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2:03 AM
posted on May 26, 2017 by @gchiu

@gchiu wrote: This is a new user function do <changelog> and used as changelog-at rebol/commit which takes your browser to the commit associated with the binary you are using. Unlike the GitHub commit which does not change, it is hoped that the rebolchat notes will be updated by their authors. It only looks at the last 10 commit notices by

2:21 AM
posted on May 26, 2017 by @gchiu

@gchiu wrote: do we need to do this already? meta.discourse.org How do I update my Docker image to latest? We update our Docker image for security releases and other library updates. These updates are not picked up in admin/upgrade To update SSH into your web server using putty or your favorite SSH client. cd /var/discour

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3:57 AM
posted on May 26, 2017 by @gchiu

@gchiu wrote: github.com discourse/discourse-akismet discourse-akismet - give spam a whoopin Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

4:09 AM
Build cda7cdb on 26-May-2017/4:05:46Z is now available for download. Please use debug builds and report issues. No warranty of fitness is implied.
These are the direct links for OSX x64, Win x64, Linux x64, and Android-arm.
Crap, getting "managed series was likely created during evaluator tick: 100338" on this build
Was it me who broke this?!
posted on May 26, 2017 by @gchiu

@gchiu wrote: C Source File ../src/os/host-main.c, Line 859 Series VARLIST detected. ...and that VARLIST is of an ERROR!... ** PROBE() tick 100338 ../src/core/d-crash.c:126 make error! [ [self: code type id message near where arg1 FILE LINE] [ code: 3000 type: Script id: no-value message: [:arg1 "has no value"]

4:50 AM
posted on May 26, 2017 by gchiu

As of this commit 58d6d5b

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7:15 AM
@GrahamChiu - Is this what needs testing? gist.github.com/rgchris/298424c071710b5cb1d3e922c1ed7987
or is there something more recent?
7:28 AM
@draegtun I think it's this one:
import raw.githubusercontent.com/rgchris/Scripts/master/ren-c/…

server: open [
	scheme: 'httpd 8080 [
		probe request/action
		switch request/action [
			"GET /hello" [
				response/status: 200
				response/type: "text/plain"
				response/content: "Hello!"

wait _
This version contains the TRAP when writing the response and indeed it still bombs out with 'uncaught signal #13'.
@rgchris - It crashes with following error...
** Access error: cannot connect: [scheme: 'tcp] reason: 48
** Where: open --anonymous-- open do catch either either --anonymous-- do trap either --anonymous--
** Near: server/locals/subport open server/locals/subport ??
This is using r3 built 3 days ago + old r3-0f831cb pre-built binary
Running OS X 10.9.5
8:20 AM
posted on May 26, 2017 by draegtun

Tightened what to-dir, get-home-path & get-resources-path can return Have to cover that exists? returns word file or dir Fixes #523

8:31 AM
@rgchris this isn't trapped though write client append make binary! 0 collect [

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