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2:59 AM
@compski lies! :-o
@ashTon it depends on your schema. How is the hierarchy represented in your setup?
@Shyuan I never caught you yesterday. Are you around today?
7 hours later…
10:28 AM
@TehShrike,here is my structure
CREATE TABLE `geneology` (
	`parentid` INT(11) NOT NULL,
	`memberid` INT(11) NOT NULL,
	`position` CHAR(1) NOT NULL
parentid    memberid            position

0             1

1             5                    L

1             6                    R

5             7                    L

5             8                     R

7             9                     L

7             10                    R
@TehShrike,still around ?
I am creating multivlevel project ,and this is my first time to handle this kind of project.
4 hours later…
2:22 PM
@ashTon That's the adjacency list style of recording a hierarchy. It is limited because in many RDBMSs, including MySQL, there is no way to query all descendants/ancestors of a given record without running N queries.
4 hours later…
6:28 PM
@TehShrike,what do you mean running N queries ?...about the nested set model I really want to use that but I'm getting problem to understand on adding records.
@TehShrike,yes I'm using MySQL,this is my problem I'm stuck on this project of using adjacency list...I'm just confuse on the numbering of nodes in nested set model.

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