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12:03 AM
many exams can take up to 3 hours - language, maths, physics
in fact, a lot of major exams are 2-3 hours
@Telkitty But not 5
no, not 5 hours - I wonder how many people can sit through a 5 hours exam without having to visit the toilet
12:28 AM
@Borgleader :D
Looks like we'll have interactive C and C++ maybe? Hm...
1 hour later…
1:54 AM
Everyone Good Morning
Good morning.
@AlexCerry Yay! Another user with a similar timezone with me!
@MarkGarcia Sir, what mean another user with a similar timezone with me?
Not enough people having their mornings at the moment.
@MarkGarcia correct.
@MarkGarcia Do you have any idea? How to check my c++ program running on how many cores?
2:14 AM
@AlexCerry Generally, if you go that route then you're better off consulting guidelines for your specific platform or processor architecture. There's this, but it shouldn't be relied upon. There are details like HyperThreading/SMT/virtual cores that you need to account and it gets unwieldy real fast.
Try using tasks/promises/futures instead.
> Ivres, ils grimpent sur le toit de la maison de Jean-Marc Ayrault à Nantes
@MarkGarcia Sir, thank you. Just last confusion. When i use boost thread. And my application have two threads. When i run they both execute 10 times. Each one of then show result same time. Is program running on two cores?
@MarkGarcia The discord is actually p active atm :w your fault for leaving
@AldwinCheung heretics! (got an invite link?)
you're already in the server afaict .-.
2:19 AM
@AlexCerry Are you using join() on your threads? That may the case. But manual use of threads is complicated enough that it could be anything.
@AldwinCheung Oh. I thought there was a new room or something.
@MarkGarcia Sir, i am using join(). Like here first example: ashishgrover.com/boost-multi-threadingfor-c
I've got the channel, but no perms to view the lobby
@Aaron3468 Am I getting old? Because I am repulsed by the thought that I'm gonna learn what the hell those are.
channels are not a new thing you badlet
@MarkGarcia I've got the [discord chat] channel [for the lounge], but no perm[issions] to view it
2:22 AM
@AlexCerry Why not just use std::thread
I only tried discord, for like, a day.
@VermillionAzure no i just helping a friend. He need to use boost in his application.
@AlexCerry What's the problem?
@AlexCerry Sorry, no idea. Might want to check how you measure your execution time.
@VermillionAzure i want to know. this website ashishgrover.com/boost-multi-threadingfor-c. First example run on same time. Is it running on two cores. Because the console give output same time.
2:26 AM
@AlexCerry What do you mean by "console give output same time?"
@MarkGarcia Sir, but console give cout same time.
@VermillionAzure cout output same time.
@AlexCerry Just paste the output in a pastebin
If you're asking why the console output is not coordinated, it's because there IS no coordination between the threads. usleep() is not a suitable multithreading coordination primitive.
@VermillionAzure This website ashishgrover.com/boost-multi-threadingfor-c first example.
Hi all
@AlexCerry What is the output?
@AlexCerry The output.
does anyone know how to install mingw on windows
win 7
@zeddex Use MSYS2
Or just go install MinGW-w64 yourself.
Include it in the path in environment variables.
low quality question
i append the path ;C:\MinGW\bin but gcc -v does not work
2:30 AM
@zeddex did you restart the shell?
ah oop, let me try
@VermillionAzure thanks for being the only kind man for agrees to answer the low quality questions in the chat :P
sweet it works now
wow so noob of me lol
@ProblemSlover you're not doing them any favors
2:32 AM
@AldwinCheung Fuck. I just created another account thinking it's my previous one. Do you see my username there somewhere?
No, I only see your previous one, "markg"
Oh good.
when building are int decliration errors normal?
@zeddex What kind of error is that? Be more specific
2:33 AM
its building boost python but giving int decliration warnings as the status updates
still building
warning typedef 'r' locally defined etc
@zeddex What are those errors? "int declaration warnings" don't tell me exactly what error it is
@zeddex Ignore warning.
@VermillionAzure it's an int decliration warning
thought it would be ok thanks
@zeddex Perhaps you should post the full warning but whatever if you're okay with it then :thumbs_up:
2:35 AM
returning to c++ after a long time, i have some source for a program and im trying to build
@zeddex Where did you go?
just been using php mainly
i need to learn c++ more
i will be using qt, it seems high quality
@zeddex do not learn. Stay on php.
@zeddex Well, it's probably the only viable UI option besides just going with web UI
@AlexCerry Who are you anyways? Haven't seen you around here before I think...
2:37 AM
i want to make apps also
@VermillionAzure I told many many times. I am student in china.
well i have C# also and was planning on learning it also but this program used qt and i liked it and wanted to enhance it
@AlexCerry You said that once... Two years ago lol in this room.
First time I'm hearing this. Nice to meet you
@VermillionAzure no matter.
@zeddex Cool.
its a macro based web browser
@zeddex Whoa there friend you might have to slow down!
uses python for scripting
@MarkGarcia in stackoverflow i create 100 account. And use 99 account to vote 1 one is that ok?
2:41 AM
@AlexCerry yes that's totally ok
this is how most of us got our reputation
@AldwinCheung Just kidding.
I'm dead serious
i made js and php modules with python so it's basically qt web browser, js, php and python scriptable and i was going to link it to sikuli (Java)
@AldwinCheung :)
just like imacros and greasemonkey
though i need to update the browser to a later chromium
and add new functions/options
in my C:\boost_1_58_0\stage\lib dir i have built .dlls
2:44 AM
@AldwinCheung Yo , Soho man :P
in my python dir i have .lib C:\Python27\libs
would LIBS += -L\boost_1_58_0\stage\lib -L\python27\libs "-lpython27" "-lboost_python-mgw48-mt-1_56"
@ProblemSlover urgh massive hangover yesterday
build with .libs or do i need to compile the python libs somehow do you think
this is why I don't drink
i don't normally build c++ its been a while
2:45 AM
I'm not 23 anymore
i guess i could try and see if it works
@AldwinCheung whaaaaat me too! crazy coincidence there.
@AldwinCheung My dj friend in central.. invites me to his vip bar.. everything gonna be free for me.. what a temptation .It's scary to imagine myself waking in the morning :/
hmm how do you build a .ts file?
@jaggedSpire let's split and regroup in 6 months and see if that's still the case
2:49 AM
@zeddex typescript?
it seems to be xml
@AldwinCheung a logical approach to take
Zeddex, what do you actually want to do? I'm not exactly sure why you're trying to compile python
i guess it must be
very well
2:50 AM
im compiling autoWWW, it uses python for scripting
bad c# i include dll to add third party control. When i restart visual studio. 3rd party control does not exist in toolbox.
oops its the .pro i need
have been up all day
not thinking 100% correctly lol
Okay, and why do you need to compile it when there's a perfectly good download for version 1.0? What feature in 1.1 do you need?
it has new features, i wanted to add more also and pack in my python modules as defualt
how do i fix the error Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: webkit webkitwidgets
im guessing it got depricated>
@ProblemSlover I guess... you're welcome?
2:57 AM
Wooh! Finally got rid of that red circle after visiting bazillion of channels.
wait webkit is a installable qt module for mac and linux only?
im on windows 7, can it be installed/used with qt?
the programs dev did saw they switched to linux
You could just install your python modules by packaging them and using pip to install them to python.
i think that module is a qt addon
@VermillionAzure my ping was meant to be ignored actually. :/
Because the source code for AutoWWW basically invokes the python interpreter you install on your system...
3:02 AM
i did want to package in lots of python libs to use, right now im just trying to build on windows
i think these lines in the .pro are a problem maybe
QT += core gui webkit network
greaterThan(QT_MAJOR_VERSION, 4) : QT += core gui webkit webkitwidgets widgets network
i got qt 5.8
in other words, unless you need the new features, it is much, much, much easier to just add your modules. Don't compile C++ if you have the choice.
yeah, i planned on adding new features also though
with the older version there is problems with the browser engine displaying google captchas etc
so i was hoping to use the latest chromium
is webkit safari based?
@ProblemSlover oh
i was going to add in new dialogs, js based things like element selection, pack in jquery etc
@VermillionAzure Just that guy with Bright green avatar got a tough response here on his question past night.
3:09 AM
but like i say it's been a while since i last used c++
compiling was always annoying for me
unless it's made for windows/same os
and it seems QtWebKitWidgets is now outdated in qt?
@ProblemSlover ohhhh
I hope they didn't tease his English
cant build because of Unknown module(s) in QT: webkit webkitwidgets
any ideas how i can fix that on windows
@zeddex Interesting
not sure which version i need
Ah interesting
It's the DOM and stuff in Qt?
Is it for real?
3:21 AM
im using mingw530_32
@zeddex Is that MinGW-w64 or not?
32 bit
Try do std::to_string with C++11.
but i installed it seperately also
@zeddex Do std::to_string with say double.
3:22 AM
i need to build it first ;)
problem is i have a linux updated version, trying to build on windows
getting there
@zeddex No, I mean make a short program with mingw32
Because the regular MinGW was abandoned or incomplete from what I understand
I had problems using the original MinGW 32-bit version because it didn't implement basic stuff like std::to_string
I switched to MinGW-w64 about two or three years ago because it wasn't working.
Currently I use it with the MSYS2 environment shell.
It's quite good.
32 bit is packed with qt
@zeddex Why not just use MSYS2?
3:24 AM
if it's no good i dont get why they would do that
@zeddex I dunno. But I wouldn't use the 32-bit version because the 64-bit version appears to have gone on.
i would just add it in the compilers list in options right
thanks for the info :D
hmm webkit is netscaoe
@zeddex ???
@zeddex I would advise that you use MinGW-w64 + MSYS2.
i will download them, thanks
@zeddex It comes with a POSIX-like environment shell: bash, and you can also install packages using a version of pacman
And there exist QT packages for MSYS2. It works, and you'll just need to include DLLs with the executable for Windows
webengine is Chromium
@zeddex I would guess so
3:31 AM
would be good if people made auto updaters you could run on code to instantly update it
I hope deprecated functions have clearer marks on them - deprecated_recent, deprecated_still_works, deprecated_warning & deprecated_crashes
3:45 AM
how would you install a qt module on windows
drag into C:\Qt\5.8\mingw53_32 ?
seems perhaps yes
no errors now, building
fingers crossed
if it works i will then later try to port it to cromium
hmm loads of alerts, not a good sign
4:10 AM
ok built and all working
though i had to manually drag and drop the mingw .dlls
apparently the defaults are visual C++ so you need to replace or you get errors

Window XP Chinese book helps to understand the usage of computer better.
65 USD for Manual for windows exp sp2.. lol
Is this the main chat room for stack overflow?
4:19 AM
no aimed at c++ but sometimes rooms are empty
the people not there are the avatars faded out
theres about 5 active visitors i think
unless im mistake ;)
what is the link to the main chatroom, cause I cannot seemed to find it other than specific rooms like R, python, javascript etc.?
@Secret There is no main chat. Most languages/subjects have their own chat room.
what did you need?
I am trying to download a certain tcllib.1.18.gz file with the corrected sha256 checksum. As far I am aware, only github.com/yas375/homebrew-dupes/blob/… has the tcllib1.18 with the correct checksum
I have homebrew installed, but I don't know how to download that file with that specific sha256 used
(The larger background is that when installing a molecule software called pymol using homebrew, the installation failed because the tcllib.1.18 checksum does not match)
It's a text file. Copy it and paste into a blank txt file. Should be a binary match (sha256 will be the same). Or right click the 'raw' button and Save As
But the core problem is almost definitely that you have a different version of tcllib installed, or do not have 1.18.
4:37 AM
I have tried to download a new tcllib from the tcl library http://core.tcl.tk/tcllib/technote/0bcd06266284a9997e69001e245ecc231a2a4ebd, and trying to install that software again. Now I get a different, but still mismatched sha256

Error: SHA256 mismatch
Expected: 6a87881f545afb69c1130f60984b5d35cc22f1593b0835b982871c188fde3de8
Actual: 6d444d9fca0d36c12bbf15c46613646ed6559f451e2e4a651fd2b84510135c85
Archive: /Users/me/Library/Caches/Homebrew/tcl-tk--tcllib-1.18.tar.gz
(previously the mismatch is more severe because the Actual begins with 988 something)
Check that you've got the space to download the whole file then. Try redownloading if need be.
4:56 AM
I don't quite understand how variable referencing works, can I get some pointers?
5:23 AM
5:36 AM
That's some fine circle jerk 🍷
3 hours later…
8:10 AM
Sup guise
Oh I spotted @LucDanton 's car while doing my groceries friday evening
It was a huge vw amorok with a vinyl tag on the back window saying "DanTonKu" /cc @AldwinCheung
8:31 AM
Geebus. Mass Effect Andromeda is so bad.
Soldiers sobbing about not being cut for this any more. (Greer)
I've been enjoying the witcher 3 these days
Anyone here good with metaprogramming? Can someone tell me why clang accept this but gcc doesn't? pastebin.com/fX1CYpvP been driving me crazy for hours
@DustinGoodson Uh. No. If you even want anybody to look at that, reduce it to minimal size.
I would do so but im not even sure where to begin. But thanks
8:59 AM
God awful use of smart pointers in our code base
It's awe full !
all full
@jaggedSpire Eh, I'll listen to that this afternoon :)
@Ell have you studied F-coalgebras already as well?
… oh, the fun of locales and facets, std::locale() galore!
9:13 AM
I'm so bad at maths :S
OTOH becoming better involves doing shitload of excercises
yea :D you may start your day cracking some intergrals in the morning to ease the the pain
@login_not_failed I'm not into that kind of maths (right now)
@BartekBanachewicz it never hurts though
@R.MartinhoFernandes technically never wrong I guess...
@BartekBanachewicz what kind of math would you need practicing?
9:21 AM
is "out of line" commonly used as the opposite for "inline"?
Q: Out-of-line member template function definition using another member template function in the signature

psyillI ran into this problem in some real-life C++11 code, but I boiled it down to this: template<int i> struct Dummy {}; template<typename T> struct Foo { template<int i> static constexpr int bar() { return i; } template<int i> static auto working() -> Dummy<bar<i>()>; template<int i> s...

9:45 AM
is it bad practice to return a pointer to something on the heap from a function? or should you avoid returning pointers to things on the heap and delete the heap memory within the function
@Rerito F-algebras
snowy500, if you can use c++11 wrap the pointer in a std::shared_ptr, then you can pass the shared_ptr by reference... that would be the best practice
or std::unique_ptr. Check those classes out
10:05 AM
> Manor Racing is the Formula One team with a start-up mentality and an upstart ambition.
this is kinda sad
@DustinGoodson Gee, that is definitely not the best practice.
pointer or smart pointer.. pointer or smart pointer.. endless question.. in c++
You don't want to use shared pointers unless you have to, and if you do you don't want to pass them by reference unless you have to.
@ProblemSlover I don't think it's "endless" at all. It's actually rather simple.
@DustinGoodson unique_ptr is the default, and covers the scenarios that have no special requirements without any real performance nor maintenance costs.
checks core guidelines
10:10 AM
OK, well i did mention unique_ptr. Shared_ptr has helpful cases as well... he can go check out the classes to learn more.
@DustinGoodson that's not the point. The point is that you recommended shared_ptr first
True, my bad... in any case id still sooner use that than a raw pointer
(While I link to those bits of the core guidelines, I strongly disagree with many things on it, so don't take it as an endorsement of anything other than the two linked bits)
I also wrote a long treatise on passing shared pointers as parameters a while back: stackoverflow.com/questions/10826541/….
@BartekBanachewicz Sure, novice C++ dev would most likely bug with such question.. due to the lack of understanding how pointers work in the low level. :/
10:15 AM
@ProblemSlover that's because of bad advice on the internet, among other things (that was to the first part of your message, I don't necessarily agree with the reasoning)
@ProblemSlover Which low-level pointer details help with understanding high-level topics like ownership semantics?
Name one.
Getting into ~400 LoC walls that parses xml is a good way to start the week
Crappy monday
for name,info in current_entries.items():
    if plugin_info.package == info.package:
does this look bad or am I being weid here
@R.MartinhoFernandes huh. yeah.. tha'ts what question abiove was about .." ownership semantics"
10:23 AM
Unless name is used further down.
@ProblemSlover But how does knowing low-level pointer details help?
@R.MartinhoFernandes it is being used. I mean the for loop to search for something in the values of the dict is... meh
can I just fold any over the mapped comparison or something
You can use comprehensions, e.g (name for name, info in current_entries.items() if plugin_info.package == info.package) would be equivalent to what you have plus yield name.
There are also map and filter functions in itertools, IIRC.
I want to raise an exception if I find a duplicate
just, dunno, for & if use like that seems awfully low-level
@R.MartinhoFernandes in Python 3 they are builtins, but the community seems to be split about them. e.g. the linter recommends against them, suggesting comprehensions instead
I don’t understand what 'Pythonic' is because of that
@R.MartinhoFernandes knowing? I mean understanding..of assembly code."just knowing" is not enough for sure.
10:32 AM
@ProblemSlover Right, please explain how understanding of assembly code helps understand ownership semantics.
The way I see it, the two are completely orthogonal.
Like, just name one thing about C++ ownership semantics that is easier to understand if you understand assembly. Just one.
that reminds me, they sure like to talk about memcpying and zeroing when it comes to talking about ownership in Rust
@LucDanton Outside of nomicon contexts, I struggle to understand how it helps.
it wasn’t an endorsement
@R.MartinhoFernandes Nomicon being?
The setup of a game of nomic?
10:38 AM
@Rerito The Rustonomicon: The Dark Arts of Advanced and Unsafe Rust Programming
It's the manual for the unsafe subset of Rust.
@R.MartinhoFernandes in otherwords the bits that would be better off in C++
without them C++ wouldn't be used at all
@LucDanton This sounds like another instance of the phenomenon that makes people teach Git by starting with explaining blobs.
reasonably easy low-level coding is one of the major points of C++
@R.MartinhoFernandes here’s a more nuanced one: explaining the distinction between data and newtype
almost always you’ll see mentions of data representation
10:46 AM
> We call leaks causing more leaks a leak amplification.
@LucDanton yay things I can have the compiler do for me!
> Slogan de toilette
11:05 AM
uhm. I haven't implemented not yet, which kinda sucks since I can't compare nil to nil.
oh wait, lua compares nil to itself as true
@BartekBanachewicz this ain't NaN
anyway I found a pesky bug in function params
I guess I should close off tables for now and clean up the bugs a bit
enough features
11:29 AM
@Puppy RFC on this
(old code again)
@BartekBanachewicz :)
@Aaron3468 @VermillionAzure next time please redirect people who ask questions here, and then answer their questions, in that room
11:45 AM
> In Lua 5.2 the best workaround is to use goto
That seems to contradict the premise behind the answer
@sehe it's also false
the best workaround is a few answers below
but the fact that the loop looks at local variables is really annoying as well
Yeah. But doesn't it invalidate the answer you linked
this shouldn't happen
@sehe kinda. I mostly talked about the explanation, not the workaround with my "ugh'
And yet another problem with one of our nuclear reactors x)
@BartekBanachewicz Me neither. But if the explanation is invalid, I'd downvote
11:57 AM
I wouldn't say it's invalid... I think
12:29 PM
eh, I wrote this beautiful function but apparently I don't need it
sigToThType :: Sig -> Q Type
sigToThType (Sig params ret) = return $ foldr buildSig (ConT . typeToName $ ret) . map typeToName $ params
    buildSig :: Name -> Type -> Type
    buildSig t acc = (ArrowT `AppT` (ConT t)) `AppT` acc
for your enjoyment @rightfold @Ven before I scrape the thing
@BartekBanachewicz So is this.
Even wrote an answer but it went unnoticed :)
Or maybe I misread the q.
Not an interesting question.
12:54 PM
@jaggedSpire I listened to it, and it's really cool :)
@Morwenn May I make a suggestion: youtube.com/watch?v=lptSGAjeqVE
I suppose you already know it anyway
1:19 PM
@Rerito It's impossible to work while listening to this band D:
@Morwenn Try a bit of funk then: youtube.com/watch?v=DG9_pVQaJKY
1:35 PM
@Rerito I mostly don't like funk :/
@Morwenn ^_^
@Rerito I really like when there are elements of funk blended in other genres, but I don't like funk.
Not sure why.
because you never played earthworm jim
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