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I feel like redesigning one of my sites, which makes me want to add features to that site instead of just redesigning the site without highlighting anything new, which makes me want to work on unfinished projects instead of adding to existing ones, which I remain unmotivated to work on, so initial motivation has led to nothing getting done
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2:20 AM
2:54 AM
3:13 AM
3:31 AM
A spider: ::::)
lots of those around here
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4:52 AM
2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536, 131072, 262144, 524288, 1048576
sounds familiar
@DanGrossman Hey look! Nice round numbers!
my favorites!
4:55 AM
@DanGrossman Thanks!
Hey its nice idea to play with such logical question
5:24 AM
Testing, testing:
5:37 AM
Here I thought there would be more people from the European side of the world who'd be awake and talking. :p
@Tek - its 6:37 in the UK .. am
its 11 Am in India
That's what I'm saying =P
@Richa - don't get smug, we all have 24 hours in the day
When I heard there was a chatroom for stack overflow... I was expecting a rave programming party of some sort
lol @a
oops, premature enter
5:39 AM
@Tek - Na, thats an installfest or codathon and they are quiet affairs
hehe, I see :]
@AidenBell yeah but I am complementing Tek... :)
Until further notice, @MarcGravell 's "best practice" quote is pinned to ensure you all read it for the wisdom it contains.
Yeah, I get that from customers all the time
6:29 AM
Hi guys
does anyone have a comprehensive list of the ip addresses or user-agents of bots?
Can't find a good one in google yet
I'm not seeing enough lisp on SO
@DanGrossman were you part of the team that made studguru?
AFAIK, it is the best updated database of user agents (both of web browsers and bots, good and bad)
no I just thought it was amusing
6:44 AM
@quad thorry about that thir. We'll be thure to try harder.
@MarcGravell - You have been pinned to stop people moaning about stuff that doesn't matter
@AidenBell May I interest you in some of the b tags which the SO team put in their source code?
@YiJiang - Don't make me point to the sign!
@AidenBell <blink>You're absolutely right. We should all use goto because they make our life easier</blink>
6:49 AM
Woot-off still in progress! woot.com
Coding a WordPress theme! I'm doing something productive for once.
@AidenBell I saw. I feel like a donkey (but no change there)
@MarcGravell - Just don't make me point you at your own sign :P
That would be demeaning
<div title="this question has been favorited by 1 users" class="favorites-count-off"><div class="star-off"></div><b>1</b></div>
Points at the sign
I will indoctrinate you with the mantra "Work Smart, Get Shit Done"
or whatever it is
@AidenBell You know, there is a point at which you look at the code, and you say, "Nope. I can't excuse developer laziness for this sort of crap"
6:57 AM
>_> Good ol coding
My eyes! Too many parens!
Why not create a half-implemented buggy alternative via C?
I will eventually. I have to prototype and have fun first though.
Post the HTML you find in the SO source code, and the first thing you know someone will point out that it's invalid, and that we can't reasonably help you debug if your code can't even validate
points at the sign
Bashes @AidenBell with a giant <b>
7:02 AM
@YiJiang Unlike the standard giant S bashing, a <b> bashing causes additional bone-shattering pain due to the pointiness of its angled brackets.
@YiJiang, you try with your <b>, if that doesn't work I've got a <marquee> round here somewhere :)
Well, don't make me crack out my <OBJECT></OBJECT> and teach you all a lesson
in The Tavern (General) on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by Yi Jiang
You see here: a - a blessed +2 dmg giant bold tag
              b - Aiden Bell's headless corpse
Ah well, it's been done. goes off to wash hands
7:10 AM
If only that <b> tag hadn't been laying around in the page source for @YiJiang to pick up and use as a weapon.. shakes head
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8:39 AM
Has "Feeds" died on us?
@LasseVKarlsen What feeds? The feedbot feeds?
I'm not sure which rooms have feeds in them
The one in the Javascript room doesn't seem to work now, but I thought it was because AndyE cancelled it
9:13 AM
There is a feed in the mercurial room, but it hasn't posted anything in days
But there are new questions that should fit the feed rss
Or is the feed-bot smart enough not to post to an otherwise empty room?
Perhaps that's it?
9:27 AM
Feeds was last seen three days ago, according to its page, so it has definitely taken a hiatus.
let me investigate...
(note that feeds doesn't necessarily update itself re the user page; for some complex reasons to do with not stealing attention)
hmmm... FailCount=0;LastSuccess=06/14/2010 22:41:08
that is some serious oddness!
9:45 AM
Hmmm... why 'all rooms' link opens in new window / new tab?
@Lasse Seems to be working OK; or let me rephrase: what do you expect to see different, and why?
So that viewing the room list does not cause you to leave the room you're already in
@Jakub - because people got disorientated when it replaced the chat.
Note that you can be in multiple rooms at once, and track the conversation in several via the "other rooms you're in" panel that appears on the right.
@MarcGravell I can understand that. Well, it would be nice though to have link which would exit/leave/part the room, and go back to the list of rooms. Or is it there, and I can't just see it?
"leave (all)" are links; in the "other rooms" panel, there is an "up-arrow-thing" that exits that other room.
9:49 AM
@MarcGravell Ah, I see. Sorry for confusion.
ooh, what's this then
It's a chat room
aka, a room in which to chat ;p
which is strangely active at this hour
9:50 AM
@aib IRC on steroids ;-)
yea it looks very nice
"this hour"... oh dear, don't make me beat you with my i18n clock ;p
Feeds seems to work again now, thanks
tbh I don't think I did anything
deleted that other C# room, btw
Marc, it is odd for this hour in the entire world!
9:52 AM
Ok, thanks :)
Yesterday at this time there was little activity that I remember
@aib It is meant to be used e.g. for questions about recommendations, which are transient and therefore off-topic on SO itself, see e.g. how Jeff used it in codinghorror.com/blog/2010/09/…
the intent is to support the "community" aspect of SO; feel free to use it however suits (as long as it is broadly on-topic and not offensive etc)
I see. I wish I had more time to check it out :(
And this is a great reminder that I need an SO avatar :)
It's not going anywhere
I'm determined to see some sunlight before I go to sleep (odd I know)
6AM here
9:56 AM
yep :) see you all later, then
10:16 AM
mmmm good day
yummy pizza, I made good progress on a few projects
got some more SO rep
I'll concur once I get my desktop to boot :)
didn't you know? I took your disk and claimed it as my own.
I was hiding.
no fair :'(
my main desktop doesn't detect my OS drive anymore, this can't be good
That happened to me two months ago
First time I've ever had a hard drive die and not able to get it to run even long enough to get data off it
10:20 AM
i've got it sometimes detecting it, sometimes correctly on some reboots, it's very random...so pretty sure it's dying if not dead already
usually freezing or heating it works long enough
time for an SSD changeover, but that'll take a few days to arrive
(fetches blowtorch and nitrogen)
lost a lot of good data permanently :(
yeah i had to freeze one a while back, always thought that was a myth but it worked really well
10:21 AM
I wonder what happens if you freeze the one end while heating the other?
probably acts like it does right now
uneven expansion/contraction of the platters?
not a good thing
could run down to the store for some icy hot
A month later I took my laptop in to a repair shop to fix a loose power connector, and it was returned with a dead motherboard and an IOU for one free future repair service (he didn't replace my motherboard...)
bleh, this isn't my work machine, but i had a lot of odata work that hasn't been backed up in a few days :-/
10:23 AM
so in the past two months I'm down two computers
first I meet up with jarrod for the first time in a while last night then marc steals my main drive today
it's a ploy by the SO team to kill my 100k dreams!
Bought the cheapest 1TB hard drive off Amazon for the desktop, got some Western Digital Green series thing, turns out its performance is totally erratic and unsuitable as a boot disk ("green" are apparently for storage only... low and non-constant RPM)... so I had to buy a second replacement drive
ah yes, they're not good as a boot drive at all
@NickCraver Dixon? I still haven't met any of my team...
@Marc - heard that was changing in a few weeks :)
10:27 AM
you have very good ears ;p
yes, we have a meet-up booked
I worked with Jarrod at a large company we don't name for a few years, Jeff was there too for a maybe 4-6 months while I was as well
funny guys, you'll definitely enjoy it
why don't you name :|
are you that ashamed of working there
Yes, keeping in regular contact working remotely is... interesting ;p What we need is a half-decent chat system... oh, hold the phone...
hehe yes he mentioned something about that, i never even thought of it being used as such
excellent solution tho
any commercial solution for that is big $$$
most of our day-to-day comms is via this chat; unless the conversation is "why is the server down", in which case we resort to Skype.
10:32 AM
i mean skype does have it, but the transcript on here is much better for that
awesome team tool
neat your university had coops too
2 weeks of a co-op (on-site working) is more educational than 4 years of college IMO
I agree, lol
18 months was required for my degree
Here i want to chat regarding android
May i start
10:34 AM


Yes, we are annoying pedantic about our rules: room-15.github.io...
Hi sir
but either should be OK I guess - as long as it relates to programming
at least for programming, some of our senior level classes were how to implement a stack...seriously? name a language out there I'll go grab a job in that doesn't have this as a first class member already...their classes were 6-10 years behind in content
I was luckier than you then, I suppose
since so much work was required in my program, the few classes that did programming were very much up to date and practical
10:35 AM
actually sir i have a problem in implementing two button events at the same time in android how can i do that
I'm hoping other college are better, otherwise we're in trouble :)
Stack as in data-structure? Or stack as in call-stack?
@Marc - as in the data structure, that basic in a 300-400 level class
Should I be picky: C# doesn't; it is a library device, not a language construct ;p
that kind of thing was covered in freshman level courses before the first coop
10:36 AM
But yes, inexcusably basic for final year.
Amit: The best place to ask for help with specific questions is on Stack Overflow
r u there?
er... (checks self) yes?
then what should be done here?
@Amit - you can ask here, that does't mean there's anyone with the appropriate expertise in this room to answer though
10:37 AM
that's why @Marc linked you the Androids room, it's more likely to have an audience capable of helping :)
then only general chat here
You will get a much wider audience for a question by via ask question on stackoverflow, and selecting the [android] tag
but if there isn't a specific question, chat may be useful
I wonder what happens to SO if an OpenID provider disappears...
There i put the question i think here the people solves the problem also so i came here
10:39 AM
Does everyone using that provider lose access to their accounts here permanently?
@Dan - that's why it's a good idea to add the alternate OpenID login, so you can still access and move your OpenID wherever
@DanGrossman it has happened; you are allowed 2 openids on your account, for that reason
> You've earned the "nullable" badge. See your profile.
ah, that's a start
I wish SO had its own authentication as well
hmm maybe i should try the other technique that usually fixes my dev machine....click order on the part in question on newegg
usually starts working immediately after that
I have a replacement disk on the way. I expect my other PC to start behaving properly just as the delivery arrives.
But that is OK; if it does, my primary PC gets the shiny instead ;p
10:42 AM
ahh nice
looks like it's time to read through and see which current gen SSDs are the best bets
I don't trust SSDs :|
well my current physical ate it so...
Jeff blogged recently about hybrids, if that helps. Some really good prices on those.
oo thanks, let me take a look
At least the physical will keep running until something physical breaks down...
SSD is based around a design where the components degrade so quickly and reliably that the main complexity in the design is figuring out what portions of the device to stop using first.
I don't know if I can slim down to 128gb on the OS, I suppose the rarely used apps can be moved
@Dan - this was true of the first gen drives, they get better constantly :)
The basic design hasn't changed, applying charges to write data degrades the very structure of the material... every time you use the device you're turning it more and more into a useless brick. I just don't like the concept :(
@Marc - you used one of those crucial's?
10:48 AM
It's like designing processors where running them generates so much heat that a tiny portion of the silicon melts every day, so the processor has to be designed to stop using parts of itself until eventually there isn't enough unmelted mass left.
Not yet
But I think it is one of Jeff's preferred ones
I'm loving the reviews and performance specs, I had only looked at their 256GB version but the 128 may be the sweet spot
11:03 AM
OK, I think I've cast enough votes... well, at least for today.
haha nice
Q: How badly do SSDs degrade without TRIM?

joevSSDs have been out for a few years, and have seen all kinds of usage patterns. Windows and Linux support the TRIM command, with Mac OS still trailing behind here. I'm sure plenty of Mac users (and pre-TRIM version of Win/Linux) have SSDs. So, to you folks: have you noticed a degradation of SSD...

11:23 AM
Hello everybody, Is there any better service(relay for email) better than Mailchimp or dnsmadeeasy.
What do you mean by relay? I don't think Mailchimp offers any relay services...?
Haven't used any of them so can't comment on which is best, etc, but sendgrid.com may also be worth considering.
There are many e-mail marketing services like MailChimp... Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Aweber, GetResponse. There are also many transactional email services for application developers, like SendGrid and Postmark. Then there are simple email hosting services like Rackspace Mail?
means want to send email form that server
All e-mail companies of all types let you send e-mail from a server, that's not specific enough a criteria
11:29 AM
@Dan We were using Mailchimp to send bulk of email to subscriber
but for sending single mail to each user after registeration is not good.
That's what sendgrid.com and postmarkapp.com specialize in; they're called transactional e-mails
so we thought to user dnsmadeeasy for sending sinlgle email[welcome mail] to user
MailChimp does support that usage through their API; mailchimp.com/blog/transactional-email-support
yes, but not so good for sending mail to single user through Mailchimp api 1.2 Java wrapper
so we thought dnsmadeeasy option in mind.
hey I just noticed this chat malarkey
11:34 AM
@dan ok, will chk sendgrid.com and postmarkapp.com
@thegravytalker, welcome
cheers @Benjol
@dan which one is freeware
sendgrid.com or postmarkapp.com
Neither is free
This is not the kind of service you get for free, anywhere
@dan ok
11:39 AM
i've just passed the Oracle Certified Professional exam for Java 6
does that mean i'm more sought after?
It makes a nice decoration to hang on the wall
Are they actually calling it that now? So we need to refer to it as OJCP instead of SCJP? :P
well when I signed up for it it was SCJP
11:40 AM
Being certified by an organization that so devalues developers, both inside and out of its own company, is kind of a joke :/
what what what what
why would a company devalue its own developers?
they are an asset
Not to Oracle.
They don't even have proper senior roles in the company, Sun developers that got moved in took many pay and title cuts.
The best simply left.
Ever seen Larry Ellison doing a Steve Balmer?
No, I thought not. ;)
11:43 AM
Glad you didn't miss out the 'a' then.
hm, oracle has got sympathically to me, since I read some articles about there work on mysql and postgresql as an open src project. they are not that bad.
They own MySQL, they have to work on it. At the same time, they are ending all the low-end support contract offerings for MySQL. All companies that want commercial MySQL will have to buy one of the most expensive contracts.
Microsoft commited some drivers to the Linux kernel. they are not that bad
has anyone here used Universe databases?
11:47 AM
it used to be an IBM product
Not I
The squirrels have woken.
Ugh... I guess I should be happy that I've already logged into SO and meta.
I cannot use OpenID to log into anything - I think from the long URL.
@ErickRobertson from work?
yeah, it's a firewall thing, no?
11:52 AM
Why do companies insist on content firewalls?
to protect us from the nekkid
I wouldn't want to work somewhere that filters the internet.
like China
they don't filter much. just sex & gambling, pretty much
nothing I ever cared aobut
What if I need to access porn for work-related purposes?
11:53 AM
then you're not working here :)
What if I need to access porn on my lunch break?
@dan I am java developer , According to me there is no Java API provide by both side.
I'm sure I could get an exception... but what do I tell them about SO? Do they need to remove my long URL limit?
@VaibhavBhalke You're just sending an HTTP POST request. You don't need a whole library for that. It's like two lines of code in Java.
of course, the reality is - I'm already logged into SO and meta (and chat), so I really only need it for the new boardgames.SO
11:59 AM
@ErickRobertson, and that's going to be a bit more difficult to defend :) Get yourself an exception for StackExchange, that'll work better
just check if the url of your openid provider isn't checked (gmail.com for example) - because depending on what filter software is used, that'll block even if it's just in the query string
12:31 PM
hurrah my new graphics card just arrived. now I can see my left 4 dead friendly fire in glorious technicolour
@thegravytalker \o/
@thegravytalker So before that it was B&W for you? :P
That was one pretty lame graphic card he had.
Though you don't really need all that beefy a graphics card for L4D
It still uses the Half-life 2 engine
Somewhat improved, but still the same
@YiJiang it was like playing on an Atari ST
12:38 PM
At least, it wasn't in black and green.
but now I can put all the settings on AWESOME
1:03 PM
@THOmas Hi
welcome man
1:23 PM
ext.js 4 is coming. how. exciting
2:48 PM
Hi guys
I have canvas in which there are many bitmaps are already drawn ...

Now i want to change only one image by next image in an array after interval...
the problem is when i change any bitmap in canvas the previous state of canvas is lost that means initially whatever images i have loaded was wiping out...
@Hunt You should really be asking your questions on SO proper
Chat isn't very suitable for finding Q&A
@Yi Jiang well i have posted this question but no one is answering and i didnt get any way to solve it here is the link

anybody Java guys here. need some help. stackoverflow.com/questions/3988765/…
@Hunt Post that link on it's own so that chat can put in a preview there
Like this:
Q: show bitmap on a regular interval on canvas

HuntI am using android and i have an array of bitmap and i want to show these bitmaps on a regular interval on canvas one after another at the same place/position. can anyone suggesting me the road map to do this ? Note: My canvas has multiple bitmaps & later on i will set this canvas a wallpa...

3:11 PM
@salman I'll post yours here too:
Q: converting a String to UTF8 format

salmanHi, I java code, i am having a string name = "örebro"; // its a swedish character. But when i use this name in web application. i prints some specail character at 'Ö' character. Is there anyway i can use the same character as it is in "örebro". i did some thing like this but does not worke...

I can't see how to add a bounty to my question, how do I do that?
@Griff Have you given the question two days? Also, do you already have an active bounty?
I think so.
no active bounties. First time to use this feature.
I guess it hasn't been 2 days.
@Griff Check the timestamp for the exact time
Ok, looking at a different question that was posted on Oct 14th. I still don't see any visual indicator to add a bounty.
3:19 PM
questions getting lost! to generalize..information getting lost on the web..how do we solve this?
@Griff Hmmm... it should be under the add comment button
@Griff in the FAQ "Place a bounty by clicking on the start a bounty button. It is found below the question's comment area."
@SaM Can you erm... be a little more specific about your problem?
Got it. I see it now.
Could stand out a bit more..?
FWIW, I LOVE this site.
@Griff It's already a bit of an eyesore in my opinion :P
Once you know where it is, you can't miss it
3:21 PM
no, if it stood out more, people would be placing bounties willy-nilly. then where woul we be?
Good morning everyine
some with Qt experience here?
<--- with some experience
Q: How can I add a package to Qt

oDxI downloaded a package called QtIOCompressor, I need to use the functionality like zipping a directory gzipping a directory etc etc in a application I am coding. But I dont know how to add this package into Qt or how to configure this package by which i can use it with my application which i may ...

Can you pls tell me how to do that?
3:44 PM
You're a Java guy, aren't you?
java, no! why?
what gave you that idea? :o
3:59 PM
you gone? can you please tell me how to do that?
@PavelShved ^^
4:15 PM
@oDx you name libraries "packages", that's Javy
@oDx I think you should just read a couple of basic Qt tutorials for the system you're using (windows7), and follow them.
@oDx as for a precise answer, I don't know one.
4:52 PM
Alright, who has been naughty flagging:
3 hours ago, by dzen
Anybody an avid cucumber user here?
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