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@HostileFork Its one of those things were I'd grasp it immediately on paper, but not described to me.
@iceflow19 Come now. You see the sphere. It is concentrated. It expands. But it does so without a requirement of elasticity; it's just jointed, right?
There's no rubberbandedness
It's just collapsed joints that when expanded expands
"Each layer of nanotech rectangular hobermann prism accounts for the missing space in the other layers" This is whats throwing my mental image off.
@iceflow19 Well slow me down and let's go back to you watching the video and absorbing, what I assume is you understanding how a Hobermann sphere works.
I'm just trying to say, no elasticity, just joints.
One nice thing about being "just joints" is that we are building all kinds of crazy nano now that is very good at doing this, and if you haven't been following the graphene work, it's slick stuff
So to speak :-)
Ya and I understand that. Perhaps we're quantifying the same concept diferently.
language argh
All right, let's stick to the sphere then
@iceflow19 You could write a computer program, couldn't you, that if a light were on every joint of the sphere know the position of the light based on knowledge of the expansion distance?
7:04 AM
The sphere flexes through a very predictable range of motion, from it's compressed to expanded state.
And, if you have a sensor of some kind, you can know in 3D where every joint is.
Now just make a small mental leap
It's not a sphere, it's a rectangular prism.
Same basic idea
Now, stack them
Layer them, so that when they expand, they have different formulas... e.g. the points that would be gaps in the other layers are node points in their expansion
Points that would be vacant in the prism above, are occupied in the prism below
Now, project your image by way of knowledge of the expansion
Meet an iphone that can be collapsed up and down to an ipad
Contingent on some carbon nanofiber stuff, but it's about to come
I see what your saying.
Well, you can build a prototype and patent it even if you're 2-3 years away from it being built
Except, you might say "hold on, what's the catch?" :-)
7:08 AM
Correct, Mr Used Cars Salesman :)
could implement it now with today's tech to make giant billboard displays from something you can carry under your arm
These things always kind of trip me out
I wondered for a long time, why can they stretch big and small but constant mass?
Turns out to be pretty simple.
I still admittedly sometimes get hung up on nuclear
Like "oh no, I won't read up enough to understand it"
Well, at some point I have to.
@HostileFork the only thing is that the sphere gets larger radially out from a point, but I'm not sure how a cubic layout would work if you expect inter-pixel distances to remain uniform for a given size
@Adrian It will have skew
But human eyes are forgiving, that's why CRTs work
@HostileFork Yep
7:15 AM
personally, I think physical display hardware has its days numbered
@Adrian I'm emboldened by having seen them, so I assume, that despite my weakness in topology that what happens is that the skew twists the prism as it flattens, and the thing is there's just enough layers that you can adjust the skew
One skew accounting for the other
@iceflow19 sorry, I get this way sometimes, when I feel frustrated and think "maybe I have a message for the youth of today" :-)
I probably don't. Ren Garden is the thing I'm supposed to work on, when I don't drift.
People are being receptive. I shouldn't defocus.
@HostileFork Its fine. My trouble is that people say I think to much, whether its philosophy, science or whatever.
I just died laughing.
We aim to please. (And/or kill you.)
7:22 AM
Anyway, so if we can take the focus away from nanotech ipad/iphone stretchy things
Which BTW, is probably worth more than what we're working on here
What should the Ren Garden / RenCpp video be about
Adrian says 20 minutes is acceptable for the length
I was thinking 15
@HostileFork this page shows a cube that expands, but what I imagine would work better for a display wouldn't expand in the way shown here. The diagonals would, but the rest of the cube could be filled in with parallel sectional planes where the scaling happens only along the plane.
@Adrian Hey good link, I knew there must be one
Hadn't found that
So odds are, as with most things, you'd build it out of cells
Any where between 15-20 is fine, but I might go with the shorter.
The idea of some large rectangular prism schematic, is probably too much inspired by seeing the sphere and thinking "oh you could build it that way"
What you'd do is you'd make those cells in a grid, at some granularity
The "elasticity" as it were, comes from the edges
So the only elastic part is on the frame
7:27 AM
swat I was trying to convey
well, the inside of the frame needs to be able to scale, but only along the plane of the particular frame
Well, there are those pointer things
They're not nanotech, but you could use similar ideas.
They're concentric and kind of lock in to have a range of extension.
I bet, there are better ideas than that, I'm just throwing it out there.
My experience with those gadgets does make me think "there must be better" because if that was what was on the frame it would be too sticky, and as I said I have used these, so I'm reverse engineering them
They weren't sticky
Still, my point about physical display hardware going the way of the dodo still stands. Microsoft's HoloLens (and Magic Leap's tech) are just the beginning of this
Eh. Hands, feet, eyes
Dodo stuff
Some people like dodos. Go figure.
I have no argument if you're going to say "let's all stop playing", in fact, sometimes I say that.
Eh I wouldn't rule out augmented reality tech yet.
8:29 AM
Perhaps twisting the rules, but I started a new answer to the Codegolf question to which @draegtun provided an answer: codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/44680/…
The argument I give is that I want to showcase some features unique to Rebol 2 (draegtun's answer is specific to Rebol 3), but of course my motivation is to make Rebol come up twice in the list :-)
So it would be nice if you could all vote for that one. Though I don't think I can count on @HostileFork for a vote on Rebol 2 :-P ;-)
@mydoghasworms -2
@mydoghasworms I think, people only have a little bit of patience for Rebol, one has to not feel like you're spamming them... I'd personally not go this direction, just because attention is limited
We have a lot of Rebol 2 / Rebol 3 / Red questions, where it doesn't feel like a "unified front", and I am sort of notorious for saying the unified front is important, but also saying the unified front should be my ideas :-)
@HostileFork It's an experiment. You cannot say if it's going to fail or succeed upfront. But you bring up an interesting point for that challenge. If an answer has negative votes, what code samples are they allowed to provide then? And if someone comes and downvotes and existing answer, are they required to remove their examples?
@mydoghasworms Well obviously I did not actually downvote you. You're welcome to try your theory, I'm just giving you my thought.
@HostileFork Ahem! Aren't you the person that told me the other day not to use Rebol 2? That does not feel very unified to me :-(
@mydoghasworms Well, the thing about Rebol 2 that I think many people found to be something that wasn't really a negotiable deal in the modern age... is the black box closed source nature.
Some have bemoaned that Carl open sourced Rebol 3, as an advancement in his thinking with unicode and apparently some ways in which it is factored, but not Rebol 2.
I would imagine they share a lot of code, in general. You can probably line up Rebol2 and Rebol3 code pretty well.
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9:58 AM
@mydoghasworms ic. yes multiple answer for each language are allowed. So go ahead.
Have added Rebol 3 note to my entry (remember its Community Wiki, so anyone can amend it).
@draegtun OK thanks, I did not know that you could have multiple answers per language.
Haven't checked again but I recall it being mentioned.
BTW... +1
A: Showcase your language one vote at a time [experimental challenge]

mydoghaswormsRebol 2 Note: There is already an answer for Rebol, but it is specific to Rebol 3, which has some significant differences. I wanted to highlight some of the features that are unique to Rebol 2 as these deserve a mention. Factoid: Rebol stands for "Relative Expression Based Object Language". It ...

10:54 AM
@draegtun Ta. ;-)
I have updated the Wikipedia article on Homoiconicity to add an example with Rebol. I think Rebol demonstrates it more neatly than Lisp.
Perhaps the example could be improved, but it demonstrates the concept: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homoiconicity#Homoiconicity_in_Rebol
11:34 AM
I just realized, after editing the Wikipedia entry that my assumption about function parameters is incorrect. I guess I could leave that part out altogether as it is not material for the example and explanation. Perhaps someone could QA what I wrote there and improve it?
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