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12:08 AM
go for a run.
mo matter how much it hurts...
I have all this async code and it's running too fast
I did too many dumb spin loops
Running too fast?
Oh Jennifer Lawrence nudes. Kewl.
I'm burning two cores at 100% on spin loops :v
It's fairly dumb
@Ell ""I just hope to heck this doesn't ruin this amazingly talented, grounded young woman's confidence, & thus career," wrote one user." - WTF? She's not allowed to have fun 'cos she's an actor? What is she? royalty?
12:23 AM
I don't think it's fun for her probably
But maybe she's into that :L
[tag: nsfw] m.imgur.com/a/XZADo if anyone is interested. NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope it doesn't onebox... :L
real or no real?
No idea
Look real
lounge discussing porn
yes that's the good moment to go to sleep
they are real
12:37 AM
inb4 "not porn nudes"
Are you looking for system()? It takes a string and executes it, as if you typed it on the command line. — Igor Tandetnik 19 mins ago
> as I would eventually like to port this project to other platforms.
lol fuckers
you won't even finish that thing
I should call it "The Cross-Platform Dream" or something
Pron depicts sex acts imo
So I shot at some clay pigeons this weekend.
First time in my life I used a firearm.
Was pretty cool, really. Except now my shoulder hurts.
Does paintballing count as firearm?
12:41 AM
I got a lot if shots fired into my arm during the Mexican standoff
I don't understand that radio article
Are they calling the BBC racist? I genuinely can't tell
Meh I'm too tired
Night all
@Ell sorry - tuned out. I mean it WAS fun when she took them (assyming they are stolen photos she did with a lover)
not calling it fun for the dills who post them or carry on like she's supposed to be the virgin mary just because she was in a movie
I wish I didn't have to sleep
so I could stay up all night and code in Haskell and then still go to work in the morning
ok - the link shows the pics. Selfies? oh how unusual!
12:48 AM
Never forget. The Fappening 2014.
is that like a wiki for celeb pr0n?
@aclarke nope
where would I look for that ;-/
ReadAsync takes cancellation token but isn't actually cancellable
12:56 AM
literally google
Guess I'll have to make an external dead connection reaper
1:10 AM
My new kitty crapped on the sunroom carpet 'cos I put him to bed straight after his dinner. NOW i've just dropped a big blob of peanut butter on another carpet. Is this some sort of f*cked-up karma?
how do I make a wrapper for a monadic action again?
heh - tell me about it. Gagged cleaning it up? nearly! just refused to add to the mess tho...
\x -> do my; theirs x doesn't work
neither does my >> theirs
wish i had the time to be able to answer that. My brain got confused at the chapter on monads. Probably should have coded along the journey; might have sunk in better
ah got it
1:14 AM
do share.
get r a = Scotty.get r $ do
@aclarke ^
eek! no, brain still hurts ;-)
the problem was that outside of get, I was adding another get action, because I was in ScottyM
whereas I wanted to add setCorsHeader, which is an ActionM and obviously goes inside
it's really nice that more and more people are learning haskell
Woo timeouts work properly
And initial option checking works properly
And the code isn't one giant hack anymore
op success
1:19 AM
it's .... curious. coding is shifting to high-level in the last decade or so.
@CatPlusPlus I've just made a first real XHR to my game. High 5.
and functional was 'WTF' first time I heard of it
@CatPlusPlus is that the MUD?
oh obviously it is
cool that you've actually started working on it
I'm kinda breaking the spec on purpose and entering binary mode regardless of what the client wants
1:24 AM
What's a MUD?
multi-user dungeon
lel kids
Some MUD clients ignore options altogether, so I can't confirm that lack of acknowledgement means it won't be able to handle it
@Jefffrey smh
1:25 AM
So I'm just sending an ASCII-encoding warning and if it breaks for someone they can get a better client :v
@CatPlusPlus I used a raw ssh client on my java phone back in the 90s
Not that there will ever be a game
Or people that connect to it
But still
I will connect if that will make you feel better
I'm just happy I got rid of spin loops that burned 100% CPU doing nothing
Concurrent clients still work, world updates in the background, connection framework success
Well I still have to implement subnegotiation
sounds scary
also uh
Aeson serializes tuples as arrays
1:35 AM
@BartekBanachewicz Yeah because MUDs were all the rage in your day
@LightnessRacesinOrbit ~
(You were born in 1991 or 1992 FFS!)
night kids
(good title for a movie)
I was born in '92.
MUDs own
Discworld MUD is p great
I want to learn how to program.
1:45 AM
@Jefffrey you can always add auto updates to potato
@Jefffrey it's over-rated. Keep your day-job
I want to learn the way of the code, and become a programmer, like my father before me.
Well okay MUSHclient fails spectacularly
@BartekBanachewicz wat
become a code warrior. Monk name grasschopper.
1:47 AM
@Jefffrey yeah I'm cool like that
Fuck it. /cc @sehe
I'm going to watch some Columbo.
Dammit still spins on something
Welp forgot that Read might return 0
So many exit conditions
aaahh it works
doesn't compile one condition but wooorks
Adding a signature fixed a compilation error that wasn't an ambiguity
I think I have to read up on inference in where clauses
2:19 AM
Do Walter Bright and Andrei stalk each other?
How are they always together
@Rapptz what are you looking at?
Q: how to construct class whose constructor function might have multiple parameter or none in template?

TriumphantNow I want to write a general template which can instance class, of course, these classes might have none or multiple parameters. So the template must have variadic arguments. Anybody can help me? To better make myself understood, please see the follwong simple code snippet, I don't know how to ...

any body can help me?
i'm stuck here for a long time
C++ template is always hard to code
ummm, are those replies comedy? or did OP completely and utterly rewrite their Q?
"it's my question AND I'LL DO WHAT I WANT WITH IT!!!!!"
2:34 AM
@aclarke Total rewrite--not even about the same subject any more.
it's not allowed in SO?
@Triumphant You're stuck here? Thats sucks. If you are unable to log off, see if you can switch off or unplug your computer.
@Triumphant Probably not, if you keep changing the question. If you have a different question, ask a new question. Changing it completely is pointless.
@Triumphant I'm not sure about "not allowed" but clearly not a good idea either.
@MartinJames what did you mean?
@Triumphant nah
2:36 AM
@Triumphant Nobody should get stuck in the Lounge - there should always be some means of escape.
@Triumphant it's absolutely and completely unrelated. what's wrong with a new Q?
um...someone give me one more downvote
I've been trying to get out for three years.
Jesus christ don't replace the goddamn question with a completely new one
@Triumphant OK, I can do that.
2:38 AM
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh - this guy is the OP .....................
@Triumphant Post a new question. Don't edit existing questions for new ones.
/me backs away slowly from keyboard
more downvote?
the more the better
aha, you guys, no more downvote?
I can only downvote once. Someone else will have to step up if you want more.
start a new question, old chum
2:40 AM
@Triumphant Why don't you just roll it back to the original question (with minor editing to clarify, if required) then post the new question as...a new question?
My development application has finally been approved, joy!
@chmod711telkitty you're allowed to use vim now? congrats!
but my nose is blocked from too much renovation work ....
Now for the important things
Pink noise for sleep y/n
is that a kind of alcohol? if so, yes.
2:42 AM
@MartinJames now the question had been rolled back, could you cancel your downvote?
If you have a new question, you should click on the "Ask a Question" button rather than nuking your old question. — Code-Apprentice 6 mins ago
@aclarke err .. I am allowed to build something more ... concrete ...
@Triumphant The one you asked for?
@MartinJames yes?
OK, but you should really make your mind up what you want.
@MartinJames gotcha, thank you for your advice
2:44 AM
@aclarke No
@Triumphant :)
@Triumphant Grasshopper, be not troubled by the votes on the wind. See the way to a new question. Each page is a new page full of promise.
@Triumphant Actually, I changed it to an upvote, in anticipation of your next request.
what I concern is that if i got many downvotes, i can't ask any questions any more
@MartinJames that's charity!
2:46 AM
Our collective heart bleeds for you
@Triumphant In that case, you should not ask for downvotes.
@MartinJames thank you so much
since when did the interwebs become a nice place?
good luck.
I guess I should now read the question.
@MartinJames um...i'm so frustrated by your downvotes, so it's just a hopeless joke
2:47 AM
@Triumphant Of course - the whole Lounge is a hopleless joke.
GitHub has really shitty permissions for private repositories.
@Triumphant if you think of the internets as a giant school playground, you'll be offended less.
> Tip: If you require more granular read/write access to a repository owned by your user account, consider transferring the repository to an organization. For more information, see "How to transfer a repository."
It has really shitty permissions period
No branch locks, no assignees separate from write access
@aclarke yes, i can't agree more
2:49 AM
Fucking tubyoubers
Why would you put a changing video on something that's supposed to be played in the background for 10 hours
@CatPlusPlus more information please?
as you wish, the new post is here: stackoverflow.com/questions/25598265/…
any template expert can help me?
got rick-rolled on a pink noise tube?
No, it's just bigger than it needs to be
Also tubyoube player keeps breaking and stopping download and not being able to resume it because it's VERY HARD
um...it's 10:55 a.m., disgusting Monday, I don't want to work today~
3:01 AM
I love the side-links to topics at SO - two degress of separation here
@Triumphant I'm sure they can. Why not wait for 24 hrs so that SO contributors around the world get to put in a daytime cycle?
@MartinJames yes, i'm waiting for the answers
i just saw an answer
@aclarke yes,
3:16 AM
Answer has simple syntax problem. template<T> should obviously be template <class T> or template <typename T>.
...which he's now corrected.
@Triumphant The problem with these questions is that you haven't explained what you're really trying to accomplish. You linked to an earlier question, but that has no explanation either. You need to explain (in English, not code) what you want to be able to do.
@JerryCoffin my final goal is interfacing non-static member function with c-style function pointer
I want to write a adapter.
@Triumphant Probably want to add that to the question, not just post it here.
@Triumphant this is going to be a problem.
3:39 AM
um... i got this notification: Please avoid extended discussions in comments. Would you like to automatically move this discussion to chat?
guys, time for lunch~
3:56 AM
A: Understanding `bind` of `newtype Prob`

Code-ApprenticeNote that the RHS of the >>= operator is a lambda expression, not the application of return: \y -> return (all (== Tails) [x,y]) This lambda has type (Monad m) => a -> m b as expected. Let's build up the type from the bottom: As you say, all (== Tails) [x,y] returns True or False. In otherwo...

Can I get some feedback on my answer? What can I do to make it clearer (and perhaps more concise)?
4:14 AM
haskell ...
4:34 AM
5:15 AM
@Xeo Finished Attack on Titan /cc @StackedCrooked @ScarletAmaranth @Rapptz
the entire series?
Not the manga.
just the anime.
it's only 25 episodes
To be perfectly honest, I'm with @Rapptz. Completely unsatisfying end of the Anime, and they circlejerked the entire goddamn time.
25 eps in 12 hours?
that's crazy :P
5:15 AM
When I watch things, I binge.
All or nothing style.
a good chunk of it is recap
Which I skipped.
after recap, opening, and ending you'd have like 17 minutes per episode.
I also skipped a good chunk of the meaningless eye-zoom-twitching, and the massive explanations that could have been done in one sentence.
Basically, there was a lot of bullshit that was skippable.
it is very very very very slow
5:17 AM
For no good conceivable reason, really.
Like, they have really cool gadgets, an insanely interesting plot and storyline, and then it just ends... well, it ends like it did.
it's not complete
there's no conclusion in sight lol
I know it's not complete, but the pace is so frustratingly slow you feel like more questions were made than answered.
like, e.g. no one knows what's in Eren's basement.
or where Eren's dad is
There's no closure to anything. Just, HEY WE OPENED UP A BUNCH OF PLOTLINES AND CAN OF WORMS.
or what the Titans really are
5:18 AM
or why Titan Shifters exist
None of that makes any goddamns ense.
How did Annie even becme a Titan?
no answers, just a whole bunch of questions.
This is probably how women feel when they get fucked and they don't orgasm. :l
How the fuck did the Survey Corps commander know about the Female Titan and that she was going to follow them into the woods? :l
There was a lot of conjecture that happened.
And a lot of smoke and mirrors.
Lots of guessing and hoping it just all smooths out.
Now I want to read the manga, but @Rapptz said they pull similar shit in that one too.
no point tbh
kinda wish I didn't watch/read it until like 4 years later
6:13 AM
@JerryCoffin I just searched for Unicon (curious if there's activity in SO) and your name turns up ... Fan of?
Good evening (or morning (or afternoon))
Q: How do I edit random memory?

DeadEliI'm getting a new computer, so a friend and I decided that we wanted to play essentially Russian roulette with our computers' memory. The general premise is that we randomly take a position in memory and assign it to a random value and see whose computer glitches/crashes fastest or the worst. Non...

How's everyone doing?
these days, protected memory would make that a dream on virtually all O/S
// use preprocessor to avoid losing this data during the running of the program
// 4GB RAM (4 * 2^32 bytes)
#define NUM_MEMORY_LOCATIONS 4294967296
6:17 AM
i could sell 'em a still-functional 8088 machine
// shift the bits
med <<= 1;
That comment.
TIL I can single-handedly close duplicates of questions as a gold badge holder. Although I'm sure that feature has been around for awhile.
6:19 AM
Yup, goes to show how much catching up I need to do
@Insilico You've been in coma for a while. Read these meta posts for you to catch up...
Either that or because all the duplicates I close are or questions and the like.
6:42 AM
Guys...I have 0 willpower to go to work today. What do I do about it?
call in sick. crisis over.
But...that would mean I lied. :(
I guess I will just have to go to work then.
Crisis over. :)
wellll, if you're going to let your conscience get in the way.....
beer can take care of conscience...try german
6:55 AM
@Insilico Harvard architecture FTW.
user image
@PolymorphicPotato Gosh. How did they manage to put those three in an ad?
On a PostgreSQL question.
Oh. lol!
Two hypes displaces hype, so no hype.
7:12 AM
'no hype' in the same sentence as anything Oracle? BAH!
@aclarke And "NoSQL" :D

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