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4:01 PM
can this day be over asap pl0x
fuck sundays
I'm gonna sleep at eight.
I woke up at 17
it's 18 right now
fuck you facebook
Do you also get that notification if you have no friends?
can you make a dual boot to a linux based OS and make it boot to windows by default?
4:07 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit did you try the controls or was C# too much of a turnoff?
@JohanLarsson I don't C# and I don't have VS
@corvid Yes.
@JohanLarsson what does that have to do with the video
Just configure the bootloader correctly.
@AlexM. same level of interestingness.
holy crap I never knew kingdom hearts was this cool fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/…
I might play it
4:09 PM
@AlexM. I was lazy. Not a reply to, just a click.
@rightføld we should be friends
go away
rightfold is my friend
fold all your friends into a scalar
@R.MartinhoFernandes I was looking for the (gist?) of that, actually
@AlexM. do you feel like clicking :)?
4:17 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes: No Time For Caution has hooked me in today
@JohanLarsson what?
@AlexM. holy crap let's hope this is not so sexist as it appears :)
there's nothing sexist there
@JohanLarsson looks useful I guess, I never used WPF
@AlexM. I believe you. So... what's so cool about this?
4:20 PM
@AlexM. Oh, I thought you were a C#er, one of the good, not like the others.
Geez, canonical, I reckon lot's of feeling are crushed now that you closed this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/slocate/+bug/189462
Only 45 months late. That's almost 7 years.
@sehe it was a joke, obviously
kingdom hearts is a game that's rated E and the screenshot makes it look like the whole thing there is a sexual innuendo
I never really took kingdom hearts seriously :(
probably because it's really weird to see donald duck in the same place as some final fantasy characters
@AlexM. Oh. I get it
@AlexM. I've never heard of it
I dunno but the combination worked for plenty of people
just not for me
it has quite the following
@JohanLarsson I use C# for windows forms and Unity projects
I never had a need for WPF
Yeah, it's a pretty glaring design flaw anyways, right there on this comprehensive list gist.github.com/rmartinho/3176551sehe 1 min ago
/cc @R.MartinhoFernandes
mmm. that's actually not the gist with the callback flaw
> If the classes in your library have such clear responsibilities that you call them "managers", I will hate you
what does it mean?
it means that "manager" is a catch-all term for classes with no defined purpose.
it'd be like calling it a Thingy.
Ugh. Why did I ally with an incompetent fool.
@sehe I'm not sure if there is one.
@R.MartinhoFernandes In which game?
4:40 PM
@Puppy ok
Dumbass can't even follow the plan.
get Cavil to shoot him
So now he's broken and about to lose.
4:41 PM
or just replace him with Cavil.
Meaning it's time to stab him and grab his territory before my enemies do.
always a solid plan.
Yeah, but it's gonna cost time.
I struggle with finding other things to name my classes, sometimes.
I mean, I could come up with a long name that precisely describes the responsibility of the class. But that'd be long. *Manager is succinct. The reader can look up in the documentation what it means to manage such and such an entity.
Yeah, I do the same, *Service *Manager happens.
4:43 PM
call them Boss
"Service" is a pretty terrible name too.
unless you're referring to a Web service or a Windows service, I guess, which are a bit more domain-specific.
Yeah, service is as bad as manager
hrmph. Something I don't get. If I make a model in Blender, and want it to have certain real-time animation characteristics, do I do that in blender, or export the model and apply those properties?
4:44 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Is that official marketing material?
@corvid ... apply where?
Oh, they're books.
like say I have a flag, and want it to animate as if it were cloth, but based on user input. That's programmatic, and not part of the model animation, right?
obviously, but I wouldn't call that "animation"
what happens there should be driven by a physics engine
ragdoll physics-like
I think
you must define the armatures in Blender though
I think that's what they're called
I see... if it's a flag you just define where the "pins" are that hold it in place on the flag pole?
4:48 PM
no, you define the points on the flag's surface where it might bend
and let your physics engine take care of bending it
really just google for cloth simulation and crap
Yeah, I probably need that
Chapter 15 is probably what interests you
but it's mostly useless unless you go through the others
just don't come here and ask us about the first equation that you're unable to solve
from what I saw it's a trend for you to ask us about maths
iow help vampire
but that was for class. If I want to learn something on my own I don't like to ask people :|
sounds good then
start learning
I need food :(
one downside to waking up in the evening on sundays is that most stores start closing right about then
4:56 PM
Akame ga kill still not available :(
Need to wait another hour perhaps.
dat comment
@R.MartinhoFernandes yes
also it's missing return
5:05 PM
Hmm. Can't see what that yes is about.
Guys can anyone tell me why Codeblocks suck so much at linking ?
Because it's a C++ tool.
And C++ tools suck.
I compiled my entire project in Dev C++ and Visual Studio 2013
And no linker errors
5:10 PM
Shit I'm running out of coal.
How the heck am I supposed to do plastic without coal.
CodeBlocks isn't a linker
@Jefffrey ebay.to/1zPcACQ :P
@Jefffrey mine more coal
@rightføld I have no coal deposit left.
5:13 PM
The nearest one has the hugest biter city of the map in between.
nice try bub
@niCk seems pretty expensive
> ','.join(letters).replace(',', '')
@Jefffrey open minimap find coal.
Use radar to expand minimap.
@StackedCrooked fun fact: google->ebay->coal->bit.ly without looking the screen :D
5:15 PM
@niCk Why is there a coin with the coal? That's going to fuck up some machine.
@Jefffrey so you can see how big the coal is.
@Jefffrey its not a bug its a feature don't worry
However, the attempt is bad. It's difficult to see what kind of coin it is.
It may be a very small coin.
@rightføld But I have no idea what's the dimension of the coin in the first place.
@rightføld Do radar have to be in specific places or do they work everywhere?
Maybe it's there to show there won't be any combustion when coins come in contact with the coal.
5:17 PM
Hahha noticed the coin on top the coal its a like a buyers easter egg
@Jefffrey You can put them anywhere.
However be sure to not put them in the center of your map.
Because if you do that it will not discover much.
Unless your map is very small.
@rightføld So they have a range in which they will reveal the map?
You can also just walk around.
Although I don't know what radars do more than just revealing the map.
5:19 PM
@Jefffrey why not make random scatter an amount of coal equal to 1% of the map :P
I think they also update enemy positions on the map all the time but I'm not sure.
I should think of power alternatives for my energy supply.
I won't be able to use steams very fast.
You need radars if you always want an up-to-date map.
XPath has grown on me
Though radars use shitloads of energy so you better create more engines.
5:27 PM
oh man the new dragon age youtube.com/watch?v=j2dL6ZI7H6E
I think it's NSFW, dunno
but it's sunday so...
Good morning everyone.
If it's morning, anyways.
I am followed by someone who is followed by Resig.
Now I am famous and good.
You know
that jQuery guy.
Oh cool.
5:35 PM
@AlexM. looking forward to play that game
If you destroy a security camera in Ground Zeroes the enemy's HQ notices and the enemy goes check out the area.
In previous games destroying a security cam didn't do anything but making it easier for you to walk around.
Have you guys heard about eGPU's? I heard it's a way to connect a desktop GPU to a laptop, although the GPU still needs its own power supply, and I believe you need a thunderbolt port.
@Puppy That's cool.
GPUs are overrated.
5:43 PM
@Nooble it's really not.
@rightføld What would you like in place of them? Neural networks?
neural nets are the exact opposite of GPUs.
I just want printers.
Printing text.
@Puppy There was some intended sarcasm there, but feel free to ignore it.
thanks, I will and did.
5:46 PM
@StackedCrooked looking forward to ahem
ride the bull?
@rightføld Can't wait for this to be invented. /s
3D printers.
They exist.
So expensive though.
The cheapest Makerbot is $800
and that's their smallest model.
5:48 PM
what prevents us from deep space explorations is the financial motivation or technological power to achieve it.
Calibri is so ugly.
> The cosmonaut says his aim now is to return to the ISS as part of another mission as “space is drug.”
@rightføld Verdana is nice!
6:07 PM
Ugh people still use words like 'cosmonaut'.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit whoa that chick still exists
When is your tag score updated?
@R.MartinhoFernandes seems appropriate in case of this guy ; )
@LightnessRacesinOrbit my fucking god
she's so beautiful
god damnit
ok I'll go play CS now
Why appropriate?
Because he's Russian?
6:13 PM
> cosmonaut |ˈkɒzmənɔːt|
a Russian astronaut.
Pretty much.
@AlexM. well, yeah, they haven't taken her out yet if that's what you mean
> By convention, an astronaut employed by the Russian Federal Space Agency (or its Soviet predecessor) is called a cosmonaut in English texts.
I smell sockpuppets:
@R.MartinhoFernandes What's wrong with "cosmonaut"?
Q: C read/write and clear FILE

Seanthis might sound like a dumb question, but I understand fopen(fileLoc, r+); opens an existing file and allows both read and write operations to this file. However, how would I get fopen to clear the file aswell, to allow w like write access to clear file, but also allows read access, I have trie...

6:21 PM
I wonder if an astronaut ever ate a magic mushroom in space.
is this a dupe of the question I linked to the OP?
Q: C++ insert string every 76 characters

thrymgjolI would like to insert a carriage return and newline after every 76 characters in a base64 string. Is it better to split the string into 76-character segments then rejoin after adding the characters, or is there a better way? And if I rejoin them, do I have to worry about null characters?

any answer I would post would just be a blatant copy of the original answer
that feels REALLY dirty
6:39 PM
I burned mah tongue

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