at ZS7 which cannot do application deployment
yeah, so i pretty much dont use any of the features it offers
so either Ill try phpstorm next or go back to Eclipse with PDT and PTI
or keep vim
though I am also tempted to try Vimclipse
it feels like frankenstein though
oh and ZS9's code formatter is seriously broken and they didnt manage to fix it in two minor version updates. i spend more time formatting code than writing it, which put the nail in the coffin for me
phpstroms Zend Framework Tool integration looks to be good
7:25 AM
@Krish never used Zend_Tool
@Gordon: when I use it, I feel like I am using rails generate ;)
@Krish that's a reason not to use it ;)
@Gordon I haven't tried ZS, but PhpStorm is better than all the others I have tried. I'd say its worth taking the trial out for a spin.
@LeviMorrison How does it handle huge files?
@PeeHaa I make it a habit to not have huge files, so I don't know.
@LeviMorrison yeah, i heard lots of good things about it some of the devs at $currentProject use it and like it a lot
@LeviMorrison never had to handle log files or any other big file from an external source?
@PeeHaa Oh, I use awk, sed, and grep on log files. Superior to any IDE for that stuff.
@LeviMorrison true :)
We need to have more people star Mehul Patel's message.
Whatever his native language is, it sure isn't English.
That whole scene with him here was awkward but fun.
7:31 AM
@LeviMorrison Did I miss something?
@PeeHaa Not really.
He tell us all things..!
@PeeHaa : I use sublime text to open huge log files..( even database dumps of 2.5 gig )
I use it only for opening large files..
@Krish Tried it crashed on me :( Any settings I should have set?
@PeeHaa : don't know .. mines just working fine . ( I guess I have too much ram 12 gb ) .... when I open the same file in gedit my system crashes..
@MehulPatel : I want to know android
7:36 AM
@Krish (I have 16GB)
@Krish Who is Mehul Patel
I always wanted 16 gb :|
@Somebodyisintrouble : don't you know ? check the starred chat logs ..
@Krish When I built this computer, the upgrade from 8GB to 16 was only 25 bucks because of a sale. I was like . . . shoot, why not. I'll want it later anyway.
@LeviMorrison with the current price for ram its a no brainer. i upgraded from 4 to 12gigs for 50 bucks recently
any vim/tmuxers?
7:49 AM
@Krish Sure Man
hi, i've xml data in a variable, how to parse it
A: Get third parameter of url in php

RepoxSomething like this? echo end(explode("/", $url));

WTF Why does that get 7 upvotes :(
Q: A simple program to CRUD node and node values of xml file

experimentXI decided to save setting in xml file since field takes only one value. My XML file is like <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <setting> <setting1>setting1 value</setting1> <setting2>setting2 value</setting2> <setting3>setting3 value&l...

<?=wasssup yo?>
@PeeHaa because that's the common answer to it. see stackoverflow.com/questions/2273280/…
7:59 AM
anyone here has the zend php certification?
@Gordon The answers in that question don't spit out strict messages
@qxxx yeah
@PeeHaa well, the OP fixed the answer
@Gordon You. I see. Stil a dupe of a dupe of a dupe of a dupe of a dupe of a dupe though :(
i want the cert too, do you have any study tipps? what was the hardest part of the certification for you? for me are the functions... i mean string, array, math... do i need to memorize all this stuff?
thanks Gordon :)
happy friday!
@PeeHaa 9 upvotes!
@Truth *votes to bin message as exact duplicate*
8:13 AM
@salathe cvbacklog does array_unique() on the qIDs anyway ;)
@Gordon Is the source for cvbacklog open?
@Gordon the chat room doesn't.
@salathe true
@Gordon : and the one which runs on heroku ?? is it in ruby ??
8:18 AM
the code isnt necessarily something you wouldnt want to study though. i didnt put too much care or thought into it. i just made it work.
@Gordon : I had read that blog post, its was useful for me . ( but some how when I see a heroku app , I just assume its rails app ) :P
@Krish same here
Now this question slightly makes sense
The original code was edited
8:27 AM
@Truth if there was just a semicolon missing it's still not a real question because the answer is rhetorical and the OP is too stupid to enable error reporting
@Gordon A stupid question is still a real question
@Truth no its not
There is no such thing as a stupid question. ;)
oh... ok ;D haha
8:35 AM
@Truth No doesn't make sense at all
Well you've all heard the phrase, "ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer"
Happy new day everybody.
Idea of the day: Next to the SplFileObject, what about a SplURIObject in PHP?
especially happy day for italy ;)
@hakre morning hakre
@hakre top o' the mornin' to ya
8:41 AM
Or SplUriInfo
@hakre What would you want the object to contain??
@Leigh The URI.
@hakre So just 1 property, uri
$uri->getPath->getBasename();, $uri->resolveTo($uri2);
@Leigh Like the path is a property of SplFileInfo, the uri could be here.
@hakre So a wrapper around parse_url pretty much
8:45 AM
@Leigh Yes plus resolution I'd say.
There is one RFC that defines URI pretty well and as we normally use PHP in context of URIs, it's probably worth.
@Leigh uri should definitely be a VO
@Gordon I was being pedantic :)
lately i've found that i like using lots of very small grained VOs
Yes I love to make strings speak.
Do any of you use a mechanism for staging experimental changes on live sites? (after in-house testing, perhaps to release to a limited set of users initially)
At the moment, it seems to me the easiest way to do it is to put a flag in a session that modifies the include path so that overridden files are used in preference
Although that doesn't help test experimental js/css changes
8:56 AM
@Leigh I mostly resort to a test subdomain for that purpose
@PeeHaa I guess I could do that with a dummy cert (not using a wildcard cert)
@Leigh You could do that. Or if you are going to use it often you could also buy a simple domain validated cert. They are not expensive
@PeeHaa It's a personal project that will be used by 30-40 people, I already bought a 5 year "cheapest certificate i could find" :P I'd rather not enrage the girlfriend by "wasting more money" on "things i don't need"
all parse error questions must die
Is there a site which properly formats threads from internals?
@PeeHaa that assumes the eMails themselves to be properly formatted ;)
alternative would be to subscribe in a newsreader or your mailprogram ofc
@webarto The strange thing is, while she considers her PHD a "job", she is sleeping on my bed (right now), while I am working to support her. Maybe I should write her a poem in some form of archaic assembler..
Well, he's had 20 mins to improve his question. stackoverflow.com/questions/11258839/…
@Gordon Thanks

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