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Q: Rebuilding a nested ViewModel on !ModelState.IsValid

LostInComputerWhat are good strategies for rebuilding/enriching a nested or complex ViewModel? A common way to rebuild a flat ViewModel is shown here But building and rebuilding a nested ViewModel using that method is too complex. Models public class PersonInfo { public int Id { get; set; } publi...

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@Billdr o/
Not much. Just learned that sometimes 15% and 85% adds up to 101% in CSS-land.
haha are you a designer?
No... personal project
9:47 AM
oh....as a freelancer?
No, this is a site for me that I am doing for fun.
Good where are you from?
as opposed to professional project
oh cool man
Internet at the office died. Bbiab.
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10:21 AM
Anybody know how can i update cookie expiration time ?
"CookieUpdate()" ?
10:57 AM
I guess you could just set it again
unless you're talking about making a permanent change, like... moving it from a 3 hour expatriation to 15 minutes for all sessions.
i want to create an action that update the expiration time of the user cookie
say that action is :

public void UpdateCookie()
//here i want to set the expiration time of the user cookie.

Whats should i write inside the action ?
A: Modifying a Cookie's Value in a HttpHandler

carlbensonTry adding .Value context.Response.Cookies["user_id"].Value = user.ID.ToString();

11:27 AM
This is how the cookie is called in the MVC "["user_id"]" ? because i don't know what i need to write inside the [] to get the cookie that the mvc has set..
i could overwrite it how i want and it will refresh the cookie time expiration ? with what so ever in the [ ] ?

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