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10:00 AM
he completely stumps him
the drowning is better :D
Anything is better than living it Denmark though
and that is basically the most important reason...
Oh dude ... his naming convention sucks!
I am off, reading a windows 8 book... yeah!
10:01 AM
Button BackButton = new Button(this);
c# dev I guess :D
That question is easy to answer but different GCs are implemented differently
haha...i just watched the end of that
I'm tempted to do some Android development again.
the question is why does nulling the array makes the difference
10:03 AM
Mainly because of Android Studio.
The way GC works is when isolated islands of memory with no alive reference are found, they get collected.
@WarrenFaith Explicitly nulling something makes a difference, there is no more reference to that thing.
So nulling the array makes that chunk an isolated one
^ that
Better explained.
yeah, but the activity itself should be destroyed and that should make the activity plus the private variables an isolated one, right?
the complete activity should be freed
10:05 AM
The chunk is not a part of the Activity once it is nulled I think
The act of nulling it separates it.
I'm not 100% certain, it's been a while for me but I think because of the Android Activity History Stack thingy.
i understand that
this should be eliminated because he called finish()
my main question is: the activity should be destroyed and the GC should free the activity memory, also with the not nulled array
Oct is right, the Activity is not destroyed right away.
even when called finish()?
10:08 AM
You also make the assumption that the CG comes along and frees the memory when the activity is finished, but the CG is an unreliable bitch.
true, but before it should get an OOM it should try to run the GC at least once, right?
It is not guaranteed to actually free the memory when you think it should.
It's more like a unicorn.
because the GC should be triggered with a threshold...
my last point on all this for today is I am not a gun activist by any means, but I am a huge supporter of the Constitution (i love it) and I hate when anyone or government tries to take my rights away as a Citizen. The last government/body to try and take those rights away were the British. Government is not the answer in America...and yes our Congress/President sucks and the laws are terrible
10:09 AM
@WarrenFaith It would make sense.
it has been a pleasure hearing everyone's opinion though
lucky, but you agree, that sometimes people must be protected against them self and that this second amendment come from a time where a civil war just ended... everybody had a weapon back then and probably needed it because there was no police...
I personally accept the fact that you might need a gun when the response time of the police is 20 minutes or more... rural areas etc but in a city?
Reno is too lazy to write an answer... good programmer! :D
It was actually a revolt against a government that had taken our guns...see now you are talking about evil people who use guns to kill...so wouldn't you want to have the ability to have a gun in that case?
I someone stand in front of me holding a gun, I wouldn't even consider to try to reach to my gun... I would just give him what he wants and its over.
if he wants to kill me he would simply do it
but your question is based on the assumption that everybody has a gun and is about to threaten you
if you forbid guns and punish the illegal ownership hard enough, trust me, there will be way less gun crimes
I would do the same as welll...but I should have the right/option to shoot him
10:20 AM
so forbidding guns would reduce the amount of illegal guns, too
So he wants your $50 bucks and you would kill him. Is that a fair punishment?
killing someone.... man I can't even imagine this...
if I have kids and they are touching my family... man than I will not even need a gun!
so if a guy is using a gun to rob me for $50 and I had the chance to shot him? I would in a heart beat
you would not?
sorry, I can't comment on that... taking someones life for $50 bucks... man you don't even know why he robbed you... starving kids at home, sick family member
no I would not!
50 fucking bucks! Come one!
even for a month salary not
I would not even take the risk to be shot myself!
it is just money
He is threatening to kill me though with a gun at me right?
10:25 AM
plain simple stupid money
if he wanted to kill you, you would be dead first and then robbed
I love hypos haha
no resistance means in 99.9% that you will live through it
the other 0.1% are psychos who would kill you first
and again: these situations will become rare once the guns are rare, too
right, I agree
the health is the most valuable thing you have, if you get robbed, just give what they want and everything will turn out fine
you might be frightened and scared but that will pass, too
I mean see the linked video, do you think they would have used their guns? They were totally frightened them self. It was just leverage to get the money... they never intended to use them (imho)
otherwise they would have fired back
damn... time to do some work... afk
You still discussing cultural differences between usa and eu ?
10:30 AM
mainly gun control
Yes Anders
So your family is in there and those guys come in and you have no clue what they are capable of or their thought process
I would not shot, I would stand in front of my family and give them what they want
being calm is the best choice of defense in this situation
signal that you obey and there is no reason in harming anyone
fair enough Warren...I see we can agree to disagree
I will not take someones life over money or stuff you can buy
there is no reason to rob but people do it
10:33 AM
no way :D
I disagree there :D
I know situations where you might be in the situation to do so
watch "John Q" with Denzel Washington..
fair point and the law allows those in certain limited circumstances
it is not robbery but a hostage situation...
but to go and hold up a casino with guns there is no excuse
wait, you would shot someone who will rob you for $50 but you would not rob a casino if you need to pay a life saving operation for a family member?
not like that....Oceans 11 style for sure
10:37 AM
like someone would have the time and skills to perform that
and the crew
sounds like you want to be a part of the 11
no thanks, I am happy with my normal life
you could be the computer guy though
10:39 AM
I would be better in the part of Julia Roberts :D
haha fair enough
I am afk, need to do some work :D
later Warren :)
insanity : doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results == stop trying to convince americans that their gun policy is stupid ;-)
Or the european social state will not eventually collapse )
10:50 AM
A: How to prevent reverse engineering of an Android APK file to secure code?

Mo RuthlessIf you are doing something with an .APK file then that means you are using Android which is part of the OpenSource project. If you are using opensource then you should know already that OpenSource means your code is Open for Sourcing. It is free for anyone to use. Blocking your code would Violate...

@Ahmad, I had to give up on Proguard since I'm using Dagger. Plenty of other routes as suggested.
But seriously, did that guy just join SO to spout that sh**? Unbelievable,
seems so
Anyone using SQLite Ciphers out of interest>?
I think I tried it out
But has been a while
10:59 AM
Went to a talk at QCon (UK) on 'Hardening your Android app' and the guy was pushing ciphers and that commercial proguard-esq tool.
Think it's up on Parleys- I'll link to it from that discussion.
My app is ripe for one-click theft at teh moment I think. Not.worried.one.bit..bahaha. Good luck deciphering my 2am commits. My Git commit timing graphic is very worrying
@PaperThick request denied. You still are looking for tech support only
That talk I was referring to is here if you were wanting to have a flick through. Came to the familiar "you're f***ed" conclusion (unles you want to drop a load of $$ on a third party solution)
Anyone here good at spring / server side stuff ?
Please take a look:
Q: Client can't target spring method

Anders MetnikMy client fails to "target" a method, I don't get feedback in server log. Which is very weird to me. My method is defined as follows: @RequestMapping(value = "/reUploadFile/{userId}/{fileId}", method = RequestMethod.POST, headers = "Accept=*") public @ResponseBody() void reUploadFil...

11:15 AM
..and here is my commit punchcard highlighting that they have no hope anyway - tehehe
spot the bad release...
11:50 AM
So I seem to have made it back home
Feels odd coming to India doesn't it?
Very odd
People here are such terrible drivers :O
@KarthickM rejected because of question spamming across multiple rooms.
if you see <Grid Margin="-1,-16,0,0"> in an official style, you know they know they fucked up..
12:07 PM
@Reno ARE YE KIDDING! There was a cow in the middle of the street! wtf!?
Correction, two cows!
That one was a bit anti-social, usually they move in a herd
Once I saw a pup asleep on the road. It wasn't dead. I stopped by bike and kicked it in the butt.
That video depresses me on so many levels.
Then an few minutes later the pup went and slept at the same place. Right in the middle of the road.
It's like the broken window principle applied.
Only that window broke decades ago.
these UI glitches are a nightmare
how do you guys deal with anti-aliasing?
12:18 PM
by removing the glasses I wear! :D
fuck am I tired...
why u tired?
@WarrenFaith lol great idea
god if I knew that I would change it... asap
Hours of sleep = ?
already had 3 cocktail glasses (roughly 450ml) filled with coffee
I guess it was 6h?
12:32 PM
Well sleep 8 then
ha I wish I had time for that :D
and I was in bed to sleep 8h... but again my body refused to coma :D
Take time for it ;)
Q: After clicking the button,application has stopped,it has to fetch fom listview id

Karthick MIn my list view i have put one button if i click the button it has to fetch the list view id,but after clicking the button the application has stopped. if we click the button it has fetch the id and it has to send the id.But after clicking the button now its shows "your application has stopped" ...

first comment! AWESOME
Lol.. But I wonder he got an upvote with that title :o
12:38 PM
has anyone ever done cucumber tests on android?
cucumber cucumber.... Few days ago some one said this and the funny thing was that I thought it was a vegetable as he didn't mention anything :D
May 23 at 14:13, by Pyrodante
Cucumber is pretty slick I must say
May 23 at 14:31, by Appu
o_O I thought it was vegetable :D
12:41 PM
not sure what to use tho
sorry, nor am I. Might be Pyrodante can help you if he comes.
Warren, trivia is that question has been answered by your stalker, isn't it?
well, stalker is the wrong word
he is the only one on my ignore list :D
2 hours later…
2:44 PM
I really seem to have an issue here: I have a class namend GroupedItemsPage and I read it every time as GropedItemsPage .... this drives me nuts... to much pron in my youth maybe?
user image
and again a starred cat gif...
There's no way to know who starred it, right ?
no your secret self starring profile will be undetected forever! :D
2:57 PM
i did it
I could revoke the star, but I leave it there on the wall of shame!
idk.. ocus usually posts really great catgifs. I cant help myself
it was a great one, no doubt
hello friends
3:09 PM
so i figured out that the best way to use the macbook trackpad is with a thumb
thumb & forefinger
cause like
I find the clicking wayyy too hard to do, my finger gets tired after a few clicks
thumb handles it like a champ
my pad is easier at the bottom...
too hard
so the forefinger works at the bottom good as well
I wanna click when & where I am
and I hate using two hands for it
well, the top is barely clickable...
3:11 PM
I fucking hate laptops in general though
also you can enable tap to click :D
they're so non-usable to me. I generally plug in external keyboard & mouse
meh tap to click is too sensitive sometimes
but shit maybe I should turn it on again
just to see
eh ok this isn't too bad
i dunno why i'm not just using my external shit right next to me lol, was too lazy to plug it in today
3:27 PM
I wish I just had a desktop at work
the day we all get tablets or touch screen interfaces to program with is the day I quit programming forever
3:56 PM
hm... I have a convertible laptop <-> tablet
touch will not work in all cases and I doubt we, in our profession, will replace the keyboard/mouse(or pad) with anything else in the next 10 years
the first real replacement would be a direct interface with my thoughts, where I just think and the code appears
all I know is that, unless something comes along that TRULY BEATS the quickness and ease of use that a keyboard provides
but as soon as we are that far, we might have a concept + design to code generator AI
that I assure you I'm never programming again
4:10 PM
@WarrenFaith that would be very good
but then I wonder if we'd really need to "code" - probably still would be more reliable / easy to do, but it'd be cooler to just generate entire binaries that do what you want
4:22 PM
or some abstract form of a "program" - probably would have to be entirely different than what we have now
5:20 PM
cya guys! bb
5:39 PM
how do you guys go about testing UI glitches on a large number of devices?
5:52 PM
always smoke test on a 2.1 device
or a samsung P-1000 or P-1010
ui glitches usually show up in those
i'm only supporting API levels 10 and above
6:11 PM
oh our Chancellor is awesome
as soon as she say something you can't sleep a night without wondering if she turned to 180° until next morning
our Government is rediculous...lets not getting going again haha. I saw that and I wanted to share it
2 hours later…
8:04 PM
what up scott
@luckyreed76 yo
did you get some sleep?
yeah how'd you know
haha...30 hour run usually has to end at some point
8:20 PM
you misread
I was talking about eating, and yes I ate like a pig yesterday
day before I didn't though
oh...that is right
that said I'm damn hungry right now as I only had half a sandwich for lunch
but regarding sleep, I literally just napped for like 2 hours
so you got lucky in asking that :P
hahha...now the chats all make sense
you think you have a sec to give a noob a hand with a piece of code I am working on?
8:27 PM
cool thanks, I will explain it in the bin...give me a sec
@luckyreed76 so when it's a drawable it works but what is not working now?
you had drawable before, what do you have now
I have a imageLoader from urls that I parse
are you keeping them in a Bitmap and setting the ImageView's source to the Bitmap?
I am just using LazyList displayImages
where is the url loading
8:46 PM
and displaying via string
or is that not here
it is there on CustomListAdapter
what does ImageLoader do?
imageLoader.DisplayImage(mfeed.getItem(pos).getFeedImageUrl(), view.iv);
it "yeah"s?
lol, I'm asking what does that do
8:49 PM
I used the LazyList by Fedor
Hello all! I'm having a problem getting the correct (x,y) coordinates of a MotionEvent (MotionEvent.ACTION_UP) in a custom view that I built: event.getX() works fine but doesn't compensate for any prior zooming that has occurred. Does anyone know how to do this?
@luckyreed76 ah ok looks like it sets the imageview resource with a cached bitmap
so what's the issue? does the image not load at all?
no the images load...but the animation expanded_image doesn't
ohh I think I get the problem now
setId changes the actual view's integer ID
9:03 PM
expandedImageView already has ID expanded_image
setting it to itself is like setting 2 to 2
go on....
don't set the ID, set the image resource as you were doing before
but of course, since they're dynamically loaded images
you can't just use a resource this time
so use something else, like setImageBitmap
resources are just indices that point into the apk itself
if you have anything beyond that, like content from the web or from another source, you can't use resource ID's
"resources" in programming typically refers to shit packaged & embedded within the application
so you're gonna need to access what's in that lazy list
9:10 PM
that bitmap it has cached
you'll need to set that
you will need some way to get the expanded image view the image it needs
the lazy list seems to cache it, you need a mechanism to grab it out of there and pass it into the expanded image view
however you wanna do that
thank you for the help...I am going to go bash my head against the wall for a bit and then figure this out
oh wait, I think its intended use is just private Bitmap getBitmap(String url)
you can probably just use that
and if it's cached it will just return it? sorry I'm looking at this for the first time lol
yeah ok
that seems to work
getBitmap will
if it's already cached, return it
else grab it from web
a result from getBitmap is what you need to pass into the expanded image view
wherever you store that result is up to you
okay..I appreciate the help
9:28 PM
Does anyone have the time to help out with this question?
Q: Getting (x,y) coordinates of a click after zooming has occurred

RookatuI've got a custom view, which is essentially a grid drawn onto a canvas, for which I have implemented panning and zooming. These work fine, but I also want to be able to find the grid coordinates of a click. In order to do this, I must compensate for both the amount that the view has been panne...

2 hours later…
@ScottW Thanks Scott I got it!
what up Ahmad
what are you up to?
Nothing much
I just had one of those ahhh moments in programming
So I am good, on to the next one
Summer time yet? or another week?
11:44 PM
cool ;)
Fridays the last day :D
So not yet
yap ;)
going to the pool? going out and chasing the girls and getting drunk?
You should see the weather here
11:46 PM
Sooo much rain
that is what I would be doing this summer
Where in Germany are you?
yap haha
It was really hot during the whole day and now it's raining like hell
nice humidity
Northern Germany; little town near Hamburg
how many people?
11:48 PM
A bit more than 30k
not terrible...did you grow up there?
Yup was born here. Never moved in an other city since
Where in the US do you live?
Well I was born in Berkeley CA, moved to Houston when I was three
then moved to Austin to go to UT
then to Fort Worth for Law School
then to Dallas
and now an hour out of Dallas
So you moved through the whole country haha? :D
You went to law school?
I have an Econmics Degree and I am a licensed stockbroker as well
11:52 PM
so outside the computer world I am pretty smart haha
You have a gf there?
Was really interested in the stock market for a while (Around the time I was 15 I think)
Nope no gf
And no I really just moved from CA to TX and all around TX
see that is the mistake
you want to be interested in the market at 6K
that is my financial tip
oh haha
I thought you said 15000 DOW
11:54 PM
my bad
Do a lot of your friends program?
Not a single one from my school
haha...hence the chat rooms
same here
the worst part about being a nerd I have realized is when I go out all I want to do is talk about programming
and NO ONE wants to talk about that
11:57 PM
Yeah, this is the reason why I'm in this chat room pretty often
then you end up having nothing to talk about and it becomes a vicious cycle
same here
the nerd feeds the nerd
You really should take some time off and go play outside and enjoy your summer man
I do haha
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