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1:00 PM
@JohnDoe2 It has a bunch of sections containing executable code and data. If those are bytes in the left column, it's basically empty.
@BartekBanachewicz It's a confusing looking engine! Why are the camshafts so long?
@Potatoswatter it's a V8?
I prefer CNC porn to engine porn
@Ell engines are living breathing creatures though :)
@BartekBanachewicz Maybe it's an illusion but it looks like the cranks are way off in the back and half the length of the camshafts is just dead weight.
CNC is just dead metal
1:04 PM
CNCs are much more alive :P
are they? ICEs turn carbon into CO2
just like animals :)
@BartekBanachewicz Hahaha that explains it, didn't realize there were huge chunks taken out for exposition. (Hence engine porn, right.)
@BartekBanachewicz engines can't reproduce
some CNCs can to some degree :P
@Ell neither can e.g. mules, but they're still animals.
CNCs have feedback - they can feel
what feedback does an engine have?
1:14 PM
ECU… the driver may be an AI
Any Europeans here? I'm thinking of moving to Slovenia…
@Potatoswatter Did you watch eurotrip? It gives some interesting impressions about a few european countries.
@Ell the ECU indeed
also there's plenty of CNCs w/o any feedback at all
just following a preprogrammed route
besides, the CNC can be paused and resumed at any time
it's just a tool. Pretty clever tool, but still just a tool.
@nwp Eh… I might be a little old for that. But I watched Michael Moore's latest film which turned me on to Slovenia. (He highlighted their free university.)
1:29 PM
I listened to cppcast #83 talking about making void a regular type. It was interesting how many issues one faces when trying to make a seemingly simple change like that. Would recommend for a road trip or something.
@Potatoswatter most of us are from Europe
I mean, at this timezone.
@nwp <s>simple</s>
@Potatoswatter That is neither unique nor necessarily true. My "free" university costs ~300€ per semester.
@nwp I'll still count that as free. That's less than I ever spent on a semester's worth of (used) books.
To be fair you do get a public transportation ticket for that that you will need anyways and would be more expensive if you bought it yourself, but still.
1:32 PM
Yes, also Germany has free universities and I was thinking of there, but Slovenia as a small country with an obscure language is more inclined to English :)
@nwp In American terms, they're paying you to go.
Anyway it's not me who needs a university, it's my wife. I need a job.
(Finishing my advanced degree would be nice, though.)
@Potatoswatter around there you'd still probably benefit from knowing German though
I'd consider Denmark, The Netherlands or Sweden
@BartekBanachewicz Yes. I'll probably go into linguistic overload. I did visit Europe once for a week, which taught me that every little region has its own dialect and also its neighbors'…
scandinavia is very expensive
idk about the netherlands though
@Ell About on par with Germany
depends on whether you want to live in a more rural area or in the centre of things
also well being "expensive" or "cheap" is very different depending on your spendings
Scandinavians are tall… I'm 163cm / 5'4" and my wife is 147cm / 4'10"
Bad enough living in the USA, now I'm spoiled in the Philippines where everything is my size.
1:39 PM
if your biggest spending is food, then you should prolly head over to the east. If you want to buy sport cars, you might as well live in the Switzerland or Monaco.
My lifestyle is more… "bohemian." I don't spend much on anything. A few months in Monaco and I'd probably want to shoot the place up.
(Are there really C++ developers in Monaco?)
probably at least a few
is it possible to look at the programming code inside of a .lib file?
woot, found some nice resources to parse XML in Haskell.
Better than the old-style arrows stuff from HXT...
I'm not the most employable guy, I haven't had any actual work in a few years. Something tells me that anyone there would toss my resume on principle :P .
@JohnDoe2 Use a disassembler. What are you actually trying to solve?
@BartekBanachewicz Where do you live?
1:44 PM
@Potatoswatter in Poland
in the northern Poland to be specific
How commonly do Europeans move within the EU?
@Potatoswatter I want to look for a specific function that may be in that .lib
Are there many Americans around there? Any refugees from Trump?
@JohnDoe2 What, just to verify that it's there?
Understanding an actual algorithm from static disassembly is painstaking, often near impossible if there's any real complexity. Much better to attach a debugger and use the single-instruction step command… which is still painstaking though.
@Potatoswatter I want to look what excatly that function is doing
@Potatoswatter You might be disappointed to learn that pretty much every country has their trump, and some of them are even in power.
1:49 PM
@JohnDoe2 Use a debugger.
@nwp I'm aware of that, been following politics pretty closely for the past year.
@Potatoswatter how excatly can I debug that?
can you suggest me one dissambler?
@BartekBanachewicz sort of...
America's problem isn't actually Trump as a person. (Nor Hillary on the "left.") I see it as more of a philosophical crisis resulting from too many successful generations… too many citizens have really no concept of adversity. Or the adversity they face is something so monolithic and unsolvable that they never learn problem-solving.
@JohnDoe2 Start a debugger and point it at a program using the library. Set a breakpoint and step into the library.
@Potatoswatter This is not only true for america however. If you are not in a situation where problem-solving skills are necessary then you won't face problems where you could acquire such skills, unless you are intrinsically motivated to understand the underlying mechanism of things.
@Nadim' Well, Slovenia for instance lived through the Balkans crisis of the 1990s. They must have some idea of why politics is important and how voting decisions translate to national lifestyle.
Perhaps many citizens there learned wrong lessons or retreated into ethnic nationalism, but at least they have some sort of roadmap.
2:04 PM
@Potatoswatter are you saying you are unhappy with how irresponsibly people vote?
America has been coasting politically since the end of the Cold War and now they can't even discern liberal philosophy from nationalism.
What about voting in the Philippines?
Actually the last election here was the least corrupt ever. There were major anti-vote-buying campaigns, which worked.
Basically people got out the word and said, "You can accept payouts from your political patrons but the ballots are really secret. Vote your conscience."
@nwp More like I'm scared that a power vacuum is opening with a potential for violence, and there's no good way to fill it.
Compare America with the Philippines… America simply has more stuff. There is more to regulate; more people capable of doing more things.
2:20 PM
I'm scared because the intended fail-safes (law, constitution, police) have failed to correct behavior which I consider clearly illegal.
@nwp Context? (Are you talking about the Philippines?)
@Potatoswatter guantanamo, drone strikes, going after edward snowden
I don't know much about the philippines besides them having crazy drug laws/enforcement.
sigh... debugging why your proxy isn't working is non-trivial
@thecoshman it is only cache invalidation, cannot be that difficult
@nwp Right. This, I take as evidence not of misdirected power but of a power vacuum. The proper channels of US governance aren't working, so might makes right.
Guantanamo isn't an abstruse legal issue, it's a rogue fiefdom.
2:24 PM
@nwp setting up a proxy
not using a proxy
gonna take a 2nd look at the bike tomorrow :3
hopefully I'll manage to sit on it this time
if all goes OK I'll prolly start setting up the deal
@BartekBanachewicz In winter? Mine starts stalling when the temperature gets down to 20°C
2:41 PM
@Potatoswatter down to 20?
did you mean -20
also I don't intend to ride it like right now
@BartekBanachewicz possibly fahrenheit, which would be -6.6°C
@thecoshman you missed the joke
@nwp oh right lol
@Potatoswatter well then I'm planning to get a reasonably new one
@nwp Nah, this is the Philippines. It's a carbureted engine tuned for tropics only.
@Potatoswatter bah, I had to retune my carb once it got colder here but it's not a huge deal is it
anyway my Honda if I get it will have EFI and stuff so
I said "my Honda" just to feel cool really. I did.
3:08 PM
@nwp apparently so :S
Maybe the cache isn't working on his end.
> There are two hard things in computer science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors. - Phil Karlton
@nwp ah...
@Potatoswatter what do you ride, btw?
The Honda CB Twister is an 110 cc standard motorcycle produced by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) in India since 2009. This model has been discontinued in India with its successor named Honda Livo. It is sold as the CB110 in Colombia and the Philippines. == References == == External links == Official website (India) Official website (Colombia) Official website (Philippines)...
3:21 PM
> 109.1 cc
not very popular in Europe, we get mostly 49cc and 125cc here
It's the absolute minimum for a highway motorcycle. 50cc is moped class. 125cc leaves a little bit of performance margin, haha
The top speed is 100kph, but it will happily do so all day long.
kind of nuts to think about dirtbikes where 450cc is common and 125cc is the minimum
after fixing about every typo I could ever make, I think I finally have my proxy server doing what I want it to do
I've successfully managed to make a quick job take much longer than it need to :(
@SethFoster 450cc is huge for a dirtbike
@Potatoswatter I wouldn't take it to a highway, 100km/h would be a bit too little here :)
I plan to get the NC 700X
should be able to cruise at 140 without too many problems
3:37 PM
If only top speed scaled linearly with displacement…
well the nc isn't a typical 700cc anyway
it has a very short redline but a lot of torque down low
Yeah, you don't want to cruise very long on something that's screaming at you.
Gotta go… good luck with the deal…
@SethFoster think you are order magnitude out there
The KTM 450 EXC is a 4-stroke enduro off-road motorcycle made by KTM. The models are the European road legal 400 EXC and 450 EXC, the US 450 (Close Ratio) XC and 450 (Wide Ratio) XC-W. The european EXC versions have a small headlight, speedometer, tail-light and somewhat softer linkless (PDS) rear suspension. The US EXC is 50-states street legal. == Model progression == === 2000 - 2001 === The factory RFS (Racing Four Stroke) KTM 400 EXC won the 1999 World Enduro Championship. The 2000 RFS KTM 400 EXC had a right side kickstarter but also had the E-start button. KTM took a different app...
i think that is 450 cc
3:53 PM
lol, TIL IrfanView logo is a roadkill cat
@SethFoster Yes. From the linked page: "Bore / stroke 95 mm / 63.4 mm, 449.3 cc".
ah yes, i see that
@SethFoster so? That's a lot of power
4:09 PM
if someone put a "&" sign in a parameter what does that mean, for example following:

Foo fac;
it is indeed. my father has a KTM 520 cc, it has insane torque. I'd like to own a bike someday

C++ Questions and Answers

Solve problems and approach solutions
well I'm still not sure how I'm gonna get it home if buy it
I mean the snow
why would you want to bring snow home?
4:26 PM
@nwp You've never tried skiing in your living room, have you? It's a blast!
The better question might be why one would want to buy it in winter.
well, I never thought I'd have to disambiguate a number
I ran gcc on a VC2013 project. It is incredible what garbage I write and that VS lets me get away with it.
Can someone recommend a tablet below 200 pounds
@nwp In my experience, this happens to pretty much everybody who uses only one compiler (almost regardless of which compiler that is). Each compiler has some "blind spots" so it misses problems others catch.
4:35 PM
@JerryCoffin That is certainly true, but some compilers have significantly worse compliance than others. VS is an example of such an implementation.
@Columbo I'd have guessed that all of them weigh a lot less than 200 pounds.
@JerryCoffin I absolutely anticipated this...
Anyway, something below 200 USD in your case?
@Columbo Not really. My wife does iPads, which tend to be more expensive. I find tablets pretty useless, so I have no idea about others.
And I again notice that writing comments is bad. They cannot be checked automatically, they get out of sync with the code and the problem they were solving (explaining unclear code) could have been solved better by writing better code.
5:09 PM
ergh ¬_¬ stupid server is giving me a 301 with the new location to be the same as what I am requesting... albeit through a proxy
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