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1:04 PM
@NikiC: a few of the operator tests fail after the last pull, and I'm not sure why. I've traced it to somewhere in iteration, but not sure where...
1:26 PM
my eyes! >.< stackoverflow.com/questions/14196850/… can someone with rep delete this? Apparently he can't delete his own post.
@DaveRandom ok, thought that was just for questions, not answers.
@crypticツ None of the supporting systems (backlog, browser plugin) understand answer links (yet) but people do pay attention to them
lol the guy has a quality nick
1:32 PM
retarded you mean
hahaha is he raging because someone downvoted his question?
lol, he just earned the 'Investor' badge for spending his rep on a random question. He's offering 200 rep to whoever wants it.
@Lusitanian yes. yes I am :-)
1:50 PM
Lol, suspension ends: Oct 3rd, 2015 :o
Hi people :)
2:04 PM
Hi guys, any experts on PHP/jQuery/AJAX around? Need some help, my question is kind of dying a.t.m. stackoverflow.com/questions/14195792/… Could you please look into this? Thanks in advance!
@MaxvanHeiningen try to use debug tool in firebug..step by step
I actually had to reverse engineer the source code of FF in order to beat it, but I have done it.
@PeeHaa We have a working auto-update routine for FF.
@Jimbo Cached version of his profile - looks like he definitely raged about downvotes. Didn't look like a terribly active member to begin with webcache.googleusercontent.com/…
@MikeB He has a point though "..if you anonymously down vote a question and it begins to receive up votes, your down vote is standing against the reputation of your peers."
But, I guess that's the point of being able to vote. It's a VOTE
@DaveRandom woot woot
2:12 PM
I don't think this question makes sense
Q: How does similar_text work

Hugo DelsingI just found the similar_text function and was playing around with it, but the percentage output always suprises me. See the examples below. I tried to find information on the algorithm used as mentioned on php: similar-text <?php $p = 0; similar_text('aaaaaaaaaa', 'aaaaa', $p); echo $p . "...

He asks how something works then posts the source for it..
I smell blog post
@Oyeme thanks for the advice, just tried it; all it gave me were a couple of errors on the validation checks, however after taking them out it still wouldn't post anything to the register.php
@Jimbo imho that screams immaturity. I've lived by the silent rule: Don't complain about downvotes to anyone ever.. if you're getting downvoted beyond a threshold you're personally comfortable with - delete the content.
@PeeHaa Only 5 or so violations of the W3C standards they claim to based it on. In the end I actually had to modify several modules in the FF source and recompile to get it to show me how the signatures were different, then reverse engineer the 3rd party perl script to confirm why they were different and adjust my algo accordingly. I've only wasted around 12 hrs of my life though, which is not bad for Mozilla.
@DaveRandom i think the question does not make sense ....
2:16 PM
@MikeB I agree, it is rather childish to complain about downvotes to such a degree. My threshold tends to be -1, and then I'll delete my question ;)
And if what he said were true.. there would never be any conflicting votes
My latest question has a -1, queue deletion in 3.. 2.. 1..
Yeah, that's what I said - it's a vote
Thanks for pointing that out - made my morning :D
@DaveRandom The real problem with SO is, if you take a few DVs, then improve your question, nobody revisits to remove them or convert to UVs
posted on January 07, 2013 by Brandon Savage

One of my favorite (and one of the best) conferences in PHP is the php[tek] Conference, held annually in Chicago. This year, the conference is under new management, being led by Musketeers Eli White, Sandy Smith, Kevin Bruce and Oscar Merida. The conference is being held May 14th – 17th. Right now, the conference’s call [...]

2:20 PM
@MikeB Should have just kept his account on and had all us serial-downvote all his questions and answers.
sounds like trouble
@Leigh Misdirected ping?
@DaveRandom yea sorry, was for @MikeB above yours
@ircmaxell I didn't do any commits recently. Or did I break something earlier already?
I didn't have time to do anything. I'm way too busy swearing at the guy who implemented those fucking traits
really traits are such a shit, they make everything 50x more complicated
@PeeHaa loooooool
Ah, the first real workday of the new year. Back to the regular routine.
Traits are really stupid. Any time you think you need traits you're wrong.
@Leigh That's what sympathy votes are for! If you play your cards right.. you can get more net-rep with sympathy votes vs normal organic votes
@NikiC and, nobody uses them
2:30 PM
Post a question on meta about how you're being treated unfairly and Boom! Rep cap hit.
@rdlowrey Where the hell have you been? I thought you had forsaken us :-P
Happy New Year and all that jazz
@DaveRandom Nah, holidays always throw me out of my normal routine. Thanks and happy NYE to you as well!
Hey it's the one and only @rdlowrey
^ All that radiation from the tanning bed has mutated my insides to the point that I really am unique.
@rdlowrey They're stupid, nobody uses them and they have left their heritage of ugly, hacky and bloated code in the PHP core
2:33 PM
@NikiC Then it sounds like they fit right in with the rest of the PHP source :)
@rdlowrey Absolutely not. Imagine the usual PHP source. Now make it 10 times worse. That's how traits look like ;)
Q: PDO database error

Madsclass database { private $dbh; private $error; private $stmt; public function __construct() { $dsn ='mysql:host='.DB_HOST.';dbname='.DB_NAME; $options = array(PDO::ATTR_PERSISTENT => true, PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE => PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION ); try { $t...

@PeeHaa && @DaveRandom How's the coming along?
I wish queries could read my mind too
27 mins ago, by DaveRandom
@PeeHaa We have a working auto-update routine for FF.
2:36 PM
Traits are by far the biggest mistake PHP made in recent years.
@NikiC elaborate
@Gordon Isn't it obvious?
@DaveRandom Your use of "Working" sounds like my use of "stable."
@Gordon why?
@NikiC the main mistake I see with traits is that they are not runtime bindable, which renders them mostly useless
@rdlowrey In general it's working, just a little bit of tidying up to do and we can release. Just waiting on @PeeHaa to sort his server out for hosting :-P
2:37 PM
traits it's like a hack..but it's ok.
@Gordon See, you got it ;) Totally useless feature with lots of complications
@rdlowrey Yeh it's more "proof of concept"/"got the PHP routine right" at the moment. I have just successfully performed an auto update between two builds that are identical except version number in manifest though
@NikiC well then, change it. I asked you to do so twice already ;)
@NikiC: agree
2:41 PM
@Gordon How are those traits in Scala called again?
How would a valid query look like? — Mads 34 secs ago
@NikiC Traits
hehe such sarcasm:
Wow Neal, that solved the problem! Your magic words did it... not — Mads 29 secs ago
@grmpyprogrammer @nikita_ppv His point is that in other languages Traits are composed at runtime a la: $foo = new Bar use SomeTrait;
@Gordon You posted some link once where there was a good explanation of how they work. But I can't find it anymore ^^
2:48 PM
which is the first SERP when googling scala traits btw ;D
lol @Neal
@Gordon No, emphasis is on good
val b = new Bar with Foo <-- in scala
2:49 PM
Well you might help me instead of being an ass.. — Mads 53 secs ago
@ircmaxell Btw, I wanted to suggest the thing about putting the docblock parser in a separate class too. you were faster ^^
I've not had a chance to use traits - nor a language that implements them.. Am I wrong in thinking that they would be useful in the case where I want to quickly implement plugins/helpers for a class?
@Gordon Yes, that's it
@NikiC I would support it in SPL. In reflection or elsewhere in core I won't support it...
2:51 PM
@NikiC ok. still on the first page though ;D
$_plugins property, addPlugin(), removePlugin(), getPlugin(), clearPlugins() - seems like those could be bundled nicely into a trait
@MikeB Seems. But that type of functionality is generally better implemented as a mediator...
@Gordon Would it be right if I said that scala traits are a language-assisted decoration pattern?
@NikiC no, decorators make you lose the type of the decorated instance
their biggest drawback btw
@Gordon good point
@Gordon their?
2:55 PM
their === decorators
otherwise I'd decorate everything
so scala traits are an improved way to do decoration :D
well, not exactly. the point of decoration usually is to change certain existing functionality while traits add new stuff. kinda like adding crosscutting concerns
although. let me check the description again
> You want to add behavior or state to individual objects at run-time. Inheritance is not feasible because it is static and applies to an entire class.
yeah, kinda decorator like
@Gordon though scala's trait's are stackable. So they can be used just as well for decorational purposes
Having a bit of fun with PHPPHP: http://www.pdf-archive.com/2013/01/07/phpphp/phpphp.pdf (visualization of php.php -r '$a = 1; $b = 2; print $a + $b;')
@Gordon No, only the class type. Decorators still conform to the decorated interface
@ircmaxell yes, though we could discuss whether an interface is a type :)
3:00 PM
@ircmaxell Wouldn't you have to re-define the functionality every time? Seems like traits saves you from writing these common 1-2 line methods. i.e. public function addPlugin($name, $plugin) { $this->_plugins[$name] = $plugin; }
@Gordon Absolutely...
@MikeB No, because it doesn't make sense for the class to accept plugins. The class emits events, and the mediator does the rest...
In a perfect world the sourcecode of the real PHP interpreter would be as readable as the sourcecode of PHPPHP.
@ircmaxell That's why people use PHP and not C ^^
@ircmaxell On the other hand, in a perfect world PHPPHP wouldn't be 100x slower than PHP :P
I think in a perfect world PHP would simply be implemented in C++ and as such be just as fast while being as readable as implemented in PHP :P
@ircmaxell you are famous even more famous now :D
@ircmaxell can't we just serialize the executor base state?
3:07 PM
@NikiC even faster, since there wouldn't need to be as many pointer fubar
@NikiC Well, I think it needs to be refactored. Requiring an object for every function may be a bit... much
@NikiC HipHop for PHPPHP
@ircmaxell good point
@ircmaxell Bad for mem?
@NikiC bad for mem and performance
@ircmaxell I'd still start by serializing the base state. A bit like real PHP would do :D
@NikiC Well, I think that's the latter step. I think ideally we should create the support for lazy-loading functions. So we just register the name, and then if it's called by the code it's loaded (could be done in the InternalProxy class without too much difficulty)
@ircmaxell sounds good to me
@NikiC My recent tests show it being 1000 times (from within code itself, using a benchmark code)
@ircmaxell :D
the bad thing is I doubt that we could optimize it by a lot
but one could look into it
@NikiC Yeah, it just requires splitting out each function into its own file. Not hard with the shim, but pita with the other extensions...
@NikiC Well, there is one thing we could do... Remove the stack push on the executor for each line...
Just in case anyone's interested: adobe are giving away Photoshop CS2 free: gizmodo.co.uk/2013/01/…
3:10 PM
@ircmaxell hm, one function per file doesn't sound like a good idea
@NikiC Well, we would only need it for the shim extension. The others can still functiona st hey do
I though you were referring to the internal functions we load in
@Jimbo Old, but still can be useful :) Thanks
Planet PHP
Force wordpress sub categories to use the same template of the parent category
Hasin Hayder
posted on January 07, 2013 by Anthony Ferrara

When was the last time you were silly? Well, more specifically, when was the last time that you wrote code that was downright silly? I'm not talking about writing code that's dirty, or hacking something together. I'm talking about writing code that you know before writing won't work, or is wrong or is just plain silly... I'm talking about the kind of code that you think that if you show other d

@ircmaxell I think it would be a real PITA lateron
Really annoying to put hundreds and thousands functions in their own files
3:12 PM
Some please urge to drop this hasin.me website from Feeds, I'm getting sick of it... "WordPress is a beautiful cms, from top to bottom, for both the developers or authors."
@NikiC Yes, but the shim is auto generated. So no need to do it manually (just rm *.php, php rebuild.php)
@Jimbo Thanks for the heads up
@ircmaxell I'd prefer some cleaner solution
Man SPL Exceptions are a mess. I never know what to use, the lines are so blurry.
What I'm thinking is use our current opcode structure to generate a gigantic switch statement that inlines the code for each opline. So we're basically using the oplines as implemented to generate the executor, which is just ran as normal php code...
3:13 PM
@ircmaxell I assume that the overhead is not from PHP parsing all those functions anyway, right?
@NikiC My guess is that it's from instantiating InternalProxy like 1400 times...
and ParamData like 4000 times
@Feeds someone drop that ircmaxell guy from Feeds. I want to read more about Wordpress and CodeIgniter instead
@ircmaxell Exactly
@ircmaxell And that's what I would avoid. But not having them all in one file
They can still stay in a single file, just not creating all the structures
My experience has been that a gigantic switch statement is the fastest way to accomplish something like that in PHP ...
@rdlowrey Then you don't have enough experience :P
3:15 PM
@NikiC hrm... that's an option... perhaps...
@NikiC well that's definitely true :)
switch has pretty terrible performance the longer it gets ;)
As it's just a long sequence of ifs, so it's basically O(n)
My definition of "gigantic" is ~ 20-30 cases.
@NikiC Well, we could always use gotos...
dispatching to function calls is faster
the only thing even faster than that is generating if conditions that do a binary search lookup basically
but that's not as simple and harder to read in the generated output and only marginally faster
3:17 PM
@NikiC hash tables...
That's why I'd always go with dispatching to methods ;)
isset + hash maps FTW :)
What's that sound I hear in the distance? Could it be Velociraptor footsteps?
Gotos in generated code aren't bad. They are only bad when you write them
@ircmaxell You can't use goto for this
3:18 PM
@NikiC No?
gotos would only come in if you want to optimize the Jump/JumpIf instructions with them
@NikiC No, you're missing what I'm saying
@ircmaxell I could be
Try to explain :P
flatten the op array. Instead of iterating it like an array, create one big stream of code and eval it...
scoping would be interesting, but we already have a parser that takes care of that for us ;-)
@ircmaxell So not a gigantic switch?
3:21 PM
No, the compiler would generate the code block (either from the current opcodes directly, or via a "compiled compiler". Then the executor would just eval it (calling out additional executions as needed)...
how it generates the "compiled compiler" is another story (that's where I was thinking the switch would come in, when looking up the line array)
why didn't you say that right away :D
because that's why I would have done too :D
3:22 PM
wow, I'm amazed. I made a suggestion to use eval, and it isn't god aweful horrible...
I just wasn't sure whether you would agree with that because it's a bit "cheaty" ^^
Well, it is, but that doesn't mean it isn't useful
@NikiC it's very cheaty
@ircmaxell It's cheaty, but a useful excercise
In particular concerning PHP itself
@NikiC I've always dogmatically avoided goto out of fear -- how fast would it be in a parsing context? I would think it'd be pretty fast.
3:23 PM
@rdlowrey We're not talking parsing, we're talking executing
Yes, but I'm interested in parsing :)
@rdlowrey Where do you want to goto? (Or rather: What does it have to do with parsing?)
@NikiC I've been thinking about building a PECL extension that adds a function execute_machine_code($code)...
@ircmaxell :D
and then make this totally bootstrapping? ^^
you know, better propose that for core instead evil grin
Oh good god no
think of the possible security concerns there
@NikiC For example, if you *had * a gigantic switch statement or a hash table dispatching code like a recursive descent parser could you significantly speed things up by using gotos and avoiding function calls?
3:25 PM
it's basically giving someone a buffer overflow without the need to use a buffer!!!
@ircmaxell That's exactly what I'm thinking about ^^
markdown italicize *fail *
@rdlowrey You can't dispatch with a goto ^^
@Baba i never played Mario. I always played bigmoneyarcade.com/index.php?action=playgame&gameid=633
@rdlowrey goto can't take a variable label
@ircmaxell @NikiC Ah I see :/
@NikiC Or expose libjit :-D
@rdlowrey You don't really need to avoid function calls, they are fast enough
Well, a function call is fast enough. Thousands of them (one for each opcode) may be way too much
As long as you stay away at least 20km from XDebug ;)
@ircmaxell Yeah, we have a bit of a different case here ^^
3:30 PM
is that your next project? implementing XDebug in PHP so you can plug it into PHPPHP?
@Gordon :-D
Anyway, you peoples are distracting me
I need to continue hating traits
@NikiC you are not supposed to hate them. You are supposed to make them runtime bindable
stop wasting time hating traits.
3:31 PM
@Gordon really ... am surprised
$ php test.php
$ php benchmark.php
$ php -v
PHP 5.3.15 with Suhosin-Patch (cli) (built: Jul 31 2012 14:49:18)
Copyright (c) 1997-2012 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2012 Zend Technologies
    with Xdebug v2.1.2, Copyright (c) 2002-2011, by Derick Rethans
$ php test.php
$ php benchmark.php
$ php -v
PHP 5.3.15 with Suhosin-Patch (cli) (built: Jul 31 2012 14:49:18)
Copyright (c) 1997-2012 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2012 Zend Technologies

$start = microtime(true);
for ($i = 0; $i < 1000; $i++) {}
$end = microtime(true);
var_dump($end - $start);
@Gordon I am wasting time hating traits because I'm implementing something that touches traits just a little bit.
You implementing traits in PHPPHP?
3:39 PM
I'm moving accessors out of the method table
ohh, nice
because that annoys me really
@ircmaxell PHPPHP is a serious project? :o
@MadaraUchiha Nope. Only 123 commits by 6 authors in the past week. It's not serious at all ;-)
@ircmaxell I mean, it sounds rather silly, what possible usecase would that have? :o
Dear @ircmaxell. Since you are American … please accept my earnest congratulations on behalf of your nation for … inventing the Blues. Thank you.
@ircmaxell You Americans invented the Blues. One of the better inventions from your country. Thank you for it :D
Ah ok, I thought that was a reference to my blog post or something I said, I was like... what?
@ircmaxell nah, I gave up on reading your blog posts a long time ago since they are tl;dr
3:47 PM
/me needs to start writing 140 character blog posts
Oh wait...
@ircmaxell besides, when I disagree with you (like on that You are not a Programmer post) I spent half the day writing a comment which I will not submit in the end anway
And the other half of the day I am writing a response in my blog which I will never finish because I spent the first half writing a comment I didnt submit
@Gordon LOL. Why not?
I appreciate disagreement. Especially from people I respect...
1 hour ago, by Mike B
Post a question on meta about how you're being treated unfairly and Boom! Rep cap hit.
@MikeB Too bad all that rep is gone ;-)
@ircmaxell what was there?
3:51 PM
Thanks to Pekka, BalusC, Aristos 47 mins ago
I just see a standard Neal meta trolling there?
@ircmaxell main issue I had with it was that you kept implying a level of proficiency into the term programmer or developer while what you really meant was that you want to be treated as and work with professionals. And that was sufficiently clear from the last paragraph.
@NikiC a bad question
@Gordon quite fair
@ircmaxell actually, I did comment on it
That whole Coder vs Programmer vs Developer thing is so pointless. There is no level of rank in these terms. It's all in your vanity.
I just made it a global remark because I hear that "I am not a $label" quite often
A: I am walking away, but what should be done?

Madara UchihaYou aren't new here. You know full well what is the Stack Exchange approach for offensive comments. Flag them, comment constructively, and that's about it. This exact question was posted dozens of times here on meta, I fail to see made you confused?

3:56 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA: please stop trying to abuse the system to gain more rep. You voted to close, yet you answered. Then you complained. If you think the question should be closed, then don't answer it. Closing and answering is often seen as poor, as it's sending a mixed message. And then asking for it to be undeleted... After you voted for it to be closed? And all it does is abuse the system (just like you constantly linking the post from here). Please stop... — ircmaxell 15 secs ago
@Gordon I used the labels as a literary device to explain the professional approach... that's all
I want another reversal on that one :D
I don't like people who go meta over everything
@MadaraUchiha you're +1 and -15 away
@ircmaxell :) I'm not that far away
-15 can happen quickly
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 1 hour ago, by amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM A
anyone wanna help me yell at an OP?
4:01 PM
shit, Lester's back...
Evening guys!
@Eugene Yo
3 more twitter followers to the next milestone (1500)
4:08 PM
@ircmaxell I already follow you :) Can't help you with that
Did you mark the previous milestone as 1337?
@Charles oh cool comments. ;)
Hey guy I am having a weird issue and I am wondering what you guys think. I wouldn't spam thi shere if it wasn't an urgent matter that neither me or the PM can figure out stackoverflow.com/questions/14199153/…
@Baba for that json question?; I'll take a look.
4:12 PM
@hakre cool .. lets see what you can come up with
@Baba yeah, let me finish the code of RandomIterator first, the outcome from yesterday nights excursion ;)
@KyleAdams Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see an error message, or indication that there's an actual problem. You posted a lot of code but by your own admission it's code that works. Where's the code that doesn't work?
@MikeB hey you were right!
Post a question about being treated badly, post an answer on that, rep cap!
A: I am walking away, but what should be done?

Madara UchihaYou aren't new here. You know full well what is the Stack Exchange approach for offensive comments. Flag them, comment constructively, and that's about it. This exact question was posted dozens of times here on meta, I fail to see made you confused?

@MikeB essentially the compareDatabaseToDirectory isnt working properly. in a testing environment it does what In expect it to, in a browser environment it does not do what I expect it to. While the users are different for bot environments, BOTH have read, write and execute abillity, so the reults should be the same
@MadaraUchiha haha. My turn! You ask a stupid question and I'll post a common-sense response :D
4:16 PM
@MikeB :P
@KyleAdams So it's a file-system permission problem? var_dump(is_writable($path)); and run from your browser
@MikeB As stated it can't be as both users have the exact same privledges. how ever it only works in one area. I think it has to do with $differences = array_diff($dataBaseEntries, $directoryFiles);, if I reverse databaseEntries and directoryFiles it works in the browser but not in testing
thats why I think its a code issue
databases and filesystems don't always have the same default sort-order
no they dont. how ever as stated, reversing the order works in the browser, not testing, but the order I have now works in the test but not the browser. is there anything you recomend?
@ircmaxell Looks like accessors will need to stay in the method table
Everything easy to implement, until you start trying to figure out how trait inheritance is supposed to work with them
4:20 PM
This answer should have been the accepted one stackoverflow.com/a/9071101/367456
@hakre would the RandomIterator or dates alone ?
@Baba Naturally any Traversable
I'm just optimizing it a bit.
@hakre can't wait to see it
Do you consider it generally acceptable to catch and then re-throw the same exception (i.e. throw $e; vs throw new Exception('Another message', 0, $e);) ?
Also (too lazy to check) anyone know off hand if it screws with the stack trace when you do that?
4:41 PM
throw a new one
with an appropriate type (to maintain the abstraction)
@ircmaxell And if you wouldn't need to change the type?
RT @siriuslyyellow: That's scarily accurate. "@standardman: Well, this hits home. http://twitpic.com/bsjc7q"
@NikiC Then you need to re-think your architecture? You shouldn't be using generic exceptions anyway ;-)
@ircmaxell I mean if the rethrow is occuring in the same / a related component
you you only catch it do some finally-like stuff
@ircmaxell with the internal exception as third parameter to new Exception
@DaveRandom Fixed pulling to the left issue, new issue came up torontomazda3.ca/forum/… #fml :P
4:44 PM
@NikiC then just use finally :-D
@shiplu.mokadd.im yup
Je vous presente le RandomIterator, et voilá, gist-le-rim: gist.github.com/4476432
@Baba ^ this now allows to even pick more than one random date from the period, I'll update the answer now.
@hakre eiw
$array = iterator_to_array($iterator);
// The same as yours...
Implement it using a seekable iterator, that actually does iteration, rather than just flattening it as an array...
@ircmaxell steve jobs is alive
PHPPHP has the potential to become a "language workbench" that allows developers to rapidly prototype new PHP syntax features. In PHP.
@NikiC: seems like we have a new fan :-D
Anyone got an example how how to do a foreach loop on an $array?
4:54 PM
a workbench for core developers?
@joshuahornby10 1st google
2nd chat
google is confusing and I have no idea if its a good source
stackoverflow.com/questions/14200000/… I really need a helping hand, final stage of uni project :/
4:56 PM
How do you make those fancy tag thingies?
is for each the right way to do it?
[tag: my-tag] <-- without a space between "tag:" and the value
4:57 PM
or no space
lol I'm a moron
no space
@ircmaxell Consider you have each current that is ca. 10 MB, the whole set has 8,9 millions of these (or is that Billion for you?) and then show me your code working.

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