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3:00 AM
@VermillionAzure You do that with just SSE or AVX.
@Mysticial oh god that thing
@Mysticial Like, there was some way to compute sqrt(x) and 1/sqrt(x) in the same algorithm and instruction, right?
@VermillionAzure Think of it this way, every cycle you can issue two FP instructions. They can be both SSE/AVX. Or one can be SSE/AVX and one x87 FPU. Or you can use just one. IOW, if you use the x87 FPU, you "waste" the issue slot for what could've been an SSE/AVX instruction.
That's what I mean by "sharing resources".
@Mysticial Ah i see
@Mysticial wow
3:05 AM
Also, what are some good papers for learning about algorithm composition from primitives? I've been learning about linearity of functions from linear algebra and I thought somebody must've done something like that with algorithm design
@Mysticial holy hell
I am in awe
@VermillionAzure Those are higher level optimizations. Not specific to a processor.
@Mysticial Yeah I know; but this is also something I'm interested in
sin() and cos() share factorials. (almost) So if you want to compute both, you know something can be reused.
@Mysticial Ah I see
Do you know if there's any papers on linearity of primitive operations in CS?
3:10 AM
They exist. But I don't know of any. :)
@Mysticial Links?
@jaggedSpire lol ignored
@ʞɔᴉN ;_;
Going over to my friend's house on Monday \0/
3:14 AM
huh that's weird, I don't remember saying you could come over?
@ʞɔᴉN it's because he figured you already knew
@ʞɔᴉN Haha.
But seriously I haven't seen these guys/gals in ages.
@ThePhD Woof.
Also, perhaps one of you can come to Hawaii
Then you can marvel at my hideous swath of hair and visual slits.
3:19 AM
Who'd want to go to US
@CatPlusPlus We'd wanna go to us!
but I am le tired
@Nooble is funny because "I need a passport to go to Hawaii from US" and I go to school riding a turtle
Ah I haven't seen them in 2 years.
Just been Skyping and all.
@VermillionAzure Turtle?
3:21 AM
The green sea turtle
Let's try more Hawaii stuff
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (state fish)
Myna bird. It's distinctive for its hop while moving around on the ground.
post that big dude with the tiny ukelele
3:24 AM
Saimin is a noodle soup dish developed in China and developed by different immigrant groups in Hawaii. Inspired by Japanese ramen, Chinese mein, and Filipino pancit, saimin was developed during Hawaii's plantation era. It is a soup dish of soft wheat egg noodles served in hot dashi garnished with green onions. Kamaboko, char siu, sliced Spam, linguiça, and nori may be added, among other additions. Saimin shares a great deal of commonality to Okinawa Soba with regards to noodles and broth, with the biggest difference being the toppings. China and Okinawa had close relations at one time. It is possible...
makes me wanna cri every time i hear his voice
hell yes
replace that with the somewhere over the rainbow vid
Jake Shimabukuro (born November 3, 1976 in Honolulu, Hawaii) is a ukulele virtuoso and composer known for his fast and complex finger work. His music combines elements of jazz, blues, funk, rock, bluegrass, classical, folk, and flamenco. Shimabukuro has written numerous original compositions, including the entire soundtracks to two Japanese films, Hula Girls (2007) and the Japanese remake of Sideways (2009). Well known in Hawaii and Japan during his early solo career in the early 2000s, Shimabukuro became famous internationally in 2006, when a video of him playing a virtuosic rendition of "While...
This guy's really good as well
3:27 AM
stop spam
Need me to bin anything?
It's okay I'm stopping
Too bad you don't get to see cross-dressing local comedian Cab picture
Also Bruno Mars is from Hawaii
ahhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh mmmm somewhere over the rainbow
I'll visit USA one day, but for the landscapes, not the cities
I enjoy jack johnson as well, not sure if hes a HI native though
3:29 AM
@GregorMcGregor Heyheyhey.
You could go to the best city.
And meet the best koala.
@ʞɔᴉN yes he is
Also Jack Johnson is from Hawaii
It's 11:30.
Time to start homework!
Obama is from Hawaii...
DAE use a ~/tmp folder
@VermillionAzure Trump is from NYC!
3:32 AM
@Nooble Fun fact: our state senator, Daniel Inouye, was the most senior from 2010 until his death in the Senate, so he would've been 3rd in line to become president if the Prez died
I'm 4th in line.
@GregorMcGregor Yes
I'm actually Obama
@CatPlusPlus Whoa.
Well then, Cat, how would you like to be an Obama of this chat?
@Nooble CHANGE
@VermillionAzure haha
3:34 AM
@GregorMcGregor no & you’re the weird one
@Nooble Is funny because Hillary Clinton will reveal DISCLOSURE!!!111 (and chnaeg)
After all this time chain(*map is still a weird way of spelling concatMap.
@LucDanton good
time for a software patent
If it's been stuck there for a very long time, shoot me an email with all the details and settings you can provide. I wrote the thing, so I'm interested to see if this is a bug in the program or a problem with your box. But this is off-topic for SO. — Mysticial 9 secs ago
^^ ahahaha
@Mysticial btw how is your "new" job?
3:38 AM
I wouldn't call it a "new" anymore.
aha, you edited
@VermillionAzure Job* job
@Nooble assert(steve == std::pair<Job, Job> { Job(), Job() });
@VermillionAzure Poor steve.
Or rich steve.
TIL Steve Jobs is dead
@GregorMcGregor wait really?
3:43 AM
No repro on my box using what I believe to be are very similar settings.
night lounge
@jaggedSpire nn
i'm off too, later all
@jaggedSpire nitenite
@ʞɔᴉN nicknick
59 errors in 11 files
3:44 AM
@ʞɔᴉN nn
I like doing everything at once
@Nooble <3<3
@CatPlusPlus add one to each and you've got five per
one to the error count and one to the file count, since in retrospect that wasn't clear and sort of seemed like I was saying if you added one error to every file you'd get that and it is really, really time for bed
@ʞɔᴉN Hold up.
@VermillionAzure Yeah apparently
3:47 AM
Your timezone.
Who sleeps at 8:45.
@GregorMcGregor no like you only learned that now?
Also LAKES ON MARS (were on mars)
@VermillionAzure Is it shocking...?
@GregorMcGregor No but I mean it was all over the media and like... everywhere
It's like if Bill Gates died tomorrow
Was it?
@GregorMcGregor It was
3:56 AM
@GregorMcGregor There was a film and now there’s a second in the making.
@VermillionAzure seems like a typical attempt at global misinformation IMHO
Like, Pixar, Apple issued public statements, and Bill Gates, George Lucas, Barrack Obama, and they have a holiday for him somewhere or something like that
lol a holiday for steve jobs ripday?
Bob Iger flew flags at half-staff for Disney...
@GregorMcGregor He died of PC.
3:57 AM
Also, his final words were, "Oh wow oh wow oh wow"
@Nooble Poison carboning?
@LucDanton That too.
But mostly pancreatic cancer.
guys I was only targetting Cinch
Oh also, Steve Jobs had a biological sister that was also given up for adoption
@GregorMcGregor I dunno I still feel like all the films was funny enough to mention them.
4:00 AM
@GregorMcGregor Wow it's like everyone knows I'm Cinch
Why do you guys like the other name so much?
Shorter to type.
I don't know they all call you that
@LucDanton Vermie is almost as short
I haven't been here long enough to know that nick though
@GregorMcGregor It's because this is my second account after the first got questioned-banned because that's when I started to learn programming for real
4:01 AM
Oh I see
@VermillionAzure Would feel too cruel to use that though.
@LucDanton why
Le vermifuge est un médicament antiparasitaire qui permet d'éradiquer les parasites gastro-intestinaux de son hôte. Le vermifuge peut se retrouver sous forme de comprimé ou sous forme liquide. Une fois administré, le vermifuge permet d'éliminer - notamment par les selles- les parasites présents dans l'organisme. Il existe des parasites propres à certaines espèces animales précises. Le toxocara canis, par exemple infecte habituellement les chiens, tandis que le toxocara cati se retrouve chez le chat. Certains parasites peuvent également avoir plusieurs hôtes possibles ou réagir différemment tout...
@LucDanton no hablo espanol senor (kek)
not a problem
Just notice all of the 'parasites' and 'gastro-intestinaux' and wildly extrapolate from that.
4:03 AM
@LucDanton still not that offensive lol
Does anybody here know my first name?
@jaggedSpire lol ignored
Well, cruel as in 'mean'. I’m not committing genocide over here.
@Nooble well, I will be going to bed eventually but I would like to actually get some work done first :)
@ʞɔᴉN ah
@LucDanton I laughed
4:04 AM
@LucDanton Dude I don't even understand how that's even mean it's just more confusing than mean
I just started homework and it's already tomorrow.
@Nooble poor koala
Now the challenge is to finish all of this in an hour and a half.
This way I'll be able to get 5 hours of sleep.
@VermillionAzure It’s the icky association with gastrointestinal parasites. Not a name I would use unless I knew you very well.
Kinda like calling someone 'wormie' but still worse.
4:07 AM
Hey man doesn't your name have to do with asses?
Right but it’s an association I have chosen.
Also 'Luc' is an actual name in its own right.
If I had chosen 'Ann O'Nym' wouldn’t you use 'Ann' as you do 'Luc' now, too?
I'm a boy so no :>
So you don’t call other people girls name?
Even girls?
Oh I misread.
@LucDanton I have never talked to a girl before so no
4:10 AM
Hey Luc and Cicada have around the same amount of rep.
@ʞɔᴉN Ok Mr. 6'24".
@Nooble lol I’ve really been slacking haven’t I
@Nooble lol @ your 338 rep
@ʞɔᴉN You mean 338K.
yeah, oops
lol without my top answer, I would have 359 rep
wait how? I don't even answer things
perhaps some of that extra rep is consumed by downvote/reupvotes on the top answer
4:15 AM
@ʞɔᴉN dang Nick
you done good
Fuckin progress
@CatPlusPlus Unity???
but y?
@VermillionAzure it's all passive rep, I got lucky haha
4:16 AM
am I a scrub if I don’t customise the look from the generated Sphinx docs
@CatPlusPlus What did it take to make THAT happen?
@ʞɔᴉN meh
Detection isn't that hard assuming I don't get garbage from the engine (which is not a given, Windows seems to be okay, I dare not try on Linux)
well you started a new account 4 months ago and you're almost 1k, so you will be far ahead of me soon
@CatPlusPlus It's all done from within Unity right?
4:17 AM
It took some salvaging of existing input library and making a better abstraction that encompasses keyboard and mouse too
@ʞɔᴉN I'm not too active on questions
It still kinda sucks
@CatPlusPlus Sounds like boilerplate upon boilerplate upon boilerplate...
Even if querying state works I still have to redo binding tables
Might as well use SDL and write your own looool
4:18 AM
Yeah no
@VermillionAzure you have 70 answers versus my 12, of which only 5 have even a single upvote
That reminds me, I still need to refactor some of my keyboard_device mouse_device classes...
@ʞɔᴉN That just means I suck
most of my activity on this site was just crap
Unity lets you query any axis or button from the system but different controllers on different systems map to different axes
4:19 AM
... pad_device too, since they're all based on an update cycle.
@ThePhD Whoa snake_case from you.
@Nooble I already exhaustively changed Input namespace to be snake_case.
@CatPlusPlus Convenient.
Graphics and Audio still need work.
@LucDanton Extremely
4:20 AM
@VermillionAzure well that goes without saying :P
i'm out for real this time, nn
I thought the days of controller calibration were behind us.
@ʞɔᴉN good night
@ʞɔᴉN nn man
@Nooble btw your name was Nick too right?
@ʞɔᴉN nn
4:20 AM
@VermillionAzure Wha.
@LucDanton Calibration maybe
You mean IRL?
@Nooble mhm
@VermillionAzure Nah my name's Julian.
4:21 AM
@Nooble Oh that's totally not what I was expecting
@VermillionAzure oh I know, I've heard you were talented
And that doesn't even scratch the surface because there's shitload of non-360-compatible controllers
@VermillionAzure hehe
> Axises
@Nooble wait seriously?
4:21 AM
first class garbage
@Nooble You sound like a "Brent" type
...What do I sound like?
And even this one varies by system
@VermillionAzure Cinch.
XBone controller uses different axes on DPad on Win7/8 and Win10
@Nooble Goddamn it koala
4:22 AM
It's just :cripes:
They say to never query Windows version and do feature detection but how the fuck are you supposed to do it here (ha ha use XInput so the behaviour is more different on different platforms)
Stupid bullshit
Fucking gamedev IHVs
@CatPlusPlus What type of game are you making?
About as good at making hardware as gamedevs are at making software
@CatPlusPlus Oh that's too bad I guess
Perhaps it would be more convenient to have them download some sort of external driver and then have it bind their inputs to actual keyboard buttons
Same for fighting game pad rigs
can it download a malware and make all my devices join a botnet instead
They can't map to keyboard buttons because they're analogue axes
You can map keyboard to an axis but the other way around you lose information
4:27 AM
@CatPlusPlus Then how do you plan on making the game playable without a controller?
@CatPlusPlus mehhhh -_-
@ThePhD How's the temperature?
I'm feeling incredibly cold.
It's alright so far.
@ThePhD How cold is it?
It's about... 73 over here I think
4:32 AM
Much cold. Very freeze.
@ThePhD Dude it's cold for us right now
@LucDanton Naw.
63 Freedom Units here.
Don't know temperature inside though.
All I know is that this is starting to affect my typing speed and handwriting.
@Nooble Wow that's cold
My AC goes that low and I'm freezing
4:34 AM
@VermillionAzure Feels like it yeah.
But it gets worse, usually to the low 20s deep into winter.
@Nooble Ow
@VermillionAzure But by then the heating would kick in.
@Nooble ah
And I'm too lazy to find the portable heating thingy.
You live with parents?
4:36 AM
Of course.
@Nooble Energy costs?
@VermillionAzure Maybe $120 in a month max.
Also I can't imagine living in a high tech place in Manhattan after my visit
If it were one of those crazy hot days where everyone has AC on.
Man if I could just have an R9-290X pointed towards me.
That would provide all the heating I need. #AMD
4:41 AM
Wow it's Gregor.
@Nooble vlol
But seriously AMD ahhhh
I should try to intern there
Never going for lunch at 12:30 again
7 million people in the street
no thanks
@GregorMcGregor Oh man I should stop doing homework at 12:30.
jokes on you gregor
it's 12:45
4:45 AM
is 6:47
It's 12:46.
@VermillionAzure you should go to bed! hey, it's 6:47 here, too...
@melak47 6:50pm
your clock is running fast
by ~2 minutes :p
i'm on a computer
4:49 AM
did you overclock it?
@melak47 lol
It's 6:51 it says I just synced
wow, this page is amazing
@melak47 I just synced twice
maybe you're in a weird +0:02 time zone :)
@melak47 sighhh
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