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12:22 AM
Well, good to see they recovered the last Corvette from the sinkhole at the Corvette museum. :-/
Now they're going to need a Corvette Museum Museum to put it in.
In other news, the LADEE project demo'd using lasers to communicate with the moon. 622 megabits per second down, and 20 Mbps up. Don't report the ping time though.
Speed of light boundary would be 1.3 seconds
12:38 AM
@HostileFork sounds like my internet needs an upgrade
>> source cd
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
cd: make function! [[
    "Change directory (shell shortcut function)."
    'path [file! word! path! unset! string!] "Accepts %file, :variables and just words (as dirs)"
    switch type?/word :path [
        unset! [print what-dir]
        file! [change-dir path]
        string! [change-dir to-rebol-file path]
        word! path! [change-dir to-file path]
1:14 AM
@GrahamChiu That falls into another "too abbreviated to be in scripts" category for my tastes.
I want to use that in Rebmu for COPY/DEEP
>> source change-dir
; Brought to you by: tryrebol.esperconsultancy.nl
change-dir: make native! [[
    "Changes the current directory path."
    path [file!]
That CD and CHANGE-DIR aren't even the same thing is even weirder.
@HostileFork I used cd in a script, got an error, and changed to using change-dir
Just was wondering why that happened
2:05 AM
@HostileFork Happy Birthday!
@GrahamChiu Almost. :-)
In this timezone .. already
I have this issue with my bro who was born in NZ, but lives in the USA. So he celebrates his birthday by USA calendar but he's out by one day if we look at his birth place
My present I got myself:
A cheaper variant, actually
But same difference.
nuclear fission device?
Close. Solar powered LED outdoor lamp.
When I got here the former (now fired) yard guy had accidentally weed-wacked the existing lamp
2:11 AM
@HostileFork shouldn't smoke the weed
And I set out to try and fix the problem, and it was very difficult. Hardware standards and software standards, parallel problems.
How many lumens?
Outdoor lamp posts are now standardized to 3" diameter
Not much. It's not particularly bright. I'd call it more decorative than truly informing you about the path upon which you are walking.
the problem I find with most of these solar powered LEDs is that their battery storage is insufficient for winter hours
Well it's better than bashed glass covered with plastic wrap and exposed electrical wires
So I'll take it.
2:13 AM
Lucky the gardener didn't electrocute himself
Anyway, the wiring here is terrible, and so although there is wiring to use there... capping the wires and going with a solar solution is probably better. Saves on electricity, and means that if there are any wiring problems or issues the question of keeping this weird and hard to access buried power line working isn't a concern.
No electrical ground, Edison fuses, all the wires are just twisted together and wrapped in electrical tape
I'd never seen anyone just twist together wires and wrap it in electrical tape. Literally never seen it until here. I didn't realize people did that.
I did that for my bathroom fan
Guess I just don't have that much confidence in electrical tape. Especially over time.
What's in the adhesive?
> Experiments were conducted combining new plasticizers with the white, flour-like vinyl resin. Finally, in January 1946, inventors Snell, Oace, and Eastwold of 3M applied for a patent for a vinyl electrical tape with a plasticizer system and non-sulfur-based rubber adhesive that were compatible. The first commercially available version of the tape was sold for use as a wire-harness wrapping.
Well having seen in changing lightbulbs burn marks from where they were the weak link, there must be a voltage/temp limit for aged tape, especially when it's old tape
It seems those junctions are the weak links, not like... copper melting in the middle of the wire
2:23 AM
Which reminds me .. I need to rewire my house as it uses old black rubber insulation
Making some progress on the editor. Can do a find now, a cd to the directory where the file is, reload file, run file
it would be nice to have a timer to allow me to see if the file on disk has changed and offer to reload it
Needs some integrated help on functions
Waiting for the focus issue to be resolved to do a search/replace
2:48 AM
Graphic Design StackExchange has evolved into the thing I wanted to exist back when I used to argue with people on LiveJournal or LogoPond about graphics.
Those people were awful. I should make a YouTube video about them.
I kept all the conversations.
This is moderated, I guess the question is, are the moderators any good? We shall see.
3:19 AM
>> message-rule: [
	<event_type> quote 1 (print 'ok1) |
	<time_stamp> set timestamp integer! (print 'ok2) |
	<content> set content string! (print 'ok3) |
	<id> integer! |
	<user_id> set person-id integer! (print 'ok4) |
	<user_name> set user-name string! (print 'ok5) |
	<room_id> integer! (print 'ok6) |
	<room_name> string! (print 'ok7) |
	<message_id> set message-id integer! (print 'ok8) |
	<parent_id> set parent-id integer! |
	<show_parent> logic! |
	tag! skip |

msg: [
	<event_type> 1
I guess rebolbot won't cope with all those < >
anyone can see why my parse rule ain't working?
3:41 AM
Grrr.. .another call from Microsoft technical support department
oh dear .. losing neurons. Need to use some
Do we have a place to store the user name and email as we did in Rebol 2 ?
user.r I guess
but where to store it?
Easter Sunday here ...
4:09 AM
My phone just went all buzzy and ran the vibrate function for no apparent reason
@HostileFork NSA ?
Or alarm?
SO chat client is back to retrieving messages. Now to get message posting working again.
Now if I can only remember what my SO password is ...
4:37 AM
Should compose/deep recursively compose until there are no more substitutions?
I did a compose/deep on a block, but replaced one of the paren'd regions with another block containing more paren'd words
Oh well, need to do some wiresharking here
5:07 AM
@GrahamChiu Compose/Deep never gets involved with the results of evaluating a paren. If It did, that could get weird.
X: does [make paren! [X]]
Compose/deep/recurse [(x)]
Or something Along those lines.
@johnk disappointingly the cookies I get back don't seem to be enough to be logged in yet. Perhaps you can compare with the perl script to see why.
5:25 AM
Krishna, Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala, India
706 3 24
Welcome to the Rebol and Red room. See our FAQ. Cool, you have a reputation score of 706 so chat away!
5:36 AM
@Adrian where are you these days?
@GrahamChiu so that worked ... using cookies pasted in from wireshark
oh well, have to sort this out another day.
5:56 AM
Testing control-enter
3 hours later…
8:31 AM
posted on April 21, 2014 by qtxie

TESTS: Add tests for TO-HEX native.

8:43 AM
So, does the scroller move when a new message arrives?
Seems not
Welcome to the Rebol and Red room. See our FAQ. Cool, you have a reputation score of 55 so chat away!
Q: How to use Finger Swipe in List View

Pooja RoyHie Friends. I have one Horizontal ListView containing images. Now I want to move next Image when User Swipe on the Screen. My problem is normally when User Swipe on screen Lots of Item of List is moved on Screen. I want to bind that Item. If user Swipe on screen only next Item should be Displ...

@giuliolunati have you found anything useful to do with the sl4a ?
hmm. Hope my prog is not sending duplicate messages.
9:10 AM
Hi Graham! I think SL4A may be useful... for now I got clipboard :-P
But also txt-to speech.
Think major concerns with SL4A are with security.
But not just for personal use?
@GrahamChiu I'm managing to get a Rebol4Android interpreter apk, like Python4Android
@giuliolunati when available?
@GrahamChiu Who knows :-) Less than 1 month I hope. But if you are interested in playing with it I can make sort of "frugal install" in days.
@giuliolunati if frugal means I don't need a PhD, then I'm for it.
Hmm. My client is putting an @user for replies ...
Hmm. My client is putting an @user for replies ...
9:18 AM
@GrahamChiu Haha! Not PhD, only open SL4A shell and copy some files
@GrahamChiu Are you using your client now?
@giuliolunati yeah ... :(
Needs a bit of debugging I see.
@GrahamChiu Very good! +1
Needs a better message view .. currently using a text-table which is only one line per message and no line wrap :(
I think we need sort of "rebol package", not only for Android, but for Linux also.
Interpreter + config file + some essential libraries like altxml, altjson... + offline docs maybe
@giuliolunati why not an installer?
It's easy enough for a rebol binary to download all the files it needs.
Added a feature to prevent resending the same message.
Added a feature to prevent resending the same message.
oops :(
9:38 AM
@GrahamChiu Good idea! for Android is ok. But I wonder if exists some .deb or .rpm or so for Linux?
@GrahamChiu can you point to me your client?
I stopped work on it a year ago so this version I'm using now has only been updated in the last few hours. github.com/gchiu/RSOChat/blob/master/rsochat.r3
So, once I have it working better I'll upload to the repo.
So, once I have it working better I'll upload to the repo.
@GrahamChiu Well, when you'll update public version I'm interested in trying it!
@giuliolunati sure
Stopped work on it last year because there was a bug in the event handling which crashed the client after 30 mins to a few hours. But this was eventually fixed. So, now I'm back again.
@giuliolunati Ok, just pushed what I have .. warts and all.
Good luck!
10:00 AM
any one here knows wcf?
@DholakiyaAnkit not me
@DholakiyaAnkit This is a rebol language room ...
10:15 AM
@DholakiyaAnkit not, sorry!
@giuliolunati you'll need a tool to grab your stackoverflow cookies
Such as live http headers which is a firefox addon

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