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3:00 PM
@Borgleader: are you the Borg King? could I have a Whopper please?
I want an app that can tell me details about all the stops of the train I'm already on (aided by GPS)
@LightnessRacesinOrbit y u do dis T_T
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Get a triple whopper, you pussy
i found someone with an eerily similar avatar to sehe
3:09 PM
Oh noez
sound the alarm
@Pris You'd be surprised how many Noobles there are.
I should watch this video
in On lockfree logging, queuing and memory order, 7 mins ago, by sehe
https://github.com/rmartinho/nonius, it's with exactly your code from here but wrapped in a nonius benchmark:
/HT @R.MartinhoFernandes
all the old people playing gta videos are hilarious
3:11 PM
@Borgleader brilliant
She is not old.
@Pris At least I made mine more unique
@Jefffrey she has gray hair
@Borgleader So?
3:12 PM
sehe has white hair.
Is she old?
@Borgleader So do I.
Q: How to deny acces to Win32 API to plugin, run as process

BIV1991Interprocess communication will be achieved with WriteProcessMemory and ReadProcessMemory by master application. It's needed for «very untrusted plugin» architecture. If such thing exist, please give me a link. Why downvotes?????? If you not understand question - stop push downvotes!

@Jefffrey ... if it wasnt hair dye she would be
woah who is that
3:14 PM
@Borgleader How do you know the GTA player there didn't dye her hair?
is it young Ellen Tigh?
@Jefffrey The video is called "Elders play GTA"
Oh, so someone on the internet told you so?
@Mgetz Haha his simile.
3:15 PM
If I tell you that I'm God, will you believe me?
@Mgetz I was just looking at that.
@Jefffrey wears tinfoil hat
@Jefffrey Old for what? :)
3:15 PM
@wilx I've never seen such an OP in need of basic research, play so oblivious
My troll meter shows signs of troll activity.
@Borgleader Link?
67% of people with grey/white hairs live 40 more years after their first grey/white hair.
They are statistically speaking in the middle of their lives.
That's not old.
Yes, I made that statistic up. Sue me.
3:17 PM
@Jefffrey I have few grey hairs, both in my hairs and beard. I feel old...
67% of statistics are shades of gray
Troll meter is beeping.
Too late.
@Jefffrey ive had grey hair since i was... 23, 24
Yeah but your hair wasn't predominantly grey was it?
3:21 PM
I sat on my balls
That happens to me sometimes. Quite awkward. It's hard to explain the sudden yelp
I guess it's time for you to release that tension of yours.
Huh. More scientific research?
I had a bald spot since I was about 13
@MohammadAliBaydoun Please, do tell us more.
3:23 PM
my hair is nice but I need to stop it from falling somehow
@Puppy How big was it?
four years ago I went to get a haircut and the chick there started playing with my hair saying how brown and thick it it
I've got less of it now :(
Fuck her
@Nooble I dunno, it's on the top of my head. Hard to get a good look
No wait
3:24 PM
yes, do fuck her
@Jefffrey too late
@Borgleader Funny how when they find the guns they happily start shooting people. :)
Shadow Stack isn't thread-safe.
I think I need a custom GC plugin since stacks aren't tied to threads anyway.
@wilx The woman stealing a car was funny too
3:28 PM
Also, finalisers are tricky.
Though collecting objects with finalisers in two collection cycles is easy.
I'm eating cheddar for the first time
@AlexM. First time? It is not that uncommon cheese...
never bought any until now
I bet this would go well melted on stuff
it dus
3:34 PM
train 2 of 3
tertiary adjunct of unimatrix 595
cheddar melted onto pan fried chicken is pretty good
no skin no spices just straight up
"neat", as it were
@Ell Hey!
Free association time again?
Liquid transportation devices!
Freemium blood tranfusions
@Pris It's a linker error. Linkers' error messages are still bad.
3:46 PM
bloodborne diseases
They essentially tell you what problem they have (undefined reference - "I haven't found any X"), instead of telling what problem you have.
@Nooble hi :)
Let's start simple.
By having each fiber store a set of roots.
And by replacing calls to @llvm.gcroot to calls to a function to enroot, and at the end of each function call another function to deroot.
That shouldn't be too hard.
@LightnessRacesinOrbit @iam.groot*
I haven't even seen that movie yet >.>
3:54 PM
@milleniumbug that's probably a good thing, as previously mentioned
chain of responsibility etc
the linker can authoritatively tell you what problem it has. it can't guarantee to guess what problem you have (in fact it's often impossible) so why wojld we expect it to?
all these recipes are fucking wrong
my mojito is better with sprite instead of club soda
sprite is sweet enough so you don't need sugar syrup either
You are all pussies.
c++ lounge, pats or seahawks
C++ lounge
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Not really
@LightnessRacesinOrbit And yet, the compilers try, while linkers remain ignorant.
4:04 PM
compilers have a lot more information
It's a good thing this one shows demangled name, most of them aren't so intelligent.
a linker cannot magically divine anything about a symbol you failed to provide it
compilers on the other hand are given everything they need (whether it's correct or not)
the only analogue is forgetting to #include something, and good luck getting anything beyond 404s off the back of that
12th anniversary of the loss of Columbia, today
inb4 it's Colombia and still there
the what of columbia
that assumes a particular name mangling scheme, which is not platform/compiler agnostic.
Problems like "this object file was compiled with compiler A and this one by compiler B", or "different calling conventions", or "type mismatch" can be fixed by making linker aware of mangling scheme.
4:10 PM
half the point of mangling schemes is that those problems are already caught by the linker.
you can't link Itanium and MSVC code because they use separate mangling schemes, and that's regardless of whether or not the linker is mangling-scheme-aware.
Which provide unhelpful errors like "undefined reference to __Z4324sfsdfsdfsfsf_iPCh5zzzzzsfsfsfsfssfsf_and_so_on"
it's true that it's not tremendously helpful, although I've learned to read Itanium ABI names by now
but I'm pretty sure that most environments can demangle them for you now
Well, I have enough experience, so this problem is not that troublesome for me - but I can say the same about errors related to templates.
this just in: C++ error messages suck
we'll have more breaking news on this exclusive developing story in ten minutes
if you really hate C++ error messages that much then contribute to Wide so you don't have to use C++ :P
store i64 42, i64* %x
              ^---------- what does the second half mean?
4:18 PM
it's the pointer pointing to the memory location being stored into.
So it's saying it'll store 42 in the address of variable x?
assembly has variables? :P
no, x is already an address.
@Ell That's LLVM IR, not assembly.
Also yes
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Sure it's still there. I have to deliver software to it b4 10:00 Monday, else I'm dead.
4:20 PM
LLVM IR is in SSA form- single static assignment. LLVM IR variables do not have addresses and cannot be mutated.
Input:  var x = 42;
Parsed: (x=42)

; ModuleID = 'Borg JIT'

define void @main() {
  %x = alloca i64
  store i64 0, i64* %x
Progress was made :)
inb4 immutable variable discussion again
@рытфолд if you shut up it won't happen :P
About immutable variables...
so, I got Dark Souls
let's play this shit
4:23 PM
@AlexM. Don't walk outside barefoot.
void enroot(void** root) {
I'm a two-star programmer!
everyone seems to be writing a language nowadays
they're jealous of me
programming languages are the new games
everyone wants to make one
Indeed. Everyone wants to make a gamedev.
4:25 PM
@AlexM. i think you mean language programmers?
UAP is nice.
well language programming is much more accessible now that LLVM is available
you don't have to limit yourself to the shitstorms of JVM and CLR
yes, llvm makes things much easier
although it still helps to not be an AST-mutating gibberling
I don't know why thread_local is still not supported.
It's been four years.
4:28 PM
not supported where?
And __thread works just fine.
@Puppy If I use it the compiler emits an error.
which compiler, which version, which settings, which platform..
zoidberg :: ~/Desktop » echo 'int thread_local x;' > foo.cpp                                                        1 ↵
zoidberg :: ~/Desktop » clang++ foo.cpp -std=c++1y -Wall -Wextra -Werror -pedantic
foo.cpp:1:5: error: thread-local storage is unsupported for the current target
int thread_local x;
1 error generated.
zoidberg :: ~/Desktop » echo 'int __thread x;' > foo.cpp                                                            1 ↵
zoidberg :: ~/Desktop » clang++ foo.cpp -std=c++1y -Wall -Wextra -Werror -pedantic
which subsequently brings us to the other three questions I asked
4:30 PM
Apple LLVM version 6.0 (clang-600.0.56) (based on LLVM 3.5svn)
Target: x86_64-apple-darwin14.0.0
Thread model: posix
g++ is symlinked to clang++ so I can't try it.
Lemme try on Coliru.
Oh, works there. Weird.
darwin is probably the problem.
The answer is lol apple
__thread and all the other previous thread-local storage extensions are POD only.
Oh libstdc++ is too old.
and C++11 requires full non-trivial type semantics.
4:32 PM
If I use libc++ then it works.
POD is fine for me.
@Puppy looks like apples version didn't evolve as fast as the other badumtss
T_T somebody stop me
Since I have to store only a pointer.
my cd drive won't open
lol CD drive
what are you, an austrilopithecus?
I'm repairing a windows xp laptop and I need to make a recovery disk :P
4:34 PM
wow windows xp
going back to the dinosaur age here
@Ell Upgrade to Windows 10 when it comes out K?
XP doesn't get a free upgrade.
@Borgleader it's not my laptop vOv
only 7&8.
@Puppy should still upgrade
4:34 PM
they will just get a new laptop anyway prolly cus this is old and shit
a laptop, so old it runs XP, must be unbearable
this is just the final straw on the camels back or w/e the saying is
but they want to recover files so
the hard drive is fine and intact mind. I'm just doing it as a challenge now
I think I'm gonna have to reboot to get this cd drive working though...
Looks like google ultron is taking up 3GB of RAM. This browser is such a memory hog.
> Powered by Adobe Reader
theres your problem
> Download RAM!
You can now download more RAM using Ultron! Learn More
wait... im being trolled
@Puppy I've seen one of my relatives with a PC running windows 7 with a "Vista Capable" sticker on it.
@Borgleader Looks like I'm going to have to contact NASA.
4:43 PM
Q: "Can you make a Pixar quality movie with Blender?" A: "Yes, if you give Blender to Pixar, they can".
I like how he thinks
@StackedCrooked I'm not seeing it. The team mates can have her, IYAM
@Nooble 7 is less resource intensive than Vista, so it should be better.
but that's still old as shit.
Q: Adding a sanity regeneration to a modded character in the game Don't Starve?

VeXeD_1357I am currently in the process of creating custom modded characters for my friends and myself for Don't Starve. The only problem is that I cannot figure out what line of code I am supposed to use to program a sanity regeneration in Don't Starve and what line of code I am supposed to use to negate ...

5:03 PM
how to make software
@рытфолд You need a computer.
I have no computer
@рытфолд I've got a massively-parallel one, but it's been poisoned.
I tink I'll goto bed now
5:19 PM
so I tried dark souls
I died
@Puppy I was surprised to see someone from arse technica say that Win 10 runs just fine on a 2004 athlon 64
I want to run the tech demo on a VM.
Or technical preview or whatever.
home sweet home
so warmmm
seeing how well Win10 runs
@AlexM. Windows has gotten more efficient over the last few years I feel to help them target laptops/tablets and also after the burn of Vista.
makes you wonder just wth they did with Vista
5:23 PM
Vista was the first OS I used.
On a machine with 768mb of RAM.
Screw garbage collection.
I used a stripped version of vista
I'll just make it leak.
which ran very well on my pentium d with 1gb ram
And fix it later (i.e. never).
5:24 PM
@AlexM. Before I first bought a decent PC, I was gaming on an 11 inch lenovo.
1GB of RAM, and handled Minecraft at lowest settings at about 20ish FPS.
a kid went to the games stuff today at the mall
said about how minecraft was a shitty game
his sister was like "THAT'S NOT TRUE"
Let me guess, they play it on Xbox?
I don't know
Because yes, the console port is absolute shit.
imho, the PC game is also absolute shit :A
but I'm with the girl there for her attitude
never managed to have any fun in minecraft
5:27 PM
Minecraft was pretty fun until I got bored of redstone.
And then I started modding it.
@рытфолд Just make sure you abandon the project before memory leakage becomes an issue.
Minecraft is really bad if you're playing it alone.
I should really get a new computer.
I never feel as happy as when I'm playing games unless I'm playing games.
@рытфолд Because..?
To play games on with decent performance.
My current game PC is six years old.
5:32 PM
Time for an upgrade.
Phenom II X4 945 at 3 GHz. Does AMD have anything better yet?
lol amd and better CPUs.
if you want a better CPU, buy Intel.
@wilx I had that
then I upgraded to i5 2400
@Puppy No, thanks. Intel's HW is too pricey.
yeaah, the i5 2400 was 2x the price of the x4 945
so it was a clear upgrade :A
5:40 PM
@wilx wuuuuut
@Borgleader well it is
I guess AMD Phenom™ II X6 or similar is the most powerful CPU AMD has, according to its pages... Sad.
1065T model
Ah, I missed the FX series.
@рытфолд specs?
Do you have an SSD yet? :)
@FredOverflow no
@FredOverflow no idea
amd have good cpus
5:44 PM
I need an Intel CPU.
fire Phenom torpedoes; full spread!
I have no experience with developing for AMD CPUs, and all software I use is known to work on Intel CPUs.
I don't want to risk something I want to use not working on an AMD CPU.
> Computer science is a college major with one of the highest stroke rates. Why do you think this is?
stroke rates, never heard that before
Probably Perl.
5:47 PM
@рытфолд The Xeon E3 1230 is an excellent choice if you don't need integrated graphics.
@Jefffrey What is "stroke rate"?
rate of people that have strokes
I need a good graphics card.
I wonder
@рытфолд Then E3 1230 it is!
@Jefffrey Because we spend all day sitting in a chair
5:48 PM
how many of you would be in favour of naming a hypothetical first warp ship "Enterprise"?
I wonder what games will look like in 1230.
The E3 presentations must be stunning.
@Puppy Count me in (no surprise there)
@рытфолд Year or resolution? :)
@Puppy Hehe, why not. :)
5:48 PM
They probably played checkers back then.
@Borgleader Well, considering that Alcubierre only got the idea after watching Star Trek, I feel a bit of a homage would be appropriate.
Oh, right.
I confused 1230 with 2130.
Configuring computers from components is fun.
How much RAM do you need? 8 GB? 16 GB?
32 GB.
Why? Because of all the FP overhead? ;)
5:50 PM
So I can build GHC and LLVM while playing music and MGS5.
I hope I can play MGS5 in a VM.
Otherwise I'll have to dualboot, which is shit and disruptive.
counting down to train departures is more interesting than this
no offence
> The key to getting neat graphics in a VM is to grant the virtual machine a full access to your graphics card. This means that your host OS will not touch this piece of hardware at all, and the guest OS will be able to use it as any other (emulated) hardware. The guest OS (presumably Windows) will load it’s own drivers for the graphics adapter, and will communicate with it natively!
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Do you use --x or x-- for counting down?
Go has only x--.
Which is nice.
5:52 PM
Because it can only be used in statement position.
It's not an expression.
This is nice in line with CQS and makes dangerous operations (mutations) more visible.
And CQS means...
Command–Query Separation.
Have you become an Eiffel fanboy? :)
5:55 PM
I love Eiffel.
But I liked CQS before that.
I'm actually writing a bug tracker in Eiffel: github.com/rightfold/hexapoda
@FredOverflow Radek is a fanboy of anything that crosses his field of view.
I actually heard you mention this project before.
that's not allowed.
Prove that it's not allowed.
everybody knows you drop all projects after 30 seconds
You cannot use in statement position a function that returns a value.
5:58 PM
Jun 16 '12 at 0:34, by Radek Slupik
Gekko is a great song.
As is Love Theme.
ah fucknuggets, LLVM undefined reference errors.
@Puppy how's cracking sha-512 going?
it was sha-256
and I don't have enough RAM to continue work in that area
6:05 PM
working on it
awww fuck.
only fixed the one test I was working on, didn't fix any other tests with the fixes I made.
oh well, progress I guess.
@FredOverflow my cpu is too slow, do you have a website to download more Ghz too?
> Syntax highlighting is a feature of text editors that are used for programming or scripting languages, such as HTML.
@MarcoA. You can't download GHz, silly.

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