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3:00 PM
Money is irrelevant.
@paul23 'The service will be provided for the duration of 1ms'
you have lawyers right? :D
do any of you use paper and to pseudocode or plan your stuff out before actually writing code
@LucDanton And automatically renew until one of the parties blah blha.
or do you typically write on the fly
@EtiennedeMartel Well once there is a contract with consumers (opposed to other companies) you have to take into account at least 3 months warnings etc
3:01 PM
@Prismatic depends on how complex the problem is, but I normally have a notepad next to my computer where I can draw stuff if I find the need for it
@paul23 That's what everyone does anyway.
@Prismatic As always: it depends. But writing pseudocode? Never.
@Prismatic Maths, yes. Code, I sometimes doodle in an editor or something, but not pen & paper actually. Not sure why, if there can be a reason behind it.
@Prismatic or to do math
I sometimes get emails warning me of a EULA change three months in advance.
With the implicit message being that if I disagree then I have three months to close my account.
3:02 PM
I rarely write code though, but there have been times where I sketch up a little something on my blackberry (mostly when I'm on the move, and have a "brilliant" idea)
@Prismatic Pseudocode sucks, but paper is the best invention for planning stuff.
@EtiennedeMartel Exactly. Whatever service you were getting before is over. You can keep the terms forever, but no one will provide the service to you.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Automatic renewed contracts with changing EULAs are actually the thing that started such a court: they actually either cna't be automatically renewable anymore. OR they can't change eula's without a three months warning, and even if they change they can't make it "more negative" for the end user.
I’m guessing it’s all out of habit. Mathematics on a desk, code on a computer.
IE: my phone company can't ask me more money for my renewable contract (other than inflation adaption) - I'm way way below what other people pay for the same connection.
3:04 PM
Why do they not let the contract expire?
Each year they ask if they can increase the price and I disagree with that, and then I keep the old price.
I mean expire for good. No change in the terms.
5 mins ago, by Luc Danton
Can a company not decline to do business with a would-be consumer?
@LucDanton To be frank - not sure why.
I pay like 1.5 times less than anyone I know for the same speed/data limits.
@paul23 So what you mean is that everyone will keep putting those clauses that things have to be settled under the law of the company's registration thing, i.e., Luxembourg, not Netherlands?
@paul23 because they're scared you'll leave them and you're still profitable.
3:06 PM
It could be that they are cultivating customer loyalty and it has nothing do to with legal requirements.
@LucDanton THat is for letting them expire for good. But they can't just change it like facebook often does without notice.
@LucDanton And on top of that many of the EULA things seem to be actually questionable.
When aren’t they? :)
I"m actually wondering if I will in the future use more or less mobile data
Oh ffs, just implement 2-phase lookup already.
Given we probably see an increase in use of data-heavy applications on the mobile phone (always connections etc)
3:13 PM
@paul23 more, probably
Yet at the other hand: free wifi is getting more and more common
Why do I have to deal with "unmatched braces" bullshit with a template instantiation stack? :(
trains, my uni, and now the whole town centre will get free wifi
@paul23 Do you seriously want to do e.g. banking over a public wifi connection?
I am very much against unsecured wifi
@rubenvb yes?
I mean: it's send over an "unsecured internet connection" anyways.
(after the router)
3:14 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Fixing their preprocessor is their top priority right now (lol), and they don't yet know how soon after that they'll start working on two-phase lookup.
@rubenvb Establishing secure channels over unsecure ones has been a thing for a while now.
What would make the first jump so much more vulnerable?
@paul23 hitnking ruhts
(Source: Gabriel Dos Reis)
@paul23 the fact that your phone can be directly accessed.
3:15 PM
Apparently preprocessor breakage is somehow more annoying than lack of two-phase lookup (woot).
But even so: I hardly ever use my mobile phone for bank transfer constantly..
"hardly ever" ... "constantly". lol
Dat recruiter spam
in Trash, 4 hours ago, by anshuVersatile
Hi we are hiring
Need IOS developers with 1-2 yrs exp.
Location: New Mumbai
Contact at : anshu.radixweb@gmail.com
Paying is done by simply NFC anways
Hehe. We trawl the trash :)
3:18 PM
I like really scary horror makes you imagining seeing things that are not there when you are alone at night ...
You mean, shrooms
@rubenvb It's logical right?
@Prismatic Sign your shit
Verify signatures of other shit
@chmod711telkitty ^ made me think of that, great spoken word
Anyways wondering if wifi growth will offset data growth.
3:19 PM
@paul23 Yesno.
@paul23 Ahahahaha no
Yup. There's something wrong. (Don't do the raw pointers. Don't hardcode magic SIZEs. Etc. It's hard to not write bugs with those things) — sehe 5 secs ago
@CatPlusPlus Maybe depending on the country/region your mialge differs ;P
It'll be good if fibre keeps up
Fuck badfi
@paul23 We have one of these for that:
3:20 PM
Also power failures
I really need to get that UPS soon
@sehe that joke flew right past me
Have UPS. But not near the fiber optics entry
@paul23 Mi algae
oh lol
Ok, off to sleep, alone & it's 1am & I have just read another chapter of that horror novel ...
3:23 PM
What the hell.
At first I thought "Oh, name has different connotation". But no. They actually have advertising images of der Führer on the very boxes.
@R.MartinhoFernandes rotfl
> A lack of Holocaust education on the sub-continent means that the brand is not offensive there
@Mr.kbok inb4 flagged
They did not train them to be offended~~
3:25 PM
@CatPlusPlus That assertion too
I dunno what's worse. The Hitler ice cream, or the writing in the article.
> But back in the country that struggles to shake off his murderous legacy
@R.MartinhoFernandes You expected a good article from The Daily Mail?
Well, I'm comparing it with Hitler ice cream.
what did I walk in
3:28 PM
A hit(ler) ice cream brand
I didn't know my life needed that...
(I'm still unsure it does)
Q: How to avoid dangerous vsprintf when you don't know the buffer size

user327843__inline int my_sprintf (char *dest,char *format,...) { va_list va; va_start(va,format); return vsprintf(dest,format,va); } My issue is that I can't add the buffer size parameter to my_sprintf because it's used in more than 50k places, this I can't replace vsprintf with vsprintf_s o...

@R.MartinhoFernandes I'm calling fake
Hitler's name is ridiculously popular in India.
3:35 PM
Maybe as name - but as visual mark.. I doubt anyone would do that.
They have Hitler-themed bars.
@R.MartinhoFernandes lolwut
how the fuck...
This ice cream thing might be fake, but I find it completely plausible.
> bossy people are often nicknamed Hitler on television and in movies.
3:40 PM
Literally Hitler
> Lack of examples of strong leadership in India leads the Indian youth to admire Hitler
wtf India
Lol, SourceForge "takes ownership of the GIMP project" and adds adwares.
there was a thing recently where mein kampf was super popular in indian universities
like amongst the students
> While Narain says she wouldn’t dream of teaching Mein Kampf, she can understand the lure of “the autobiographical account and political ideology of a charismatic man who supposedly got things done.”
@Ven ad-warez? :P
3:42 PM
@milleniumbug I think SourceForge decided they weren't dead enough – they needed to commit one last suicide
@Prismatic I'll give them a kampf to study on
@AndyProwl The germans (during the economic crisis of the 30s) also found that to be true
My fists
Have any of you read it?
3:44 PM
@Ven Indeed. In the internet, either you die forgotten, or you get killed with fire. It seems they chose the second option.
@paul23 I like how "getting things done" seems to be a value no matter what those things are
@milleniumbug I think the good old "you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain" works here
Where is notepad++ hosted nowadays?
@Ven lol that's the one I had in mind, but I chose to invent my own version :D
@paul23 notepadpp.com or something?
3:47 PM
@Ven The plugin manager still points to SF...
@paul23 aw :(
But so few people here who use notepad++?
I used Notepad++ until I switched to evaluating Sublime Text
@Andy stereotypical management approach.
3:50 PM
@milleniumbug I don't got them moneyz
Is anyone here a fan of whole raw eggs for breakfast?
@Ell Salmonella encore
> evaluating
meh, I don't think salmonella is prevelant on organic eggs
I think it's mostly just with battery chickens
3:52 PM
just watched Kingsman the secret service
good movie
@Ell No real difference. (Only thing that would make a difference is if they get vaccinated, but problem then is that you can't test if something is vaccin or actually the bacteria. So as we humans are so unthrustworthy we can't allow vaccinated animals).
Well I never
Vaccines are probably not organic.
Being organic is more important than doing things well.
I don't know what organic means to be honest
> (of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.
3:56 PM
It means "buy us", mostly.
I think it means non caged hens anyway
@R.MartinhoFernandes Not just "buy us", but "Pay extra for us".
Guess what county it is
cocaine is organic. NICE!
Hint: it's the same county as this and this.
3:58 PM
@Jefffrey that road looks better than roads in the capital here
As you just did, people have this expectation that "organic" things are better in all sorts of respects. It's a naturalistic fallacy.
@Jefffrey indiaaa
Close though
I'm not sure
But it's a really nice label to set your product apart.
3:59 PM
@Ell Not sure what is meant there, but here we have three levels legbatterij (battery), scharrel ("bit moving") and "vrije uitloop" (free walk outside).
@R.MartinhoFernandes I think organic eggs are better in all sorts of respects
not every respect
scharrel means each chicken has at least 1 sq meter to walk. Vrije uitloop means it can walk outside and chickens are free to mix and move together.
@Jefffrey Too many possibilities. Could be anywhere from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.
Like salmonella, right?
@JerryCoffin Pakistan
4:00 PM
Why do you think so, anyway, if just a few minutes ago you didn't know what it meant?
@R.MartinhoFernandes yeah
@R.MartinhoFernandes because I just looked up ethical eggs :P
Here is the whole set of pictures.
I've always though Pakistan was 99% deserts. Glad to see I'm wrong.
I think the most ethical eggs are no eggs at all
I want to become an astronaut
Computer science is a good alternative
4:03 PM
> Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in engineering, biological science, physical science, or mathematics.
good start
@Jefffrey THat Saudi arabia for ya
I guess, I meet all the requirements
> Applicants for the Astronaut Candidate Program must be citizens of the United States
Just marry an American and wait some 5 additional years.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yeah, just like "Asbestos-free" :D
can I find a wife on google?
4:08 PM
@Jefffrey awesome
one other alternative is becoming a billionaire.
@khajvah IF you don´t mind her being russian=
@Ell Me too!
I got a few emails about russian brides I can forward to you :)
do they have USA citizenship ?
4:15 PM
@Ell Holy crap they feature DX12.
@Nooble the eggs? :o
jokes :P
I'm more interested in vulkan to be honest
Oh yeah Vulkan.
Can't wait 'till they release the API.
@Ell What is an inorganic egg?
@MartinJames an egg produced by a chicken that has been injected with hormones etc. etc.
@Ell Oh.. I thought it was one with no carbon atoms.
4:17 PM
So they say that the R9-390X will be released in two configurations: one with 4GB HBM and the other with 8GB GDDR5.
AMD teasing...
I want one of those
it'll cost an arm and a leg though
I don't.
but hopefully it'll be better than nvidia
are you guys able to join agar.io games?
the site's up but I can't connect to games
4:29 PM
@AndyProwl No :(
May 20 at 22:39, by Jefffrey
@AndyProwl Remember to play agar.io
@AndyProwl that's great
@Nooble it'll be disappointing
I hope the site will go down and never appear again
4:31 PM
yeah if they could just keep it like that forever
@thecoshman Why so?
@Nooble everything is, plus red have failed hard for a few years now compared to green.
I might get a promotion if agar.io goes down.
if only one could get payed for writing c++ hacks..
@AndyProwl no
4:42 PM
The boost::intrusive_ptr documentation is a little unclear on this point, both for 1.39 (what I'm using) and 1.58 (the most recent version): when using it with a self-reference-counting class that starts with the reference count as 1, you need to pass false as the second parameter, right?
@AndyProwl c:
HDD dies
to save time I just pick up the PC left by the previous colleague
he had an SSD and 8GB more RAM
Seriously someone play GMod with me.
isn't GMod like, so 10 years ago?
4:58 PM
It's an old game yeah.
But it gets updates.
Any dutch people here?
agar.io has consumed my life. I think we all know who the real cell is here.
oh, it's up again
No dutchies :(
What music application do you guys use on Android?
5:11 PM
Google Play Music.
Agar.io no longer lets you select region?
I had this wonderful idea.
@paul23 Ja.
@Nooble Yes, it's in the configurations
Ruby VM source code is full of comments with text written in abysmal English.
@Jefffrey Oh ok.
5:19 PM
A thread has mutex (GVL: Global VM Lock or Giant VM Lock) can run.
When thread scheduling, running thread release GVL.  If running thread
try blocking operation, this thread must release GVL and another
thread can continue this flow.  After blocking operation, thread
must check interrupt (RUBY_VM_CHECK_INTS).
Wasn't Ruby written by a Japanese guy
maybe his english wasn't the best
There are also Japanese comments scattered all over the place.
mmmm, bacon and mushroom eggs with a side of leeks
GILs are silly.
Q: Why do I only breathe out of one nostril?

David GrinbergI was just sitting with my hand next to my nose and I realized that air was only coming out of the right nostril. Why is that? I would think I would use both, it seems much more efficient. Have I always only been breathing out of my right nostril?

Can't unfeel.
5:27 PM
@rightfold Yeah. Never understood that. If a thread runs, it can create its own instance of the interpreter and then start interpreting stuff.
I wonder how many people are sticking their fingers up their nose to test this out now. — David Grinberg Sep 12 '14 at 16:34
did this right now
@milleniumbug I wonder if 90% of people are right-nostriled?
left-nostriled people are usually smarter
I can feel air coming out from both nostrils but there's more from the left
Much more from the left
5:31 PM
@khajvah Yes, but they need special left-nostriled coke spoons.
check out this new, cute linux distro
> Similar to other projects Deepin went ahead and developed their own Shell which was simply called Deepin Desktop Environment. DDE is based on HTML5 and WebKit and uses a mix of QML and Go Language for different components. Core components of DDE include the desktop itself, the brand new launcher, bottom Dock, and the control center.
That sounds terrible. HTML5, QML and Go? What the hell
It looks good visually though
@Prismatic why not
if it works
I could write an application half in C++ and half in Java and make it work
Doesn't mean I should
I do that everyday
5:45 PM
Like, maybe they have a special reason for using all three, but it seems like it would be harder to maintain thats all
hard to say without understanding the actual code
@Prismatic Deepin shit
@Prismatic clojure's JNI is much better
@rightfold jruby doesn't have a GIL!
alas, pypy does :(
> Underneath all of the parsing, psychoanalyzing, and unfair pathologizing of our plane-phobia is a simple explanation: Aviophobes are afraid because flying doesn’t feel natural. It doesn’t feel right. It feels wrong.
lol those poor ass dark-ages aviophobes
I bet this is the kind of people who believes planes run on pony saliva and magic
sorry robot
@BartekBanachewicz i bet they go to church. in 2015
5:56 PM
@Ven and ironically some of them say Earth is 4k years old and we have the same genes as jesus. I can kinda see how they think that given their thinking is mostly the same as desert-twelling drug-smoking bible writers
major riots are starting in my city...
@khajvah where are you? why would they RITO?
Yerevan, Armenia
lol rito
@khajvah is this where Serj Tankian comes from?
the reason this time is the electricity price increase
5:58 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Humans overestimate risks they feel like they have no control over.
@BartekBanachewicz yes
where the fuck is lori
@Ven Excellent.
@BartekBanachewicz Also, that's bullshit. Does floating on a piece of metal feel any more natural?
Also, I hate WCF with all my soul
AND -- I hate even more my teacher that gave us wrong code.
5:59 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Reminds me of @Rerito
@BartekBanachewicz He wasn't born there.
I had this fascinating idea.
> One could argue that a car is just a motorized, heavyset bicycle with a big-ass basket, and that as soon as we invented the wheel and learned to walk standing up, the advances of the bicycle and car inevitable. But an airplane?
IOW, yes, that's bullshit.
@MartinJames no.
@rightfold I have a thread bug
6:00 PM
the whole article can be summed up with one last sentence
The interpreters were written before people understood threads, and they used global mutable variables with no synchronisation.
> Or maybe that’s just my phobia talking.
@BartekBanachewicz That person is trying to rationalize fear of flying by creating a bullshit double standard that doesn't even work.
I think the very fact of "trying to rationalize" it's what annoys me in that.
Bad design (mutable globals) leads to forward-incompatible code, requiring hacks like GILs.
6:01 PM
There's nothing rational in your fear and you should know that already.
@rightfold Well they should not. The 'global mutable variables' should be data members.
People fear of flying for the same reason they're scared of living near a nuclear plant: because they feel like they're not in control. Yet, they do not fear cars or their eating habits because they think they can control that. And in the end, the latter is what's going to kill them.
And even if you made them non-global, it would be unsafe unless you synchronise all access in some way.
@rightfold Well, sure, but that's no different to threads in any language.
time for some guitar.
enough of aviophobes.
6:03 PM
Erlang solves it in the neatest way.
Pony solves it better!
@Ven did you try Streem?
@rightfold no.
Why not?
I've been busy writing c# for the past 2 days
using WCF and WPF.
6:04 PM
Nice. :D
s = tcp_socket("localhost", 8007)

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