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8:09 AM
I have no idea what type of comments to leave to people who ask like this:
Q: SVM classification of detecting knifes in an image

Vasu BralCan some tell the best approach for detecting knifes in cctv videos. Most of the approaches are taking very much computational time.I am doing this using MATLAB

There is absolutely no way a question liek that, in any enviroment in the world, could get "just an answer"
How the heck you make someone see that
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9:36 AM
@AnderBiguri I sometimes wonder if they know nothing or are just that ignorant. I mean even if you have a tiny grasp for science you should know that you cannot just throw things into an SVM and bam your problem is solved. The next thing I usually wonder is how the heck did this person get into a position where they have to solve such a problem with so little knowledge?
It is exactly that. The problem is not the person is ignoreant about SVM, they are ignorant about "how to do stuff"
If they were going to build a wooden chair in their garage, they would ask "I want a wooden chair, I have wood and nail , how can I do it?"
No one will come and write a book for you FFS
10:27 AM
I'd like to answer "the plural is knives"
with consent
You need to ask first
Quick question. If I use fopen, can I read, and if I decide to write on it make it overwrite the stuff, but if I don't leave it as it is?
bah, ended up writting on it anyways
11:17 AM
OK because I didn't understand what you were asking :D
You definitely have to do something, at least an fseek or something to rewind the file. And it's usually not possible (or not advised) to do both reading and writing; I'd expect that to be forbidden by the OS
in something like C I'm fairly sure it can be done:D But I'd also easily imagine it to be UB
nah, just some matlab stuff
want to read a file an dif it has whatever string on it, , replace the string and rewrite the whole thing
But it seems I am going to need to read only, and if it was the string, then delete the file and create a new one
yeah, that should be safe and straightforward that way
afk for a while:)
be back later
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1:06 PM
posted on May 26, 2017 by Sean de Wolski

Sean‘s pick this week is cell2underlying by MathWorks Parallel Computing Toolbox Team.   Contents Datastores Tall Arrays Cell2Underlying Comments Datastores What is a datastore? You may have already seen me using one here. Datastores, are a way to point at a collection of data and describe how they’re stored. You can create them for text files, spreadsheets, images, databa

is there any way to plot a function just with local min or local max point? ie: I have temperature of some point of a beam so i want to plot contour of it for example i have beam from 0<x<10 , 0<y<2, all the beam is on the same temperature but some point are hot or cold(I have (x,y,T)) of that some points.
I've tried to make a dataset myself but the main problem is how can i make it change continuously(the around points of local extreme)
You need a [mcve]
Do you want to generate a dataset?
Do you want to make a conotur?
do you want to plot minima?
1:22 PM
they probably mean interpolation+contourf/surf over a less dense mesh of raw data points
actually i want to make a dataset with local max to plot it contour
@asys that is SO not making it any clearer
try harder
not for me---I don't actually care and I'm back afk soon---but for some other poor fellow who might try to help you here :P
ok tnx
1:26 PM
disclaimer: my tolerance for hopelessly unclear askers who don't even try to improve has become very low due to increased exposure in the python room
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4:12 PM
@AndrasDeak Yes, yes it is. It's also legal to hunt coyotes and feral hogs from a hot air balloon
5:00 PM
@beaker lmao I love this
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6:22 PM
@ballBreaker I'm hoping to introduce legislation allowing bigfoot hunting while riding unicorns.
6:53 PM
@beaker please do!
Also don't forget leprechaun snaring while hiding in an invisible cloak
7:48 PM
@beaker I'm sure you're also one of those states that have laws forbidding stuff like keeping ice cream in your back pocket
8:02 PM
@AndrasDeak I'm sure we have a few of those, but I can't remember any off hand.
8:46 PM
Wow, small world... I just answered a question for one of the students I've recently started doing some work with at UC: stackoverflow.com/q/44209430/52738
Didn't even notice the name at first, only after I answered.
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10:14 PM
For the code-golf / mathematically inclined: thoughts?

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