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3:11 AM
is somebody here
(that was the echo)
3 hours later…
5:47 AM
I'm looking for a html5 canvas framework that will let me do drag+drop as well as scaling, rotation, and setting properties of various 'elements' on the canvas.
I'm thinking of processing.js - any thoughts?
2 hours later…
7:57 AM
@user407462, sounds like you need SVG not canvas
1 hour later…
9:12 AM
has anyone used jwplayer? I'm trying to get a video working using flash on a PC with html5 fallback for iphones and ipads
1 hour later…
10:16 AM
Are there any test coverage tools for JS?
10:48 AM
looking for advise on unit testing my JS code.
can some one share thoughts on this. I spent yesterday in selecting a testing framework. the actual part is what/which part to test
11:43 AM
@Ab the interface
anyone has jquery, uploadify experience here?
raynos do you mean jsfiddle?
@val no but shoot
basically i need to see if the php returned any errors while uploading the file. using the folder option
but firbug does not return e request on the net thing and i have no idea how to check if file was uploaded successfully :)
12:01 PM
Use the network tab
and get php to return error codes to your ajax
whats a network tab
oh u mean net on firebug?
if thats the case! i have used it but it doesn't show anything there is empty after the upload is before,during and when its completely done,
12:28 PM
then the plugin doesnt do anything useful :P
Anyone know a good way of including jQuery in iframe's ?
12:43 PM
same way as you would normally
just put it on the <head>
I mean I have an iframe on a page and jQuery on a page. how do I use jQuery without including it in both the iframe and the page
1 hour later…
2:04 PM
on i frame you could do something like this
$ = parent.document.jquery
or maybe window, and parent could also be root not sure :)
i think this could be the one lol $ = top.window.jquery
jQuery **
2:39 PM
really sucks when you are the victim of a dos..
late for work today due to it lol
"Why were you late?" "Oh I was the victim of a dos"
who dos'd your site and why :P
CSS question time!
What's the correct way of replacing text-align: right on legacy IE only HTML
@Loktar why would you late because of that?
had to talk to support
to figure out wtf was going on
and installed csf for cpanel so I could lock it down more
part of my morning routine is to check my main site (zombiegames.net)
and i freak out if its down.. #1 for zombie games is so touchy I dont want to lose the spot
@Raynos align="right"?
@MylesGray dont make me rage
2:55 PM
well you wanted a HTML-only right alignment technique - have you tried wrapping the text in a div then using <div align="right">
It does justify the text to the right
@MylesGray please suggest correct html
No I want a CSS solution
"legacy IE-only html"
@Loktar who needs a job! I have a website.
@Raynos ahh i assumed you wanted a HTML-only solution
@MylesGray the correct answer would have been "Can't do that" rather then "use this deprecated HTML"
@Raynos heh I wish it was like that, zg.net makes a small income.. but not enough to feed the wife and 3 kids :P
@Raynos Misunderstood question not lack of knowledge
3:06 PM
dont feel bad @MylesGray when I saw legacy IE and only html, my head begin to fill with <table> :)
one of our devs as recently as 2 months ago was still making table based layouts..
@Loktar Haha I had that too.. but I knew id get dry raped if i said that
@Loktar we have tables everywhere :D
And of course the SomeCustomControl generates this html:
      <td sometags="foobaz"> &nbsp; </td>
      <td> <input type="button"> </td>
      <td> <iframe> <html> <body> <!-- empty --> </body> </html> </td>
An empty iframe just because you know. Why not?
lol nice
3:24 PM
@Raynos glad to see u back
i'm doing a write up that explains what i'm trying to do.
@ab do I have to answer it?
not right now,. i'm putting it in words
i'll buzz in a few min
or is there a way to IM you?
@Ab IM specific people like this.
@Greg i've been through some really challenging 3 weeks now, working on html5 canvas based gauges
@ab you mean you have been having an awesome 3 weeks :P
Theres nothing I love more currently than a cool canvas project
3:32 PM
this chat thing looks pretty cool.
@Ab nice, lots of π?
nope. things on line now. i've dropper my resignation as i feel my employer were bit too harsh to push me into something i never did and expect
I've completed the gauges and now the unit test
I'm using YUI compressor to minify my JS and CSS but the C# library (wrapper version) I use doesn't have HTML compression...
@ab man that sucks, sorry to hear that
how do i paste an image here
or has it be a link
no, its not bad to fail. i've learnt a lot. pureJS is what i'm in love with now.
i wanted to show a snap of gauge i built
3:41 PM
click the upload button over there ▬►
@ab sounds interesting. Get a better contract next time
Also just dump an url
I like the gauge
the speedometer one
@Raynos did u see these
hehe. thanks. the colored segments and font etc are passed to constructor that uses setOptions() method to save it a property
the client code just has 3 calls... new myObject('canvasdivID', options); //options is the array of objects that define all the properties for gauge
then 2nd call is myObjInstance.setCurrentValue(number);
3rd myObjinstance.Draw();
any1 from uk or london here
@Ab UK based. Ill take a look at those later. If I feel like I might even give feedback
3:57 PM
@Raynos many thanks. let me know how and when
Oh for the record, half the guys here are better then me at this front end stuff so you dont have to specifically ask me for help
Preferably ask @NickCraver for help. He doesnt have anything better to do anyway.
@NickCraver SOS
@Raynos something is better than nothing
haha nice @MylesGray just beat me to it
had the same answer with the span
@loktar seems were stalking the same tags ;)
oh hey
add italic to your answer
he had the <i> right?
4:09 PM
holy italic batman
nm im retarded
he had <u>
no no he had <u>
yeah i look at js/css/html/jquery tags mostly
can't believe people are still using <font> <u> <i> and <b>
lol yeah, god the maintenance on that stuff is enough to not ever use them
4:12 PM
@thirtydot had a nice idea: Might be neater to do <h1 id="title">Welcome to <br /><span>M</span> .. and #title span { .. }
yeah I thought of that after writing my jsfiddle
@thirtydot has pretty quality answers
I just hit javascript/jquery, html & css is a pain.
I like answering using fiddles but it takes so damn long, never get any upvotes :(
i beat him on one but felt bad because he put together a nice demo
@Myles: write a simple answer, then edit in the fiddle
4:14 PM
@ircmaxell - I'll take that on board
When im in answer mode I always have a blank fiddle ready to go
I really think there should be a 5 minute threshold on answers
where nothing gets shown
then they all get shown at once
so people don't put crap answers up
I think I might meta that actually
i'm lost with unit testing the very code written by me!
Did I go above and beyond here:
A: Ajax/PHP issues on IE8

ircmaxellOk, after typing in the url in that screen-shot (URL ), I was able to find the offending code. Line 112 of that file (as indicated by the error) is: $('#regGenderM').remoteAttr('checked','checked'); Now, it's easy to see the error here. It should be removeAttr instead of remoteAttr... Make ...

4:30 PM
@MylesGray that wold be nice
@Ab look at known unit tests.
Like the ones for jQuery, prototype, node.js, underscore.js etc.
Remember to unit test the interfaces
i was just able to run a pass when i commented out all the code that references a DIV/canvas id's
cDayum @loktar just pipped me to that 2 div question, well played sir
i'm using JSTestDriver on eclipse. JStestdriver was featured in the amazon.com/…
i've started to understand that either i need to mock out some part of code or reorganize..ie .rewrite the JS functions to allow independent testing
4:34 PM
lol yeah I have caffeine in me today, Im heading out to lunch soon though
@Ivowetzel did you win the interview?
thats today right?
Yes it is
Q: [Feature-Request] Holding time for new answers to kurb "simple+quick then improve over time"

Myles GrayHi Guys, I believe that there should be a feature implemented so that no new answers are shown until 5-10 minutes after the question has been posted, I believe this will stop people providing low-quality, simple answers to get in quick and get up-votes and rather encourage them to take time to ...

There it is :)
A: Don't show the answers for the question in the first 2 minutes

TheTXIFor the 1,000th time... FASTEST GUN IN THE WEST IS NOT A PROBLEM If someone is the quickest to post an answer and it is the CORRECT answer, then you just did the OP a service by giving them an extremely fast answer. If someone posts a quick answer and it stinks, there is no reason for it to be...

@MylesGray the aim of SO it so aid the asker of the question
Not to feed rep to the poster of answers
All your doing is hindering the person who asks the question for your own convience
4:47 PM
@Raynos I dont believe this is true, I believe with this method the answerer will have more time to give a quality answer
Yes but they can do that anyway
for the person who asks the question its fine.
Its just that whoever gives the quality answer doesnt get as much rep
The current system is optimised for the askers to receive fast and correct answers
Best of both worlds
make it user selectable
its not optimised to give the person who gives the "best" answer the most rep
as a side effect the "fastest average" answer gets the most rep
@Loktar user selectable?
Make it to where a user chooses if it has a delay, and any question that has a delay gives a bonus +5 rep
something to that effect
idk, I dont mind the quick answer system, that patrick guy is a monster
anytime hes on a question I have no chance lol
4:53 PM
@Raynos do take a look at sites.google.com/site/abhijitchanda I'd be happy to do a code review n take feedback
@Ab later
@Loktar I like that idea - that would then make it user orientated again
Is it possible to secure JSONP, so only certain members of the public can access it?
@Loktar @MylesGray some people just know more. Try getting some rep from questions
Yeah I haven't been working on anything to be stumped on in a while
5:03 PM
@Raynos same situation as @Loktar but I never really like asking simple questions on SO as it is a waste of time (for the answerers), the only time I ask question is when I have never covered a subject area in detail before
I have a couple of interesting questions
some of mine are silly. But others are quiet fun
Go for easy questions. Sometimes I just have to give up and leave a comment "+1 for being faster then me <% if @patrickdw { %> stop doing that <% } %>"
is there any way I can iterate over each element of a class
with jquery
if they have nothing that sets them apart?
I'm stuck (and lazy)
and tired!
get the children
@Raynos hmmm?
@Trufa I added alert($var); and it's giving the same value for each instance (35px)
@MylesGray exacty
Because your so lazy
that is my problem
@MylesGray thats because $var is declared outside the loop
5:13 PM
@trufa declare it inside the loop -.-
@Raynos yeyyyyyy
Now stop being lazy and do your own debugging
Ah for god sake, bloody var scopes
<- did A+ on the coding today
@Raynos you sir are a non-lazy genious!!
5:17 PM
@IvoWetzel is made of win
@Trufa not really. I'm just used to javascript
@Raynos call it what ever you want!! that was slick
@Trufa: what were you pinging for last night (12 hours ago at least)
Oh and did I mention that I had no sleep the last night?!
@IvoWetzel me either!! and it sucks?
@ircmaxell pinging?
It's ok, considering that I had to code on time and all the stuff
5:21 PM
@ircmaxell is that legal? :)
@ircmaxell programming related? or Drunkly meta tavern related?
I dunno. I just saw you go into both PHP and JS rooms and ask if anyone was there
I responded a few minutes later and you were gone
@ircmaxell ohh sorry about that!!
I don't remember
I'll check the trascripts
no prob, just curious
5:27 PM
@Loktar @MylesGray you just have to find a nice unanswered question and post a quality answer to it
@ircmaxell hehe me too now!
There's plenty of do-able unanswered questions lieing around
@Raynos: what's that in reference to?
@Raynos - I usually hang in this URL anyway: stackoverflow.com/unanswered/tagged/css?tab=noanswers
@ircmaxell they were complaining about the fastest gun problem
5:28 PM
Admittedly writing a good answer to a 30 minute old question doesnt actaully give you much rep.
If only I didn't offer the bounty today, I'd be only 55 rep shy of 20k... Tomorrow though I guess
It can @Raynos if the question is that off and the answer is good:
A: Does Security:cipher encrypted result depend on the server?

ircmaxellWell, looking at this bug, it does appear to be an issue. Digging into the source code, this line is what makes it work: srand(Configure::read('Security.cipherSeed')); Now, why does that work? Because rand() implements a pseudo-random algorithm. So for any given known seed, you can theoret...

for example ^^ (1 hour after the question was asked)
isn't rep-whoring, already hit cap for today...
how can i select the one that is checked?
when i do, var rating = $('input[name=myStars]').val(); i just get the first value of all the 5 inputs that exists
what do you mean?
i want the val() of the checked one
5:34 PM
$('input[name=myStars][checked=checked]').val() doesn't work? (there may be better ways)
havnt tried moment
@Loktar @MylesGray you guys defiantly complain too much. there's plenty of easy questions to answer :p
Im getting undefined @ircmaxell
$("selector").filter(function() {
      return this.checked;
$('input[name=myStars]:checked'): api.jquery.com/checked-selector
5:37 PM
thank you! @ircmaxell
how do i select text in a textarea?
in jquery
$('textarea[name=txt]').val(); did it :)
@Karem Use `backticks` for inline code.
5:47 PM
@Loktar @Trufa would you consider this a true table replacement for layout?
@MylesGray for the question you posted?
A: CSS Table Issue / Dynamic Width

Myles GrayPlease dont use f$%&*(*g tables for layout, If you put up an example of your code I can convert it to a div layout for you and explain more thoroughly... Fixed as DIV layout: http://jsfiddle.net/Mutant_Tractor/j5C3z/2/

@Trufa yes - he wants the middle column centred on the page at all times and the right column fluid
I haveing some trouble truly understanding what he ment
@MylesGray ohhh
lets see
im trying to make it percentage based
but hes being awkward and wants the left column to be fixed width
@MylesGray but in your example the middle column is not centerd
5:53 PM
I know
Im trying to center it
@MylesGray I'll give it a go, I pass a jsfiddle in a sec
@MylesGray hehe i find it so hard to "fix" other peoples code
I starting from scrtch
@Trufa - He seems to have solved it himself based on my code: jsfiddle.net/j5C3z/6
@MylesGray thats almost there
but the right column is not fluid
5:59 PM
It is if you add content to it
that's all he wants I believe

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