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12:01 AM
@CatPlusPlus the SSH service runs as the local service account.
And you want it to show UI
Good design
@CatPlusPlus Yes, its poor design, but I would rather have such a feature just because I want it.
Who wouldn't want security issues because they want to
@CatPlusPlus I'm using a virtual machine.
What is a SSH?
12:10 AM
Secure Shell
@jaggedSpire I get you. Hoodies are sooooo comfy :3
@Borgleader I was joking, but I did have a long series of softshell jackets growing up
I think there were six?
hi @telkitty
I wore them almost every day until they got holes
My favorite hoodies have holes on the elbows, buttfuckit im comfy in them :(
12:18 AM
Hey Ben
Hey ben, did you drown?
@Rapptz remember my angsting about return foo.bar; vs return (foo.bar);? that’s why
12:41 AM
So, we should return function calls in parenthesis?
1:35 AM
I just found the PHP: fractal of bad design blog post
and I just feel like I should maybe be glad that my formative language was c++, after all.
No such thing as local globals in python...
.... Wait, there's a global keyword.
1:51 AM
local globals? So scoped variables?
> local globals
Just remember to call local whenever you need to use a global mutable inside a function. I don't remember the details, but that bit me a few times
@Aaron3468 I highly value your opinion - what is your favorite unit testing framework?
Depends on the language you use. I don't do many projects large enough to use a framework, so I usually declare a static function in any of my classes called test. Luc and Cat might give you great, but slightly humourus answers
@Aaron3468 C
1:56 AM
Is it possible to create a reference to an integer in python?
Hah, why did I even ask.
Of course not.
We Java now.
Haven't done a lot of pure C, but here's a link with some of the bigger frameworks: stackoverflow.com/questions/65820/unit-testing-c-code
Fun fact: anonymous types in C# actually DO save property names and such, case sensitive too
So var X = {H = "ello there", Thi = "s is a neat thing"}'s ToString() method returns "{ H = ello there, Thi = s a neat thing }"
@Aaron3468 Awesome thanks!!
Hey @Luc u there?
Python is so good, it's bad. You have to dredge up the C layer to get good performance/control, and by that point you almost may as well be writing in C++
Great for scripts though.
lol. Is Python worth learning?
I've gotten by with only mainly C, devent Javascript/NodeJS, okay bash, and hello world Java.
And Brainfuck of course lol
2:04 AM
Python is fantastic for simple programs where speed isn't a problem; number-crunching, scraping data from the web, or rendering GUI applications. If you need speed, like for interpreters, AI, or real-time 3D rendering, then Python isn't so great.
or if you are doing multitasking
@Darkrifts -[--->+<]>-----.[-->+++<]>+.-----.------------.+++++++.-.-[->+++++<]>-.-[--->++<]>-.++++++++++.+[---->+<]>‌​+++.--[->++++<]>-.--------.+++.+.++++[->+++<]>.
I just can turn English to BF lol
copy.sh/brainfuck/text.html is what I used :P
So, Python is what?
2:22 AM
@Darkrifts Slow
2:48 AM
I wrote a Text -> Brainf**k thing :D
Jan 29 at 3:48, by StackedCrooked
Looking at these comments it seems Assassination Classroom is a much loved show.
Confirmed again :)
3:11 AM
Illuminati confirmed
3:28 AM
A wild C# anonymous type appeared! What do you do? cue pokemon music
C# Anonymous type used <>f__Anonymous0'3[System.Int32,<>f__Anonymous1'2[System.Int64,System.Object],Syst‌​em.Int64]. It's super complicated!
4:06 AM
> lol fractals
It's an anonymous type ^4
var X = new { Name = "X", Fractal = new { Fractal2 = new { SomeObject = new object(), Fractal3 = new { SomeInteger = 0, UnsignedInt = 67u, UnsignedLong = 7432ul }, SomeForm = new Form1() }, SomeException = new Exception("lol fractals") }, LongValue = 1L };
I'm suprised it kept the names and everything
i.imgur.com/fpYw8MS.png <-- lol fractals
4:23 AM
mmmm fried plantain
very nice
I also have a Text to BF converter (horribly inefficient though lol) paste.ofcode.org/cxfHQsTfmaKasHha3rH2yP
Just had an idea of a new fractal :D
i.imgur.com/kZy4pSQ.png <-- Jagged enough :P
is that a Julia? I'm not familiar enough to tell them apart by looking, though I can recognize the basic shapes of the more distinct ones, like Newton and Mandelbrot.
It's not a julia, afaik
Just something I cooked up myself
4:35 AM
I use one of those fractal drawing programs, and had an idea :P
It's seeded with something very similar to your profile pic :P jagged
Any other suggestions lol
More simple is easier to recreate :P
nah. I do have a rec though.
4:38 AM
Chaoscope is quite fun to mess with
Dragon curve's pretty and fun to mess with if you haven't done it yet
What is Chaoscope?
oh, yey dragon curves
another fractal/attractor renderer
Or Phoenix (another fractal type, not a renderer)
though naturally most pics on a search will turn up fractal pics shopped to look like a firebird :P
Checking out Chaoscope now
light + gradient coloring is pretty nice to play with
4:58 AM
@jaggedSpire What kind do you think this is :P
Lol thats funny
@Darkrifts Does it start with a J and end with an ulia?
4:59 AM
I hate gcc
VS then :D
@jaggedSpire how u know? @thepiercingarrow y u no visual studio?
@Darkrifts just because he's ungrateful for gcc's error messages is no reason to inflict VS on him
but visual studio is best studio
@Darkrifts visual studio?
It's the thing that allowed me to do:
"lol fractals"
5:07 AM
@jaggedSpire Its not that I'm ungrateful for gcc's error message. Its that, the same program gives different results for EVERY SINGLE OPTIMIZATION FLAG. And its different on EVERY MACHINE.
@thepiercingarrow UB
I mean, at least you aren't getting random results from a UUr thing :P
UUr = intentional undefined behavior
Can't do it on Java or Python, because they're too well made
What? No.
What no to what?
this is stupid
My program successfully runs and exits with an error??
5:11 AM
Sounds like fun
Action<int> exit = (int exitCode) => {std::exit(-329473)}
Turn on warning flags and sanitizers and shit.
Run it under Valgrind, if you are on Linux.
I mean, MS Visual Studio is nice too ;(
Turns out you can't serialize anonymous types like the fractal type thing above
5:32 AM
MS is evil.
5:48 AM
try template metaprogramming in vc++ and then say that vc++ is good with a straight face
1 hour later…
7:03 AM
Today was the first time in about 3 years I have drove in my car to work with a working autoradio. It was awesome!
Interesting. TIL eggs should not be washed because it can cause pathogens to enter inside.
I never wash eggs
I would never think to
7:31 AM
But every time I think about where eggs come from ...
or almost.
7:56 AM
when your food come from the same hole as feces ...
I found a new feature in VS2015: I can create this popup with the F5 key
?tag thisifine
X-ray & ultra sound results returned - I have ganglion cyst (ball of fluid) on the top of my left foot. When I googled for whether I could still jog because of it, I found this:
I had a (big) ganglion cyst a long time ago, before I became a runner, and was told the solution was to whap it with a bible. I didn't have a bible but I had a big heavy dictionary, so that's what I did.  And it went away.
brutal ...
I can't do it ... I just can't do it ...
Apparently many joggers have tried this & I have many heavy books, thanks to my years at uni.
8:12 AM
how about asking a doctor about it? or do you live in the US where that costs you 3x your life's savings?
doctors here are free for things like this
but still I would avoid doctors if I could
Nowadays I tend to visit doctors mainly for sports related injuries ...
avoiding doctors when you have a medical issue doesn't seem like the right thing to do
bad experience?
Well, most of the times your body is supposed to repair itself. If it can't then normally you have serious issues ...
I'm a bit confused: I am releasing allocated memory with
delete[] buffer;
Where buffer is declared as:
int buffersize = 1000;
buffer = new std::vector<std::complex<short>>(buffer_size);

With std and primitives as contents, I was certainly not expecting to get a SIGSEGV at the delete[] statement. Any hint?
@RomanRdgz you delete[] must match a new[], but you have no new[]
8:20 AM
you are deleting an array when the object is a vector
@RomanRdgz ewwww new std::vector
you are doing it WRONG
it's not even wrong
@Telkitty hmm, in my mind people are intended to die at 30, doctors extend that to 80 or 100. I wouldn't want to give that up.
Oh ic, delete[] is intended for arrays. Sorry, I guess I'm still sleepy
@RomanRdgz best forget that both delete and delete[] exist
and new
8:25 AM
yes, but the first step is forgetting that delete exists
@Griwes ...by using smart pointers?
@RomanRdgz it's a fucking vector, goddammit
by using the stack
why are you even fucking allocating the vector itself dynamically
why is this so hard for some people
calm down griwes
8:27 AM
but I really can't comprehend how people can try stuff with complex numbers before grasping the very basics of the language
also: std::complex<short>
@RomanRdgz That's never gonna work
> The specializations std::complex<float>, std::complex<double>, and std::complex<long double> are LiteralTypes for representing and manipulating complex numbers.
The effect of instantiating the template complex for any other type is unspecified.
To start with, this comes with the unix UHD library examples. Of course I could change the dynamic vector easily, but it has to be an std::complex<short> as long as I have been told, due to current uhd library limitations
@RomanRdgz in other words: you are screwed
Other than that, if you want to define a configurable size for this vector, IMO you must use a dynamic vector
at least if it is a class member and size is given at constructor.
I imagine some other possible workaround is possible, but it is not so hard to understand why anyone would make this dynamic
8:39 AM
@RomanRdgz vector can already resize using dynamic memory internally.
@nwp but I don't want it to resize, I want it to have a fixed size
@RomanRdgz are you talking about the elements or the vector itself?
the vector
use a std::array
the vector always has a fixed size which is sizeof buffer
8:45 AM
@Ven I'm not totally sure that would work in this case, since I need to pass it to a function from UHD library, which is expecting a ref_vector<void *>
If I used a vector in the first place, was because uhd library examples were written that way. And I usually expect that the kind of people who writes such libraries are way smarter than I am
@RomanRdgz topkek
seems like no one in this scenario is smart
9:01 AM
Are we talking about elections again
federal election here tomorrow
2 hours later…
11:01 AM
@milleniumbug Too bad the proposal about Gaussian integers never passed.
TIL std::default_order, std::is_contiguous_layout and std::to_chars made their way into C++17.
11:32 AM
@Morwenn nice
11:45 AM
Q: std::wcstok in VS 2015

ReckerI have this toned down used case of code which when compiled with VS 2015 C++ compiler produces a warning. #include <cwchar> #include <iostream> int main() { wchar_t input[100] = L"A bird came down the walk"; wchar_t* token = std::wcstok(input, L" "); while (token) { std::w...

11:56 AM
What happens when a client sends data more quickly than a server can handle with TCP?
Q: what happens when I write data to a blocking socket, faster than the other side reads?

Aviad Rozenheksuppose I write data really fast [I have all the data in memory] to a blocking socket. further suppose the other side will read data very slow [like sleep 1 second between each read]. what is the expected behavior on the writing side in this case? would the write operation block until the oth...

> Whenever the C++ language designers had two competing ideas as to how they should solve some problem, they said, “OK, we’ll do them both”. -- Knuth
@StackedCrooked And invent a few more problems in the meantime.
lol this room seems p dead
oh come on
been dead for months
12:11 PM
ever since I came in
12:21 PM
ever since I came in your mom
ew, didn't know you are into older women ...
he might not be into one right now
I mean older women need love to, some 50+ yo ladies could definitely use some 20 some year olds like Andy ...
The cougars
OS X Cougar
I just implemented macros \o/
Emmanuel Macro
@fredoverflow not!
That's not what I was going for, anyway :)
172 lines of code for the interpreter.
1:09 PM
> Guten Tag! Wie geht es dir? Wie ist Ihre Stimmung? Ich ware froh dich besser erkennen. Ich suche den richtigen Person online fur die langfristigen Beziehungen. Ich habe den Wunsch, dich kennenzulernen. Ich war verheiratet niemals, und ich habe die Kinder nicht. Ich bin Marina. Ich bin freundschaftlich und ruhiges Person.
Do you German?
I not know
I feel your pain.
I get emails in Swedish meant for another person with my name, sometimes.
I tried getting them to stop but they only stopped for a month
wish I knew which email address is actually theirs, so I could send them an email about not using my email for their stuff.
@fredoverflow an example of an extravagance you can do with my lisp:
(let x 3 ((let id 'x (macro (name) (eval name)) id))
I'd leave a message on their account, but considering it's a hotel chain account that could wind up being incredibly creepy
1:24 PM
To make it easier for students, researchers and others who would like to experiment with Dyalog APL to get started, we are making Educational, Personal and Non-Commercial use of Dyalog APL completely free.
A: The bug is not reproducible, so it is likely a hardware or OS problem

jtchittyYou may also see this message if you are running a build system that executes some build steps in parallel on a multi-core machine and one of those steps requires an output from the other, but the build system doesn't know it. For example: step1: generate header file that gets used by step 2 s...

Hadn't seen this particular message before
1:50 PM
sehe if you use vim & ms dos how can you tell which is which?
Happy 200k
@JohanLarsson prematurely happy
yeah matter of minutes
we can celebrate during the countdown
inb4 cap reached and it takes another day
four accepts will be enough
Remember this from May last year (the one in the front was the tiny house I was constructing)
they have completed too ... almost - this is one of them, there is another
2:23 PM
Just spent the entire morning debugging my internet connection. Gave up when I had to go to work. On my way down, I found out that the whole block (in downtown Chicago) is out.
@Mysticial If a guy with a hockey stick and a trenchcoat is nearby, its his fault.
Initially, I thought it was just a usual router freeze. Tried that a few times, didn't work. Logged into my ISP account via my phone, they didn't list any service problems. I unplugged the cable and noticed that the modem behaved identically with or without the cable attached. Was like wtf? I turned on the TV (which goes through the same cable, it's also dead). At that point I realized it was pretty late.
When I got down and was walking over to pay my rent, I noticed that the apartment's package notification monitor was down ("cannot connect to ..."). Only then did I get the idea to ask someone in the leasing office...
2:45 PM
lol bad_alloc from copying a vector, maybe i should build this as a 64 bit application.
eh... hopefully moving it solves the issue (turns out i can/should in this case)
What kind of app is this?
At least if it's big enough to run out 32-bit addressing.
@Mysticial A 32-bit one
Oh I'm just trying to read in an old game data file or multiple files, and one of them is 930 MB, the thing is I accidentally did a copy of that and when i crashed with the bad alloc i looked at the Process thing I was at 1.9GB
maybe I just need large address space flag
just build it as 64-bit
Or just use 64-bit.
2:51 PM
yeah or that, just need to make sure i used fixed size types because the spec has a lot of 32/16 bit things so i need to make sure those dont change when i switch
lol bad_alloc
more like bad_boy
pretty sure i used uint32/16_t everywhere
@Griwes std::bad_alolc
grep the entire source for int, long etc...
i have like 3-4 files i'll just read through em :P
anyway, std::move-ing the thing saved me for now.
2:53 PM
Every once in a while, I'll do a global styling or renaming change in my Pi program. Those can be quite fun. It really stresses Visual Studio.
do you clang-format?
The hardest one was adding spaces after commas. I had to use a number of regexes.
@Borgleader No.
I haven't tried customizing it, but there's a number of things in the default settings that don't play well with my code.
I think the biggest renaming that I did involved changing the program's version of the size_t typedef. That touched all but maybe 5 of the 1000+ files.
Visual Studio is able to handle that many files open. Not well though, but it does.
IIRC, I thought I crashed it when I hit F7 with all those files open (unsaved) to try to build it.
How come you have a size_t typedef?
Also I had no idea it takes 1000+ files
In the past I did a number of portability tests by making the program's "size_t" different from the real size_t.
Ah okau
That makes sense
3:07 PM
Nowadays, I keep that typedef mostly for naming convention consistency.
It'd be nice if you could ask the compiler to do that
Those portability tests were mainly way back in the days during the x86/x64 transition.
When I set it them to not match, I basically require that:
1. The program still works. (subject to the lower limits if I'm using 32-bit on an x64 build)
2. All compiler warnings are either downcasts to system calls, or assigning pointer differences to the custom "size_t".
@Ell If you scroll down a bit here: numberworld.org/y-cruncher/algorithms.html
I have a rough breakdown of the source code size for the current release.

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