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5:10 PM
Eh~, I've already read all of Ménage à 3.
It's downright fucked up from the beginning to the end (well, there's no end yet), but it's really cool.
@BartekBanachewicz lesgo
5:31 PM
@Zoidberg no, i'm preparing for a grill night
Good afternoon
@Zoidberg with smoked meat
@Zoidberg you dismiss my opinions anyway :)
fucking facist nazi who the fuck eats animals you sick fuck
5:33 PM
I do, and it's delicious. The taste of animal death is such amaze
@Ven You okay?
Soon everything will be over
I had a nice BBQ today
Also lots of meat
5:49 PM
@Puppy a while finishing a movie
you suck
I'm just gonna buy Lotv
@Zoidberg that's what I'm gonna have as well :)
@Ven "lots of meat"?
?tag lennyface
Datum = Null | Symbol | Boolean | Integer | Float | String | List
Am I missing something obvious?
5:54 PM
@milleniumbug good one :D
@набиячлэвэлиь much meat
@Zoidberg you're not gonna go the cons cell way, are you?
@Ven why not?
5:55 PM
but visiting the Blizzard website means having Nova's boob armour smashed in my face
No, you can't do arbitrary cons cells.
They must be well-formed lists.
There is no (1 . 2).
@Puppy lol
im here
DeadMG has gone offline.
DeadMG has come online.
DeadMG has gone offline.
DeadMG has come online.
DeadMG has gone offline.
DeadMG has come online.
DeadMG has gone offline.
DeadMG has come online.
DeadMG has gone offline.
DeadMG has come online.
DeadMG has gone offline.
DeadMG has come online.
DeadMG has gone offline.
DeadMG has come online.
thanks Battle.net
good to know
I actually couldn't buy LoTV because I was too busy cringing at the Blizzard website
5:57 PM
we got diamond to hit
let's roaul
Is there anything you can do about phishing emails other than report them?
Got another fake Apple-ID sign in, looks like a clone of an earlier attempt that Apple eventually had Safari warn you before visiting. I filled it out with garbage, but I was wondering if there were any field-entires that might mess with their database somehow.
@Zoidberg Why not Decimal instead of Float? :o
@Owatch A friend of mine once spent a week or so trolling one--after the eighth (or so) fruitless trip to the Western Union office, the guy finally just gave up and quit answering email.
They allow me to submit multiple times. So I guess someone could have a bot just spam them.
6:01 PM
@Morwenn Rational rather, indeed a good idea. Thanks.
No problem :p
You're missing the part where you stop implementing a new useless language
unused /= useless
### Rational numbers

    rational = digit+ '.' digit+

### Floating-point numbers

    float = digit+ ('.' digit+)? 'f'
But it might be both at once :D
6:03 PM
My Dos's reply to SV work
> I knew you'd write less than a page for SaID but spilling over to two pages for NumMeths is uncharacteristically flamboyant in your paper use, don't you think?!
> There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses.
> There are only two kinds of summarizations: the ones that shouldn't be made, and the ones that aren't being made.
That one is pretty ironic.
(/cc @Ell for my first quote, if you have SVs?)
Ok, the fact that I can hear a little girl ask « Daaaady! Where are you daddy? Are you there? Daaaady! » through my window (and it lasted a while) feels a bit creepy.
Am I in a horror film?
6:12 PM
You are the horror
if you didn't pay her to ask that it's probably fine
Q: The answer is in your face

Element118 My first came before, A tool for wood, not ore. My second prints ink, I heard recent things. Together they sound quite fast, I'll charge for the last. One is a simple example, Protein is made ample. What am I?

Q: How to create Search Engine In PHP?

rostam sadiqiHow to convert this code in php, please help me. ResultSet rs = null; PreparedStatement pst = null; Connection con = null; Statement st = null; final String username = "root"; final String password = "22535"; final String url = "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3307/project"; // bleow Search button sou...

@DmitriBudnikov ^
Hmm, I can't actually put boost in submodules in nonius cause Chrono is not header-only. @ThePhD
6:20 PM
lol "came" and "in your face" in the same answer
Though I guess that's only a problem in old VS.
That looks like a fine question for Stack Overflow. Have you checked if it was already asked there?
i found nothing
6:37 PM
1 message moved to bin
@ThePhD actually, submoduling the boost stuff is silly if I don't include that in the single header.
7:08 PM
That's beautiful *-*
> error: no match for ‘operator*’ (operand types are ‘int’ and ‘std::complex<double>’)
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yup, no mixed complex types support IIRC.
yup, gotta add that cast or a dot at the end of literal
And no guaranteed Gaussian integers support either :/
Yeah, twas 2 * c, so I just added the dot.
Still annoying.
7:20 PM
I was about to say that it may have to do with C99 _Complex ABI compatibility, but that's utterly random and makes no sense whatsoever.
Cats being annoying in the garden. Or little girls, not sure.
I guess cats.
They're indistinguishable by ear really
Doesn't Matter; Still Blindfired
7:37 PM
    go s h | s == 1    = h
           | otherwise = go (s-1) (f s time)
Am I dumb or is this go s h = f 2 time?
Oh wait, I'm dumb.
In other news, I would like to out myself as the real Satoshi Nakamoto.
if it is true and anyone doubts you just buy a stealth bomber and do some precision bombing
What should I bomb?
Could try to put one through Mr. Jung Un's bedroom window I guess.
Start a small war.
Guys, I have a problem I think is unsolvable.
@набиячлэвэлиь auto won't cut it because you cannot forward-declare it.
7:53 PM
decltype(auto) :v
Same problem?
struct foo { decltype(auto) f(); }; won't compile.
You can forward-declare auto, just can't use f() before it's definition is known.
@R.MartinhoFernandes demo
Goddammit, no, I need to use the function without a definition.
aren't I fucking magical
@R.MartinhoFernandes Cry yourself to sleep
7:56 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes need the address to register it or something?
also if it can return any tyep put it inside any+magic
@LucDanton Right.
I guess maybe it's hidden from view with a scrollbar.
        static ::nonius::benchmark_registrar NONIUS_DETAIL_UNIQUE_NAME(benchmark_registrar) (::nonius::global_benchmark_registry(), name, internal_name::run); \
Right there at the end.
That implementaion is just like in Catch, but Catch has all returns void.
very green
I want to live near something like that from time to time :)
8:07 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes all in all, I’m not super crazy about 'clever' syntax (which putting a block after a macro invocation is). document the non-macro way to do it, with the caveat that unlike it it’s not as stable and subject to change from version to version?
you can always go ahead and add a macro if/when you find out to have a way what you want, the non-macro method being here for any and all special needs
Ok, now I'm beginning to feel a bit stressed.
nearing deadline?
Kind of.
8:26 PM
@LucDanton I'll just close it. It's "nice to have" but I'm not too keen on it either.
I already have enough stuff to document that isn't really about interfaces.
And I'd rather spend my time on new stats.
Gonna finish KDE and then do autocorrelation and goodness of fit.
@Zoidberg oh
Got three bugs to fix, only one reproducible.
I sorted out all my data.
And their syntax.
Is it sexy now?
8:40 PM
Datum = Document | Null | Symbol | Boolean | Integer | Rational | Float | String | List
Not as much as you
(I might be drunk again, so disregard whatever I say)
@Ven If only my mirror agreed with the photos x)
Eh~, psychologist tomorrow morning. Now I'm stressed.
@Morwenn they get paid for putting up with and fixing your issues, don't worry about it
Lowl, I worry about myself.
8:45 PM
well, if things go wrong you can at least fire someone :D
♪ Fetch another beer, lala ♫
Hey guys, I don't want to bother y'all with my stupid question, but here it goes: What kind of project should I make if I want to show that I'm capable of designing and implementing distributed systems? So far I only thought about making either an resilient API service composed of individual microservices and the second idea is to make a distributed storage just like redis, minus the perforamance and 99% of features of course.
contribute to hadoop or whatever the rage is nowadays
that way you also show that you want to improve the world instead of reinventing wheels
struct t { t() = delete; };
int f(t x) { throw "fuck"; }
Is f a total function?
8:54 PM
Thats an interesting idea, thank you!
@Anu: Your question was whether transform takes random access sequences. I answered that. It seems like your question really was "why doesn't my code work". That's a completely different question, which you are invited to ask with the "Ask Question" button. This time, please provide your actual code. — Nicol Bolas 17 mins ago
hear hear
@Zoidberg a total dysfunction
Its domain is empty. Due to the vacuous truth, it is thus defined for each element of its domain. Therefore, f is total.
@sehe wow 274 line program in response
Yeah. OP sucks
The "Ask Question" button is hither: stackoverflow.com/questions/asksehe 31 secs ago
IRTA "is hitler"
9:01 PM
public static function guaranteedSuccess<T>(): Iso<Awkward<Uninhabited, T>, T> {
    return Iso::make(
        function($a) { return $a->awkward($u ==> $u->absurd(), F::id()); },
        function($b) { return Awkward::ok($b); }
@Morwenn :( take care
@Ven Yeah, dying in a road accident while driving there would be pointless x)
@milleniumbug It's hillariously hither
@Morwenn mostly mentally. Being afraid for other's physical health is just a bad idea in general
Er, probably.
9:13 PM
> ==12225==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free on address 0x60700000dfd0
it is as awesome as it is annoying
If you act naughty, you're gonna get valgrounded.
still need to figure out where to set a breakpoint there
Mar 22 at 20:12, by milleniumbug
@sehe I run process in valgrind with valgrind --vgdb=yes --vgdb-error=0 ./my_program and then I follow the instructions (as in, running gdb ./my_program and paste in target remote | /usr/lib64/valgrind/../../bin/vgdb --pid=PID)
IOW automatically make your program stop at the first error
(inb4 it's not the first error)
I think I know what I did wrong
you are supposed to set a breakpoint at __asan_report_error but it never worked for me
and I think the reason is that debug symbols were not installed so it didn't know where that function was
9:20 PM
oh so it's not actually valgrind
don't mind me then
hmm no, doesn't work :(
Er, the AddressSanitizer in the report should have been a dead giveaway, but I still managed to miss it x)
Well, We tried to run the clang sanitizers on the codebase, but it just segfaults..
try to fix that, it is well worth it
especially things like UB sanitizer
memory allocated here, full stack trace, freed here, full stack trace, used again here, full stack trace
doesn't get much nicer than that I think
9:29 PM
Coolness. Shiny renderings in answers always help
@sehe how's job going
Fine. Ups and downs.
new job?
Februari. New for my standards.
ok, think it is the same as when I asked the last time
9:33 PM
The code is an unexpected mix between clean-ish and script-oriented, self-documenting. And then there are the overall tendency to over-enterprise, leading to ... well convolution mostly
@JohanLarsson Yes certainly
I don't switch often.
If at all, really.
You should learn more about abstract algebra.
It's helpful when constructing abstractions.
You mean. Teach. :)
(you're probably right though, in the sense that every one does)
Thanks sehe. Actually it was a silly oversight. The machine executing this code is based in Chicago. Hence the difference is expected. Thank you very much for you prompt help!! — user2930006 1 min ago
Great. Gimme votes, not praise :) My remark was spot on then ("Your assumption doesn't cut it.")
@sehe Teaching is the best learning methodology.
There's a lot of truth there
@sehe luckily you are not doing it for internet points, otherwise this would be really annoying :P
9:37 PM
Someone said teaching is learning a second time.
Oh. This one wasn't annoying (I didn't spend much time). Others...
Also I finally understand how Haskell functors correspond to endofunctors.
@JohanLarsson Learning, but carefully
@Zoidberg You're sick :) I won't even try. It sounds too removed-from-reality to me (which it probably isn't, as always)
@nwp i don't exactly decide on that kinda stuff
@sehe it's not difficult
9:40 PM
Nothing is. But time is limited. And so, frankly, is my interest in these things for now
@sehe hardest problem world
@Zoidberg lol
@sehe to be fair. It's a lot of prerequisites
I understood how Functor maps morphisms (fmap :: (a -> b) -> (f a -> f b)), but not how it maps objects. Now I do: Functor consists not only of fmap, but also of the type it takes, which is of kind * -> *, i.e. maps types to types (and types are objects).
ITT rightfold learns about Hask?
@Ven Yeah. I'm actually mostly aware of that. I'm confident I can find it if I need it in my game (I'll probably do that when I really apply Haskell for much)
@Ven Again. Deeper. Harder.
Fun exercise: port Functional Java to your favourite programming language.
I'm doing that too! (Well, not favourite, but high in the list, and I use it at work.)
9:44 PM
That's a bit silly. Now the edit just makes the answer incorrect, but the question is still a simple "typo" ("thinko" if you will). I'll vote to close then — sehe 15 secs ago
hate it when that happens
^ Meanwhile in Ushio to Tora it's raining submarines.
looks like tentacles
Looks like someone writing Perl.
WTH twitter is completely inundated by @VisualStudio feed spam
@milleniumbug erm. Maybe the tentacles are in the rain
9:50 PM
@StackedCrooked is that a butt in the center of the top of that image?
Not a sexy one :(
It's a stone monster or something. It does seem to have a butt.
I hope that pleases you.
> Minutes played: 43 days
Thanks, Minecraft.
maybe notch didn't anticipate people playing for more than 10 minutes
10:04 PM
minecraft is a monster all its own
I don't think notch anticipated many things that happened with that game
like starting a company microsoft would be willing to purchase for $2 billion
I don't really want to think about how much time I've spent in minecraft
fortunately the time periodically resets so I don't actually know
@Zoidberg We play the minutes daily.
Meeting minutes
I'm really tired. Going to sleep.
Love y'all later ♥
sleep well
@Zoidberg day is 20 mins
@jaggedSpire I'll try :)
10:20 PM
@sehe best of luck ;)
I want to make a video game

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